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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Christian




"Samuel Day to release martial arts-inspired anthem “Warrior Spirit”"

Christian alternative recording artist and songwriter Samuel Day is poised to release his next single “Warrior Spirit” on November 5, the follow-up to his breakout single “This Love.” You can presave the song now at

“Warrior Spirit” is quite literally a fight song, an anthem of strength born of the singer’s experience with martial arts. “Inspired by my recent return to martial arts, I thought about how today’s culture needs more of us with a warrior spirit – not looking for conflict, but ready to stand up for what is right,” Samuel shares. “The Bible calls faith a “good fight,” and 2 Timothy 1:7 says “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” This is what it means to have a Warrior Spirit.”

The resulting song soars with energy, lifting listeners into inspiration for their own fights. For the finishing touches, “Warrior Spirit” was mastered by Mike Cervantes (Skillet, for KING & COUNTRY). It’s the perfect encapsulation of Samuel’s personal mission of giving voice to victory.

“Warrior Spirit” is a strong follow-up to “This Love,” which has seen significant charting impact this year on the CMW Contemporary Hits chart and hit #1 on major Bolivian terrestrial radio station “El Sonido de la Vida.” “This Love” was originally written for use at Samuel’s church, but its reach has far exceeded what he could have expected. “The reach in Bolivia is especially inspiring,” he says of the song’s success. “It’s not a country I was specifically advertising to, or that my radio promoters (David and Donna Del Sesto with IHS Promotions) were pitching, or even one that speaks my native language. And yet, the station picked up the song organically and put it next to artists like Jeremy Camp and the Newsboys.”

The success of “This Love” follows the impact of his song “Rise,” which spent 27 weeks on CMW’s Rhythmic chart in addition to charting on the Christian Rock chart and “Rise” was picked up by the YouTube channel Common Sense alongside Samuel Day’s song “Stand Through This,” and the two tracks have amassed a cumulative 80,000+ views.

Beyond his building momentum and charting success, Samuel Day’s focus is on a different kind of impact: the impact of hope on the hearts of listeners. “I want people to know that God has good things for us — and it’s an act of faith to believe that and reach for it,” Sam concludes. “In John 10:10 Jesus says that the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but ‘I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.’”

For more of Samuel Day’s life-giving songs, you can find him on Spotify and Apple Music, where “Warrior Spirit” will be available on November 5.

Source: Mary Nikkel - JesusWired

"Samuel Day Blazes Brilliantly with EP "The Spark""

Breaking into the rock scene from Trenton, Ohio is Samuel Day with his self-produced EP The Spark. The six tracks give us a great intro into Day’s musical and lyrical abilities, as he layers vibrant string arrangements, heavy guitar riffs, and empowering vocals.

Kicking off the record is “Daybreak,” an instrumental piece that shows off Day’s musical studies (he carries a music degree from the University of Dayton) as he articulately seams string movements, extreme rock riffs, and fantastic piano work. At one point, he even throws in a saxophone melody and makes it rock!

Next is the album’s first lyrical piece with “House of Shadows.” The verses incite a strong sense of eeriness, encouraging us to get out of the House and run from the evil that lies within. The chorus, however, becomes a battle cry reminding us that somebody is trapped in the House, and that we need to return to save them. With heavy guitars amplifying the anthem, this could be one amazing music video.

With “The Screen,” things slow down as a piano and Day’s vocals set out to challenge today’s status quo. The track waits to use the guitar as a hammer to nail down the theme, “The war that rages in this city’s souls. I looked up and I found that no one’s looking. They’re waiting for an answer on the screen.” Whew, less Clash of Clans for me and more viewing the surrounding world.

Taking a melancholy tone, “Walk With Fire” is another summons calling us to partake in further soul-searching. To go where you “won’t live heartbroken and choking,” you must “burn everything you’ve wasted in your ways.” Beautifully enhancing the lyrics are the musical melodies, as Day partners with Quentin Marsh and Anna Bumiller on strings to create a masterful work of art.

