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Deer Park, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Deer Park, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Metal Hard Rock





The American band Prey Upon, released on July 4th, their newest work, the single entitled “Bojangles”. Mixing elements of Rap Metal and Metalcore, they manage to deliver a heavy and aggressive music, which stands out mainly for its great groove. The new single is now available for listening on the main streaming platforms, and can be heard on Spotify from the link below. - Roadie Metal


American alternative / nu-metal outfit hailing from the USA, PREY UPON have announced the release of their latest single, Bojangles. The track is available now on all major platforms through the official links. - Underground N' Proud

"NEWS: Prey Upon escape into another dimension?"

Having shared stages with (hed)p.e., Kissing Candice and Gemini Syndrome Long Island New Yorkers Prey Upon have returned to the studio and pick up where their 2018 EP “Orias” left off with new single titled “Bojangles“. It’s one that runs hot on lyrical themes of substance abuse and mental anguish and is conjoined to a music video directed by Vergolio Productions. If you want more, you can find it at all the usual places including bandcamp. - Metal Noise

"Prey Upon Premiere Their Thundering New Single “Bojangles”"

Now, This is some heavy shit! Our old friends Prey Upon are back, and they are nothing short of ruthless on their brand new single “Bojangles.” The melody, the aggression, the blaring guitars; they’re all here, punctuated by lead singer Reid Erickson’s relentless, impassioned screams and growls.

“Bojangles” really emphasizes why the stage is where this band does their best work, bringing you all of the energy and potency which you hear on their studio tracks. It’s for all of these reasons that they have become one of the premier live acts within the Long Island live music scene.

Telling us more about their new single, Erickson says:

“Well, the lyrics are meant to be layered in meaning so the audience can take from it their own interpretation. It’s generally about addiction, like needing something so bad that without it you feel lost and powerless, on the verge of insanity and suicidal ideation. To me, it’s about my love for music and the need for it be an essential part of life. It also has to deal with the loss of someone important and drug addiction at the same time, so I really tried to make it so the audience could connect on multiple levels.”

Aggression is the name of the game when it comes to this quartet. Fans of traditional metal, death metal, metalcore, and even hard rock will find a lot to like here, thanks to Prey Upon’s clever melding of styles and sounds. Their peers have taken notice too, with the band having played numerous shows with acts such as Hed (PE), Motograter, Gemini Syndrome, Kissing Candice, Otep, Bobaflex, Smile Empty Soul, Eve To Adam, Orgy, and The Crowned (to name a few).

With “Bojangles” now having arrived, the group is continuing work on their next release, prepared to give you more of the passion and force you’ve come to love. - V13 Media

""Orias" EP by Prey Upon"

Hailing from Long Island New York are a quintet known as Prey Upon. Their line-up consists of Drummer Charlie Mule, Bassist (and EP Producer) Andrew Rizzo, Vocalist Reid Erickson, alongside Guitarist duo Brian Schurr & Mike Joseph (who also provides backing vocals). Dropping in January, their debut EP “Orias” also features additional guitars and drums by Rob Brownrigg and Billy Anderson.

Starting with the longest track on the EP at just 4 minutes and 22 seconds, “Deceiver” has a rough and raw quality to it while sounding like early The Agony Scene with climbing leads swirling around bouncy chugging riffage. Vocally, there is plenty of bite and variety even without any cleans from Reid Erickson, who from the opening roar, delivers a powerful, wet vocal. There is a distinct bark-bark-bark-roar vocal approach on this one that suits the pummelling nature of the music perfectly. The slowed down final breakdown section is also a nice touch, allowing the intro for the next song some breathing space. “Black Society” brings a cleaner (note, that’s cleaner, not clean) vocal with a barked delivery in places that gives more barked delivery in places that gives more clarity on the deep and socially aware lyricism, but is in no way less ferocious. Tight, focused rhythm changes give a distinct movement and signature to the bands sound that is constantly driving, however the closing guitar solo part makes the raw quality of the recording more apparent. Indeed, it may be a one-taker, warts and all moment. “Resurrect” is a more driven tune with a undercurrent of dark loathing and menace with some almost tribal kit work from Prey Upon’s impressive sticksman Charlie Mule. The bass is bigger in the mix on this one and the leads are brighter, giving the whole song a much more vibrant feel.

