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R.u.D.e Music Ent.

Arcata, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Arcata, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Hip Hop R&B




"R.u.D.e Wins the Musical Space with their Attention Grabbing Musicality Shown Perfectly in ‘The Most’"

R.u.D.e casts an impression at the audience that is hard to ignore and immediately gets the crowd moving to their infectious beats. It’s a musical duo formed by two talented artists, artist/producer Traac and artist/songwriter Asaad the Artiz who have prominently established their rap work in the record with full authority.  Their recent music video is nothing short of spectacular here both the artists sound catchy and fresh. The music video ‘The Most’ demonstrates the artist's unique take on the hip-hop genre as they have fused some brilliant beats with beautifully structured verses and adorned the whole length of the track with the minimalistic beat. Their production style is equally commendable where both the artists are seen engaging themselves completely as they rap flawlessly to gain considerable attention. The track comes from their much-renowned album ENTITLED and have been composed under the label Gawd-Given Music.

The culmination of hard-hitting beats and a fresh band of lyricism puts their composition at the top of the charts. At the beginning of the track ‘The Most’, one of the artists is seen rapping rhythmically with a girl who also offers short melodious rap verses to match up to the flavor of the song and after the midriff of the track the musical space gets overtaken by the other artist who seamlessly takes over the charge with his engaging rap delivery. Visually the entire project is engaging where R.u.D.e delivers the witty metaphors with full energy and charisma which essentially pushes their musical status a notch higher. The duo comes from Humboldt County, California who has decided to change the course of repetitive hip-hop landscape with their unusual yet groovy and powerful rap talent. The video is now available on YouTube for the full watch, and to know more about this duo follow them on Facebook and Instagram. - Music Promotion Club

"R.u.D.e announcing new release, ‘The Most.’"

R.u.D.e is a distinctive rap duo consisting of artist/producer Traac and artist/songwriter Asaad The Artiz. The pair joined forces in order to create something unique and unapologetic, bringing a whole new creative perspective to their sound.

Recently, R.u.D.e announced the release of a brand new single, “The Most,” which also comes in the form of an astonishing music video, bringing a perfect visual complement to this track. The song kicks off with sample based intro, with that old-school vinyl warmth. However, it soon turns into a darker and edgier modern rap beat. There is a very distinctive vibe pervading this record, and it really does highlight the pair’s chemistry and unique production aesthetics. The vocals in particular have a grittier, darker tone which suits the mood of this release perfectly. The hooks are memorable and layered, with some cool harmonies and pitch-shifting effects bringing more excitement to the mix.

Find out more about R.u.D.e and do not miss out on “The Most,” which is now available on the web. - The Artist Rack

"R.u.D.e Hits the Music Scene"

R.u.D.e Hits the Music Scene with their Exacting and Engaging Piece of Rap Music ‘The Most’

R.u.D.e treats their fans with a fantastic hip-hop video ‘The Most’ that highlights the duo’s superb take on the genre as they introduce their distinctive rap style.

Humboldt County, Jan 9, 2020 (Issuewire.com)  - The music industry always celebrates the hip-hop music and the recent entry into the genre is R.u.D.e. The way this social duo has described their artistry in form of a catchy musical number has caught the attention of all. Their recent music video is completely dope where both the artists, artist/producer Traac and artist/songwriter Asaad the Artiz have done an incredible hip-hop rap in their distinctive style. By far, they are the best which the hip-hop industry could have welcomed this year. Excellent production, clear rhymes, and a beat box that sounds completely infectious, everything has been packed with style to highlight the duos fantastic musical artwork. Recently they have blown the scene with their hard-hitting rap work shown beautifully in ‘The Most’.

The way both the artists of R.u.D.e have shown their style distinctively in the record is truly commendable. Starting from the very first beat they owned the stage with their presence. Both of them have their style and sound which anyone listening to them can easily understand. The rhyming strategy along with the impactful instrumental backdrop describes how well these guys have mastered the skill of flawless rapping. ‘The Most’ - it’s no doubt a standout track from their end which sounds fresh and exciting, with a unique blend of music, and comes from their album ENTITLED. This album is certainly one of the greatest of this year’s hip-hop hits. Both the artists have their unique style and sound and no one out shadows the other, for both have a different approach to the genre. Talking of the visual engagement, both Traac and Asaad the Artiz groove to the upbeat music and their energy remains high throughout. During the beginning of the video, a beautiful lady accompanies the duo who also contributes her rhythmic voice at par with one of the artists.

Gawd-Given Music is the label under which this record has been composed and impresses the audience with its brilliant beats and beautifully structured verses which have been combined with witty metaphors for smooth delivery. R.u.D.e, the rap duo is based out of Humboldt County, California and both the artists introduce a fresh brand of lyricism and style in the song that distinguishes them from the others. Watch the musical rap video ‘The Most’ on YouTube and follow the duo on Facebook and Instagram to catch up with their upcoming projects. - Issuewire.com

"R.u.D.e introducing the official music video for their latest song ‘I’m Good"

R.u.D.e – I’m Good
R.u.D.e introducing the official music video for their latest song ‘I’m Good’

April 2020 – R.u.D.e. is a rap duo unlike any other on the music scene today. What’s special about their sound is that they set the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and aesthetics, incorporating so many different influences into their music.

They actually just dropped a brand new song, by the name of “I’m Good.” This track has got rhythm, banging sound design, and great lyrics with a lot of realness and spontaneity. What more can you ask from the perfect hip-hop track?

The sound of this release feels modern, powerful and unapologetic, but it also feels warm and direct, giving the sound a lot of warmth. Because of this, each member of the duo shines for their ability to deliver unique performances and so much attitude to spice things up in this wonderful new single release, which definitely deserves your attention as a rap music fan!

Find out more about R.u.D.e. and do not miss out on “I’m Good” and watch out for their debut album releasing summer 2020 - Artist Rack


ONESTLY.RUDE EP - Released 03/14/2020



Based out of Humboldt County California, R.u.D.e Music Entertainment is a dynamic and exciting hip hop duo with a single goal, to make you FEEL the music.
The two complete half of music group Nada Crew, and utilize the help of engineer/producer/DJ Nada Clue. The intellectual lyricism and high caliber punch lines from the Texas original - AsaadTheArtiz, paired with the unique and original sound of California DJ/producer/songwriter - TRAAC, ensure these two always bring a beautiful blend of brilliant bars, bless the listeners with bracing beats, and deliver in a way that not only is both creative and memorable, but theatrical and captivating. Having performed at events like Northern Nights Music Festival, The Blackout Cypher,  countless local events and concerts, as well as sharing the stage with many local, up and coming, as well as industry established artists, R.u.D.e. Music Entertainment always delivers!

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