(PYP) The Pneuma-Yod Project
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(PYP) The Pneuma-Yod Project

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF
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The Evolution of PYP

As with all evolution, the Pneuma Yod Project, or PYP as they prefer to be called, started from a spark. In this case, the spark was ignited through an experience of terror and subsequent escape from said terror of the projects founder Guy Juarez. This statement will not surprise anyone who has read The Chronicles of Guys Alien Encounters. For those of you that havent, you can read or download the book from either Guys personal site www.pneuma-yod.com or the 777 Center Home page. In a nutshell, in this shockingly, revealing and at times gut-wrenching e-book, Guy bares his soul, so to speak, and recounts his experiences that focuses on the time between 2000 through 2004, when he finally broke free to pick up the pieces of his life. It was his understanding of the help and guidance he received to help him break free that led to the laying of the first foundation stone of the PYP.
Guys escape from the terror that had become his life, led him to the 7 Keys Center Millennium Awakening Center in Lakewood, Washington. There he found kindred spirits he could share his story with, whom also had stories of their own. Hearing of a study group to uncover the Ancient Mysteries held at the center, Guy quickly signed up. Over the next year, he slowly began to see the benefit of self-discovery and how each person had a purpose on Earth. His purpose was obvious, to use music to touch peoples souls.
Music had always been a passion for Guy. He and his brother had started the band Mr. Nobody in the early 90s and quickly gained success, playing in bars and clubs every weekend throughout the Seattle area. In 2000, life was great for Guy; he was happily married with three children, he had steady work during the day to pay the bills, plus he was supplementing his income with his true love, music. Then he met a woman and within a year he had lost it all, his wife and family, band, music, and job.
After the 7 Keys closed in the summer of 2005, Guy continued his study with us in our home. Earlier that year he had joined the I.D.E.A Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity as a director, because the foundations goals were in line with his. He also began writing music again, but this time he was using it in a healing, transformative way. As fear had been such a strong presence in his life, Guy keyed in on addressing that emotion. Consequently, he wrote the powerful song Because of the Fear, to which two videos were produced. The first video, using the title of the song addressed fear from the material, physical perspective. However, the second video incorporating Tibetan gongs and called Gongs of Change, presented fear from the energetic perspective. Both videos are available on Guys site.
After producing the videos, the flood gates opened for Guy and he began writing and composing songs profusely. It seemed he was presenting a new song to us almost every week. We found them inspirational and deeply moving. For Guy, the songs were about his journey to forces calling him to see something greater than himself. So many things inspired him. For instance, after watching a YouTube video by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor about her experience when she had a stroke, he was inspired to write Silent Mind. Nonetheless, most of his songs were about what he was learning.
In 2007, Guy was ready to present his work to the world and after his web site Pneuma-Yod was set up, he began making some of his songs available for download. During this time, although he worked with a couple of ex-members of the Mr. Nobody band, he didnt try to put the band back together. That door was forever closed. He was different and therefore his music was too. Still, the drive to share his music with the world was getting stronger, and the number of songs kept growing.
Following a mass e-mail we sent out to our former patrons of the 7 Keys in the fall of 2010, we received a reply from a young man who had been in the study group. His name was Dan Bogrand and after he conveyed a wish to continue studying with us, we invited him to our home. It soon became apparent that Dan supported the I.D.E.A Foundations goals and so he accepted our invitation to be a director. As expected, Dan and Guy bonded immediately, not only because of the same philosophy, but also because of their deep love for music. Expressing a desire to play the drums, Guy encouraged Dan to start practicing with him on a regular basis. At this time, Guy had signed with the record label TMG music group to produce a CD of his songs, which he had mixed in his home studio in a controlled environment. With this action, Guy laid the foundation stone for the Pneuma Yod Project, because the next step was to promote the CD, by playing in public.
Before we move onto the next phase, lets take a moment to examine his choice of name for the project. The name evolved from Guys inward journey of self-discovery.

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