“Washed Ashore” pushed the vocals harder with some throat shredding parts that in places sounds like they belong in a heavier band. Those almost tribal elements in the kit work return alongside some lead guitar work that sounds very much like it could have been done in one take. If someone said the song had been recorded live in the studio, full band, with only the vocals separated out, then it could easily be the case. There is a cohesion between the timings and a tightness to the playing that reflects a live sound. “Leech” has a bit of the early Slipknot about it with an unexpected speech sample and some soaring lead guitar passages between some equally crushing breakdowns. There is no doubting the quality of the musicianship in Prey Upon. The only things that are lacking in this EP is a bit of polish in the production, mix and mastering to get it to the next level. As a raw, high quality demo, “Orias” is right up there in terms of sound and style. Any self respecting A&R person, should be able to see past some of the rougher edges to the ample qualities that lay within [7/10]


1. “Deceiver”
2. “Black Society”
3. “Resurrect”
4. “Washed Ashore”
5. “Leech”

“Orias” by Prey Upon is available over at Bandcamp. - Metal Noise

"Prey Upon - “Washed Ashore” [Free Song Download]"

This Long Island, New York five-piece metal band is about to Prey Upon new fans after enticing them with a free high quality MP3 download of their single, “Washed Ashore”. The song appears on their latest EP, Orias, released a couple of months ago and available via most streaming services, plus for purchase on Bandcamp. The lyrics that you hear coming from lead singer Reid Erickson deal with the different types of “predator and prey” relationships one finds ingrained in the fabric of society. Most notably, the band highlights the imbalance in relationships found in governments, cults and other types of manipulative connections.

Accompanying the download we’ve also included the band’s recent “Washed Ashore” live music video, with inspiration coming from Suicide Silence, System Of A Down, Slipknot, Fear Factory, Straight Line Stitch, DevilDriver, Lamb Of God and many others. Prey Upon’s melody, aggression and crushing guitar riffs are the fuel that makes for intense live experiences which makes the band particularly appealing to fans of metal, metalcore, death metal and even hard rock fans.

Commenting on “Washed Ashore,” Erickson stated, “This song was inspired by the Gilgo Beach serial killer and all the dead hookers on the beach as well as the HBO show Hannibal which helps personify the killer since nobody knows who he is.” -

"Prey Upon debuted with their EP "Orias""

From Long Island, New York, United States they send us the following EP "Orias" by the band PREY UPON, debut production of the Hardcore Metal group that was released on January 27, 2018.

The authentic and passionate concerts of Prey Upon there is nothing extraordinary even to be seen. But its melody, aggression and crushing riffs are described as the most guttural and complete music that fans of Metal and Hard Rock cannot deny. They have shared the stage with groups like Hed (PE), Motograter, Gemini Syndrome, Kissing Candice, Otep, Bobaflex, Smile Empty Soul, Eve To Adam, Orgy and The Crowned. Prey Upon will continue to promote "Orias" live, extending its path of destruction far and wide, expanding his fan base, hoping to take his career to the next level. Prey Upon is Reid Erickson (vocals), Mike Joseph (guitar and backing vocals), Andrew Rizzo (bass) and Charlie Mule (drums). - Metal2012 Underground


Orias - 2018



Hailing out of Long Island, New York. Prey Upon's authentic and impassioned performances are bar none an extraordinary even to be seen. Having already completed shows with numerous acts like Hed (PE), Motograter, Gemini Syndrome, Kissing Candice, Otep, Bobaflex, Smile Empty Soul, Eve To Adam, Orgy, and The Crowned, their melody, aggression, and crushing riffs are described as the most gutteral and all-out music that can't be denied by metal, metal-core, and hard rock fans. 

Prey Upon will continue playing shows, spreading their path of destruction far and wide, expanding their fan base, with hope of bringing their career to the next level

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