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Lansing, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Lansing, MI | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Pop




"UrbanNewHipHop Write Up"

Saint Nick TheSauceGod is an upcoming recording artist from Lansing,MI. He is making a lot of noise on the underground music scene right now with his fan base and social media following growing daily. He has just released his debut E.P. "Lan Of The Sauce" in 2017. 2017 was a big year for Saint Nick with him winning a Midwest Music Award in Detroit for best male rap/hip hop artist for his newest video "Karma" in December. Saint Nick is currently finishing up his follow up mixtape expected to be released in the third quarter of 2019. With his catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics mixed with a energy filled stage presence this artist is definitely up next. - UrbanNewHipHop

"New Urban Mag Interview"

What’s your real name?

Nick Zivic

What’s your stage name?

Saint Nick TheSauceGod

Where are you from ?

Lansing, Michigan 

What inspired you to make music?

Started off writing poetry after being diagnosed with depression around the age of 12. It stemmed from finding out why my birth mom put me up for adoption, dealing with abandonment issues. Then slowly turned those poems into songs.

What’s your plans within the next year?

My plans are to rock as many out of town shows as possible. I also plan on building my online presence and fan base while scoring more blog placements. I'm releasing my second EP "Hotel Lansylvania" during the summer. Along with a few new visuals.

What artists do you want to work with?

I would like to work with anybody who's really working and leveling up with their music career. Specifically I wanna collab in the future with Drake, Kid Cudi, Post Malone, Travis Scott, Juice Wrld, Lil Baby, Future, J.Cole and fellow Michigan natives Tee Grizzly and Sada Baby.

What makes your music different from others?

What's makes my music different is my versatility. I do all kinds of music I rap, sing, I got lit trap styles, I got saucey rap, rnb, I got rock trap music, I can do pop whatever I'm feelin at the time. I do it all.

Would you sign to a record label or be an independent artist?

I would like to take my career as far as I can independently, but if labels are talking "M's, I’ll sign. - New Urban Mag

"Fuck The Unknown Interview"

How old are you and where did you get your name Saint Nick TheSauceGod from?

I’m officially a young OG, I just turned 30. My people started calling me Saint Nick as a joke when I first started rapping, but it stuck and I added The Sauce God a couple years ago because Santa Clause was messing up my Google metadata.

Where are you from? Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way?

I’m from Lansing Mi, being an artist from here is pretty difficult because its not a big city with a big underground scene… I’d call it the underdog capital of the U.S. I always wanted to stand out to sound different from everyone else in my city.

When did you get into making music?

I started making music when I was 17 my cousin T.J. used to have a studio set up at his house and we would skip school and go record.

How have things changed since you first started up to now?

Well I definitely ain’t as lost as I used to be I use to live in a fantasy world like thousands of others thinking I would drop something so good the world would take notice. I know now that it really is 10% music 90% business… The internet has changed the whole game since I first started.

What was your favorite cartoon show growing up?

That’s a hard one, but I fucked with Looney Tunes, Spiderman and the most slept on show ever was Street Sharks, that was my shit.

What keeps you going? How you doing mentally?

The thing that keeps me going is my family, without them I would’ve gave up a long time ago. Right now mentally I’m okay but not okay if that makes sense. I just lost another one of my brothers a few weeks ago so I’m still dealing with that loss but I’m optimistic about the future and know great things are coming.

How would you describe your style?

One word, Saucey, no but for real… versatile is what comes to mind. When I started I just rapped I was always thinking of nothin but bars. But over the years I’ve evolved into a melody guru. I just love finding new melodies that shit is fun.

Whats the backstory of your latest song, “Fallen Souljas?“

Well “Fallen Souljas” came about because my boy Roni came up missing at the end of 2017 and the police didn’t help much. I wrote the first verse while he was still missing, his body was found a whole year later in December and till this day we still don’t have answers. While he was missing my best friend, my brother Brandon was killed in Tallahassee. I was as depressed as I’ve ever been and music has always been therapeutic for me so after I shook back from my depressed slump, “Fallen Souljas” was born.

