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Miami, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Miami, FL | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Eight gigs: Period BOMB"

It should be no surprise that I’m drawn to Period Bomb, not just because of the Los Angeles band’s sassy, don’t-give-a-fuck brand of feminist punk or the photos of its singer drenched in blood that may or may not have been in someone’s vagina earlier. Really, it’s the song “Gnarly Princess” off the EP Yes! I’m Bleeding! And specifically, the chorus: “DIRT, DIRT, DIRT, GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER.” Anyway, lots of rad California acts are playing the second annual Sac LadyFest on Friday and Saturday, including locals Lights and Sirens, Spacewalker, Destroy Boys and Ghostplay. See them all—and remember, it’s a safe space. 2130 L Street. -

"INTERVIEW: Period Bomb on Gloria Estefan, Freaking Out Squares, and Problem Child!"

This Sunday is a little better by the scuzzy punk of Period Bomb. There is a blunt kind of charm to the band backed by a gleefully noisy blast of fuzzed out, mutated garage rock infused jams, none of which seem to give a fat fuck what you think. Theirs is the kind of music you put on to freak out the squares, and it's absolutely brilliant. This interview is awesome. Conducted by Cami, the frontwoman for the band, you get this sense that they really just want to do what they think is the coolest and most positive thing that they can do. Maybe I'm reading this all wrong, but it was a lot of fun on my end. You can hear them at the link below, and see what they're all about this Sunday night at Haymarket Whiskey with Andrew Rinehart, Murals, and Divide and Dissolve from Australia. We caught up with Cami to talk about their band hotline, creepy meth people, and Gloria Estefan!............................................. - Never Nervous

"Punk provocateurs Period Bomb explode gloriously at Uncle Lou's"

Like their visceral moniker promises, the Los Angeles/Miami punk band is a direct and colorful affront to convention. All that normative shit that you inherited by insidious social osmosis – even the boys-club punk orthodoxy – they target it right between the eyes and on all levels. In sound, optics and concept, they are pure and exciting provocation. And they do it with maximum flair. - Orlando Weekly

"Period Bomb blends riot grill ferocity with postpunk weirdness at Uncle Lou's"

LA's Period Bomb hearkens back to the Slits, Lunachicks and Super-Heroines: bands that cut a loud, proud and visually flamboyant swath through the punk scenes of their respective times. Period Bomb beats the boys at their own volume-dealing game and adds just the right hint of "I'll cut you if you look at me sideways" intensity. On the evidence of the EPs released so far, the band is pitched perfectly between riot grrrl and postpunk weirdness. Live, the whole experience veers toward DIY punk psychedelia, with dirt, glitter, sweat, rhinestones, blood, spandex, vinyl and confrontation making for the perfect spectacle ... and soundtrack. - Orlando Weekly

"Henrietta validates the hype, Period Bomb shocks the system, Empire Cinema energizes post-punk"

A block away (Uncle Lou's), Period Bomb went off. Like their visceral moniker promises, the Los Angeles/Miami punk band is a direct and colorful affront to convention. All that normative shit that you inherited by insidious social osmosis – even the boys-club punk orthodoxy – Period Bomb target it right between the eyes. In sound, optics and concept, they are total and exciting provocation. And they do it with maximum flair. - Orlando Weekly

"Record of the Day: Ovary Acting"

I’m not sure if I’m the person to be writing about LA gore rockers – Period Bomb!

The self-proclaimed “baby-Martian-gore-bratty-poppunk-romantic-selfpity-metal w/a splash of spicegirls-on-crack-esque daycare-jesus deathrock” band have been known to use ah, menstrual blood during their shows.

But even if I’m not their target audience, man I like the music. Think GG Allin, Bikini Kill and The Runaways. - 50thirdand3rd

""Best of 2014""

" Period Bomb came off their east-coast tour and nearly burned the house down, literally as they lit a stink bomb in the middle of the room at Lot 1, playing a ruckus set, all brooding and bloody tampon-filled punk mayhem with nods to GG Allin. " - LA Record

"Period Bomb is the coolest band ever, so everyone else can just go home now."

Yes ! I’m also bleeding right now ! Bleeding some kind of fluid I think could be a combination of excitement and love for this really cool group !

I also can’t stop yelling !

Ok, I’ll stop for a little while, since my voice is starting to wear out.

I’m not even going to write much of an intro, I just wanna get right to the music and some other exciting thing…

… ‘Get Out Of My Life Creep’ has a hard rock energy, and the vocals sound perfect here. It’s a perfect track for wanting to rid yourselves of the creepy creepers that are all over your life. It’s like the sonic equivalent of a bat, and we’re just spinning around with it while the creeps go flying.

