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Elk Grove, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

Elk Grove, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo Electronic Singer/Songwriter





December 2, 2014
San Francisco
GED Magazine

GED: You worked on Broadway in so many musicals and played so many leading roles in New York City. People even recognized you by name when they pass you on the street. In 2000 you made a huge switch over into the music industry. Why the sudden change?

RAQUELA: In a nut shell, 9/11. That’s what happened, and I wasn’t alone. Theater audiences all over the world were afraid to come to New York. Broadway producers started losing tons of money overnight. I remember I was work shopping and preparing to open “The Wild Party” on Broadway. It was great! I was working with some fantastic actors like Toni Collette and Mandy Patinkin. About 4 weeks before opening night, one of the producers asked me to grab my things and meet him in his office. That was usually a clear sign that something was going down. They had to replace me with a ‘billing’ name in hopes that that might help ticket sells and get them back in the black (meaning – make money again). Get this…. I was replaced by (may she rest in peace) the legendary Eartha Kitt! The show still flopped a few weeks after the Tony’s. Yeah, It was tough at that point to get work as a known actress who had been playing leads on Broadway. My manager felt it was time to re-invent myself. Well, before 9/11, I had written a musical called, “Confessions of the Disco Diva” and workshopped it at NYU. It was like a, Electronic Musical. It did pretty good. A lot of students, like Stefani Germanotta (before she was Lady Gaga) saw it and came back to see it again with the public! Cool, right? One of the numbers got leaked out to KTU. A New York based radio station that was considered the number one Dance station in the United States. Anyhow, it was getting played like crazy and before I knew it, I was in regular rotation including a few more stations up and down the East coast. It was so cool!

GED: In that case, just after the 9/11 downfall, what do you think was one of the biggest attributions to your success then?

RAQUELA: I was working and hanging out with so many famous House producers. A lot of work-for-hire stuff ya know, but I loved it! But it was my buddy and NYC House/Dance producer, Matt Sietz (Sietzsounds) who stumbled over me on an internet music forum. We created some stuff together. He in turn, submitted more original tracks we did under an indie white label to KTU. My popularity grew stronger, especially in the Latin department. To be honest, we were just kidding around and having fun writing Freestyle songs like, “Here We Go Again”. I think we place the underground at #2 for like 6 weeks. It was crazy. Matt was so incredibly talented and was the first to teach me about producing. It’s been tough talking about Matt lately. We lost him recently to a heart disease about a year ago. (I’m sending a loving shout out to his wonderful family in Staten Island.) Later, Matt introduced me to a legendary East Coast Radio/DJ personality named, Larry Vee. What a blessing he was to me. Larry was my first manager in the music business. He and some of his good friends like, Juan Valentine gave me my first crash course in the music business. They introduced me to so many famous Latin Freestyle artists. I was opening for Freestyle legends like, George Lamond, Stevie B and Judy Torres and, oh my goodness, too many to list. It was an incredible time for me. Then I was meeting guys like Junior Vazquez, Jellybean and Peter Rauhofer. God, (laughing under her breath) we were all so young and stupid and fabulous. Larry got me to sign with my first legit label owned by Chris “The Greek” and things continued to sky rocket. A few months following that, a real life House God-father found me on the internet. He flew me out to Arizona to do some studio work. It was one of the best career moves ever! Mickey “Mixin’” Oliver. He was one of the original members of Chicago’s 1980’s “Hot Mix 5” of WBMX. They were the fist team of DJ’s to get the “house” sound out to the world. I met Ralphi “The Razz” Rosario and Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. Mickey later introduced me to some of his students, like Bad Boy Bill and Paul Oakenfold. Too much!

GED: We know that every artist would not be one if not for their fans. What is the favorite thing you love about your fans?

RAQUELA: They motivate me! They push me! They don’t give me a second to even think about giving up. I often drive into cities like San Francisco or even Sacramento for one reason… respect. Better than that, people that really care about the music I’m creating and performing. There is nothing like “applause”, yeah, I admit it, I’m addicted to that, but when there are real caring souls behind those applauses, it gives me that reason to look forward to waking up every morning. Guess what, now I’m driving into L.A. and Palm Springs. My poor car!

GED: OK, I hate to do this, but can we go back again to your Broadway career. What shows were your favorites and why?

RAQUELA: Oh, I don’t mind talking about my Musical career. Goodness, the memories I have from that are priceless forever, and if a venue from anywhere in the world asked me to play in their show, I’d say “Yes” in a heartbeat! Every role I’ve ever played, I fell in love with. Every company/cast I’ve worked with were like brothers and sisters by the time we finished our first rehearsal. Every story, script and line I memorized, I believed in it 100% because of the message it told through story, song and dance. I kinda pride the fact that it was America that invented Musical theatre in the first place. On Broadway, I loved playing the Acid Queen in “The Who’s – Tommy” and Julie in the revival cast of “Show boat”. The tours were a whole other experience I’ll never forget, but my favorite role was Aldonza (Dulcinea) in “Man of La Mancha”. I hope to play it again. I also hope to play the role of Mama Rose in “Gypsy”. Musicals that debate real life and death draws to me the most I suppose.

GED: So which do you prefer, Singing, Songwriting, Producing, Acting or listening?

RAQUELA: Geesh! You may as well ask me, “Which would you prefer to keep? Your arms or legs?” LOL!!! Seriously, without one or the other, you can’t be a professional in this business. Smart phones have taken away old style socializing and I just think there’s not enough unconditional listeners out there anymore. But how about this, what if I had to choose which was “more important”? To me, that would be LISTENING. Sure, you could be the best in the world at Singing, Songwriting, Producing or Acting, but if you can’t listen, then you may as well give it all up. I was just talking to a friend about this the other day. Because we’re all so worried about not being heard, we end up missing half of our lives because we didn’t listen. A mistake most artists make is “using” their art so they can be heard instead of “sharing” it. Yes, my art speaks for me, but I “share” my dance music in hopes that it speaks for everyone. I choose to listen to my fans and what they want. Just a wise tip to my fellow artists out there… if they’re listening.

GED: Well let us hope they listen as you tell us about the Raquela we don’t know. What is your greatest fear, and your greatest triumph outside of your career?

RAQUELA: I think I share this with all my fellow mankind… to be “remembered”. The true spirit we all share as humans on this beautiful green earth (which we tend to destroy slowly everyday) is to make a difference. To do something that you know could help make this planet a better place. The triumph to me is this; to not let fear, in general, destroy who I am or who I am meant to be. I think I achieve this by getting up every day and planning how I can be a kinder person to that loud neighbor next door… to me, that’s how one can overcome fear (and not turn into an old maid that complains all day and refuses to see the light at the end of the tunnel.) To me, that is a triumph. In retrospect, keep it simple. Just love.