What does your family think about you doing music?

My family supports my music to the fullest I think it’s safe to say they are my biggest supporters. I only wish my mom was still around to see how far I’ve come.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

I can’t live without my family, my wife, my kids they’re the only reason I’m here right now. I couldn’t live without music. Whether its listening or making it, it just does something for my soul. And 3rd some juice if you know me you know I keep some juice.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

This time next year I see my life all the way different, touring, stream numbers going crazy, big blog placements, the whole wop, I definitely plan on kicking the door in.

What is the most important thing you want listeners to take from your music?

I would say the most important thing would be is that it’s not just music to me, I show a piece of my soul on the tracks.

Shout out to everybody who streaming my music my next EP “Hotel LANsylvania” will be dropping this winter so be on the look out.

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SoundCloud: - Fuck The Unknown

"The UnSeen Interview"

Meet Nick, a recording artist from Michigan who’s famous for putting his dreams onto posters. With a deeply rooted and emotionally driven background that tags along with him everywhere he goes, UNSEEN had the chance to dig deep and accompany him on his empowering, creative journey. Don’t miss this chance—

What’s your name, where are you from and what do you do?
My name is Nick Zivic, aka Saint Nick TheSauceGod. I’m from Lansing, MI and I’m a recording artist.
Michigan, we don’t hear of too many artists from Michigan. How would you describe their music community?
Well, Detroit definitely has a spotlight on its scene right now so I’ve been going down there to perform lately. I performed in Flint a couple times last year, but it’s a growing music scene in Michigan for sure. It’s hard because it’s so small but Lansing has come a long way from when I was a teen. There’s actually a lot of positives in our music community, just now within the last couple years there’s been a new wave of support for local artists in Lansing. I’m excited about the future growth in it for sure.
Can definitely relate to this, I grew up in Detroit for 13 years. Detroit’s definitely the anchor to the music scene in Michigan, but I’d love to see the spotlight in other cities as well. How would you describe your life growing up?
Hell yes, I feel like Lansing, Flint and even Battle Creek are starting to get bigger attention. I had a good childhood, I was adopted by a single mother. I was always a problem child, spent a lot of my childhood locked up starting when I was 12. Just doing a lot of petty kid stuff— skipping school, smoking weed, drinking, fighting. I ran away for like 3 months and my mom put missing person posters up and shit. I eventually stole a car when I was 14 and got sent to a lock up in Philadelphia till I was 16. When I got out I felt like I missed a lot of time and had my first kid at 16. I wasn’t just a bad kid though, I was a star athlete when I wasn’t locked up. Started at tailback on the football team, got some soccer and baseball MVP trophies. I even competed in the JR Olympics when I ran AAU track from the ages of 11-14. I was always going to therapy sessions and counseling and shit, they diagnosed me with depression around 10. Back then I never knew what I could be depressed about; I had a good mom, got pretty much whatever I wanted. Yeah, we grew up in the hood but my household was loving. I know now it was because my adopted mom who told me at a real young age (around 10), why she adopted me. So I know I was subconsciously dealing with some abandonment issues. Damn, this got really deep, my bad. I left out that my adopted mom was also a foster parent my whole childhood too and she only took in the “intensive care” kids. They were the kids nobody else wanted, and my mom took in hundreds of them and treated them like her own but I saw a lot of crazy shit dealing with that too.
This did get deep, but I can honestly say I relate. I’m an adopted kid myself, and went through the whole abandonment thing with my birthfather as well. No kid should ever have to go through something like that, and I’m glad that you’re still here through all of it. Is your music weighted on the emotional struggles you faced as a child?
I appreciate that for sure, and I would say a lot of it is. I tend to show a piece of my soul on every beat, it’s truly therapeutic for me. After my adopted mom passed away in 2014, I dropped my song “Pray For Me” and just getting those feelings off my chest felt like a weight being lifted fr. Same thing with my single “Karma” and then “Fallen Souljas.” All of those situations are what made me and I know it’s all for a bigger purpose.
That’s really heartfelt. I’m pained to hear you lost your mom at a young age. Did you have someone looking after you after that?
Thank you. Truthfully, she passed on my 24th birthday so I was grown, just really fucked me up mentally when it happened. I was diagnosed with PTSD because of it.
Can imagine that would cause some serious trauma. I’m really glad you’re still here. When did you first find out that music was what you wanted to do? How was that process starting out for you?
It sounds corny to say it lol but I always felt like I was destined for something big; I always wanted it to be music but I didn’t take my music career seriously until after she passed. After that I just wanted to make her proud, shit still do lol. I went like 5-6 years of only doing features and the tracks I did do on my own I never dropped or pushed. My homie Quik Marly and I used to record in his living room and put a horrible mix on it ourselves. We had our basement studio days too lol I was like a lot of other artists, I thought I would drop something so hard I would blow up overnight. Had no plan, no real idea how shit works. I know now that’s not the case, everything is strategy in this industry and I’ve been soaking up as much knowledge about the business side as I can.
You tend to learn real fast in this industry, it’s great to hear that you’re learning as much as you can to improve your passion. In your own words, what’s the hardest thing about being a recording artist?
