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Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Alternative Pop




"Live Music Review"

Patternist, the Portland-based musical project of Gabe Mouer, has just released the track “Give It Up,” an upbeat romantic slice of synth-pop that you want to hear about halfway into your night out on the town, just as the buzz hits the brain.

Sometimes compared to St. Lucia, The 1975, Phoenix and Local Natives, the multi-instrumentalist Mouer has a good sense of how to arrange a tune and promises to be a pop phenomenon. - Portland Tribune

"Single Premiere"

Patternist‘s “Give It Up” is a pristine synth-pop tune. So much so that it’s hard to believe the Portland artist’s latest was recorded entirely in his apartment. It’s an irresistible song about finding solace in that special someone. - All Things Go

"Song of the Day"

Patternist is the stage name of singer-songwriter Gabe Mouer from Portland, US. The synth pop artist started his recording career with the release of the EP Youth Is Fading. In 2015 he dropped the single trilogy existing of ‘Gone’, ‘New Fashion’ and ‘Dizzy’. He created a catchy brand of synth pop as his own. Now, a year later, he is ready for a new chapter with the launch of the single ‘Far From Now’. Another contagious pop tune with an ace chorus!

‘Far From Now’ is confirmed as the first single taken from his upcoming EP Give It Up, to be released in the fall. Sonically, Patternist operates in similar soundscapes to bands like The 1975 and M83 with irresistibly catchy synth pop as a result. ‘Far From Now’ swings from start to finish with prominent drum rhythms and an ear catching synth hook. Gabe’s vocal delivery at times reminds of the emotive and smooth style of Years & Years’ Olly Alexander. The chorus of this track might well be the most hopeful and uplifting thing you will hear all day: “Cause I know that you know there is time for us and maybe it’s not far from now!” Patternist delivers a truly hit worthy new single! - A Bit of Pop Music

""Dizzy" Single Premiere"

Patternist’s lithe bedroom pop is given a tropical touch here with some Afro-pop guitars and marimba, and the song eventually blossoms with a percussive breakdown that’s equal parts twinkling and rumbling. - Idolator

"Exclusive Video Premiere and Feature"

I'm struck by how distinct "New Fashion"'s aesthetic is. This song has hooks but it has genuine atmosphere. It has a sound that is rooted in the past, but it knows who it is today. And with music like this, Patternist has officially become an artist to watch. - Baeble Music

"Artists for Your Pop Radar"

You may have heard Patternist on Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Real World, but don’t hold that against him. Gabe Mouer’s electro-pop project is far more low-key and polite than those licensing deals would suggest. Latest single “New Fashion” features his graceful vocals alongside a delicate blue mist of synths and guitars — it’s like The 1975 but good. - Idolator

"New Single Premiere & Feature"

Loaded with the kind of sparking, massive hooks that will remind many of the more pop-oriented side of the new romantic scene 30 years ago, Patternist‘s new single “New Fashion” is shamelessly wide-eyed. Irresistibly so. - PopMatters!

"Featured Track"

We’ve been covering Gabe Mouer aka Patternist’s infectious upbeat pop sounds for some time now. We had his first single ‘What We Found’ on heavy rotation back in October last year. So it’s rather annoying that we missed his latest offering ‘New Fashion’ a few days ago. Once again the Portlandian fuses sparkling synths, upbeat vocals and irresistible lyrics into the perfect pop package. We can near enough be certain you’ll be hearing lots more from Gabe Mouer in the future. - I Love Pie UK

"Artist Feature"

Meet Patternist, the solo project of Portland-based musician Gabe Mouer.

Patternist is constantly being compared to bands such as The 1975, Bleachers and The Cab. Being compared to these big name bands is not an easy feat, but the indie pop act is very deserving. All of the elements that have made these bands household names are there: the joyous overtones, breezy guitar riffs and juvenile-yet-smart lyrics scream monster hit. The influences are clear, but Patternist is no carbon copy. Mouer’s boyish vocal tone makes for a unique sound and his undeniable pop melodies are well thought and perfectly composed. Have we mentioned that Mouer also produces these tracks himself? Yeah. Total definition of boy wonder.

The absolute standout is one of his newest tracks titled “Don’t You Try”. The explosive chorus and cheery feel made me fall in love with this track on first listen. Although summer is almost over, I absolutely recommend blasting this jam with the windows down. Check out its music video below. - Trendio

"Exclusive Video Premiere"

Patternist (aka Gabe Mouer) is an up and coming indie electro-pop artist out of Portland, Oregon, whose new single and lyric video "Gone" is a follow-up to his 2014 EP Youth is Fading.

