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Patrick McLaughlin

Columbus, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE | AFM

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Blues Rock




"Letter of Reference"

As the former Director of Marketing for a multi-unit restaurant/bar/live music venue and the current Principal for Act2ArtistMedia, LLC, I am pleased to be able to share the positive experiences that the guests of my venues and myself have experienced in booking The Patrick McLaughlin Band.
The first impression you get in discussing venue opportunities with this band is their professionalism. These are cordial, understanding and experienced professionals with a depth of musical talent that allows them to craft a show to fit your specific audience. Whether you are booking for an annual festival or a more intimate monthly set of engagements, the negotiations are pleasant, reasonable and efficient.
Before the show, they arrive well ahead of time to ensure that everything is taken care of, from location to logistics to any last-minute changes.
Most importantly, the performances are an enjoyable experience for the audience as well as the club owners. They deliver a great set list of both original grooves that get the audience engaged and fresh renditions of covers that are a pleasant surprise. Both evoke a great response from the audience. As a musician myself, I can immediately identify the difference between a clichéd riff or lyrical phrase and a song which has been crafted from a talented hand and a passionate heart. Watch the band when they play: they’re having a good time, they put the positive energy out into the crowd and it comes back to them, bring audience and performer together as one. You and your guests will enjoy being part of the material you hear from the Patrick McLaughlin Band.
Finally, after an impassioned performance, your guests will enjoy the approachability of the band members. They are friendly, sincere and down-to-earth, signing CDs and taking pictures that highlight your venue as well as one very special night.
With sincere thanks,
Ray Smith
Principal, Act2Artist Media, LLC
- Ray Smith

"Patrick McLaughlin CD Review"

The Patrick McLaughlin Band consists of Patrick on vocals and guitars, Molly Young on bass, and Gary Williams on drums and backing vocals. Additional musicians on several cuts include Darrell Jumper on drums & backing vocals and Chris Skrobot on guitar. The disc contains 11 all original tracks.

More often than not, three piece blues bands tend to fall into the rock blues arena and commonly get referred to as power trios. Although some of what I read about the band refers to them as exactly that, I beg to differ. It's my opinion that with their diverse mix of traditional, contemporary and rock blues - influenced with doses of jazz and soul - that Patrick McLaughlin and company could be the ultimate crossover band.

The opening track - something that many of us will be doing for the rest of our lives - "Working Hard", immediately spotlights the bands talents: solid rhythm from Molly & Gary and excellent vocals and guitar work, with most of it being slide, from Patrick.

One of the discs more traditional blues numbers - and perhaps my favorite track - is a shuffle called "I've Got You". With significantly intense rhythm behind him, Patrick's slammin' out some blues on guitar. This is one of those song I consider too good to be too short. I wanted lots more than it's three and a half minutes.

"Make Up Your Mind" is the type of song you might expect to hear from Otis Redding. It's got that lazy, laid back "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" feel. Molly and Gary are in a mellow groove on bass and drums, and Patrick's softly strummin' his guitar. It's the soulful vocals that make this one shine.

"Never Crossed My Mind" is a soft rock blues song done a la Neil Young. Guest guitarist Chris Skrobot brings a whole new sound to the song and his style blends perfectly with Patrick's vocals. I would have liked to hear more of him.

"Motion Of Emotion" is by far the most serious, slow downed, low down blues track of the the bunch......and it's a pleasingly seven and a half minutes long. Of course, that naturally makes it one of my faves. This is one of several tracks which feature Darrell on the drums and he's another good match with Gary in the rhythm department. However, the emotion that's in motion is all coming from the vocals and guitar. Great song.

The closing song is an instrumental titled "One More". Basically, it's six minutes of the band doing what the guys do best..... Sounding great.
Other tracks on this self titled CD by Patrick McLaughlin include: "Which Way To Go", "Burn A Little Brighter", "There's More To Life Than This", "Fathers And Sons" and "Ready Set Leave".

To learn more about Patrick, his past projects, gig dates and more, just go to And when you do, tell him the Blewzzman sent you. ?

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @
2011 Keeping The Blues Alive Award Recipient
- Mary4Music

"Featured Blues Review"

From Columbus, Ohio here comes another in a long line of blues-rock guitarists fronting a power trio. His first release displays that he has guitar chops to spare and a commanding voice with a soulful edge to it that is easy to listen to. His playing has evolved as the result of being a band leader for ten years. A tight rhythm section follows his every move. The one pitfall is the mostly mundane and commonplace lyrics as well as the repetitiveness of them.