I would say the hardest part is trying not to get discouraged.. I’ve taken a lot of L’s with this music shit and sometimes it’s hard to keep pushing but I always do.
What does a creative day look like in the eyes of Nick?
A lot of weed rolled lol but I’m always in create mode. I can’t help it, I’m always scoping out locations I think would look dope in a video or photoshoot, hearing an old song I wanna sample. On a average day, I usually will run through some beats and the first one that jumps out at me I just say what the beat makes me feel. The beat choice always depends on what kinda vibe I’m feeling at that time. When I get in creative mode nothing can get me out of it.
Do you ever experience moments of creative block? What do you do to work through those moments?
Yeah I do sometimes, but I usually tried to seclude myself, roll up and just vibe out to some instrumentals. Sometimes I’ll get inspired by something new I’ve heard and that’ll jump start some ideas.
Tell us about your first song making experience.
It was so unorganized lol me and like 3 of my friends bought some studio time, we didn’t even try to come up with anything before hand we just all freestyled. My first solo track was after my mom passed and it was almost the complete opposite, I knew exactly what I wanted to record and how I wanted to do it. In that session I dropped “Guarantee It” and “Pray For Me.” After that people started taking me seriously as an artist.
How does it feel for you to be so vulnerable to your audience with what you choose to create?
It’s therapeutic as hell for real, it feels good gettin all of that shit off my chest. It’s never easy writing it though, it’s some hard stuff to think about and relive. After it’s recorded, it’s still hard to listen to because I feel that pain all over again. But at the end of the day, I love being able to pour my soul into a song like that, showing a side most would be too uncomfortable to show.
Definitely a strong positive in pouring your heart out, for sure. Who were your biggest support systems when you were first getting started?
My fiancé most definitely, she’s always been my biggest supporter. Without her, I wouldn’t have progressed as much with my music career as I have. My mom was my biggest fan before she passed, but she died before I really even got goin for real.
I’m sure she would be proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished since. What style of music do you enjoy experimenting with the most?
I appreciate that. Probably the melodic style I use, it’s fun as hell to me to find a crazy melody and to see what I can really push my vocals to do. I got some unreleased stuff I’m sitting on that I really think will display more of my versatility.
Ofcourse! What was the most out of the box thing you’ve ever done with your music?
I really had to think about that one. I guess it would be— I tried out and made it through 2 auditions for the Netflix show Rhythm and Flow. I obviously didn’t make it on to the show, but I built some solid connections and learned some shit about the big leagues in the process. Truthfully, it was a blow to my ego though, took a couple months to shake it off lol.
Are you comfortable with sharing how that experience was with you and what you learned from it?
Yeah for sure.. I found out about the opportunity on IG and when I submitted I had no idea how big of an opportunity it was. I really thought it was a small budget thing but decided to apply. To apply, I had to send in 2 songs and my social media links. I received an email weeks later informing me I made it through round one of auditions, and the next step would be an in person or Skype meeting with one of the producers. After hearing that, I finally did some research on the producers that were mentioned in the email. I quickly learned that it was being put together by Jesse Collins Ent, he did the Soul Train Awards on BET, the Bobby Brown story and more. So of course, I got way more excited about it, I still at that point didn’t know many details. So they told me in the email that at the Skype meeting I can perform one song without the instrumental and one song with the instrumental with no backing vocals. When the meeting came around they asked me a lot of background questions and then asked me to freestyle. Not being prepared for that curve ball, I did as good as I could on the fly with no beat. Spit a 16 that I wasn’t all that proud of, she asked if it was really a freestyle saying she was impressed but I knew I didn’t go as hard as I would’ve/could’ve went. She closed the meeting telling me that I’ll get an email or call by February if I made it through, I of course didn’t. I take full responsibility for not being ready for anything, I should’ve been. At the time I was way more focused on learning the business side then the actual music and that is my fault. But lesson learned lol and I know now that I can find and be apart of these huge opportunities, I just gotta stay ready for anything.
That had to have been a crazy wicked opportunity and immense amount of stress trying to do everything at your best potential with such little time. What’s the coolest thing this experience taught you, creatively?
Most definitely the most pressure I’ve been under musically for sure. It really showed me I’m on the right path. The fact I’m able to even find and audition for something like that by myself no manager, no team just me making all these things happen, that’s pretty cool to me lol. I did also learn that a lot big names that were involved with the show, are still keeping their eyes on a lot of the auditioners who didn’t make it through. Okay spoiler alert— I just submitted for the first step of auditions for the next season lol.
Oh my god, HOLY SHIT! That’s DEFINITELY a spoiler alert, how are you feeling about submitting this time around?
I’m excited of course. Definitely ready to redeem myself lol I’m coming with new music, new updated EPK, new updated look, I’m ready for sure. But truthfully I got so many different exciting things going on, this is just one of many announcements I will be making this year. It just got confirmed I will be opening up for Sada Baby and more at this years 4/20 Fest in Lansing MI.