‘Gnarly Princess’ is even better, with a kind of lo-fi powerpop princess vibe. We’re being glitter-bombed with these riffs. There’s just glitter everywhere, and bright colors, it’s like Lisa Frank exploded at Yeah I Know It Sucks right now. I love the slower section, and the way the vocalist sings and the reverb is excellent. Then there’s this heavy section with phasers, my mind is melting completely.

The next one, ‘Oily Girls’ has some thick guitars and intense energy. Very oily, too, in the sound. As with all these tracks the vocals are great. This is like a bubble-bath of hard garage rock, the bouncing energy is everywhere. It starts to feel like it’s stretching, getting slow, then AAH! It’s back.

Last is ‘Lightnin”. Very lo-fi click pulse with guitar at the very beginning, then the fidelity goes up. I like this one a lot for feeling like a random take of a jam!

Oh, but the really cool thing I wanted to share is that they’re currently looking for a bassist!!!

But like, no joke, you’ve gotta hear this music and you should also totally buy a copy right away at the link. Don’t think I’m kidding. I’m wearing my most serious of faces right now, and I’m covered in blood, oil and glitter, imploring you… - Alex Spalding

"On the Rag"

Los Angeles band Period Bomb is an anarcho-feminist project recalling protest punk like Bikini Kill and straightforward, curled-upper-lip rock ‘n’ roll like The Runaways.

Period Bomb’s “Get Out Of My Life Creep” is a simple kiss-off to a boorish, controlling lover. The song features vocalist Cami Miami’s supple, Siouxsie Sioux voice moving over tightly wound power chords.

The group calls their sound “baby-Martian-gore pop,” featuring song titles like “Yes! I’m Bleeding!” Frank themes of menstruation awareness run through the work, as well as obsessions with cartoonish, Technicolor pop-culture references. The performers have even been known to make art with menstrual blood live on stage.

But when it comes to Period Bomb shows, Miami likes to maintain an air of mystery and chaos. “It’s a pretty unique experience,” Miami tells EW. The circus-like atmosphere of Period Bomb comes from Miami’s contortionist background. “I have these contortionist abilities that I guess are pretty rare,” she says.

“The whole Period Bomb thing — people aren’t sure how literal to take it,” she explains. “Definitely when it’s that time of the month we like to make it really literal, but that’s not our only thing.”

“We’re spontaneous, we improvise a little,” Miami continues. “It’s a little bit different every time. I wrote these songs myself, on bass. I needed to make a project where I could totally express myself.”

Miami says Period Bomb’s all-female lineup is important to her: “To be able to rage, scream, be really artistic and experimental.”

But, she adds, “it’s still pop music, definitely danceable.”

Period Bomb plays with Saffron, Coyote and Critical Shakes 7 pm Thursday, Sept. 24, at the Boreal; $5. All ages. — William Kennedy - William Kennedy


Get hot and heavy with hilarious LA punk pukers PERIOD BOMB spraying their catchy far out attitude all across the basement. - Boston Hassle

"Is that a Period Bomb in your pocket?"

"Girls gone wild with Cami Alvarez aka Mysterr aka Period Bomb thrashing about in an unhinged, slightly scary but still cute explosion of creative discharge, pun intended. From what we know, Cami lives to Bomb. She sleeps in a van with her pet rat, and just wrapped a very long tour with Snow Wite, leaving a trail of red stains all over the country. Below, see the Period Bomb video for “Oily Girls” and then go see the band live at Lot 1 tonight." - LA Record


Yes, I'm Bleeding (EP)   September, 2014
Mixed & Mastered by Andreas Cary
Self-released under 'Wormhole Records'

Ovary Acting (EP)  January, 2015
Mixed by Rat Bastard, Mastered by Geza X 
Self-released under 'Crass Lips Records'

Red, Wet & Bruised (Live Tour Tape)   October, 2016
Recorded & mixed live on tour by James Benjamin
Self-released under 'Crass Lips Records'

Permanently Wet (LP)  Spring, 2017
Recorded at Breakglass Studios in Montreal and Seahorse Studios in LA
Mixed & Mastered by James Benjamin. Guest producers include Geza X (Geza X and the Mommymen, The Screamers, Dead Kennedys, The Germs), Shags Chamberlain (Ariel Pink band) and John Anderson (girls). 



Period Bomb covers a lot of ground. Every genre from peace-punk to noise-gore could be heard coming out of this self-proclaimed bedroom super-star songwriter who has coined the term "dream-punk". Whether she is whispering or screaming at the top of her lungs, she demands to be heard in a way that nobody can mess with. 

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