Patrick handles rhythm and lead guitar parts on most songs, giving them a beefy quality. He leads right in with slide guitar that almost talks, laid over a catchy rhythm guitar riff on “Working Hard”. Here as throughout the record the sound is fresh, clean and full of tone. It seems like the guitar playing stays close to the standard styles, until you see him taking more chances from the half-way mark on. The guitar tone and watching the turns they take are an adventure to behold. For many of the songs, the lyrics are repeated too many times rather than developed. “I’ve Got You” is a blues shuffle ala Stevie Ray Vaughn or Melvin Taylor. He can sure build a liquid guitar solo. The underlying riff that runs through “There’s More To Life Than This” provides a warm cushion for the tune to ride upon. “Constructing A Guitar Solo 101” should be the subtitle for “Motion Of Emotion” a tale of love’s complications. The moody and soul-drenched vocal emotion is supported by the bluesy guitar in “Ready Set Leave”, a tale of love gone wrong. The lone instrumental “One More” closes out the cd. It begins life as a slow blues underpinned by the crisp drumming of Darrell Jumper, then Patrick’s guitar starts spewing out licks.

This is a display of a solid dose of blues-rock with a strong leaning towards traditional blues. Patrick has an uncanny knack for a keen interaction between his vocal and his guitar. They seem to follow each other and at times intertwine. He gets able support from two different drummers and the steady bass beat of Molly Young. Rather than firing off mile-a-minute guitar barrages, he unleashes well thought out and executed solos that practice tension and release along with nuance. All songs are band efforts that reflect the best qualities of a well crafted blues song. These guys and gal have the sturdy foundation to keep building and growing upon.
- Blues Blast

"Patrick McLaughlin"

Patrick McLaughlin

Coming from Columbus in Ohio may not directly influence Patrick McLaughlin’s Blues heritage, so he tops this up nicely taking band members from Harlem and Memphis. McLaughlin has had a band of his own for around a decade, but this current band have only been with him a year. It is this crew that have given him the encouragement to release a long-awaited debut. It is a cracker and promises much more as he hones his obvious talent. References are made to his Robert Cray style and this is certainly true, particularly on ‘Burn A Little Brighter’, although to many he will be closer to an early Joe Louis Walker. Subtleties aside, he’s sure to prefer to be known for his own style anyway, which is deliberate and focused. The album features two marathon Blues numbers, ‘Motion Of Emotion’ and ‘Ready Set Leave’, that really give air time to the guy’s potential; he adds sensitivity and grace to the Blues-rock playground.

Gareth Hayes

Issue 63 - Blues Matters

"Thrust Magazine Article"

“The next great blues great isn’t from Chicago, Memphis, or the Mississippi Delta. He’s from Columbus, Ohio.”
- Thrust Magazine

"Artist Review- Patrick McLaughlin"

The Blues is getting up there in age. No longer is there a mystique about this “devil’s music’ that accompanied it in the past. Players such as Robert Johnson used to be followed by controversy for their lyrics, playing and supposed packs with the devil. But, generations of Bluesmen have followed in Johnson’s footsteps, bringing the genre into the mainstream and carving out niches and subgenre’s of Blues along the way. After players such as B.B. King, Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughan left their unique mark on the modern Blues guitar genre, newcomers to the idiom are left with two options to solidify their careers, come up with a totally new take on the Blues, or dig deep into the traditional and play the existing style with as much bravado, dedication, heart and soul as they can.

Columbus, Ohio guitarist Patrick McLaughlin is a player and songwriter who falls directly into this latter category. He isn’t out to reinvent the wheel, but as one can hear on his self-titled album, he is a dedicated Bluesman who knows how to write and play in the traditional Blues genre with the best of them. These eleven tracks are not going to shock traditional Blues fans, or take the genre in a new groundbreaking direction, but they are going to satisfy the appetites of even the most dedicated fan of the genre.

Songs such as “I’ve Got You,” are a prime example of McLaughlin’s deep understanding of the Blues and how to use the emotional content of his lyrics and guitar work to engage his audience in a very deep way. Keeping things simple lyric-wise, McLaughlin lets his guitar take control between vocal phrases. He then lets loose on a classic, distorted guitar solo that brings to mind many of the giants of the genre. There is nothing fancy or controversial about what McLaughlin does on this track. But, what he does do is lay down a fat groove, tasty guitar licks and simple yet effective vocal lines, everything a Blues track needs to be successful.

