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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1978

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
Established on Jan, 1978
Solo Jazz R&B




"Richie Love "NEW HORIZONS" CD Review"

Several years ago, in 1987, Richie Love, produced his first LP musical recording, “Love Explosion”, which featured vocalist, Carey Washington, and Richie Love on the singles “Fed Up” and “Wish I Had A Dime”, also with, then 14 year old “Dismost”, whom “Love” musically mentored during his early music years.
“Love” and “Washington” are both musical prodigies from Omaha, NE. —Their time having now come full circle, Carey Washington has now, and recently produced and recorded Richie. With Johnie Payton and Richie Love, as co-producers their most recent collaborative album, entitled— "New Horizons"! —featuring the smooth and sax-y’ woodwind sounds of Mr.Richie Love. Yes, They did it again, but even better than the first; A new and purposed eclectic music offering, with the confidence, of their enhanced musical maturity, creativity and professional artistry.
Yes, Richie Love’s “New Horizons”, produced by Carey Washington and co-produced by Richie Love and Johnie Payton is a brilliant music tapestry, woven with a blend of Jazz, Melodic Soul, and a taste of progressive Rap.
Richie’s and Carey ‘s diverse and deep listening “call to (Richie’s) arms”, includes twelve (12) original virtuoso instrumental and soulful vocal overlaid tracks are unique, distinctive and original. It’s a very new complementary compilation of Jazz, Soul, EDM Jazz, R&B and Rap music genres. It includes the following tracks:
Track (1), the first call to-“Let’s Get this Party Started”, does just that and more. With this track, Richie Love, opens up with a tight and moving music track; and sets the stage for ‘your’ choice, of either a “group set”, or perhaps a very personal “private party”! ——The “party and/or celebratory choice” —is yours!
Richie Love’s (2nd) and (3rd) tracks (two of my favorites), are smooth, melodic, sincere, passionate intoned staccatos of droned whole to eighth notes, airy exotic serenades; these tracks are mesmerizingly accentuated with the breezy, soulful, and seductive vocal arrangements, as beautifully sung by Carey Washington and Ms. Marvette Williams, (#2) “Feelin' Good About Myself”; also makes me feel good—as well!
Track (3)-“Baby”- Vocalists Jordan Johnson aptly opens up with—“Anywhere you want to go....You got me...”—a slow-tempo virtuoso mesmerizing romance song, from which, “Richie” swoons his listeners with his melodic alto-sax vitality and Love”! The vocals and rhythmic floor is aptly held down “even to the cosmos” by Carey Washington-keys; Johnie Payton- drums; Mike Bolin-guitars and bass; Mick Roemer, keyboards. This song is —“As beautiful as, romantic “love-making’—in an African hut on a sandy-white beach with an amber-red moon— at sunset”! ——Musically,——It don’t get any better than that! ! ! —(At least, As I see it—today,—within current contemporary music genres and venues.)
Track (4)-“Future Jazz Funk” is a lively, rocking,“poppin”, and fun-filled positive prophesy and omen of what “good music” can be. —or, as we may hope— it to be.
Track (5)—“What’s Happenin” written by Carey Washington is an absolutely melodically centered and a brilliant arranged and performed jazzy/sexy musical creation. As a virtuoso alto-sax artist, Richie Love gets to really—“open-up”! This is by far,—one of my favorites on this album. Richie Love’s sax pungent bitter-sweet melancholy statements, provocative tones, and persuasive style is made very clear, here! —The insightful vocal treatments of “What’s happnin” ?) and the proposed inquisitions for love—as very beautifully sang by vocalist, Ms. Marvette Williams, all work so very well! Richie’s masterful soulful serenade and Marvette’s vocal phrases complement and are totally in-sync with this effective arrangement; The instrumental melody and Richie Love’s music excites, moves and grows, till it all comes together to a very romantic and audible melodic climax; making you want to hear more! —A brilliant musical track! We,(my wife and I), truly loved it ! ! ! —
Track (6)- “This is Love”, by Carey Washington. Here, with the soft and melodic accompanying guitar and keyboards sounds of Mike Bolin, Mick Roemer, Johnie Payton and Carey Washington; Richie Love sensuously blows his alto sax with long notes and steady strides with occasioned short reverberated echo chamber ‘choppy’ 16th note—staccato sounds. Richie Love’s intonations of “This is Love” is played with a keen sense of musical lyricism, artistry, passion, style and ‘love’.