GED: So what would your greatest ‘dream come true’ be?

RAQUELA: To find a sponsor that truly believes in my voice and music and wants to finance my next 20 dance record releases! LOL! Well, honestly, I think I have what it takes to make a difference in this world though my voice and song. I really do!

GED: Was there ever a ‘special’ someone that has ever influenced one of your songs?

RAQUELA: Oh goodness, yes! Still makes me crazy thinking about it now. I think I wrote more than 300 songs in my lifetime dedicated to someone I either loved, was broken hearted by or was obsessed by…. just saying.

GED: What is your favorite song ever, outside of yours of course, and why?

RAQUELA: Believe it or not, Irving Berlin’s 1925, “Always”. Do you know the story behind it? Have you really listened to the lyrics? Do you understand the simplicity and brilliance of the writing? Like Cole Porter, no one will ever be able to write like that again. I have a deep and secret love affair with Big Band Music and Irving Berlin. To me, “Always” was one of the most romantic songs of all time. Irving wrote it as a gift to his wife who he literally married a year later after she heard it. What a masterpiece it was! My Grandfather sang it to me at night as a lullaby to get me to fall asleep. It worked every time.

GED: So what is the next big step for you?

RAQUELA: To release another new track of course! Since the great “internet take over”, releasing a single has been a bit stickier to do these days, but we’re gonna do it! I’m preparing to release a new track in the summer of 2015. It’s called, well, “Summertime”, Superb melody with an unforgettable hook. I wrote it with my San Francisco buddy, Michael Cerciah (aka. “MJC” and notoriously known as “Tweaka Turner”) who has already successfully released hits with Billboard producers like, Leo Frappier and recording artists like, Gypsy Love. We’ve been friends for a while and have performed together several times in so many SF shows. We noticed we had a love for the same kind of musical style so we felt it was time to get together and collaborate. I’m really hoping a lot of people will hear this song and re-discover Raquela again. We want everyone to be a part of this. There will be several hot remixes by Paul Goodyear, Jeff Morena, Leo Fappier, Corey Dee, DJ X and LA Rush. And I can’t wait till you see the music video staring me and David Lassman (aka. Chablis)! It is directed and edited by SF artist, Jethro Patalinghug. It’s so beautiful and sickening at the same time! Love it! You know, when I look back at it all, I realize how it took several very special people in my life to get me to this point. Artist, Nivek Tek took a chance with me and managed me for a few years in the music industry. Thanks to him, my cover of Taylor Dayne’s, “Tell It To My heart” is still resonating all over the world. There was so much I learned and took with me from Nivek. This “Summertime” release will be the test of what I’ve learned from him. I hope to not let him down. Then there’s my good friend and songwriter, Marco Middlesex. Because of him I had the opportunity to be re-introduced to San Francisco and I would have never met Michael Cerciah if it had not been for him. So you see, there’s a lot of pressure hitting me all around on this release. Thank you so much (GED) for asking me that. This release is going to mean a lot to me and if everyone goes for it (including all my DJ’s spinning their butts off in those clubs and radio stations) then this could lead to a record deal or bigger opportunities.

GED: We know you’re a live performer too. Any new shows we should know about that we should come see you in?

RAQUELA: Oh yeah, there always is! As you know, I just finished a run with the talented Sadaisha Shimmer and “Show-Boys SF” at the historical Nob Hill Theater. After I heard the announcement come out that I was dubbed the, “Latin Bette Midler of San Francisco”, I couldn’t see how I had anything to lose to be a part of such a spectacular show! There was intelligent lighting, video mapping, special effects and then there was the men… my god, the Men! I got to work with the illustrious BeBe Sweetbriar again. What a class act! It also stared the stunningly beautiful, Ruby Starr and the ever delicious Carlos Zendejas! Real show stopping talent. Dreamy Asian hunk, Rheo Tan, (aka. “Lee”) was showcased in my 30 minute Half-Time Show and oh dear, did we have fun on stage together. I was so proud to be wearing San Francisco’s fashion designer, Jazmyn Scott. If I don’t look great, I won’t perform great and Jazmyn made me look like a million! (Thank you Robby and Butch for bringing her into my life!) But where I finish one appearance, I run (not walk) to another. I think you know how heavily involved I am with the Imperial Court System and the Leather community. I think most understand my obsession with these organizations. I don’t want to get too deep into it, so in a nut shell… during the late 80’s, early 90’s, I lost 27 talented, close friends to a disease called AIDS. So in turn, I sang at 27 funerals while feeling alone, scared and confused. The different stages of anger I experienced are still too hard to describe. When the New York Court saved the life of a friend who I thought was going to be number 28 on my funeral song list, I vowed to get involved and find out more. They raised over 25 thousand dollars. Enough to get the medicine he needed. Today, I blame these great people for keeping me on stages everywhere. People like Daddy Ray Tilton, Mama Reinhardt, Terry Sidie, Michael Brandon, Gary Virginia, Donna Sachet and many more.

GED: You have worked with some of the greatest artists in the business and some of the best DJ’s in the world. What would you say is the number one thing you have learned from them?

RAQUELA: Patience! Even after you think your project is a wrap, wait, wake up the next day on a fresh ear and maybe even get some outside feedbacks. Be prepared to go back to the drawing board and start over. The other thing I learned was, don’t be so quick to accepting everyone’s opinion right away. Trust your instincts and listen to your inner voice. At the end, there’s just you. Just be who you are and stay true to your art… the way you want it to be expressed. Remember, opinions are meant to be taken or not taken. If your friends don’t understand that, then maybe it’s time to review who your friends are, ya know?

GED: As success grows for you, what advice would you give others just starting out?

RAQUELA: Be prepared to be betrayed and just let it go and move on. It’s sad but true. Many are quick to be nice upfront, but as soon as you turn your back, you’re thrown under the bus. Getting caught up in gossip is so stupid. I’ve caught even myself saying, “I hate drama”. Of course we hate drama! Everyone does! But why is it that two seconds later after admitting that, we’re sucked back into the act of gossip. Be careful what you hear or believe. 10 times out of 10, it’s not true. Trust me! Another thing…. Cockiness will never get you anywhere. Confidence will. Know the difference between the two and make humility your best friend. Success can be the greatest fool of them all. Being respected has to be earned, so don’t always think your right. Keep from saying “I know” too often. Be prepared to learn again and again. Just when I thought I saw it all, I didn’t. Be prepared to apologize. Know how to apologies properly and fully without adding a “but”. Be prepared to say you were wrong. You’re not supposed to be perfect. I mean, geesh! That’s just too much pressure on one person, ya know? Be prepared to make mistakes and never let that depress you. Just keep trying and do your best to not repeat that mistake. You’re not alone. Everyone is not perfect. Oh, one more thing… Never treat or think your audience is dumb, because they are NOT! They will always be smarter than you.

