Perry Gaffney Jr
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Perry Gaffney Jr

Mandeville, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Mandeville, Louisiana, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
DJ EDM Hip Hop




"Interview: Perry Gaffney Jr"

So its been a while, give us an update on what you have been doing that is pushing your career forward.

Well a whole lot has been going on since the last time we did an interview. I’m always busy grinding out music and doing other things that pertain to my career such as photo shoots, shows, and interviews like this one. However as you know I am always trying to make moves towards success in my music career but recently I have become the newest member of SimplePlay Presents (Nola) which is a music production, management, and booking company out of New Orleans. SimplePlay and my booking agent (Alex Bowen) have been a huge part of my recent success. The biggest thing pushing my career forward is my music though. Most of the time when I produce a mash-up I try and make sure it is unique in that no one has probably heard anything like it before and to me that is the key towards success in being unique.

Which part of your career has been the most inspiring for you to continue being a mash-up artist/producer?

The most inspiring thing in my career lately has been opening for big acts such as Mimosa, Archnemesis, and Wick-It the Instigator already in my early music career. I feel if I have already accomplished that then the sky is the limit as to what I can do in the future. Also in sharing the same stage and having the opportunity to sit down and talk with these big names in the game I have learned things about the music game and making music that are going to help me out tremendously in the future. Also the feedback and the love that people give me after hearing my music is absolutely priceless. For example when I’m throwing down at one of my shows and I look out and see people “raging” to my own music is it is a feeling of fulfillment that I cannot even describe. It is also very humbling when my fans go out of their way to tell me how much they love my music. It truly is a beautiful feeling.

Have you built a consistent fan base?

Oh yeah we’re building the fan base one show and one song at a time. People are starting to catch on what I am trying to do in the music game and they’re loving my music thus far. I mean if an artist is going to make it in the music game you pretty much have to create your own genre of music otherwise it is probably not going to work out and that’s what I have done. No one wants to hear an artist that is similar to someone else’s music because it has obviously already been done. I specialize in mixing and mashing hip hop, rap, and dubstep while bringing my own unique Southern flavor and originality to the table. As a dj/producer I truly believe you are only as good as your live performance and that is something I do very well. I am definitely NOT saying my music that I release on the internet isn’t worthy I am just saying that my live set crushes and is second to none. I mean sometimes I will go into certain websites like and other dj’s will be dropping my music which is very flattering but I want the rest of the world to be doing the same and I won’t stop until they do.

Where are you doing most of your shows, so people know where they can look you up?

I’ve been playing at fraternities around the south and like I already said I have recently in the last month opened for Mimosa, Archnemesis, and Wick-It the Instigator which is very inspiring and flattering but soon I hope to be the headliner at these big shows. I just have to wait my turn but we’ll get there real soon. Notice I say “we’ll get there” because now my music career is a team effort between myself, SimplePlay, and my agent. If it wasn’t for them noticing that I have a gift /talent and teaching me the ways of the game as well as putting me on with big acts like the ones I stated I don’t know where my music career would be at this point. I mean I’m sure I would get there at some point but it would just have taken much longer and in this game time is everything. We have a bunch of fraternities lined up for future shows. However most of my shows have been in the Louisiana and Mississippi area so if anyone is that area look me up but if not I’m sure I’ll be coming to a show near you soon. We have big plans to expand my tour up north towards South Carolina and possibly making moves towards Texas real soon



Still working on that hot first release.



Perry Gaffney Jr is a mashup artist/producer born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He specializes in mixing and mashing hip hop, rap, and dubstep while bringing his own unique Southern flavor and originality to the table. Perry Gaffney Jr has already shared the stage with acts such as Mimosa, Archnemesis, and Wick-It the Instigator in his early music career. .

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