Track (7)- "24th Street-Omaha (The Deuce)" —An endearing and memorable musical tribute to the roots of Richie Love and Carey Washington. A strong and tasty and triumphant arrangement, played with the finesse of Richie Love’s sax and woodwind musical fire. It aptly extolls the creative genius, history and legacy of North Omaha’s music, creative and performing artists.
Track (8)—“Could It Be (Podria Ser)" by C. Washington is a ‘A little mood music’.— “Richie” swings with a feisty and “cool” spirited spicy-samba of an Afro-West Indies jambalaya-sound. I listened and my mood was joyously elevated by the melodic movement and nuances of Richie’s lively and exotic sounds.
Track (9)—“EDM Jazz” is a new wave musical discourse of progressive jazz and new dance music. Here, Richie Love and his musical ensemble do explore, challenge and stretch the bounds of a contemporary and new music design and destiny. A short but hard driving rhythmic tune. However, in its musical diverse dissonance, the structure is held together well, by Richie’s measured melodic tenor sax lead and by the drums rhythmic and keyboard backgrounds, which provides a strong unifying element to this more avant-garde and whimsical, but well played music track.
Track (10)—“Thinking About You”—In This ethereal song, Mr. Richie Love’s cerebral sax-sound soars you up, instrumentally, with the floating clouds of his music fluidity; up high far above; then blows you—‘away’—to—‘ New Horizons’ and dimensions of suspended elevation. A Great composition/arrangement and original instrumental recording.
Track (11)-“It’s On” written and sung by Carey Washington is also a distinctive woodwind treat; and it is “ON”-point! Here again on tenor sax “Mr. Love clearly displays his exceptional creative and lyrical diversity and his edgy signature and unpredictable style and artistic flavor.
“Stankin” with rap by “Dismost”, aptly noted by Richie’s accentuated notation, is a renowned rapper and ‘word-smith’ on the final Track (12). He gives a very powerful, ‘Wake-up” reality check and a ‘wise-up rap lesson’ on real American truth for young Black men and women. He poetically speaks a clear ‘truth to power’ and a new message of reconciliation, peace, and hope; with a ‘special spoken word’ of ‘faith’ and ‘action’ for our self healing, growth and self-determination! —“Dismost”s’ message is ‘for real’—disarming, deliberately purposed and is “directional”—from —“street’ to ‘spirit’- ! ! ! —A must—hear,—by all.
As you can see, I genuinely and thoroughly enjoyed this unique and new Jazz/musical offering, “New Horizons” by this very ‘Gifted woodwind artist and musician’, Mr. Richie Love. Likewise, I believe that you will find his and Carey Washington’s original creative work; musically fascinating, and enlightening as well! It was recorded, and mastered at J. P. Pro Studio, in Las Vegas, NV. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved-BMI Publishing.
Executive Producers: Lonnell Samuels, Carey Washington and Richie Love
Richie Love’s “New Horizons”-CD can be purchased via, through some of the following : ; -twitter @richielovesax ; Saxworld Productions
by Mr. Harry S. Eure, Founder and Director of The Afro-Academy of Dramatic, Music and Performing Arts, Inc. and Eure Productions. A creative and literary writer/critic/blogger performing arts; actor, artistic director, and purveyor of and for the enhanced refinement of African-American Performing Artists and talent throughout the Midwest and Heartland of America, for over five decades.
