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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
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"Raggy Monster voted #1 local band at Sunfest 2013"

Each year, West Palm Beach is granted its fill of national acts thanks to the waterfront concert SunFest. This year, there's a buttload of big names, like Smashing Pumpkins and Slightly Stoopid, Kendrick Lamar and Black Crowes. But the folks behind the scenes are no dummies; they know that South Florida has plenty of great musicians and artists, and thus offer them an equal chance at the SunFest spotlight.
Nearly 20 Florida-based bands are hitting the festival's stages this year, and their sounds range as wide as the mind can imagine. But each group has one thing in common: being juiced to perform on Clematis. Here are my personal picks for the top local acts prepped to strut through this year's SunFest.

#1. Raggy Monster
Raggy Monster sure knows how to put on a show. Its special blend of catchy alternative rock with female and male vocals bouncing off of each other is an original sound that has garnered the band lots of attention in the past year.
It's only appropriate the band tops it off with a turn on the Ford stage opening for Train on Thursday night. Frontman Billy Schmidt is superpumped for the show, regardless of the fact that his first time attending the fest will be from the stage. How did he feel when he found out his band scored the gig? "To be honest, I thought it was a spam email. I emailed them back and found out it was real. It didn't really hit us until we were signing the contract they sent over." - Broward New Times

"How to Control Chaos: Raggy Monster Revels in Musical Contradiction"

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and there’s a hypnotizing, melodic clash of instruments humming through out a quaint neighborhood street in West Palm Beach, Florida. When the door opens to the home of bandmates and newlyweds Rachel DuVall and Billy Schmidt, another dimension is revealed – a dimension where aquamarine eyeliner is in fashion, heart-shaped lemon cookies are in the oven, and pumpkin-flavored beer exists in boundless quantities. In the living room, which is currently configured as a practice space, Menomena’s fifth album Moms rests upon a turntable beside a lavender wall lined with electric guitars, ukuleles, and mandolins. A leather-bound copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray shares shelf space with a French translation of Dr. Seuss’s classic Les Ouevs Verts au Jambon (Green Eggs and Ham), though not one of Raggy Monster’s members is fluent in French. In this hidden dimension where Raggy Monster makes music, there is only one rule: what’s logical is illogical... [To read the rest of the article, click the link] - Rock On Philly

"West Palm Beach Indie Outfit Raggy Monster Celebrates Debut Album Release Tonight at Respectable Street"

You could chalk the surprising maturity of West Palm indie act Raggy Monster's debut album, perhaps, to Raggy Monster vocalist and co-founder Billy Schmidt's classical piano training. You could also chalk it up equally to fellow vocalist and pianist Rachel Duvall's mature, elastic pipes and dramatic flair, or to the rest of the band's classic rock upbringings. All of these combined mean that the five-piece's first, self-titled full-length, is a properly realized artistic effort.

Instead of going the route of so many young bands -- figuring out a couple of blog-worthy singles and then padding an EP with filler -- Schmidt, Duvall, and company envisioned a complete work from start to finish. From the beginning, Raggy Monster, the album, traverses a clear narrative arc, starting with the mood-setting opener, "Baker's Dozen," an almost Dead Can Dance-like slab of atmospherics punctuated by wordless vocal trills from Duvall. That opens up to a middle movement that moves between classic, jangling indie rock a la Pavement ("Broken Jack") to Amanda Palmer-esque, Vaudevillian, piano-driven rock explosions ("Because of His").

"We all grew up listening to those classic records that still focused on creating one complete work of art rather than a bunch of random singles compiled on an album," says Schmidt. "We wanted to continue that tradition with our album, so when we picked out the final tracks we started focusing on how they would transition into each other. The last song even flows seamlessly into the first if you have it on repeat."

Many of the best moments on the album come towards its middle, when Schmidt and Duvall trade vocal duties on the same track. Schmidt's mid-range, straightforward style serves as a straight-man counterpoint to Duvall's multi-octave wails, with both weaving spontaneously in and out over alternately calm and theatrical passages. "Some songs progress in a way that it feels right to have both of us sing, and then others become obvious that Rachel needs to flex her pipes," Schmidt says. "Our next album is going to move more in the latter direction."

The other most impressive aspect of the record is its fairly slick production, the result of a Pledge Music campaign the band ran to raise funds before the session. Raggy Monster hit Avalon Recording Studio in Port St. Lucie for a fairly luxurious three weeks in late July and early August. "We had an amazing engineer named Ryan Copt with magical fingers that moved at the speed of light to make everything sound amazing. The whole process went really smoothly," says Schmidt. "All in all I don't think it could have gone much better than it did."

To celebrate all of that, plus the album's official release this past Tuesday, Raggy Monster headlines a show tonight at Respectable Street. Of course, they'll be playing songs from the new album -- which you can naturally buy at the gig -- plus, surprisingly, even newer material. "We've actually started writing the next album already!" Schmidt says. "The first song we wrote got us so excited we thought about trying to include it on the first album, but it was too late." - New Times


Lyrics and other extra goodies can be found HERE.



Raggy Monster is a 5 piece Indie Rock/Classical band from West Palm Beach, FL. The band name comes from Billy's imaginary friend he created when he was 4 years old. The original drawing is framed in his hometown of Mount Dora, FL.

Their powerful live performances have earned them great success, including sharing the stage with The Misfits at Moonfest, Smashing Pumpkins, and Train at Sunfest 2013 (where they were voted #1 local band by the Broward New Times). They have also been featured as an Editor's Pick on BalconyTV.com. Raggy's music has received airtime on 93.5FM The Bar and Gater 98.7FM. Their newest single, Fool's Gold, debuted in Pure Honey Magazine and has since been featured in several publications including RockOnPhilly.com.

"When Raggy Monster blends their classical roots with their eagerness to create something transcendental and different, they find what makes their sound stand out." - RockOnPhilly.com

Raggy released their sophomore album entitled, "As the thorn lures the widow's lip, it seeks no wisdom from the Wicker Flies." on December 16, 2014 and will embark on their first East Coast tour in Summer 2015.

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