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RP Tha Chozen 1

San Diego, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

San Diego, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Christian




"Meet Rebel Genius artist RP Tha Chozen 1"

Rapzilla recently interviewed RP Tha Chozen 1, a San Diego-based rapper signed to new Christian hip-hop label Rebel Genius Records.

RP released his debut project on the label, The Harvest on Sept. 15. He shared the story behind this, as well as his stage name and background with Rebel Genius in the three-part interview below.

Buy The Harvest on iTunes and get familiar with RP. - Rapzilla.com

"RP Tha Chozen 1 – ‘The Gump’"

RP Tha Chozen 1 releases his new music, “The Gump”, via Rebel Genius. It’s from his current album The Harvest and features production by Carnegie & DJ S.O.M.

RP Tha Chozen 1 was born and raised in San Diego CA, an NFL hopeful whose dreams were cut down by a freak injury. With a need to communicate his frustration, RP took to writing. Under the guidance of his uncle, he defined his voice, a dynamic, lyrical style in which he combines intricate word playing lyricism with melodic chants. Soon after he found himself as an artist, RP signed to Rebel Genius Records. RP’s music continues to be his sound board for life, magnifying his desire to live righteously and his personal struggles with that pursuit.

RP Tha Chozen 1’s track entitled “The Gump” is inspired by the film Forrest Gump. Throughout his life RP has dealt with others telling him all the things he would never be able to accomplish. He took those limitations and used them as fuel to propel himself forward in life. Similar to that of Tom Hanks’ character Forrest Gump, RP continues to exceed the expectations of the doubtful and rise to the occasion. - CCMMagazine.com


With influences like Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar and B.O.B it’s no surprise that RP Tha Chozen 1 is a prolific, versatile emcee who can be a bit unorthodox . Based in San Diego, where he was born and raised, and signed to Rebel Genius which is in the same city. RP Tha Chozen 1’s content is based on real life and is known for creating a connection with his listeners. The Harvest hits stores worldwide 09/15/2015.

Rebel Genius desires to be a catalyst in hip-hop culture through creating quality, thought-provoking and enjoyable content. It understands the importance of conventional Christian communities, but also that people exist who do not relate to these conventions and need to be shown something they can identify with. We desire to be the brand that they can identify with. To learn more, visit: http://rebelgeniusrecords.com/.

The Harvest (2:02)
The Greatest Tragedy feat. Shaad G (4:19)
Marcus feat. Francesca Hargrove (4:43)
Beam Me Up (3:03)
Malcolm King feat. Féla (3:51)
Missin Out feat. Keith Phelps (4:15)
7th Day (4:11)
The Gump (2:21)
The Feast feat. Calinnah (5:13) - SYntax Creative


Still working on that hot first release.



RP Tha Chozen 1 was born and raised in San Diego California. Before beginning his career in rap he was a division 1 college athlete and NFL hopeful often involving himself in illegal activity alongside his team mates. An unfortunate injury stripped him of his field dreams and sent him into a deep depression. With a son on the way and feeble means to provide for him, he decided to use music as a form of therapy and began composing his debut album entitled The Harvest. RP did not intentionally enter the realm of Christian Hip Hop. His place in the genre was not revealed to him until after the release of his debut album which testifies his new found understanding in Christ. RP Tha Chozen 1's approach to Christian Hip Hop serves as a testament to his genuine nature. Where before he feared the criticism of his peers, Christians and non believers alike, he now stands firm in his salvation welcoming any who oppose such. RP Tha Chozen 1 knows he is a sinner and intends to show the world how far God has brought him. With prolific lyricism, smooth melodic flow and his polarizing presence, RP brings remarkable flavor to to hiphop. 

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