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Roy French

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Trip-hop




"New Project: Roy French - Clear"

It’s here and it’s as clear as day: Roy French’s new EP, CLEAR. Seven brand new tracks of splashful bliss. Take a dip with the splash god below, and be sure to keep a clear mind when listening. It will be your own personal nirvana. Enjoy it below. - Fake Shore Drive

"Mixtape Download: Roy French - #FaceGod"

Now it just seems like Chicago is playing with us–we’ve got another fresh, talented, weirdo to enjoy. Roy French wobbles onto the track like an evil Kid Cudi, but he also can sling a punchline–“Girls on they knees like they switchin’ God with my name…the mary got us hittin’ notes like Blige, J.” Best of all, he can really build a tape: #FACEGOD has a consistent and distinctive vibe. The flows stay leaning to the left, the hooks stay catchy, the beats stay extraterrestrial, and French stays goofy, menacing, and higher than hell. Enjoy #FACEGOD below and check out the video for track three, “DMT,” here to get a taste of his physical style. - Respect.

"Roy French's Cure for Wintertime Blues"

The polar vortex didn't quite end my love of winter and snow, but it did more to damage my tendency to romanticize the season than waddling through blizzards ever did. Before Monday's negative temperatures I enjoyed gazing out my bedroom window at night at the piles of snow glowing in the moonlight, but after the barrage of stories urging people to stay indoors the snow began to look more like a cage. As easy as it was to understand why plenty of folks don't like the cold, it wasn't until earlier this week that I began to look at the outside world and see winter for the grey slush that saps some of the magic from snow days.
I haven't entirely fallen out with wintertime, but I'm definitely seeking more assistance to get through it than I normally do. For this I look to the handfuls of MCs whose music, videos, and cover art pop with color, such as, say Chance the Rapper's visual for "Juice"; it came out almost a year ago, and part of what's so intoxicating about the clip is the way the bright lights of Times Square illuminate the space around Chance as he dances, jumps, and twirls around in the cold. The song itself is life affirming, and Austin Vesely captures the lively spirit of "Juice" and its creator in a way that feels magical, especially watching it during this time of the year. For at least two months I'll be trying to burrow into my coat every time I step outside, but watching Chance leap into the air in his tie-dyed hoodie gives me a boost.

That hoodie, or rather the color of that hoodie, offers a nice visual kick I'm in the mood for right now—I should probably buy one from local streetwear line Dope Boy Magic to get through January—and there are plenty of other rappers around here messing with psychedelic colors. Alex Wiley's got a series of videos with absurd color schemes; "Own Lane" in particular has a hallucinogenic quality to it that reflects the maximalist pop of his Club Wiley mixtape. Lucki Ecks and his pals in the Outsiders Clique roll with blurred and hazy cover art that draws upon the sometimes leaned-out beats in their songs, particularly those on Lucki's Alternative Trap; the way Martin Sky raps over dreamy beats about wearing tie-dyed bucket hats on Time(less) is rich and inviting. There are plenty of others, but right now I'm stuck on Roy French's Face God mixtape, which dropped late last week.

French knew just how to hook me—much of the cover of Face God looks like it's ripped from a psychedelic kaleidoscope you can buy outside of a Phish concert, which normally might not sound so irresistible but in this time of cold fatigue the glistening colors behind a cartoon of French are just what I need. The music shares the bright, shape-shifting aesthetic of the mixtape's cover, be it in the twinkling "Tunnel Vision," the syrupy songs "Meditate" and "Easy," and the moody, spacey "Extraterrestrial." One listen to Face God should help battle the frigid temperature blues—stream it below. - Reader

"Roy French - Face God (Mixtape)"

The past two years a different Chicago rapper has went from a regional act to a national superstar. Whether it’s Chance The Rapper last year or Chief Keef blowing up in 2012. Last year’s emergence of Vic Mensa as a star, the buzz of Lil Durk and Fredo Santana, and artists like Alex Wiley and Lil Bibby getting a wave of their own Chicago has many potential breakout stars in 2014–and after listening to Face God you’ll throw Roy French in there too. The Chicagoan has been releasing music at a breakneck pace and finally unleashes his project in its entirety. Outside of his raw lyrical talent he also has a good knack for selecting production and breaks out some very Chance-esque harmonies throughout. Very interested to see what happens with him and the entire Chicago rap scene. - Ashley Outrageous

"FSD Feature: Artist Spotlight - Roy French"

In our first-ever FSD Artist Spotlight, we sit down with Roy French, who has figuratively and literally been splashing around on the Chicago rap scene all year. Roy’s profile is quickly rising thanks to his bugged out visuals and wavy, unique sound. We sat down with Roy French to ask him a slew of questions about his journey so far, and where he is headed before 2015 ends. So take a dip with the water-logged emcee below.

FSD: Explain Splash Paradise?

Roy French: A mental and visual vacation from all the wackness and saturated shit we’re used to.

FSD: What type of fish would you be?

Roy French: Kohaku Koi fish

FSD: Most amazing moment this year so far?

Roy French: The first Splash Paradise experience at Reggies. When we had the costume shark doing the “Lean Wit It Rock Wit It,” while I was crowd surfing on stage held up by Hurt Everybody, Saba, MFN Melo and St Millie. That was like my overdose of overwhelming.

FSD: What should listeners expect on the next project?

Roy French: A lot of drip and aquatic style that makes you melt in amazement of wordplay, production and vibes. We really created a vibe for every song for you to get butterflies to. From the trappiest drip, to the most dancy house tracks we created on there.

(The entire interview can be read in the link provided) - Fake Shore Drive


Face God (Mixtape) 

  1. Tunnel Vision
  2. DMT 
  3. Easy [Interlude] 
  4. Meditate 
  5. SaveAHoe 
  6. UnCommon 
  7. Fuck Wit Me 
  8. Tweekin 
  9. Chose [Interlude] 
  10. Extraterrestrial 
  11. iJuug Ft Azur Rich 
  12. BONUS - Pass That Junt 

Clear (EP) 
  1. Glo 
  2. Drip Style 
  3. DMT 
  4. Consistent 
  5. SaveAHoe 
  6. Type 
  7. Splash 



Roy French made his debut into the rap scene in January of 2014, with his first mixtape Face God. It has garnered 

attention from his native Chicago to New York, even Japan and Berlin. He has worked with producers from Bitoy Beatz, to Flying Lotus, to DeeJay Earl of TekLife. Roy’s sound is similar to that of Childish Gambino and Travis Scott. 

Hailing from the windy-city, Roy has become known for his unique way with words and trippy flow, along with his highly energetic performances. He has been writing since he was a child and his life experiences have heavily influenced his work. Roy tries to keep his music filled with colors, like an acid trip. 

Roy has performed alongide Alex Wiley, Hurt Everybody, Joey Purp (Save Money), Chris Crack (New Deal Crew), 

Saba (Pivot Gang), Slim Dollaz and 

Mic Terror (Treated Crew)

Roy French is currently 

working on two new mixtapes and his first album; All to be 

released within 2015. 

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