GED: If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

RAQUELA: To actually care about why we are a part of this business in the first place. For the music and the fans. I meet so many industry people behind the scenes that move desperately, hoping to be discovered because there’s an empty hole that was never fulfilled in their inner child’s past. I call it, “doing business with poop in your head”. Please don’t get me wrong. I say this with unconditional concern. I’m not just talking about artists. I’m also talking about producers, DJ’s, record labels, promoters, agents, managers… the list goes on and on. I’ll try to be careful here, but I think the only people allowed to get away with that, are the fans. Again, remembering at the same time, your audience is smarter than you will ever be. That’s what the music is for in the first place. I admit it, the money gets in the way. So many professionals get caught up in the fantasy because they experience and get lost in the euphoria. When that happens, it’s all talk… because when dawn comes the next day, they’re gone and o where to be found. Does it mean they don’t care? Of course they do. It’s just that some haven’t given themselves the choice to ignore the fear and go for it. Support the artist by paying your performers and buying their music. Please! I always say, YES, I will bring you the DIVA when I’m on stage! And I do! BUT, when the show is over and the curtain is down, I promise, I will always give you… Raquela.

To find out more about Raquela, go to www.raquela.com . You can also find her music for sale at iTunes and Amazon. To stay in touch with her, please follow her on Facebook at – www.facebook.com/TheRaquela - GED

"International Recording Artist Raquela"

In this installment of Gems of the Bay, I bring you singer/songwriter and international recording artist, Raquela. Born in Concord, California, and raised in Sacramento, Raquela is a powerhouse of entertainment.

At the age of 7, Raquela began her musical journey. By the age of 9 she was learning to play the guitar, and by the age of 11 she transcended into singing opera.

Raquela is the oldest of three children. She has a sister (2 years younger) and brother (7 years younger) from the loving parents of Fred and Elizabeth Burt.

Raquela studied opera at Biola University for 3 years, but then decided Broadway was what she really wanted. She now holds a BFA from UC Irvine and worked on Broadway for 18 years. While on Broadway, Raquela wrote an electronica musical called “Confessions of a Disco Diva,” which was workshopped at NYU. She was nominated for an Obie award and later received many Best Actress awards from her kindred Broadway community.

When the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, Broadway producers switched gears in their casting, launching Raquela into a different direction. She realized it was time to reinvent herself.

She connected with WKTU, where she found a manager (Larry Vee) who helped begin her recording career. She found herself opening for legendary Freestyle Pop stars like Judy Torres, Jonny O, George LaMond, Stevie B and Susie Q.

Raquela’s musical influences are based on strong women performers such as Shannon, Annie Lennox, Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand. “It doesn’t matter to me if others find me so different,” Raquela says. “I know who I am. Despite the fact that I was severely bullied, have A.D.D. and dyslexia, my music and my voice will always define who I really am.”

Raquela has hit Billboard 5 times, placing twice near the Top 40. She is a member of the Grammys and is currently working with Paul Brewer (Sweet Feet Music), DJ X, local SF favorite Tweaka Turner and legendary artist/producer, Leo Frappier (Hit Save Music). Raquela is also now raising funds for her new dance record project, “OMG, I Just Keep On Dancin’, which will take place at The Edge Bar on September 9 in San Francisco.

Raquela is an avid humanitarian and gives her talents endlessly toward many charitable organizations. She also holds several titles within the community she loves. These titles include Sacramento Imperial Court “Imperial Princess of Song,” Sacramento Ducal Court “1st Lady of Melodies,” San Francisco Ducal Court “Dame of the Royal Lullabies and Song of Gold,” Alameda Ducal Court “Lady Songbird of the Ginjerberry,” and Mama’s Family “Mama’s Superstar.”

For more info and performance dates, please visit www.raquela.com. - San Francisco Bay times

"Raquela adds personal touch to Sac Rainbow Festival"

On Sunday, September 2, 2012 Raquela worked her magic at the Sacramento Rainbow Festival. This "house music and Hi-NRG singer/songwriter, assistant producer and actress" gave the crowd her best and added a personal flare by stepping off the stage into the crowd while she sang and entertained.

All four stages at the festival were graced by her appearance from the first 11:45 a.m. appearance on the Main stage to following performances on the Women's, Latin, and Leather stages. While early festival attendance numbers were a bit small, those who were present enjoyed the personal flare that makes Raquela a number one hit with people who love heart and passion.

Favorite moments of Raquela's dramatic entertainment style at the morning performance included her singing to two female police officers and other people in the crowd. Her energetic dancing was accompanied by San Francisco dancers Turk Mason, Gerrick and Johnny Ma. Raquela states that "they tirelessly followed me to each of the four stages I performed at in the hot sun." Her dedication to Terry Sidie, the founder of the Sacramento Rainbow Festival, was greatly appreciated by the festival patrons and producers.

The 2012 Sacramento Rainbow Festival was a hit of celebrity booking that offered quality entertainment for a variety of musical interests. You can see the attached video for a list of the headliner performing artists that Raquela opened for at the festival. The street festival entrance fee was only $10 which is a miniature sum in comparison to what it would cost to see any or all of these artists perform live at any other venue. For more information about this or future events, please see the CGNIE webpage here. Please see the slideshow above for 50 photos of the early hours at the festival. - The Examiner

"ISV RELEASE: A Special Valentines Day Gift From Raquela, NEW VIDEOS, Whitney Houston"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2/14/2012, HOLLYWOOD, CA: In celebration of one of Raquela's favorite holiday's Valentine's Day, Raquela has a special gift for you all to show her love and gratitude. For the first time ever, we present the FULL remix package of "Tell It To My Heart", including all of the chart topping mixes that tore up your dance floors.

But wait!..that's not all.. Be sure to check out the BRAND NEW video for the amazing LA RUSH mix with EXCLUSIVE never before seen footage! Simply FAB- U- LOUS.

Raquela wants to thank you all for all the wonderful support and love you have shown her and she promises many BIG surprises in 2012!

Last year we introduced the world to an incredible, virtually unknown talent called Raquela.

In just one short year, Raquela has risen to the top of the charts and the depths of your hearts as the pop /dance world welcomed her with open arms.

One year later and armed with several chart topping hits, including two important charity records, Raquela is an International sensation.

Doing a cover of the Taylor Dayne's 80's classic "Tell It To My Heart" was the perfect way to launch Raquela in the pop/dance market. In just a few short months of the single's release Raquela rocketed up the International dance and pop charts, and we are happy to say that with hit after amazing hit, Raquela has stayed on top where she belongs.