According to Mouer...

"Gone is written from the perspective of a kid watching his drug-addled friend jump off the roof of his house. It's about how the inane things we're prone to doing when we're young often serve to make us feel more alive. For the lyric video, we were aiming for something that adequately captured the atmosphere of the song while being simple enough not to distract the viewer from the focus of the lyrics. After kicking around a few ideas we settled on this very minimalist concept of cutting together shots of bokeh--specifically, blurred traffic lights--we took in various cities across the east coast." - Huffington Post

"Featured Track"

Patternist (aka Gabe Mouer) is a Portland based DIY electro pop multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

You may recognise his voice as he was a co-founder of the Portland band The Welcome Home, who’ve previously opened up for The Ataris and Train. This would explain the emo-tinged synthpop sound he has produced with his Patternist project.

He’s begun a new singles campaign with the MuseBox, where he’ll be releasing new music and accopanying videos at the rate of one per month.

Check out the latest track, ‘Gone’. - Indietronica

"Single Premiere"

Portland based indie-pop sensation Patternist premieres “Gone”

Featuring a blend of rhythmic synths and pounding percussion, Portland based indie-pop musician Patternist (Gabe Mouer) has perked up our eardrums with sonic delight. His second summer single “Gone,” is a bright, wistful single and it is premiering exclusively on GroundSounds.

Patternist had this to say about “Gone”:

“I wanted to write this fairly short narrative that I thought encapsulated the impetuousness of youth so I fabricated this tale about a kid watching a drug addled friend try to fly off the roof of his house. It’s used a catalyst to explore, albeit quickly, how we can rationalize the admittedly inane things we do when we’re young.”
Check back for more on Patternist and stream “Gone” below. - GroundSounds

"Artist Interview"

"Blending rhythmic synths with heart pounding percussion while featuring rich arrangements, Portland based electro-pop artist Patternist aka Gabe Mouer is pulling away from the pack. With his latest track “Don’t You Try,” he is emerging as a stand out artist to watch." - GroundSounds

"Exclusive Video Premiere"

"Pairing effervescent pop with dark themes, Patternist drops the first of five singles and accompanying videos to come in the next few months." - Vortex Music Magazine

"Album Review"

"[Patternist]'s debut EP is full of catchy songs and wistful lyrics. Gabe Mouer [...] has the ability to become as big as The 1975 based on the few songs I've heard from this record. I can see the opening track, "What We Found", garnering as much popularity as its contempory standouts in the same genre. Mouer does an excellent job of blending nostalgia and uplifting beats together to make for very high quality music." - KAMP Student Radio

"Featured Artist"

"[Patternist], whom we’re just discovering as of this morning, is a one man indie pop project out of Portland. His sound can be characterized by a combination of dreamy synths and some seriously infectious guitar melodies. And for a debut EP this is one extremely impressive effort. See for yourself on tracks like “Get You Out” which we think are poised to get [Patternist], aka Gabe Mouer, recognized on an international level (think The 1975) by year’s end." - Lower Frequencies, Brett Rosenburg

"Featured Artist"

New smooth indie pop sounds coming out of Portland, Oregon in the form of new solo artist Gabe Mouer aka [Patternist]. Mixing friendly, pop melodies with smooth vocals. On first listen it’s hard not to compare Light Club with the likes of the 1975 and St. Lucia, in fact it’s how he sells himself. Although it would be unfair to pass him off as just another (insert indie pop artist here). This is smooth, polished and a rather all together sound, which is remarkable when you consider that [Patternist] only released his debut EP ‘Youth is Fading’ two weeks ago.

It’s a promising start that I have a feeling will see the Portlandian moving on to bigger things. - I Love Pie UK

"Track Review"

"Great track - solid production - love the arrangement! I think this is definitely something sync-worthy for film/TV, and you could even do well at Alternative/specialty radio with it." - Mike Savage (Manager, Meiko) via Fluence

"Album Review / Interview"

"Light Club is a one-man band with Mouer at the helm for the vocals and all the instrumentation except for some help on the drums. He recently released the first single, “What We Found,” 0ff his forthcoming EP Youth is Fading out October 14th.

