H Squared (Prince Hood & Hi$tory)
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H Squared (Prince Hood & Hi$tory)

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE | AFM

Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2009
Duo Hip Hop Adult Contemporary


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Don't Sleep On This..."

Courtney Brown from CourtneyBrownonAir.com gives her opinion on the mixtape in her review titled: The Introduction of H Squared

Brooklyn-Bred duo Prince Hood and Hi$tory are setting the bar for the new era of MC’s. After hitting the underground circuit, and winning several showcases they have earned their stamp of approval from fans, radio DJ’s, and music execs in the industry. They are swarming the internet with an unstoppable presence and giving us something to appreciate.

H Squared’s debut mixtape, “The Introduction Of… Hosted by DJ Dondemarco” gives us a taste of everything that is good in hip hop. Showing unique versatility that we haven’t seen in awhile, H Squared proves that they rip stages and make classic songs.

In house producer/MC Prince Hood shows he has an intricate ear and is indeed a force to be reckoned with on the production tip. The track ‘Bounce C’mon’ is an infectious single that is sure to make the ladies dance and turn the party into an instant strip club. ‘I Wanna Touch You’ is a sordid tale of falling in love with another man’s woman. On ‘Slery (I know, I know)’ H Squared show their sense of humor with tales of being drunk alongside a very catchy hook.

Attacking several other beats, H Squared does lyrical justice over the ‘I Wanna Rock Freestyle’. ‘Sour, Kursh or Ari’ feat. Young Lay is another spin on Lloyd Banks’ hit ‘Beamer Benz or Bentleys’ that instantly
revives the hottest track of the moment. Trading verses back and forth, H Squared makes hip hop fun again. Stand out tracks include ‘Back U Down Freestyle’ and ‘Phoenix’ where Hi$tory rides the beat delivering clever punch lines.

On the ‘Jerk Freestyle’ Princehood delivers a smooth flow and cadence that is sure to appeal to the females. ‘Brooklyn Hooligan feat. Yelow’ and ‘Bring The Goons Out’ shows us just why BK keeps on taking it. The Introduction Of… knocks from beginning to end. Definitely worth the wait, PrinceHood and Hi$tory kill the swagger and bring Swave to the future.
-Courtney Brown
- courtneybrownonair.com

"H Squared.... Bounce C'Mon"

“Bounce C’mon N Bounce C’mon” **shake that ass girl, make that cash girl”** lolll This track can definitely get any party started and everyone out their seat as soon as the bass drops!! : ) This is definitely a party track… the track that you put on when you trying to get the ladies moving and “popping” their butties and the fellas off the wall moving their bodies to the beat. Ladies when this track comes on you better “Bounce C’mon N” ….*giggles*

Make sure you check out their website , the mixtape review on The Brooklyn Duo http://infosouptruth.blogspot.com/2010/08/h-squared-mixtape-reviewinterview.html

Some music by H Squared:

Hard in the Paint (#SwaveGang Remix)

H Squared- Who Dat Freestyle ft. Illy Iceberg & @IamBuckRogers

Chris Brown Ft H Squared Dueces Remix! * love this version with them on it its my ring tone ; ) *

Download ‘The Introduction Of… Mixtape’.


Make sure you check out H Squared and follow them on twitter @HSquaredMusic @PrinceHood & @HISTORYHIM

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@MsNewShoes - msnewshoes.tumblr.com

"H Squared Mixtape Review/Interview"

article by @PCB_UnaNegra for The Info Soup

Hip-Hop music is taking over, if you have not already realized. It is played at all sports games, political events, and of course, at parties. I am not a huge Hip-Hop fan, but I thought it would be worthwhile to have a closer listen to a Hip-Hop mixtape from upcoming rap duo, H Squared. The group is comprised of two Brooklynites; Prince Hood and Hi$tory. I heard one track a few months ago and thought the track was good. Now that the mixtape has been released, it is only fair to hear all that they have to offer.

