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Louisville, Kentucky, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Album Review: @RobNiece – “Soul & Hip-Hop”"

Rob Niece has done just about everything right when it comes to his music and the city of Louisville. He’s always spoke about the positives of the city in his music and never the negative. He will openly collaborate with other artist in the city. He understands that in order to make it you have to build a foundation off of consistency and strategically placed blocks to make it to the top. His latest project “Soul & Hip-Hop” is his best work so far in his short but promising rap career. “Century” is the first track on the project and it basically embodies the title “Soul & Hip-Hop” its smooth and Rob is just flowing the whole time, and even though he’s not saying metaphors and punchlines he’s still able to get his message across and keep the listeners engaged.

One of my favorite joints on the tape is “The Good Girl” track this is one of the two songs on here that I feel he should push to get on the radio and he should shoot a video for. Mainly because it’s a dope song with lyrics, hook and a chorus that is catchy enough to get spins on the air but at the same time deliver a message unlike most music on the radio these days. This is an eight track project that is about 25 min long so I don’t want to talk about my views on each song I want y’all to go listen and be a judge for yourselves. Just know that you heard it here first Rob Niece is going to have the city of Louisville on his back musically soon. This project will erase any doubts anybody might’ve had about Rob when it came to him making quality music on his own. - A Caged Mind

"“Soul and Hip Hop” is Finally Here and Definitely Delivers!"

Rob Niece is a Hip-Hop artist born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Over the past year Rob has become a big figure throughout his city working with the up and coming artists but also Louisville legends who have been prevalent in Louisville music for decades. His brand and corporation “Not Another” has also been taking off lately with their main motto for people to just “Be Not Another”.

Rob Niece has been working around the underground trying to create a new style and carve out his own lane. Now his album “Soul and Hip Hop” is finally here and definitely delivers. If you were one of those people that liked Rob Niece, knowing that he can rap and he make good songs but never considered yourself a true “fan”, then after hearing this effort you’ll feel compelled to purchase this man’s album.

Rob Niece does his best work on slower soul influenced beats such as “Century”, “Addiction”, “The Good Girl”, “The Double Standard”, “Still Love” and “Here For You”, while the Production by Mike Chops and The Aqua League is top notch and the lyrics are definitely on point. Overall all the songs are extremely enjoyable.

I was pleasantly surprised by this album, and think that Rob Niece will be around and a big player in the Rap game in the near future. Throughout the album Rob really focuses in on emotions within his raps by altering his vocal inflections. His tracks are comprised of clever verses and a couple of sweet singing interludes which keeps the interest factor running high all the way through the eight songs included into “Soul and Hip Hop”.

This album really struck a chord with me because the beats and flavors definitely remind me of old school Rap stamped with classic Soul elements all over it. Most of all Rob’s songs are not pretentious; honesty, humility and graciousness prevail throughout…except maybe for “The Good Girl” which goes down harder than the rest.

In the end, I felt like Rob Niece really poured out his heart and soul on this album because he speaks about love’s reality through his eyes and he also shows somewhat of a softer side on one or two tracks. The central theme of “Soul and Hip Hop” is consistent throughout, but each track has its own identity.

The absolute truth? This album is straight play and repeat action! Good job Rob! - Jamsphere

"Sound Bites: Rob Niece"

Louisville, KY is home to The Kentucky Derby where pedigreed race horses seek the limelight of a championship win. Where some non-recognized names have risen to the top of that field of competition, the music scene in Louisville is experiencing a similar dynamic, particularly in Hip Hop. Rob Niece is a writer and performer who has journeyed with legends and rising stars. His latest project, Soul and Hip Hop, stirs the mix of these styles into a fresh and innovative new musical experience.
The new album Soul and Hip Hop brings something new for Louisville to celebrate. Key tracks to take note of are songs with MoTown sound recalling 70s soul under a strong rap like Century, Cali Dreams and Still Love. Other songs to check out include Double Standard with its short/sweet hook that’s straight to the point, and Here For You, which you can sample on the Bandcamp page.

His latest album is set to release in August, and by pre-ordering you have the chance to also win an iPad 2. Click here for details. - DGrantSmith

"Louisville Music Review Section"

Rob Niece is a deep soul. In his presentation he seems to value his Inner Being, his belief in universal love and appears to use that as a driving force. I totally understand that perspective. It allows one to move forward no matter what and gives one a feeling that things will work themselves out. Stay on a subject only long enough to feel for a solution and then keep going forward! This is reflected well in his persona, but what about his music?

A lot of times I expect a good 1/3 to 1/2 of an album to be good if I liked my first impression. This is what I hoped from "Metta World Niece". As I listened to the album I acutally found myself trying to find a song that I didn't like. While "Body Language" and "Nexxt Level" were my favorites, none sucked. A couple were probably just good but most were surprisingly enjoyable. I say "surprisingly" because I didn't expect the whole album to be good just by default experience. This is a nice change, especially with Hip Hop.

Rob also has a voice that you will like. It doesn't strain, it doesn't do things it shouldn't and his persona is in each song delivery. He has a variety which is good news as well.
On this album are several known names in the city of Louisville. B Simm who we featured a couple months ago and Double J who won that Hickory House performance (hmm. j/k) and Trav B helped the performance factor raise a notch.