Self-described as Indie-pop, Light Club’s music is well-produced, comes across fresh and relatively mainstream. Incorporating some very hip drum beats, bright melodies with well-placed synths, and defining vocals it’s not too far a stretch to believe in an illuminating future for Light Club but as Mouer admits, the album is out, now the hard work is just beginning." - Drew's Reviews

"Album Review"

"There’s a resolutely 80s vibe to the music – it seems to me it’s the sheen of the synthesisers, and the crispness of the percussion which sounds like something you might have found on ‘Whitney’ or ‘True Blue’. Mouer’s guitars shimmer in the background, much less central to the action than when he’s playing lead for Altadore. They add sparks of funkiness (‘Youth’), chime reinforcingly under breathless refusals to be beaten by life’s drudgeries (‘What We Found’), and provide melancholy undercurrents in ‘Hold Tight’ (“you and I are nothing more than our chemicals”). Elsewhere the drums are punchy and the synths uplifting and dance-able (‘Get You Out’). This is a potential soundtrack to getting ready for going out, even where the lyrical content is bittersweet before its years (“our youth is fading now”)." - Backseat Mafia

"Meet the Band"

Earlier this month Light Club released their debut EP ‘Youth is Fading’ and ‘they’ have now been kind enough to answer some of our questions. Come inside, meet the family… - Backseat Mafia

"Single Review"

Patternist is an alternative, synthpop, solo project from Portland, OR, which is amazing because that’s my home town. Gabe Mouer, the lead singer, writes and records everything himself, and is very charismatic and such a sweet guy. Patternist songs burst with joy and warmth, you can feel the beats run through your body and touch your soul. Their music is the type you want to blast in the car with all the windows down driving the back roads with friends. The band released their first EP (Youth is Fading) back in 2014 under their former name “Light Club”. This is around the time I personally first stumbled upon Gabe on soundcloud and immediately fell in love. It’s been such an honor following him grow and become more popular over the years. Since then Gabe has put out four summer singles and a brand new track, Far From Now.
Gabe’s new single still has that vibrant Patternist flare that makes us love his music. Far From Now makes you want to dance and have the time of your life. After listening to it on repeat for a few days, I’ve come to realize it’s a message to someone he cares about dearly. Saying that, he knows it’s been awhile since it’s been about them, but he also knows she knows there will be time. Maybe that time isn’t that far from now, but they’ll have to keep moving and hoping for the best. This is an upbeat all around feel good song that I highly recommend you go listen to right away. - Electric Daze Magazine


New Fashion EP
Released October 16, 2015
1. Gone
2. Don't You Try
3. You are a Thief
4. New Fashion
5. Dizzy

Dizzy - Single
Released September 21, 2015
1. Dizzy

New Fashion - Single
Released August 17, 2015
1. New Fashion

Gone - Single
Released June 26, 2015
1. Gone

Don't You Try - Single
Released May 29th, 2015
1. Don't You Try

Youth is Fading EP
Released October 14, 2014
1. What We Found
2. Get You Out
3. Sound
4. Youth
5. Hold Tight



Soulful indie Electropop from Portland, Oregon, Patternist bursts with a blend of rhythmic synths, heart-thumpingpercussion, and lush arrangements that backdrop song-writer Gabe Mouer's boyish tenor and wistful lyrics. Echoing the sensibilities of musical auteurs like Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, Patternist's debut EP, Youth is Fading, was written and performed solely by Mouer. Released early 2015, the EP helped to generate buzz from bloggers, critics, and industry insiders in multiple countries, as well as spending several weeks on CMJ's Top 200. Mouer has licensed music to over a dozen television shows and pro-grams including Keeping Up with the Kardashians, MTV's Real World, Bad Girls Club, and companies like Intel, Adobe, and Discovery Networks. Songs from his 2015 EP, Summer Singles, have been featured on outlets such as The Huffington Post, PopMatters, and Idolator in addition to several Spotify-curated playlists including Fresh Finds, Indie Rock All-stars, and Discover the Unknown. Starting off strong in 2016, Patternist supported Finish Ticket (Elektra) & Vinyl Theatre (Fueled By Ramen) on The Ones to Watch Tour playing to sold-out crowds across the Western US. Fresh off the tour Gabe hid away in his home studio to write and record his third EP in less than two years, Give it Up. The EP’s debut single, Far From Now, released August 22 with the EP set to drop December 9, 2016.

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