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R.O. Hutch

Raleigh, NC | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Raleigh, NC | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Introducing Raleighs Own [R.O.] Hutch"

NEW YORK - Nov. 3, 2015 - PRLog -- "In regards to music as a whole, the artist is only limited by his perception" -R.O. Hutch

Raleigh, North Carolina born Joey Chrisp, Raleighs Own [R.O.] Hutch has always been regarded to as a slept on talent by local artist around the Raleigh N.C. area.

The son of a musician, Hutch's father was preparing to sign a production contract with Sugar Hill and the Gang but unfortunately was killed in a car accident the night prior to the scheduled signing date. Hutch, then only one years old, was left to a single parent home. Growing up on the Southside of Raleigh N.C. with older sister Omega and younger brother Frank, Hutch shares a similar beginning to many other rap Superstars. "Each individual gets something different from being raised in the inner city" says Hutch. In my case growing up in poverty and in the projects made me determined. It also sharpen disciplines that I rely on today. Being from the bottom can either make you or break you, Hutch has clearly shown he will not be broken by his past.

Hutch has always been a musician. At an early age he began to write whole songs, he also is a self taught pianist. Taking after his father Frankie Chrisp, Hutch began to really take rap serious shortly after high school. First cousin and platinum selling producer Black Jeruz played a major role in helping Hutch see the music industry as an attainable destination. Hutch and Jeruz worked very closely while Jeruz was signed to the Super Group G-Unit as a producer. This relationship and timing help develop Hutch even further as an artist, and a business man. "In this period of my life, I learned the importance of song formatting and good hooks" say Hutch, "50 had um going crazy".

First appearing in the underground circuit in in 2008 with his first mixtape sampler SOUTHSIDE STAR Hutch began to receive a lot of attention as a writer and spitter within the local music community. Hutch also kills live performances, his swagger demands attention. Soon after SOUTHSIDE STAR Hutch released another mixtape "I AM RALEIGH" in which again he displayed versatility and growth of an unprecedented amount. "Above all, the complete song is what the listener will be left with hook, verse/lyrics, and beat selection plays an equal role in the finished product." -Hutch.

Currently, Hutch is promoting his newest Extended Play Project MIND OF MINE released Summer 2015, this project consists of 9 original, well put together songs. The project has to date been featured in multiple notable blog sites such as THISIS50.com and UNDERGROUNDHIPHOP.com and many others. This time around Hutch showcases incredible flow and songwriting ability. Truly a sound of his own R.O. Hutch stands out in any crowd of rhymers whether industry or Indy, and his overall songwriting ability is sure to capture the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide for a long time. It is my absolute pleasure to give you R.O. HUTCH

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z6QFRQxHeY - PRLog

"R.O. Hutch Playboi Official Video"



I am Raleigh(2010)

Mind of Mine(2015)

The City(2017)

The Show(2020)



Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Joey Chrisp – soon to be known as ‘Raleigh’s Own

[R.O.] Hutch will no longer be slept on by anyone in his area, because true talent

prevails always.

Born the son of a die hard musician, who would almost sign a production contract

with legendary group Sugar Hill and the Gang, before he was killed in a tragic car

accident – prior to scheduling the signing date, would give reason to Hutch’s natural

desire and passion for real music. After his father’s death, Hutch was left in a single

parent home, with roots deeply embedded into the love of music, and he would start

his aim to carry on his father’s torch in creating.

Being the middle child of an older sister and a younger brother, being raised in the

inner city of Raleigh, NC, would never break Hutch’s pursuit to be a star – even

coming from poverty. It would only make him more determined and at the early

ages of his childhood, he would become a pianist, conquering the skill of playing

music and memorizing notes and keys.

Pursuing a music career would start in Hutch’s high school years, being mentored by

his first cousin and platinum selling producer, Black Jeruz. After being discovered,

Jeruz signed a contract with reigning rap label at the time, G-Unit, and would start to

help Hutch develop himself as a businessman and musician. ‘In this period of my life,

I learned the importance of song formatting and good hooks,’ says Hutch, in reference

to his initial phase of coming up in the music industry.

His first appearance in the underground circuit of artistry would be in 2008, with

the dropping of his debut mixtape, ‘Southside Star’, where he would be recognized

by listeners as a talented writer and emcee. Soon after getting his feet wet in the

underground music industry of NC with his first release, a second EP by Hutch,

entitled ‘I Am Raleigh’ would follow – presenting Hutch’s new growth and

versatility. Hutch’s latest release and extended play project, ‘Mind of Mine’ consists

of nine original tracks. This project has landed features on sites like ThisIs50.com ,

UndergroundHipHop.com, and more. Hutch was also apart of the first series of

Carolina Greatness, directed by author/writer/visionary Chakara Conyers, along

with the top artists in the capital area triangle. Standing out in any crowd, with

unique lyricism and beast production, separates Hutch from the majority. You’d

want to stay tuned to what he has in store next. Follow Hutch on every social

network, or email his management at grandschemepromo93@gmail.com.

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