The album is clear and direct. When I listen to underground artists, I listen out for clarity. I want to be able to always understand what the artists are saying. Heavy accents, slurred words, and shouting do not get my attention. I did not hear any of that on this mixtape. The hook of “Bounce C’mon” was aggressive, but it was fitting for the beat, therefore I would not qualify that as shouting, just being hype. Having DJ Don Demarco host the mixtape is a good look for the group. I do remember listening to reggae mixtapes with his voice hollering in the background. H Squared raps cleanly and they did not add extra words to a bar just to make everything fit in. They did not rap about crazy outlandish purchases, excessive amounts of sex, and all the other crap that is flooding rap music today. They promote themselves many times in a few tracks, so just in case you did not know who you were listening to, they make sure you do not ever forget.
Bounce C’mon, Caddy Coupe Freestyle and Swag Surfin freestyle are my most liked tracks on the mixtape. Fellas, keep up the good work!

When did you guys start rapping?

Hi$tory: “I would say I’ve been rapping since Junior High. I was freestyling and writing rhymes in my building’s hallway. That’s when I wrote my first rhymes, but, doing it seriously as far as shows and things of that nature; about three years.”

Prince Hood: “I always had a way with words. I started out with poems, speeches, then remixing songs and freestyling with friends in high school. In 2002, after I tried my hand at managing artists, I started writing to the beats I was producing. Come to find out, I sounded good rapping so that was the official start of Prince Hood the Rapper.”

Is rapping your only career goal?

Hi$tory: “Oh No. This is only the beginning, so it can’t possibly stop here. We’re looking for H Squared to be more than just a group or a band but a brand and God willing, a full-fledged label. Personally, I plan on going back to school to study veterinary medicine that along with music has always been goal of mine.”

Prince Hood: “Oh No. I love producing records. I want to produce projects for other artists, get into movies, direct, and maybe even act. I just want to get into anything and everything that will make a profit and spark my interest.”

What inspired this mixtape?

Hi$tory: “I think the title explains it all. We figured it was about time we released something and give the people an intro to H Squared, let them know what we’re about and what we’re trying to do. Hence, ‘The Introduction of…’”

Prince Hood: “Yeah, the mixtape is an introduction of us, H Squared. It is our “Swavor” (combination of swag and flavor), our language, the way we move, our lives, and our culture, you know.”

Did you enjoy the outcome?

Hi$tory: “I definitely enjoyed the process of putting our first project together, that was real cool to me. I learned a lot along the way, met a lot of people. The mixtape itself could have done better but I’m not disappointed in the least bit, it comes with the territory.”

Prince Hood: “Enjoy it? I wouldn’t say that. I enjoyed the process of making it: working with Hi$tory, with Eflat designing the cover and the website, and arranging the songs. Even though we’re building a large internet presence, our downloads and listens don’t show it. There’s about 800 mixtapes and counting circulating the streets right now. I feel it was a success though. Shout out to everybody involved in the project.”

What would you change?

H Squared: “The change would be in the promotion, marketing, and timing. Honestly we waited too long to release the mixtape so a lot of the songs we remixed were considered old at that time. We didn’t build a good relationship with various blog sites. If we did, it would have helped build buzz around the mixtape. With the next mixtape or project we will have it available on every site possible for downloading.”

When is the next mixtape coming out?

Prince Hood: “Soon lol. ”

Follow us on Twitter: @HsquaredMusic, @HistoryHim, @PrinceHood http://www.hsquaredmusic.com/
Download the Mixtape: The Introduction Of…

Edited By Jo Anne @MzFilterless
- infosouptruth.com

"Exclusive Interview with H Squared"

Caught up with the Hip-Hop duo H-Squared! Winners of the Streetz of Desert Storm Showcase definately holding it down!! Their style is very different and they bringing alot of positive energy and witty wordplay to this game! Definately keep ur eyes and ears out for H-Squared!!! Lets Goooooooooooo!

