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Schenk Band

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Alternative Indie




"What's Next With Schenk"

Schenk represents a new aggressive form of the modern rock sound. The Nashville-based band is fronted by 22 year-old singer and keyboard player, ConnorSchenk. Connor is known for his strong voice, extraordinary range, unique tone, and deliberate form of grit. The band’s upbeat “in your face” style and combination of serious, yet raucous approach to their music encourages fans to join their uprising rock movement.

What fire new music can you tell your new fans here about?

As SOON as I get back to Nashville next month, I’m starting work on Schenk’s second album. I don’t have many definite things to say about it just yet, but releasing Afterthoughts last year was such a great experience from which I learned so many things that I can take with me into creating something new. So, I’m particularly excited for this next project because I’m in a place to really expand upon what I liked about the first album, the energy, the depth, and refine and funnel it into the next album while adding in a bunch of new ideas that I really think will benefit Schenk

What is your favorite verse on it?

Because I’m still in the preplanning stage before I get home in Nashville next month, I can give you a verse off of our latest drop, which was the entire Afterthoughts album that was released back in August. Lyrically, my favorite song off the album was “In Isolation”, with my specific favorite verse being:

I try to look around at the home,

I’m looking for a telephone,

But I find there’s no dial tone-

No dial tone. No dial tone

My hands fall upon walls of stone,

Cold and dark to keep me alone,

With the devil here to watch me moan

deep in my bones, in my bones.

What were you most meticulous about on your latest song?

During the process of creating Afterthoughts, I found I was most meticulous during the mixing of the first single that came off of the album “Tax Evasion.” In that first song we really focused on emphasizing musical contrast, which I think set the stage for how we viewed the rest of the songs on the album. It was our goal to have each chorus hit like a mini shock wave, and more or less I was happy with what came out of that specific focus.

Any new collabs happening soon?

Yes! While I’ve been away, I’ve been talking with a lot of my rock buddies back in Nash about doing some co-writes, and one that I’m really excited for is working with Luke Alonzo from Junkhead Jane. We’ve been talking recently about what new ideas we could add to the soundscape of modern rock, and what new sounds we could create, and I’m very excited to see what comes out of that, especially because I feel like our strengths and weaknesses could potentially balance out, making for a great writing duo.

Dream collab?

Hmmmm….dream collab would honestly probably be with Green Day. I feel like we could add to each other well. Although, honorable mentions would have to go to Billy Joel, The Struts, and weirdly Primus (do I think that would go well?- probably not -but I just want to be in that room to see how the hell Les Claypool comes up with any of his stuff)

Is there a critique you’ve gotten on your music that you worked through and it’s made the overall work better?

In my self eval of Afterthoughts in the months that followed its release, I came to terms with what I liked and wanted to expand upon from the album, but also what I wanted to steer away from in the future. For the next album, I want to alter the fast/ballad ratio I had going in the first album, and I’d really just like to increase the energy level overall.

What are you most excited about for fans to hear on your latest single?

Honestly, I’m excited to slightly rebrand Schenk in terms of sound and image before we release the first single off of our next album, and I’m sure with the thought I’ve been putting into that, it’ll shine through from the first note.

Give us anything else you want to know about what you’re up to?

So! I’ve been alluding to the fact that I’m not currently in Nashville, so I think it’s worth mentioning that I’m now in my last month off of a four month contract where I’ve been working on a cruise ship, playing the nightly piano bar shows! This gave me a much needed step back from normal life that helped rejuvenate my creativity. - New Fire Music


You Don't Know Me
Eternal Sunshine
Mold Sick
I Can't Talk About It
Tax Evasion
Fur Eliz
A Bit of Quiet



Schenk is not your father's indie rock band. Clear definition in look, sound, and energy make them a force to be reckoned with, as they bring revamped grunge and punk inspired energy back into the rock limelight.

The brainchild of front man Connor Schenk, the band continues to defy the modern rock climate by honing their melodic aggression, intense contrast, and conversational depth, while upholding a rugged, individualistic attitude. Schenk's powerful vocals immediately capture your interest and enhance the poeticism in his lyrics defined by a beautiful, haunting introspection.

Schenk continues to grow with the help of Grammy winning producer Mikal Blue, whose seemingly endless list of impressive credits includes producing One Republic, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Porno for Pyros, Macy Gray, and now Schenk. Not reflected on SonicBids is their continued successful growth on TikTok, where they've amassed 15,000 followers to date. 

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