Before the release of Raquela's solo debut " Tell It To My Heart", she was happy to share her talents with many other musicians and producers, but now Raquela is a bright shining star who has risen to incredible heights. Raquela's music, videos, and her amazing talent, has taken her out of the shadows and cast her into the spotlight where she truly deserves to be. There is just no stoppin' her now!

Only Raquela can release a remix of her debut single one year later and make it sound fresher and hotter than ever!

You just can't keep a good thing down!
Raquela is rockin' the DJ TIMES charts in March 2012 with "Tell It To My Heart REMIXES" and "Dance Mafia Feat. Raquela- R.E.S.P.E.C.T". See what the top DJ Pools and music critics are saying about Raquela...

"A nice touch to an already hot record. We can play this one for days! Our DJs are enjoying it and yes we are charting!"
-Gary Canavo–MASSPOOL Director

“Heavy, heavy, heavy with a bullet!”
-Darryl “Awesome” Owens–WCRX in Chicago

"Great 80's classic to remake and she (Raquela) does a good job at it (considering it's one of my favorite 80's songs, that's a compliment)... This should pick up steam..."
-Bill Keart & Alan Chasan-OUR MID ATLANTIC POOL (OMAP)

"Fine presentation of a classic song. Hot rhythms in the great variety of mixes (Latin Club is too much fun!)help DJ's present the song to a wide variety of audiences. Very solid project."

"...This is the second batch of remixes of Raquela's remake & this just keeps getting better. Our DJs have been supporting this project from the beginning... Give these mixes an extra listen & make sure you wear them out... your crowds will love you for that..."
-Ronnie Matthews-STARFLEET Record Pool Director

"I guess by now, you know that I do not usually like remakes unless they bring something new and exceptional to the table. This track does just that! ...the vocals preserve the characteristics of the original hit by Taylor Dayne... The Steamweaver Latin Club Mix gives this track a completely different (and exciting) slant, but my favorite mix is the Keith Kemper Tribal Dub which has a riff that is reminiscent of "It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day" by Michelle Visage and Soul System. I like that track a lot! Thanks for providing them."

CONTACT: Kevin Sheehan, ISV Entertainment, www.isvent.com, isventertainment@yahoo.com, 310-854-0236 - ISV Entertainment

"NEW ISV RELEASE: Raquela -"Díselo A Mi Corazón""

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2/1/2012, HOLLYWOOD, CA: Last year we introduced the world to an incredible virtually unknown talent called Raquela.

El año pasado se presentó al mundo un talento increíble virtualmente desconocido llamado Raquela.

In just one year, Raquela has risen to the top of the charts and the depths of your hearts as the pop /dance world welcomed her with open arms.

En sólo un año, Raquela se ha elevado a la cima de las listas y las profundidades de sus corazones como el mundo del pop / dance le dio la bienvenida con los brazos abiertos.

One year later and armed with several chart topping hits, including two important charity records, Raquela is an International sensation.

Un año después, armado con varios éxitos, arriba de las hits mas populares, entre ellos había dos registros importantes de caridad. Raquela es una sensación internacional.

Raquela's Mexican heritage is alive and well in many of Raquela's songs and live performances, but her strong love of family is where her true heart is at.

Para Raquela, su herencia mejicana esta viva y bien en varios de las canciones de ella, como en sus actuaciones vivos. Pero, su gran amor de la familia es donde vive su corazón verdadero.

"Díselo A Mi Corazón" is Raquela's chance to pay tribute to her beloved family and her cherished Mexican heritage.

Parece que "Díselo A Mi Corazón" es la oportunidad de Raquela para rendir homenaje a su querida familia y su herencia mejicana.

The pure sensuality and raw, hard driving passion of this soon to be monster hit, will send waves of ecstasy up and down your spine every time you hear it.

La pura sensualidad y la pasión cruda de este “golpeado monstruo” se envían ondas de éxtasis arriba y abajo su espina dorsal cada vez que lo oye.

Raquela best describes her decision to release "Díselo A Mi Corazón", "I thank God for my family and I embrace my Mexican heritage every day" There is something so special, so freeing about Latin music. You can lose yourself in the endless rhythms and get in touch with a passion even deeper than I had ever known". "Díselo A Mi Corazón" is so very important to me because not every artist gets to share a very special and personal part of their lives through their music. I am infinitely blessed, because I not only get to share my music with the Latin community, but I get to share my Latin heritage with the world.

Mejor aquí que Raquela describe su decisión de liberar "Díselo A Mi Corazón": "Doy gracias a Dios por mi familia y nos abrazamos a mi herencia mejicana todos los días". Hay algo tan especial, de la música latina. Uno puede perderse en los ritmos interminables. Estoy en infinitamente bendita porque tengo no solamente la oportunidad de compartir mi musica con la comunidad latina, pero con el mundo.

Raquela was never a stranger to the art of performing as she took Broadway by storm. However, Raquela knew that she had a higher calling and something inside was telling her that she was destined for greater things. With a heavy heart, but excitement and adventure coursing through her veins, Raquela left Broadway to follow her heart and her passion to the pop music world.

Raquela no era desconocida para el arte de realizar mientras tomaba Broadway por la tormenta. Sin embargo, Raquela sabía que tenía una vocación más elevada y algo en su interior le decía que estaba destinada para grandes cosas. Con un corazón pesado, pero la emoción y la aventura que corre por sus venas, Raquela se partió de Broadway para seguir a su corazón y su pasión por el mundo de la música pop.

When opportunity knocked Raquela told it to her heart, and her heart listened.

Cuando la oportunidad le llamó, Raquela se lo contó a su corazón, y escuchó a su corazón.

Doing a cover of the Taylor Dayne's 80's classic "Tell It To My Heart" was the perfect way to launch Raquela in the pop/dance market. In just a few short months of the single's release Raquela rocketed up - ISV Entertainment




Dance Mafia is the brainchild of ISV Entertainment's own Nivek Tek, and Internationally acclaimed producer extrodinaire Keith Kemper. The fabulous and gorgeous Raquela takes this special project all the way to the top!

DANCE MAFIA Feat Raquela- R.E.S.P.E.C.T (Gotta Give Me) is THREE records in one! Like a Transformer, the Dance Mafia single - R.E.S.P.E.C.T is totally interchangable.

Raquela breathes new life into the Nivek Tek- A Little Respect cover by adding her own angelic vocals to the mix. Keith Kemper & Nivek Tek pumps up Erasure's 80's classic with a hot 90's piano spin in the (Show Some Respect Or Sleep With Da Fishes mix)

BUT we didn't stop there....