RHHJ: Let all our Junkies know- who is H Squared, and where you are from?

PrinceHood : H Squared is us!! H Squared the pair yall really shouldnt fool wit. lol Nah. H Squared is Hood and History and we from Brooklyn.

RHHJ: How did H Squared come about, How long yall been working together as a group & what does 'HSquared' stand for?

Prince Hood : Me and History were in a group before. 5 cats who just wanted to make music and gain success out of it. To tell you the truth it wasn't even like we asked to be in the group. I was doing my work with AFRO Productions and History was doing his club thing with M.O.E. My man Gritz linked us up with with these dudes who was trying to start a movement. He was like, "I want you to help them cause the need guidance with production and so on." He pretty much thought we can them get where they need to get. 2 yrs later we was doing the same shit we was doing 2 years ago. History was ancy like "Hood we need make a move cause these niggas ain't going to. I started setting up shows and studio time to record and produce a mixtape and album. History wanted up to make appearances so we could show our faces everywhere and become recognized. They wasn't with any of that. They didn't like the moves we was makin and kicked us out. A few weeks after i hit up History and was like, "Do you trust me to develop you a an ill spitter? Do you trust me with your rap career?"

History : I said yea and Hood said lets start our own group. We'd be like Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Timbaland and Magoo, The Neptunes, Brooklyn's own Outkast. I was wit it. Hood know what he doing. He a nice Producer and my Spit game was coming of age. And at this point ain't no rap duo making moves right now especially from Brooklyn. It was on from then. The name came about as a joke by Hood's sister. We was in his studio and it was another night where he put aside some time to record and the rest of the group members at the time didn't show up. And she walked in and said, "Where is everyone? They aint show up again? Seems like its the History and Hood Group. Yall should change the group name to H Squared."

Prince Hood : After we got "released" as I call it, we remembered that and chose the name. Thats how the name came about. History and Hood = H Squared.

RHHJ: Explain the style that you are bringing into the game and why it's different from other hip-hop groups?

Prince Hood: We try to to stay away from gun talk and drug talk. We'd rather spit about whats going on around us. I mean we've hustled in the streets a time or two but thats not what we wanna be known as. We are Gang affiliated more or less but thats not what we wanna be known as. We wanna bring the fun back to hip hop or rap and still keep it hood and Swaved Up. We have a style that is a mix of a whole lot of Swag and Flavor. We call it SWAVOR.

History : We are not the only ones with Swag or Flavor. But we are the only ones with the illest combination of the two. We Swaved UP!! We wanna do everything with a style of our own. There are no more Originators. We adapt to different styles and flavors and make it ours. I could say the same line somebody else said and make is sound so different. Hood can Sample the same track that another Producer sampled and make it sound so different. We Swave it UP.

RHHJ: If H Squared can collab with anyone in the hip-hop game, who would it be and why?

Prince Hood: OOOOOOh. I'd have to say Production wise? Timbo, Swizz, Neptunes, Kanye of coarse, 9th Wonder, Easy Moe B cause he made bangers for BIG, Puff of coarse, T Pain, Rick Rock, JR, Manny Fre Fre iry Fresh, Dre, Rick Ruben with a nice Hooka session before and after cause they all made hits for the greats. But there's so much more i could name. As far as artist, Busta Rhymes, Jay Z, Shyne, MOP cause they from Brooklyn and we was looking up to them and they lyrics for guidance. Mobb Deep, lil wayne n Drake, Webstar, 50 and pretty much whoever else is making moves from the underground up. History: Hmmmmm Artist wise? Most Definitely Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs Even, Those were definitely my Influences growin up, along wit Jay Z. Lil Wayne, the whole young money camp, Camron, Jones Juelz, Definitely The LOX , The CLipse, u know get that Dynamic Duo collabo poppin. And anybody commin up and serious about wat they doin. Production wise??? Hmmmm Definitely Dre, Timbo, Polo Da Don Swizzy, The list goes on.