NO WAY! I’ll definitely have to make an appearance, I’m not far from Lansing at all. How does it feel to see your name on posters?
Most definitely come out it’s gonna be a crazy show! It feels dope af for real.. I can’t wait till I’m the big name on them though lol I’m ready for sure.
What normal, day to day things inspire your creativity to come out?
Hearing old classics, tv/movies and being around my people definitely sparks my creative side.
Have you ever considered exploring other forms of creativity?
All the time lol I’ve been practicing making my own graphic designs, cover art and stuff. I’ve always wanted to be an actor in a movie too lol. Just made this a couple days ago. It’s my labels rough draft logo.

I love the faces on that! If you were to act in a movie, what kind of movie would you wanna act in?
Thank you so much! If I could choose, probably a really funny written comedy lol but I would love to do some Harry Potter shit, that would be a dream come true.
I love Harry Potter, being in that type of movie would be sick! Who are your biggest creative influences? Can be famous, or can be people you currently have in your life
Truthfully, probably Micheal Jackson or Prince lol two of the best entertainers of our time. If we’re talking currently, probably Drake.
Prince is one of my all time biggest influences, I adored his music. If you had the chance to make a song with one of your influencers, what would it sound like?
Well idk lol I would hope it would sound like a hit lol but I would try to get an even mixture of Prince’s sound with what I do and hope that he doesn’t outshine me too much lol.
What are you biggest pet peeves working with/around music? P.s. I’m sure Prince would appreciate, lol.
Probably the fact that literally everybody thinks they can do music but nobody does the work to figure out how the actual business side works. 95% of rappers just think they will blow overnight lol it’s annoying af. And the fake love, it’s so much fake shit involved in this music shit I can’t stand ass kissing lol.
How do you respond to these experiences?
To the fake love? I’ve just been cutting mfs off and distancing myself from people for the last 4 years. I got family that have been wanting to come back around cuz of the announcements I’ve been making but it’s too late lol if the love ain’t genuine I don’t even want it.
People switch up when they see you making moves, happens all too often. If there was something you now could teach you in the past, what would that be?
Focus less on studio time and focus more on the business side/building connections.
Connections are definitely crucial. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself established, busy on tour with at least one platinum plaque lol.
Shoot for the stars - The UnSeen Co