Next up, Raquela nalis the ADEVA classic "Respect" with a dead on tribute to Miss Adeva herself, but leave it up to Raquela to add a heaping helping of her own magic to spice this classic up RAQUELA-STYLE! with an uptempo, slammin house mix (Betta Give A Diva Some Respect mix) and a killer dance floor tribal stormer (Godfather In Da House Retro MONSTER mix) that will have them all screaming for MORE!

FINALLY... In the style of the infamous mash ups, we mixed the Erasure classic done by Nivek Tek and the Adeva classic done by Raquela (An Offer You Can't Refuse Mixmash mix) and voilà! The HOTTEST, FRESHEST mixed up, mash up to hit clubland in years!

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"RAQUELA and the Confessions of a Disco Diva"

Being a musician, and having had the honor of working with some top-notch musicians both classically and in the local arena, I can say what is sometimes lacking in the music industry at large, is fresh, positive energy. There are always opinions, clichés, and ego, GOD, tons of ego. Of course that’s mostly the label guys, not so much the local musicians in the New York area; who, though a varied lot, are by route a very humble group. But still, finding a new idea or a new scene is like stumbling into the NYC emerging artists’ scene itself. The group of close knit personalities, gather together, always ready to extend a hand to those newly establishing their niche, their style. The established offer a soft smile and a warm cup of coffee to the newbies, from local coffee shops to open-mics, to open stage venues. And it’s into that snap of energy, that true talent seems to collect, and draw its power. But there’s a buzz in the energy of one lady in particular, that’s fresh, and exciting. She says she’s somewhere between 20 and 40, but she’s got an amazing smile that seems to transcend any age barrier. But it’s the pedal-to-the-metal energy of this self-proclaimed disco-junkie that comes flying off the pages of her bio, and walks right up to you and sits in your lap when you have the chance to talk to her.

Her name is RAQUELA, and she began Confessions of the Disco Diva back in June of 2000. As she puts it “I believe that we all have a "diva" somewhere hidden, deep down inside, just dying to get out... wanting it to stay out!” This diva is trying to “retro-lutionize” the world of techno-dance. “Disco is Dead!” she says. WHAT??! WAIT! Disco is dead? Damn, there go my retro shirts, Platinum and Abba downloads, and parties to rehash those funky nights spent in European hostels (don’t ask). Well according to THIS Diva, it’s only dead if you haven’t been introduced to the latest craze. It doesn’t totally have a name yet, at least not one it can stick to long enough to sweep the charts. But that’s all about to change. The origin of hip-hop can be traced back through the years, to Disco, and she throws it back out into the funk of today’s musical arena, with a light hearted hand, and a playful tug at our memory banks. And it’s starting to stick with more than just the local scene.

Like so many other musicians, who struggled to make sense of 9/11, and find a way to put hope into words, Raquela wanted most to give the people of New York something to smile about again. In a world filtered through grunge-rock-rap-pop sounds, that sometimes seem to drown out the purity of raw talent, this lady’s pipes (think Kathleen Battle-her strongest musical influence-with a Ru-Paul edge), and her sassy attitude, give her major punch with a crowd. She even had her “kisser” electrocuted at the “Blues Brothers Live” show, but kept right on singing. Brings new meaning to the term, “sizzle”! Raquela brings her cabaret-stage “sizzle” to life in the form of music and prose. Her Diva persona has a lot of her tossed in with a One-Hit-Wonder’s dreamland gone awry. She’s wacky, and silly, full of juice. Oh, and so is her persona! Her lyrics are sardonic at times; yet reminiscent of the polyester, afro-lined world she boogies through at warp speed. From her beat selection, to her timbre as she lightly skips through her register, to her stylish “character” monologues, she is eternally: The Disco Diva.

She says she has made mistakes, but has no regrets. And that when you see her in action, on stage, that’s the message she is trying to get you to go home with. The divine “Diva” springs from her imagination into a one-woman act that centers on the party that life “should” really be. She is testing out her groundbreaking beats and ideas from the center of Time Square, where she lives, “sometimes by myself, sometimes not. You know how that goes”. She says NYC is a unique vantage point for the wellspring of her writing. It’s a place, she says, overflowing with “performers and other people with special needs. It’s a special place.”

Raquela’s personal history is as varied as her Diva’s Persona. She grew up a California girl, but has sung all over the world. Some of her fondest moments trace back to years spent traveling and singing in Japan. Although trained at BIOLA University and UCI, She performed with such memorable artists as Tom Bosely (Happy Days) and Michael Proctor (The Fifth Dimensions) along with Jeff Tratca (The Bold and the Beautiful) and Loretta Chandler of “Fame” (TV Series). She’s seen a lot in her 20-40 years, but little seems to bring the Diva down. Whether she’s singing, acting, juggling or riding unicycles, she’s constantly learning. She regrets very little of her life. Mistakes, as well as amazing accomplishments (In 1995 she was nominated for the Perot Award, in recognition of Outstanding Female Performance for her role as “Diana” in “A Chorus Line”), get thrown into her “mix”.

She comes from a crazy family, but manages to stay centered on what’s truly important. She wants children one day, but with the climb she is scrambling towards in her career, she knew it would be premature to bring a child into her current lifestyle. “I knew the road I was on was selfish.” Besides, the right “one” hasn’t come along. So for now, she settles for more than one! (Wink, Wink). Raquela wants what ever woman wants, but with ten times more ambition to taste along the way. She spends her down time enjoying the mundane trials of her day; from making dinner, to taking walks in the park and “people watching”. But what she wants most, is the music. And she wants to bring the music scene with her, spliced through her decades of moments, and snapshots of an American mesh. She gives people something to dance and laugh about, in the world and ambiance she creates; free of war, and politic, and dissent, free of color, and separation of spirit.

Raquela and Her Confessions of a Disco Diva create a new zone; and it’s a hipper more vibrant zone. She teams up with a variety of electronic artists from Europe to the U.S. But she’s the front woman; she’s the lyricist, arranger and vocalist, oh, and don’t forget, the performer as well. Her high-energy story bounds across the stage, and your stereo with “erotic innuendo, tragedy and humor”. She’s got the pipes of a cabaret babe, but the soul of an Aretha protégé.

She has an eclectic career background as well; “My Secret Lives” played with her in full force at the Duplex in 1998, which was musically directed by Kim Douglas Steiner, she more recently starred in a successful workshop for the new Off-Broadway Musical “Bat Boy”, directed by Scott Schwartz where she originated the role of Ruthie/Ned, and her latest noteworthy stage moment came in NYC’s Premier of “Nice Town” a play by Alex Ladd. The girl loves the limelight, and the limelight loves the Diva.

What makes Raquela different?