RHHJ: What new projects are you guys working on?

History : Right now its all about the Introduction Of... Mixtape coming out very soon. We putting the finishing touches on that one. And just trying to build a buzz on that. Shout out to Streetz of Desert Storm. They been like big brothers Showin us how to fish and feed ourselves. A few appearances on various DJ's mixtapes and artist mixtapes and maybe Movies.

Prince Hood : I'm Producing for a few other up and coming artists. Keeping History busy with features and just writing. Starting to get back you writing R&B joints to shop around. Soon we gonna put out an Album. The Swavordemic. Swaved Up!

RHHJ: How did it feel to be the winner of the Streetz of Desert Storm Showcase? And how have you guys succeded in other showcases you have competed in, if any?

Prince Hood : Man that felt AWESOME!!! In a group we always got the short end. We vibe well together on stage. We study how people move the crowd and their stage presence. We feel the need to leave the stage swaved up and that what we did. At the end of the night we thought we had a real good chance of winning. That 3way tied had us fucked up. and when Demarco said tied breaker spit a 16, we gave eachother dap and said we got this.

History : And we cam out victorious. That was our 2nd win and 2nd performance since becoming H Squared. The first was a show DJ N.O put on at Pyramid featuring the homie Grafh. We won a ringtone deal off of that win. So download H Squared to ya phones. Next we at Club Ha on Feb. 18th with Grand Puba and Yvette Michele. Swaved UP. We looking to do more shows as we speak. Hopefully we start getting paid from them. lol

RHHJ: How long have you guys been in the game and what made you guys start rapping?

Prince Hood : I started out as a lil kid in the school choir then my voice changed and it was a wrap. I been rapping since about O2. I Played with freestyle ciphers in high school but moving with AP made it official. My roommate in college rapped and I was his Hype man and I started to write raps. That same year Brainstorm taught me how to make beats and I rapped to them and kept writing. 1 yr later I moved from hypeman to Rapper and still producing which i love so much.

History : Ive been rappin since I was like 12yrs old, I first started off performing Busta Rhymes at talent shows then it grew into me writing my own stuff, me and Our homeboy Gritz just writing and spittin in our building hallway, neighbors complainin bout the loud music but that aint stop us lol. Then started with the cyphers in High School, Now its all History from there nah mean.

RHHJ: Who or What inspires your lyrical creations?

Prince Hood : Really it depends on what going on around me. My nieces inspire me to do well. My living situation, the economy, my job, My niggas, chicks. I can pretty much say anything and everything inspires me. Most time i clear my though and let my brain do it all or just react to the track or the instruments. But we make eachother work harder. we clown each others rhymes and dont hold back any punches.

RHHJ: What are your thoughts on INDIE vs MAJOR?

Prince Hood : Really it all Depends on your needs and wants now and later. U want to get on and be famous now? Go with a major and they'll use u to make their money especially if you want it ASAP and dont make sure your contracts on point. As an indie you stand a chance of making more money in the long run. Nobody cutting into your cut. With tunecore, fye, cdbaby and these other sites and outlets u can make your own money and keep track of your sales from home yourself. And you still got the opportunity to go hand to hand and keep all your profits. Check it. Do you know that if you sell a 100,000 cds hand to hand wherever you go or perform at for $5 a peice, you already made as much as some artist who went gold. Now thats Swaved Up. I'd do both. Be an Indie with non-exclusive distribution with a major. Think about that.

RHHJ: What is your purpose in this industry? What is it you guys are seeking to suceeded with doing music?

Prince Hood : On the real? Its to make money and be rich. Take my family and friends out the hood and show them a better way. And then after I'd boost other kids like me to become rich and provide for their families. Id be lying if i said its for the love of the game. If it was all about that i'd still be in my basement making beats for cats who wanna stay a local hood rapper. That not me and i don't support that. Theres always another level to get to until u see a game over sign just like any other game out.