McLaughlin moves over the minor, darker side of the blues on his killer track “There’s More to Life Than This.” The track features some of the album’s best guitar work, including interesting palm-muted riffs that intertwine with the melody, adding an extra layer of interest to both the guitar soloing and the song as a whole. The solo on this track itself also stands out as one of the album’s biggest highlights. McLaughlin uses space, emotional clarity and some nifty right-hand raking techniques to draw the listener in, keeping them glued to his guitar until the last note fades out of the speaker into the night.

The ballad “Ready, Set, Leave” is another example of McLaughlin’s deep understanding of the Blues tradition. His vocal melody, phrasing and guitar work are reminiscent of some of the best of the slow blues tracks of years gone by. The 12/8 shuffle that’s slowly moving under the harmony and melody help keep a steady pulse as the guitar and vocals dig deep into the listener’s emotions, grabbing their attention and allowing them to get full glimpse of McLaughlin’s artistic soul.

Overall, Patrick McLaughlin is a solid release by the talented guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. This record is not going to turn the Blues world on its head, but it will deliver an entertaining hour of music that any fan of the traditional Blues genre can enjoy. Tired of listening to the same albums time and again when a Blues craving hits? Check out McLaughlin’s new album, it won’t disappoint.

Review by Matthew Warnock
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
- Matthew Warnock

"Making the Electric Blues Relevant Again"

The electric blues is one of those sounds I never really "got," reminding me of the Budweiser commercials of my teen years rather than anything I would choose to listen to.
That being said, Patrick McLaughlin's eponymous solo debut is not bad. McLaughlin is a solid, tasteful guitar player in a genre known for some of the biggest egos in music-and for playing that frequently devolves into guitar-shop wankery.
To his credit, McLaughlin avoids such pitfalls. He is one of the few notable guitar players to avoid bogging his songs down in extended soloing and showing off.
I hope you read that part about never really getting electric blues as "really hating electric blues," just so you know how much McLaughlin's efforts mean to me.
The songs simply pop, as vivid and alive as songs should be-yet rarely are-in a genre called "electric blues." He isn't reinventing the wheel, but honestly, no one out there in music is. What he's doing is salvaging a genre of music that has been overplayed into irrelevancy, and making it special again.
This one's a keeper.
A release show will be held at 8 tonight (April 7) at Woodlands Tavern, 1200 W. Third Ave.
Rick Allen - The Other Paper

"Blues Fests In The Mid West"

“The subtle way he and his band command an audience is merlinesque in it’s magic.”

- Ameriblues, August 14, 2010. by Raul Watson

"Patrick McLaughlin adds a blue hue to the crowd at Nikki’s Bar and Grille"

Wow! Was the first thought that came to mind as I settled in to the scene at Nikki’s Bar and Grille. I made the decision to move inside from the patio to the bar so that I could get a closer look and experience the band first hand. I would not have expected such a deep and soulful bluesy presence could come from the lean stature of the bands front-man, Patrick McLaughlin.

Patrick McLaughlin performs original material, which sets them apart from most of the other blues bands in the Columbus area, but they’ll also throw in a few covers to spice things up. The band was consistent and uniform in their performance all night and did not disappoint. They clearly have a talent that made me yearn for my days on Beale Street in Memphis.

Patrick McLaughlin and his band play everything from raw and earthy deep blues with melancholy overtones to the more upbeat jazz blues. It was a welcome change to the typical bar and club scene. There was a definite organic feel to the sound that emanated through the air. It was refreshing and intoxicating at the same time. McLaughlin’s music has all the warmth and character of a finely aged scotch and goes down just as smooth.

I caught up with Patrick after the show and got to know him a bit more. The band has been together a couple of years and is currently in the studio working on their first CD, one which I am anxiously awaiting. Patrick was quite modest in our chat though. It took a visit to the band’s myspace page to learn that he is an award-winning blues-man to boot. Three out the last five years McLaughlin was awarded as either a finalist or semi-finalist by the International Blues Challenge. It’s evident that he is also a leading force in the transformation of the Columbus blues scene. Patrick McLaughlin was a special treat to all of us at Nikki’s.