Her fearlessness. “I would never sign CREATIVE CONTROL over to any one. Depending on what their ideas were, I would be open to hearing them first and if it were great, I’d do it. I really do enjoy collaborating. I don’t think there’s such a thing as bad ideas, just misplaced ones.
Her humility. In her own words, she is a “Gregarious, Eccentric Slob”, who loves her family, singing and her “lovers”. Did she say lovers? I have trouble finding just ONE! Oh, to be a Diva.
Her creative motivation. Raquela says, “The music inspires me. When I hear sounds like two stones hitting each other, the guy next to me might hear an annoying noise. I hear a note, a timbre. I have a need to create and a drive to express it.”
Her Experience. What you hear within the measured pump of her songs is the spice and dash of real life. You hear the words of someone who has walked through her life, and can look back on it, with an air of reflection, and wit. What is wholly refreshing about this “pure german/mexican/chinese/african all around American woman” is that she has not let her creativity distance her from the awareness of pivotal transitions that make or break you as a person, as a musician with sincerity. She says it’s a day-to-day battle to even remember her lyrics on stage, because she feels such a connection with the pulse of the crowd, the people. She can break into a monologued character shtick in the blink of an eye, and serenade the audience accapella, but then go home, and call a friend, make love, make song. And you hear that in her music.

She feels connected to the vibe and musical voice of New York especially, and feels a call to start a new phase in the Metropolis. “Each of us needs to have downtime, and to laugh”, she says. And I dare you to listen to any of her samples; Drive, Work, I Knew It, Disco Never Died, as well as many others, and not want to fishizzle your sizzle right along with her. You have to laugh. That’s what this songstress brings to the table. Nostalgic, light hearted fun, and techno-driven talent. “Everybody takes their own path”, she says, ”everything happens for a reason. As long as your goal is backed up with a dream, then wonderful things are sure to happen.”

The Confessions of THIS Disco Diva are not dirty, and they aren’t trite. Her music, her message, her talent, is creative, artistic, colorful and full of fresh rambunctious flair. And in the world of today’s Nipple Gate, that’s a big switch; one that’s impressive and empowering. Much like the lady herself.

--Carolina Taylor 4/1/04 - Inked Magazine/Focus


RAQUELA is an American Theatrical Dance-pop, House music and Hi-NRG singer/songwriter. She has successfully released several dance tracks that have made her a recognized Billboard artist today. She often jokes around about how nerdy and unattractive she was while growing up a German/Mexican "hybrid", in Northern California.

Deep down inside she realizes the seriousness of the bullying she endured daily just because she looked "different". So in the face of those adversities, Raquela began fascinating the audience since she was 7 years old. At 9, she began performing professionally on stage. She wrote and performed her 1st Folk/Pop song on guitar at the age of 11. After studying voice and drama in Los Angeles, she was endorsed into two California Proclamations by Senator Diane Feinstein for her civil duties as the 1st Mexican American crowned, "Miss Orange County". She later found herself playing leading roles on Broadway! She is humbled to have worked with so many Tony award winning masters.

In addition to Dance music, RAQUELA has proudly appeared on some of the worlds biggest stages like the St. James and the George Gershwin in New York City. She enjoyed working alongside celebrities like Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy), Carol Burnet, Cloris Leachman, Bernadette Peters, Toni Collette, Don Rickels, Elaine Stritch, Chita Rivera, Angela Bassett, Joan Rivers, and Tom Bosely. (to name a few)

RAQUELA's powerhouse vocals have gotten her seen opening for legendary dance artists like Luciana, Judy Torres, George Lamond, Georgie Porgie, Stevie B and Grammy artist, Little Louie Vega. RAQUELA has worked alongside many world renowned producers, like Chris The Greek Panaghi. Then the legendary and one of the originators of House Music, Mr. MICKEY Mixin' OLIVER with the release of, "NOTHIN' MORE 2 GIVE" that received Billboard Magazine's "Break-Out" for Hot New Club Play. Becuase of Mickey, Raquela can be seen in the new independent, dance variety television series called, "Intensi-T TV" filmed out of Las Vegas.

Currently RAQUELA is in the studio, working alongside producer greats like Steely M., Cary August, Keith Kemper, Matt Sietz, DJP, LA Rush and Qubiq. Her worldwide release for the remake of Taylor Daynes, TELL IT TO MY HEART (on CAPP Records, Best Of 80's Dance, Volume 3 - #1 80's Dance Club Hits Remixed) has made enough noise to get it maxi-singled on ISV Entertainment's label, now out on CD Baby and iTunes!

Revolution 360 caught up with RAQUELA directly from her home in San Francisco to discuss about her latest works and what puts her in the groove.

R. So, tell us what's been happening in the studio? What can your audience expect to hear?
RQ. I love working in the studio. I get so excited working with the "Best of the Best" producers in the dance music industry. Like right now I've been making quite a few trips in and out of San Francisco for the legendary godfather of HiNRG, Leo Frappier (LFB). Wow, I love working with him. What makes it feel so much like an adventure is when he brings me up to date with the newest 'stems' and 'VST' plugin's he has developed or discovered. If you don't know if you know what I'm talking about Alex, that's ok. It's instrumentation he produces through software and what he's best known for. He's quite brilliant really in the way he manipulates digital sound. To be honest, he doesn't need all those digital what-knots. Leo is an accomplished musician. At the end of the day, it's just himself and his keyboard. We've been spending hours in the studio lately, all thanks to Paul Brewer and "Sweetfeet Music"! We're in the process of producing a Annie Lennox remake. I'm so afraid to spill the beans on what the project is, since it's still a work-in-progress. Sweetfeet has released slammin' hot tracks in the past and have a highly regarded reputation in the business. I know I'm gonna get a spanking for leaking this out so early, but lately, Revolution 360 has been one of the most exciting magazines in the cyber space, so here goes... "REVIVAL". Don't know if you remember it Alex, but it an extremely high energy tune with an uplifting message claiming there is no such thing as the word 'impossible'. I can't wait till the public gets a hold of this. Paul's direction is exciting and Leo is on "Q" as usual! I've never heard Leo produce a sound like this before. His audience is in for it again! Oh yeah, and I wasn't so shabby either, if I might say so. Paul had me 'power housing' all over the studio. I think I blew a few studio monitors. HA HA! I had so much fun!