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 Recordings: "1987" "Wish I had A Dime and Fed Up"--LP Singles"1993"  Co-produced "The Love's Of Omaha"--CD"2001" "Richie Love Volume I"--CD"2011" "Reflections"--Digital Single"2012" "Richie Love Volume I Remastered"--CD "You Listen You Love""2019" Richie Love New Horizons" --CD "Real Music Makes A Comeback"
Richie has been featured on over 20 independent CD Releases, on saxophone and a host of other instruments. 
His Youtube channels include 20 music videos produced by Love.



RICHIE LOVE aka The Saxiest Man Alive is a gifted saxophonist/vocalist and innovative virtuoso music artist. At an early age, he was nurtured deep in the genre roots of “Jazz”,“Blues”,“Rhythm and blues” and “Funk”  
Richie was Inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall Of Fame in "2021"
Love's Latest CD New Horizons has been the #1 Album for 2 Years and 6 Months on the Global Radio and Streaming platform Radio.
Richie plays ALL Saxophones, he's a Composer, Producer, Arranger, Vocalist, Band Leader, Teacher and Mentor. Ceo of Saxworld Productions Since 1985 established in Los Angeles, his First Record Release was "1987". Richie Started playing Alto Sax at 
Age 6 and has Performed, Recorded and Studied with Some of the Greats, Johnny Otis, Buddy Miles, Norman Connors, Billy Preston, Shuggie Otis, Andre Lewis(Mandre'), Lalomie Washburn, Barbara Morrison, Angela Bofill, Rickey Minor and Lester Abrams to name a few. Richie's been In and Around the Music Business All his Life, he's Performed on Thousands of Concerts, Recordings, T.V., Radio, C.D's, Music Festivals and Venues. Richie's Band "The Love Connection" has been Rocking Audiences for Over 25 Years from Coast To Coast. They've performed on countless Jazz, R&B, Blues, Music Festivals and have headlined with Hank Crawford, Les McCann, Buddy Miles, Wayman Tisdale, Preston Love and more. Richie was family mentored and naturally influenced by the music of his late and great World renowned father, Preston Love, Sr., a purveyor and historian of “Classical Jazz and Blues”. Preston performed with historic legends from Count Basie and Billie Holiday to Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. In the 60s he became Motown's first West Coast Orchestra leader/Contractor.   
Richie is a uniquely gifted musical Jazz artist, for whom, all serious connoisseurs and casual music listeners can overwhelmingly appreciate and enjoy. He has been featured on over 20 CD releases of many music genres. —“Mr. Richie Love, “makes a Love” with his music,…and makes his music,..with Love”! —His New CD "New Horizons" will be Available Summer "2019" and you'll be able to cherish his timeless sound for years to come..Don't Miss an opportunity to witness this explosive Musician/performer and his dynamite Band The Love Connection.
"1987" "Wish I had A Dime and Fed Up"--LP Singles"1993"  Co-produced "The Love's Of Omaha"--CD"2001" "Richie Love Volume I"--CD"2011" "Reflections"--Digital Single"2012" "Richie Love Volume I Remastered"--CD "You Listen You Love""2019" Richie Love New Horizons" --CD "Real Music Makes A Comeback"
Love’s company, SaxWorld Productions, formed in 1985, was established to mentor young people in music and was awarded three mentoring grants from the Nebraska Arts Council .
Love received Community Service Awards for his work with children in Los Angeles, Compton and Nebraska.
2020-2021 Richie is being Inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame.
It will be the first father, son to be inducted in the history of the state.
2022 (June) Richie's latest CD New Horizons Celebrates being the #1 Album for 2 Year and 6 Months on Global Radio and Streaming.
Richie was mentioned in two national book releases: Upside Your Head, by Johnny Otis and A Thousand Honey Creeks Later, by Preston Love, Sr.
Richie was the feature of several news articles for his musical accomplishments, community service and the success of his band. Those articles include an article by Linda Allen, for Balance News, Preston Love, Sr. for the Omaha Star Newspaper and Matthew Stelly, for the Crusader.