Be sure to check out Patrick McLaughlin’s myspace page to see a list of his upcoming shows and find out more about the band. Patrick McLaughlin’s band is: Patrick McLaughlin - vocals and guitar, Molly Young – bass, Darrell Jumper - drums and vocals, and A.C. Collins on sax and keyboard

Author: Andrea Leigh
Andrea Leigh is an Examiner from Columbus -

"Patrick McLaughlin-Some Serious Blues from Columbus, Ohio By Sean Carney"

The Columbus Blues scene has experienced a talent transfusion
over the last year or so, thanks in large part to Patrick
McLaughlin, whose talent and determination are garnering
recognition for the 24 year old and his whip smart band. A
compelling performance at The International Blues Challenge
in Memphis, last month earned The Patrick McLaughlin Band a
coveted slot at the finals –I should note that only two acts from
Columbus have made it that far.
Patrick and I have shared Tuesday night host duties at The
Blues Station’s weekly jam session for well over a year and on
occasion we’ll even find ourselves on stage together. I’ve
come to admire Patrick’s musicianship and I can’t help but feel
proud when I hear his name mentioned, as I’ve watched him
continue to evolve from a blues/rock guitarist into a deep blues
player, making effective use of dynamics, showmanship and
the maturity that comes along with night after night of steady
nightclub work.
Born in 1979, Patrick grew up on the north end of Columbus
and graduated from Worthington High School. He developed
an interest in music at an early age and recalls that he became
interested in the guitar when he was nine years old, after a
passing interest in the piano. “The guitar was way cooler,”
Patrick chuckled.
McLaughlin’s credits his grandparents who performed in a
show band called Sugar & Spice and the Studebakers for
sparking such an early musical passion.
The musical director of his grandparent’s band was Ric Boals,
whom Patrick cites as a major influence, not only as a guitarist
but also as a bandleader and businessman. In fact, by the
time Patrick turned 18, he had become a full fledged member
of Richard P. Boals and the Soals. In the late ‘90’s, Boals was
touring across the country ceaselessly in addition to recording
an arm’s load of CD’s on his own Growlin’ Bear label (and
later, JSP), giving the young McLaughlin a wealth of experience
and “road testing.” Patrick appears on, Boals’, “Pieces
from the Eclipse,” “On A Different Path,” which features Patrick
on Dobro, “Live at the Dolphin,” and “Access Denied.”
In 2001, Patrick began playing with Kathy Wolfe and her band,
Wolfhound. Patrick recalls his two years with Wolfhound
fondly, noting that he particularly enjoyed the two guitar interplay
with Richey B. Patrick appears on Wolfhound’s, “Songs
of Men and Other Pastimes,” which he co-produced along with
While still performing with Wolfhound, The Patrick McLaughlin
Band was formed with Bruce McLaughlin (no relation) on bass
and Ryan Parkevich on drums.
“I had always been a sideman and I wanted to make myself
sing,” Patrick replied when asked why he formed his own
group. He explained that when working with another guitarist,
he tended to play off of that person, as well, and that being the
sole guitarist in the group frees him creatively.
Eventually, The Patrick McLaughlin Band evolved into the
current, outstanding lineup and Patrick soon left Wolfhound to
focus his full attention on this project.
Vocalist, Deb Landolt, was introduced to Patrick through drummer,
DeArco Smith who brought her to the Monday night jam
at The Dolphin Lounge. “I was playing with Willie Pooch, R.B.
Salyer and Chris White,” he recalled, “Deb came up and sang
one of those ‘roll your eyes’ songs and she knocked me out –I
called her within the next couple of days!”
21 year old, Jeff Cooper originally joined the band as second
guitarist, but filled the bass vacancy after his second gig.
One of the MVP’s of the local scene is 24 year old Keith Blair
on keyboards. I’ve been particularly impressed with his support
and solo work as well great stage presence. Patrick told me
that he also met Keith through the jam at The Dolphin.
Veteran drummer, Leon Robinson, known locally as the drummer/
leader of The Inner City Blues Band, was recommended
by Columbus radio personality, E. Norman Harris. Robinson,
who has toured with Buckwheat Zydeco, has been with the
group for almost a year.
I asked Patrick about the International Blues Challenge experience,
which he considers a major career highlight. “We wanted
to show them that there is some serious Blues from Columbus,
Ohio and this part of the country.” From all reports, they did
just that.
When I enquired about his guitars, Patrick beamed over his
vintage 1969 Fender Stratocaster, which he plays through a 50
watt Holland amplifier. “I never could afford a Gibson,” he
laughed, “Growing up, Strats were the guitars to have –especially
the old ones.”
In discussing influences, Patrick mentioned that he draws from
local players more so than recordings, although he did mention
that he recently discovered Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s early
work. Patrick recently got to jam with Central Ohio transplant,
Dave Haley at the CBA’s Sunday jam at The Thirsty Ear and
was very impressed with his chops and tone. He acknowledged
Tom Bowling, Rick Colura and Sean Carney as o - The Columbus Blues Alliance "Blues Paper", March/April 2004, Vol. 15 Issue 2, Page 6