"DramaLikeTheDj Write Up"

Rising emcee, Saint Nick TheSauceGod, shares new music as he speaks on cutting out fake love and never associating himself with any negativity – check out his newest anthem, “No Politicin,” below!

Professionally known as Nick, he began creating music at a young 17-years-old with a passion for putting his soul into words.

“My upbringing alone sets me apart from the rest.”
– Nick

Also, catch Saint Nick TheSauceGod live next month at the 4/20 fest with Detroit’s own Sada Baby in Lansing, MI.

Make sure to follow his journey to stardom on social media! - DramaLikeTheDj

"Broke2Dope Write Up"

Saint Nick TheSauceGod has always had a deep relationship with music, starting at the age of 5. Most recently, he released two singles “Fallen Souljas” and “No Politicin” that have brought a new wave of excitement and growth for him as an artist. His second EP Hotel LANsylvania is scheduled to be released in July. Saint Nick’s energy filled stage presence, paired with his relatable content, is most definitely a good reason to keep an aye out for this artist. - Broke2Dope

"GlobalMoneyWorld Write Up"

Saint Nick TheSauceGod – No Politicin
“When I say I had a dream, man nobody listened”

Artists makes music for different reasons. With all the different reasons, the most important one should be for the people. Music that people can feel and enjoy as much as possible. That’s what Saint Nick TheSauceGod gives you on his new track “No Politicin”

Saint Nick TheSauceGod blesses us with a track that is overflowing with swagger with his new song “No Politicin”. The performance is on another plateau, as he commands your attention with his style that flexes an extreme amount of bravado and charisma, that carries the track to it’s dopest destination with ease. The flow is infectious as he rides the waves of this production, while spitting catchy lyrics that makes this song undeniable.

Saint Nick TheSauceGod’s “No Politicin” is a record that is meant to be heard by the masses. He understands taking over a beat instead of being overpowered by it, as he flexes through the entire production with lyrics that pack nothing but punch to make this record a knock out. Saint’s flow is on point, as well as his flow that he plays with effortlessly and switches it up at will.

Check out Saint Nick TheSauceGod‘s “No Politicin” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! - GlobalMoneyWorld


"Lan Of The Sauce"



Saint Nick TheSauceGod, is an American singer, rapper and songwriter from Lansing MI. Saint Nick has always had a deep relationship with music, starting at the age of 5, he’s performed in musicals, talent shows, wrote poetry and sang in numerous choirs. When he reached high school he began to transform his poetry into raps. July 28th 2017 he released his debut EP “Lan Of The Sauce”. In December of 2017 he was awarded a Midwest Video Music Award for his video “Karma”, which was released earlier that year. In the past few years since, Saint Nicks catchy melodic flow and his heartfelt lyrics, have garnered the attention of music blogs such as, New Urban Mag, Urban New Hip Hop, F*** The Unknown, The Unseen, Broke2Dope, and GlobalMoneyWorld. Since Quarantine he has been continuing to grow his fan base and online presence, and releasing new music at an impressive pace. His second EP “Crybaby” was released Sept 4th of last year, along with multiple singles. Even with live shows on pause at the moment he has continued to stay busy, experimenting with different sounds and branching off into other genres. Saint Nick’s energy filled stage presence, paired with his relatable content, along with his versatile sound is most definitely good reason to keep an aye out for this artist. 

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