“The Roses” is a wonderful ballad further showcasing Day’s lyrics. I can’t help but think this might have been written for someone that passed, and that’s an extremely saddening thought, but through the lyrics it is apparent how much honor and gratitude Day has for that person. “When hatred crushes many and fear destroys the rest, you showed me how to stand apart and know that I am blessed.”

Ending the EP in strong fashion, “Whatever It Takes” is a rallying cry with empowering melodies and bold lyrics. If you’ve been thinking about giving up on ever finding that special someone that you’ll spend the rest of your life with, take a listen and quiet the doubters. “I stood the test of of faith just to see you here beside me, but I am what greatness makes all because of who’s inside me.”

To think that on five of these songs, Day provides all of the instrumentation is simply amazing. The Spark is great, but it will be exciting to hear the music that he can construct when has more resources at his disposal that a label may provide. He has opened for Colton Dixon but if Day keeps this up, I’m sure he will be headlining his own tour soon. Buy his EP and help ignite the bright future that Samuel Day is sure to have!

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"Samuel Day"

Q: You wear a lot of creative hats. What's your ultimate goal?
A: I want to write my own music and perform. I got into music technology because I wanted to hear the music I was writing. It's a hobby I got into in high school and as I got into the technology side of things, I started getting really obsessed with it. I'd spend hours working on my own recordings and putting arrangements together down in my basement. That's what I did at night. - Active Dayton

"Artist of the Month"

Friends of junior music major Samuel Day, a producer, songwriter and designer on the side, say he is passionate about all things music. Earlier this month, Day brought Omaha, Neb.-based bands WatersEdge and J.Crum to Ohio for a three-day miniature tour...Together, WatersEdge and J.Crum worked with Day to allow him to produce their albums...Both bands listened to Day's music on his website, and contacted him about recording and co-writing material for them...he is the director of the band Impact and instrumental director of the worship team. In addition, Day is the vice president of Street Sounds Recording Studio on ArtStreet..."I think Sam's passion for everything music related and his organizational skills make him stand out among college students," said his friend Royce Files, a 2011 UD graduate. "He performs in jazz ensembles, produces and plays for rock/funk bands, and creates his own music all while being a full-time commuting student at UD." - Flyer News

"Keep Looking Forward With Samuel Day’s New Single"

With a flurry of extreme guitar riffs and transcending synths, Samuel Day has released his new single “Look Forward.” Building upon his EP The Spark, Day continues his desire to challenge us to become better versions of ourselves.

“I’m living like I’ve never lived before,
No regrets, they’ve all been pulled away from shore.
And I still glance fondly at the good behind,
But today still has the forefront of my mind.”

The past often wants to come back and haunt us, trying to drown us in guilt and shame, but when you can forgive yourself and “look forward,” the past will fade into obscurity. Embrace that obscurity and rock the guilt away with Samuel Day’s latest single!

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  • Highlights:
  • Rise - 2020
  • Stand Through This - 2021
  • This Love - 2021
  • Warrior Spirit - 2021
  • Appears on:"The Christmas Journey" original cast recording by TCA Performing Arts


Feeling a bit camera shy


With positions on CMW’s Contemporary Hits and Rhythmic radio charts as well as
performances like Sonfest 2021, the Heinz Field Champion’s Club, Bunbury 2019, and opening
for American Idol top 10-er Colton Dixon, Samuel Day is just getting started.

Hailing from the Cincinnati area, Day spent his college years as a music major performing
everything from jazz to classical music while producing for groups ranging from funk and
hip-hop to hard rock bands. Despite spending so much time as a studio engineer, he maintained
a dream to see his own music become a reality.

Starting off with very few connections in the music world, Sam had two options: learn or quit.
“Quit” wasn’t on the radar, so he spent the next several years honing skills as a
singer/writer/producer, as well as in the areas of filmmaking and visual design. This came to
fruition through music videos and successful releases, along with client work for other artists like
TCA Worship, Theophany Poetry, Dominique Horsley, MillyAnn, and more.

Day’s music ranges from accessible pop and worship sounds like “This Love” and “Better Than
Before,” to more raucous and alternative anthems like “Rise” and “Warrior Spirit.” With his live
band he brings a dynamic, head-bobbing experience while inspiring fans to continually move
“onward and upward.”

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