All in all, Rob has a quiet gold mine here I think. If he persists with his understanding of self love, brotherly love and dedication to dreams everything else would fall in his favor. That's probably why the music is so good. I immediately recommend this to anyone who loves music and especially anyone who loves hip hop. I don't think he'd remain underground for too long. Don't make a mistake though, he loves music no matter what title you give him. This allows him to go far and I can't see myself ever thumbing this down.

Link does work when copied and pasted in browser.!rob-niece-album-review-mwn/crya - Daniel Morrison


Rob Niece is that new level, new school rapper that everybody is about to be checking for. He has a nice, smooth flow as heard on his new video “Not Another Bounce”. We got a chance to talk to Louisville rapper about his new video, his newly release mix tape, “Metta World Niece,what he thinks about the hip hop scene in Louisville, and if he is rocking Kentucky Blue or Louisville Red…

1. What is up with Rob Niece right now?

A lot man, just threw this contest with Radio Now and iHeart radio where we gave away 400 bucks, a radio interview and some studio time….
Plus I just dropped my 15 track project called “Metta World Niece” Its really crazy top to bottom man. It makes mixtapes look like trash and albums look average.
So yea theres a lot going on man but still Im pushing to take it to the next level thats what its all about….More.

2. You have a new video out, “Not Another Bounce”, can you tell us about that record and video?

Man it was one of the last tracks to be made for Metta actually I did the whole thing in like 20 minutes sent it to B. Then we shot the video.
Pretty simple really, Russ Smith and Chris Smith happened to be in the club that night so they made a lil cameo to make it even doper.
My man Matt Fulks is the coldest with a camera. Period. Mad Fox Productions is on the rise, trust me.

3. You are from Louisville, Kentucky, and since we are basketball blog as well as hip hop, when the Cards play the Cats what color do you have on?

If you see me in blue I’ve lost a bet or went color blind. (laughs)

4. Who do you think is the greatest basketball player from the state of Kentucky?

You have to say Darrell Griffith hands down, what his teams did back in the ’80s was simply amazing. They built the program to what it is today.

(we love Darrell here at hot16s peep the video below)

5. If you had to pick a coach, to coach one game to win a $1 Billion Dollars, would you go with Rick Pitino, Denny Crum, John Calipari, Adolph Rupp, or Pat Riley?

I’m a have to go with Denny. Denny always knew how to use his role players and understoods streaks. If you were having an off night he is gonna find the guy who isnt.
A lot of coaches dont make adjustments very well, and to me thats what makes a great coach.

6. Back to hip hop, are you currently pushing a mix tape, project, or album?
Yea like i mentioned before “Metta World Niece” just dropped on July, 2nd. 15 tracks only one industry beat on the whole project, I produced like 6 tracks on it,
its just ridiculous. It’s an album. It has club songs, radio songs, slow songs, deep songs, i really showed my versatility on this one. No fan wants to listen to
20 club records or 20 slow songs. They want variety all in one album and thats what I did. Plus im selling the online dowload for free all you gotta do is follow me and mention me.

And the hard copies in full cases wrapped and everything are only 5 bucks. Nobody is doing this shit on my level. Nobody. But like I said before I want the next level.
Im not tryna be the best in my city im tryna be the best in the world.

7. How do you feel that Louisville sits as far as putting out solid hip hop acts?

The state of Kentucky is mostly a country music hub everybody knows that, but Louisville itself has some talented artists. Tra-duce, Double J, B Simm, Matt Vicente, thats just four guys
that can blow at any point. No rapper has ever blown up from here though. And when i say blow up i mean to the point where they are consistently on BET/MTV with their video. You could say Nappy
Roots but that was for a short period of time. And during that time im sure other rappers in the city were getting looked at becuase of what Nappy did. When ONE artists blows up from Louisville it will open the door for everyone else. Atlanta didnt always put out as many rappers as they do now, LA and New York used to be the hub. It can change overnight.

8. Would you rather freestyle or write?

I do both, sometimes just go in the studio and completely go off the dome. Other times ill have a verse in my head that ive been thinkin about for a few days and just spit it, but as of recent i really dont put things on paper or in my phone anymore. Its just all in my head.

9. What are somethings you need in the studio?

Silence and my thoughts.

10. Do you have a favorite MC, that you always check for, but he isn’t a big name?

Yeah, to me is the best of all time. But Yea there is this guy outta chicago named Wonda and he makes amazing music. Its like a mix of Cudi and Kendrick. You def need to go check em out, I might have to bring him to louisville at some point to do a show with me.

11. Are you currently touring this summer?

In a way i have a few shows booked in some places around louisville and a few across the bridge. But no nation wide tours right now. Currently looking to expand in other states though.

12. Can we expect a major retail release from you in 2013?

We will see. I have a few moves im looking to make, but you just have to wait see.

13. Where can the people find you at online? or on twitter @RobNiece

14. Do yo have any last shout outs or thoughts you would like to share?

Just shout out to my management team and everybody T, E. Large…..and my man Double J he def got some big things coming too. We are “Not Another”
and we plan to continue setting the bar higher and higher. - Nick the Quick Lowrie


Soul and Hip Hop - 2014

Take a Shot - 2014

Metta World Niece - 2013



Rob Niece is a Hip-Hop artist born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Over the past year Rob has became a big figure throughout his city working with the up and coming artists but also Louisville legends who have been prevalent in Louisville music for decades. His brand and corporation “Not Another” has also been taking off lately with their main motto for people to just “Be Not Another” Rob Niece seems to be at the beginning of what looks to be a career of longevity and limitless heights.

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