R. The dance scene has gone through its ups and downs. In your own words has it evolved for the better? And what challengers are you faced with trying to sustain a following with record labels almost becoming obsolete?
RQ. This whole digital age has its pros and cons Alex. Where prices went down, prices went up on other spectrum's. I'm signed to a very awesome label right now. ISV Entertainment (with ISV Promotions). Every day, I get a call from one of the owners, Kevin Sheehan. He fills me in on how another indie label has just closed its doors and how he has come up with yet another marketing idea to help conform profitably with this whole digital transition. I have to say, "Thank God" I have Kevin in my court. So far, (knock on wood) his new strategies work! Obviously it helps that he has over 20 years in this industry. That's a lot of personal relationships with several producers, promoters, record pools, Video distributors, etc.! He's lucky though. You see, he's young and of the digital generation. Now, the recession is part of the reason why the Entertainment business is hurting, yes, but this whole "trying to make a transition over to the digital side" continues to be a puzzle yet to solve. No one wants to press CD's anymore. iTunes and Amazon have taken over in distribution. You think the artist gets a price break as a result, but that's not true. As a result, the prices have skyrocketed in other spectrum's of the business. One thing I can rely on to never change is the audience. As long as I get in my car and drive to everyone, they will always be there waiting for me to get on stage waiting to see what insane vocals I will deliver to them, Live!

R. From crowned beauty pageant to dance queen hit-maker, what drew you to the dance scene initially?
RQ. I was always a Disco baby Alex. Since the day Barbara Streisand found a lucrative opportunity to pair up with Disco Diva, Donna Summer for a hit duet, I was locked in dance music for life! Shannon's "Let The Music Play" was the Freestyle song that kept me wanting to learn more. I grew up over here on the West coast, so HiNRG was already in my blood! As a kid, I was incredibly packed up with tons of ADD, and I was bi-racial, so my odd looks got me bullied on a daily basis. Dance music was a positive and uplifting escape for me. By the time I was ready to go to college, I had lost more than 20 close friends to AIDS. I lost interest in doing anything with my life. I rebelled hard. Real hard. I hated every gorgeous gay man that walked past me... ironically, it took the Gay community to save my life, live honorably, learn to walk and talk in pumps while wearing a skimpy swimsuit, get my lashes on correctly, gain pageant scholarship monies to guarantee my butt stayed in College and graduate! HA HA HA! I love it! Once I was out, I was out Alex, and I mean all the way to Broadway, New York! Sometimes I still can't believe I did all that! But it was New York that was bustling more in Dance music than San Francisco ever could. Well, New York IS the Capitol of the world ya know. There I met the man who would introduce me to the Music business for the 1st time. The legendary, DJ Larry Vee! From there he introduced me to Sal Abbatiello, Chris "The Greek" Panaghi, Mickey Garcia, Fred "The Edit" Rivera, Juan Valentine, Judy Torres, George Lamond, Tito Puete JR., Pit bull, all the way to one of the originators himself, Mickey Oliver (Chicago, Hot Mix 5, WBMX), whom I worked with as an assistant producer and vocalist for many years now! Thank you Larry!

R. When you're not writing songs for people to dance too? In your own private space what current artist are you listening too that puts you in the groove?
RQ. Because we had an opportunity to meet and perform for each other, Lady Gaga is a favorite! Man am I proud of that girl! I would love to add in Katy and Beyoncé and Rhianna, all of which are extremely, naturally talented and gifted, but these are not indie artists. There are some incredible local indie artists I recently had the honor of meeting in San Francisco. Some that continue to inspire me. If it wasn't for the love of art I share with my good friend and fellow artist Marco Middlesex, I would have never met these following cats. CAPP Records, (Producer) Mello-Dee (Josh McFarland), Tweaka Turner, Xavier Toscano, and professional Drag/vocalist, BeBe Sweetbriar. These are some great vocalist and innovative live performers. I continue to be inspired and motivated by their undying love for the art of Dance Music! I hope to be working with these cats soon. I mean, making some hot future track releases soon! Oh yeah Alex, I'm not kidding. You might want to get back at me in a few months. I'm for real about this girl! I finally met Ricky Terry of "Ejector". I mean, these are high quality produced artists that the entire globe is missing out on!!! For real! I'm so overwhelmed!

Last but not Least...

R. You, Madonna and Lady Gaga have been asked to do the closing show for the Grammy's, What kind of showcase and song would you do on that will leave an impression?
RQ. Love it! I would certainly get in on this with Madonna and Lady Gaga... I have three Original tracks (Not picked up by a label yet) with the message of positive empowerment. "Oh My God (I Just Keep On Dancin')", "Popstar" and "HEY!" I would construct a medley out of them and introduce three different dance styles with he local dancers I've met and worked with here in Sacramento. B-Dance (Breakdance), Techno Dance and Poppin'. Then I would hope to come together with Madonna and Gaga at the end with their Pop style dance crew as a way of bringing our forces together, despite what the major labels are doing (forcing the audience to conform to their corporate way of getting the music out there... making money instead of taking the chance to share new underground sounds to the public) then when the opening is all over, Madonna, Lady Gaga and I would prepare to strip all our clothes off, only to be covered by a burst of smoke just in time to cover our nudity! yeah, I know a lot of guys who would hate that, but... long live Burlesque! Yeah, call me a Dance music junkie, I don't care, I'll still be here, celebrating life on the stage with all of you! - REVOLUTION 360


page 72
Pop/disco/Hi-NRG singer Raquela
can’t wait for her Dec. 1 show at CCBC’s
annual pool party.
“Oh, my God, I’ve heard about CCBC
for years. I heard about it when I was in
college [at UC-Irvine],” Raquela squealed
during a recent phone interview. “So,
now to think I will be performing there.
I’m just so excited. To be able to say
that I performed at CCBC associates
me with many other really amazing per-
formers who I admire. I can’t wait.”
Well known in Bay Area clubs,
Raquela hopes the Cathedral City show
will expand her gay fan base into Southern
“Around San Francisco, I’ve got my
bears, I’ve got my cubs, I’ve got my
leathers, my lipstick lesbians, my
tomboys. I love them all,” said the former
Miss Orange County, the first Mexican-
American to win that title. “I know the
gay community has a love for electronic
music, so I can’t wait to show them what
I’m doing.”
Raised in the tiny town of Elk Grove
outside Sacramento, Raquela started
singing in the church choir at age 9. With
a booming voice, she spent much of the
past two decades in New York performing
in musical theater shows and perfecting
her sound. Some may already know her
from her award-winning
Confessions of
a Disco Diva
“My heart is in dance, musical the-
ater and electronic music,” said Raquela,
who recently returned to California to
help with parental caregiving duties.
“You’ll see all that in my show.”
Audiences can expect her to per-
form “Gloria,” the song Laura Branigan
took to the top of the charts in 1982.
“‘Gloria’ really resonates with my
audiences,” she says. “All of the guys
and girls just start singing along when
I do it. Even the 20-year-olds who’ve
never heard it before, they just love it.
They ask me if I wrote it.”
While she didn’t write “Gloria,” she
did write “OMG (I Just Keep on
“It has a great hook, and once you
hear me sing it, you’ll never forget it,”
she brags. “I’m releasing ‘OMG (I Just
Keep on Dancing)’ next year. I’m doing
a Kickstarter campaign to get the money.
My close friend [songwriter/promoter]
Nivek Tek has been working with me on
the marketing and distribution, so look
for it next year.”
The CCBC Resort pool party, billed
as “More Music, Less Clothes,” takes
place from 12-5 p.m. Raquela will be
performing her latest hits throughout
the afternoon, along with drawings for
fabulous prizes, a poolside BBQ, T-dance
and music by DJ Corey D. - Frontiers