RHHJ: Are there other creative roads you guys want to take besides music as you get further in your career?(..like buisnews ventures? acting? Clothing line? etc?)

Princehood: Hell yeah. We working on some film and tv appearances. Modeling, Endorcement and then owning a few businesses. I really wanna score a movie myself like james horner, isaac hayes and the Rza. thats for real and write a book of short stories with my sisters.

History: Of course We trynna take over the world lol, But Im definitely lookin to expand into all industries, Right now we workin on gettin our faces into some commercials as well as movies so dont only LISTEN out for us but LOOK out for us as well. Modeling as well and definitely expand the H Squared T.C.G Empire.

RHHJ: How can producers/djs and even HSquared fans contact you?

Prince Hood : Right now we have our website. www.HSquaredMusic.com. you log on and see our twitter pages and the info mailbox. drop your inquires in there and we will get back you you. The full site will be launching soon. DJ's right now you can get H Squared on your mixtapes FREE. lol hit us up. Follow Us on Twitter. @PrinceHood @HistoryHIM. Anybody need us please holla at us @ info@HsquaredMusic.com. Also see us on www.youtube.com/HSquaredMusic.

RHHJ: What are your last words to the industry?

Prince Hood : Not the last words but just the start of a very long dialoge. Hit us up. Get at H Squared. Holla at us before we get too expensive to holler at. And welcome to the Swavordemic!! Swaved UP!!!
- RealHipHopJunkie.com


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“H Squared’s the pair yall really shouldn’t fool wit!!” Prince Hood and Hi$tory in Da Makin’ are brooklynites who joined forces to build a team and a sound that ranks above the status of “Underground.” The BK bred rap duo first met in High school. Prince Hood, the Senior star athlete, and Hi$tory, the Popular Freshman, met through a mutual friend. The two grew up looking to the Gangster and Hustler types as role models, but listening to BK born rhymers like BIG, Jay Z, and Busta Rhymes, the duo knew that there was a better way of life than the one they grew up in.

The youngsters, although in different circles, made waves in the High school hallways and in lunchroom ciphers. Hi$tory made his popularity, hustler mentality and way with the ladies work for him through club and party promotions. Waves were made with his M.O.E. crew in Brooklyn as Hood used his athleticism and smarts in his move from high school to collegiate life. He linked with Afro Productions and learned the music business first hand. Learning how to make beats, managing and producing for a roster of 7 artist and going as far as opening up for Common and 112 in VA.

After graduation Hood came back to NY and linked back with Hi$tory. After years of spending countless hours in the studio together, Hi$tory and Hood decided they should form the promising duo you see before you. They name it H Squared.

Today you can find H Squared rocking stages from Boston to VA with their new banger, ‘Bounce C’mon’ produced by Prince Hood. “There’s nothing like making your own beats, writing to it, recording it yaself and people actually loving it”, says Hood. “The boy is a Genius. His ?beats bang and I spit”, adds Hi$tory, ”So you know its a banger!”

Although the duo are buzzing on dozens of mixtapes already (DJ Don Demarco, DJ Whiplash, DJ N.O, etc.), they have currently released their first Swavorfull mixtape called The Introduction Of… Hosted by DJ Don Demarco Of Desert Storm. And it’s only getting better. Prince Hood and Hi$tory already have a ringtone contract and are in negotiations for a distribution deal with several different labels as we speak.

In 2010, H Squared has opened up for acts such as Black Hand’s Grafh, Wu Tang alum Shyheim and West Philly’s own Tone Trump. With the launch of Swavorland Entertainment, LLC, 2011 finds Prince Hood & Hi$tory doing Heavy Promotion for ‘The Year Of The Swave’ Album; available in digital stores and websites all over the web. The young execs are gearing up for future features, mixtapes, albums and movies under the Swavorland Entertainment brand. Get ready for the Swavordemic people. It surely is something to be a part of. Swave!!!