Patrick McLaughlin- self titled  2010

Long Tall Deb- Patrick McLaughlin co-writer "Raise
      Your Hands" 2013, "Diamonds on the Desert Floor" 2009

Blues For a Cure- 2008
Blues For a Cure Christmas- 2008

Patrick McLaughlin Band- "House On Fire" 2004

Kathy Wolfe and Wolfhound- "Songs of Men and Other Pastimes" 2002

Richard P. Boals and the Soals- "Live at the Dolphin" 2001, "Access Denied" 2000, "On a Different Path" 1999, "Pieces
     From the Eclipse" 1998.



Guitar lovers everywhere follow Patrick McLaughlin, the guitarists guitar player, who brings unique musicianship and electrifying songwriting to the blues experience. Patrick McLaughlin is a blues/rock guitarist vocalist from Columbus, Ohio, who has led a band of his own for the past ten years. 

Many of the most talented musicians were raised in families where one of the parents played or at least "dabbled" in music of some sort and always had music playing on the stereo. Patrick's family was far more involved, going beyond the typical living room or parlor entertainment. His father's parents were in a successful band called Sugar and Spice and the Studebakers. Meanwhile, his maternal grandfather and great uncles were bluegrass players with whom he learned to play along while strumming old country tunes. When he was only 3 years old he began proper music lessons on the piano. 

His exposure to music was a blend of all genres and styles. In addition to his grandparents' music he listened to 50's rock and roll, bluegrass, and soul artists such as Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Sam and Dave and everything in between. Finally, at the ripe old age of 9 he got his first electric guitar and began formal lessons on the instrument he would master. 

In high school he was a regular at the talent shows and he started attending the Monday Night Blues Jam at the Dolphin Lounge where he met and played with the local blues veteran that would set him on his course - Richard P. Boals, and following graduation he was asked to become one of Boals' "Soals". As second guitarist for Richard P. Boals and the Soals he quickly developed his chops and his work ethic, recording three albums for the Growlin' Bare label, touring the country playing in excess of 250 dates a year! At that time the Soals were based in Columbus and Boulder, with Albuquerque, NM becoming their "home away from home". That only covers the years between 1997 and 2000 - all before Patrick was 21 years old.

Once he left the Soals and returned to Columbus, he was playing 6 nights a week in no time, by joining Kathy Wolfe and Wolfhound and then starting the first incarnation of the celebrated Patrick McLaughlin Band (a.k.a. The PMB). With the husky, wailing vocals of Deb Landolt, Keith Blair on keyboards, Leon Robinson on drums and the late Jeffrey Cooper on bass, the PMB was truly a blues force to be reckoned with. During their run (from 2001 to 2006), they represented Ohio twice at the International Blues Challenge. All the while, Patrick was keeping in touch with his professional roots, hosting numerous weekly blues jams around Columbus including the Dolphin Lounge and The Blues Station.

Patrick McLaughlins self-titled debut was carefully composed to be enjoyed by a diverse listener. The album was recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios, and features all original material. Special appearances from guitarist Chris Skrobot (track 6). Songwriting partnerships with Will Freed (track 4), among others. Patrick McLaughlin delivers a unique style reminiscent of Robert Cray, with diverse sounds, and hook filled lyrics. Excitement builds with each track, and every pass through the album uncovers new musical discoveries. Like a good book you cant put down, this album is guaranteed to be a favorite in your music collection. 

Live performances include opening for many headlining groups, most recently Biscuit Miller, Tommy Castro, Blood Sweat and Tears, Bobby Parker, Bettye LaVette, and many more. Audience members are always delighted by the richness of the musical performance, especially coming from a three-piece group! 

Patrick McLaughlin is currently writing material to follow the first CD release. Continuing to collaborate with other songwriters, and exploring musical avenues that may be nontraditional blues forms gives the future music a creative edge. Touring the country will bring the album to life through live performance experiences.

Noteworthy Bullet Points:

Touring summer 2013-2014
Endorsing Lampifier Microphones
Former High Tone Music Group Artist
Columbus Music Awards Album of the Year 2011
First Round Consideration for 54th Annual Grammy Nominations
International Blues Challenge Finalist 2004
Currently writing the follow up album for 2014

Band Members