Obie Award Nomination and Winner of the MP3.com "Best Album of the Year"

I Knew It - Factor E
Disco Never Died - Oxygenial
Drive - Oxygenial
Work - Maurice Noah
I Will Never Party Like I Party'd Last Night - Lindi Heart
S-E-X - DJ Mangoo
My Circle of Friends - Oxygenial
Panic Time - Oxygenial
And Life Goes On - AURA-The source of Trance
Real - MUSIC -Oxygenial
Guilt and Fear - The Cynic Project
The Dreamer - The Cynic Project
I Found My Life - Hybrid Stasis & The Cynic Project
This Time - Elwood 79

Freaky - 2004 - Sietzsounds
Here We Go Again - 2004 - Sietzsounds
Mystify - 2004 - Digital Explosion
Heat of the Night - 2004 - Digital Explosion
Feel so Alive - 2004 - Digital Explosion
High On Emotion - 2004 - Digital Explosion
Solo TE - 2004 - Digital Explosion/ Savinobeat
Party Girl - 2004 - Digital Explosion/ Savinobeat
Still In Love - 2005 - Digital Explosion/ Savinobeat
Oh My God (I just Keep On Dancing) - 2005 - LA Rush (Lennie Andersson)
Nightlife - 2005 - Dominik Erbsland
From You - 2005 - Dominik Erbsland
Watch Out 2005 - Dominik Erbsland
With Love - 2005 - Dominik Erbsland
There's A Love - 2005 - Dominik Erbsland
The Fire - 2005 - Les Gutaless ["Top 10 Dance" on the Broadjam.com chart for 6 weeks straight]
The Challenge - 2005 - Les Gutaless
Balearic Phonk - 2005 - SuperGroove
Goodbye 2 U - 2005 - Digital Beat
You're Gone - 2005 - D'Sential's (Damien Oakes-Francis)
Falling - 2005 - Chris Panaghi
This Fire Of Yours - 2005 - Chris Panaghi
Popstar - 2006 - DJP (Daniel Phillips)
Your Clothes - 2006 - Charalambous Themis/Chris Panaghi
Lost - 2006 - Freddy "The Edit" Rivera, Damien Oakes-Francis
Eternity - 2007 - Mickey Oliver
Nothing More To Give - 2007 - Mickey Oliver
You've Been Caught - 2007 - Christopher Bedrosian
Sunset Skies - 2007 - Darren Baines
Drums - 2008 - Chris Panaghi
I've Got To Believe - 2009 - Juan Valentine, Keith Kemper, Raquela
Why Can't You Believe In Me - 2010 - Chris Panaghi
Tell It To My Heart (Remake) - 2010 - Jason Matthew & Cary August
Dance Mafia, Feat. Raquela, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. -2011- Nivek Tek & Keith Kemper
Japan Aid-Help Japan -2011- Keith Kemper
Hey -2012-
Díselo A Mi Corazón -2012- Steamweaver
Revival -Coming in 2012- Sweetfeet Music


#5 Billboard Charting and best "Break-Out" for Hot New Club Play
#3 WildCatFM's "Diva" International Station
#4 WildCatFM "OUT NATION" International Station
#4 DJ Times most added Dance-Crossover/National Club Charts
#11 Hot96 Portland, OR
#14 House Of Sobel
#23 DJ Wesley's Chart and Mixshow
#28 Starfleet's "Top-50 Crossover Chart"
#29 Philly Spinners Association in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
#34 Northwest Dance Music Association (All of the West Caost)
#38 Let's Dance/ IRS Record Pool in Chiago, Illinois
"Heavy" rotation for 6 weeks on Cozy Corner Club Mix October 2010
Dixie Dance Kings (Atlanta, Georgia) Favorite
DJ Times Favorite
DEET Promotions Favorite



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RAQUELA is an Award winning actress and singer and American Billboard recording artist known as a "Real Singing" experience. She has been seen on stages all over the world, including Broadway in New York City. Her powerhouse vocals have given her the opportunity to open for other diva’s like Deborah Cox, Kristine W, Lady Gaga and many more big names. Raquela's cover release of Taylor Daynes, TELL IT TO MY HEART ruled the "Top 40" charts on DJ Times for 28 weeks straight! RAQUELA worked with DJ/Producer legends like, Chris 'The Greek', Raphie Rosario and Tony Moran, but her finest collaboration was with one of the Godfather’s of House music, MICKEY Mixin' OLIVER. Together, “NOTHIN' MORE TO GIVE” topped Billboard’s "Hot Dance Club" charts for several weeks! Her tracks were spun regularly in New York clubs like Cielo and Sullivan, as well as hyped clandestine parties like, Verboten and Trilogy. Since 2000, her discography was heard all over the country on stations like KTU, Party 105.3, KNGY, Pulse Radio, KSFM and Sirius XM's - BPM. Aside from deeply rooting herself in the New York scene, she has toured all over the United States, performing for dance music lovers everywhere. Her music is in regular rotation in global venues like, Nikki Beach, Pacha and Nocturnal. Since her first EP release in 2004 on SuperGroove Records, Raquela was released on other labels like, Sony Music, Hot Mix 5, CAPP Records and ISV Entertainment. You can check out Raquela's latest releases on iTunes, but she would rather you kept a good close eye on her at, RAQUELA.com. Despite the hectic travel schedule, this native Californian and lifelong musician is adamant about making time in the studio for her own productions. In 2011, Raquela met performance artist and DJ/producer, Michael Cerchiai (MJC) during the San Francisco underground scene performing in various variety shows. The two brought each others forces together in 2014 when they discovered their similar love for Dance music. Together they began H.O.P. Music and created Raquela’s newest 2015 summer release called, “Summertime”. To find out more, follow Raquela on facebook at - facebook.com/TheRaquela

RAQUELA has been a staple in launching Children's Theater companies in New York City, HIV/AIDS charity/benefits all over the east coast and several USO show acts.

RAQUELA is currently a member of ASCAP, AEA and The Grammy's.
She also teaches voice privately.

Band Members