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Cleveland, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Rock Garage Rock




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"Pale Hollow-Pilots"

Pale Hollow-Pilots

Still catching up on 2018 with this late-year release which found its way into my top 100 but warrants a special mention here because aside from being a fine album, it's the first we've heard from Cleveland's Michael Allen in 11 years. His 2007 debut was a great collection of folk/rock tunes with classic rock instrumentation which recalled the English countryside circa 1971, and the long-awaited followup continues in the same vein. "Can't You Hear the Highway" opens the album and encapsulates this sound perfectly, its easy-going melody getting a rock treatment. Tracks like "Trouble and "Empire" are almost bucolic, while the title track and especially "Flame On" are catchy uptempo rockers that would sound at home alongside The Kinks and The Faces. An enjoyable listen, although you may find yourself growing sideburns after you're done”. - Absolute Power Pop

"CD Review: Pale Hollow “Pilots”"

Singer-songwriter Michael Allen of the band Pale Hollow has spent a lot of time floating around the Greater Cleveland music scene helping to make the city a lot more musical. Starting out with the Rock and Roll band Jericho Turnpike, Allen and that group would exist within a rather strong music scene that featured other notable groups such as The Waynes, Jehova Waitresses, Java Bean, The Simpletons and many other groups that were just as strong. But soon, Michael Allen would branch out on his own to record his own songs.

When Michael Allen took his music, he looked for musicians who wanted to form a new band. What resulted was a musical outfit by the name of Black Amps, which would exist for a while before changing their name to Pale Hollow and in 2007; a self-titled album was released under the Pale Hollow moniker. That self-titled release from Pale Hollow saw the band create a sound that combined elements of The Kinks, The Verve and many other British influences as well as American bands such as The Byrds, The Verve Pipe, even The Raspberries into one sound. Because of the various different elements, what resulted was a sound that was very retro in nature. But that retro feel to the band’s Americana music ended up allowing the band to gain a rather large following within the Greater Cleveland area.

Years would pass after the band’s first release. The band would change members during that time. And the band would change the feel of its music just a little because of the shifting of the band members. The current version of Pale Hollow includes: Michael Allen – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Kirk “Nemo” Nemerovsky – Drums, Jeff Ritchie – Bass, and Scott Steinbrick – Lead Guitar. It is this lineup that is featured on the newly-released second album from Pale Hollow. That second release is entitled Pilots. And for a little help with that album, the band’s new record was produced by Al Sutton (Greta Van Fleet) of Rust Belt Studios. It was because of Sutton that the band’s album is so strong from beginning to end.

The album Pilots from Pale Hollow begins with the track “Can You Hear the Highway?” The track contains a soft, gentle feel to the Folk-Rock music in much the same style as music that would have been found on AM radio back in the seventies. The track brings to mind the lighter sound of a band like The Eagles. And in fact, the lyrical content has a simplicity that also seems rather reminiscent of songs from that time period.

Michael Allen and Pale Hollow pick up the pace with the song “Good Thing”. While there is still a slight lightness to the music, the stronger touch to the music takes the song out of the seventies and sets it more into the early nineties before Alternative Rock would have come into being. The commercial feel of the song and the track’s refrain would place the track within Top 40 radio back at that time. The track would also feel right at home being played right alongside a current band like Coldplay.

With the next track called “Won’t Let You Down,” the band takes their music solidly into the nineties. In fact, the track seems to bring back a little of the flavor of the music that had been created back in the nineties by the aforementioned band of Jericho Turnpike. The nineties flavor of the track takes the listener back to the time right before the advent of the music genre called Alternative Rock. In fact, the sound of the music on this track would have been right at home with the very first artists that would have been played on radio stations such as Cleveland, Ohio’s 107.9 The End.

The album continues with the track “Empire”. The track contains a simplicity that features only the sound of the acoustic guitar and voice of Michael Allen. The slow pace of the song and the simple musical approach create a musical background for what sounds like an apology disguised as a poetic composition set to music. While the song is mainly just a guitar and Allen’s vocals, the inclusion of a light keyboard in the background helps to add some depth to the track.

Pilots from Pale Hollow continues with the title track of the release. “Pilots” is easily one the most commercial sounding tracks on the release. If given the chance, this track could be as large as anything on Hot Adult Contemporary radio formats today. With this track, the British influence in the band’s music comes to the forefront a bit stronger than on the earlier tracks. The music on the track contains a strong Pop influence that will remind the listener of something from the likes of Coldplay or Snow Patrol or other bands that fall into the same musical feel. And while the track’s rather long playtime of nearly five minutes may be too long for most commercial radio stations, the musical sound of “Pilots” more than makes up for that.

Pale Hollow seems to wear their influences on their sleeves. The track “Flame On” not only screams British musical influence, the song’s musical direction truly suggests that the band was more than just a little bit influenced by the band Oasis. In fact, “Flame On” from Pale Hollow would fit nicely right next to tracks like “Live Forever” “Champagne Supernova” or other tracks that can be found on Oasis’ (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? release.

For those who enjoy a more relaxed feel to their Rock and Roll while also enjoy having some orchestral flavor to that music, the sound of Cleveland, Ohio’s Pale Hollow may just be what you are looking for. The band’s 2018 release of Pilots is one of the most commercial albums that are not available from a major label. It’s also one of the strongest albums of 2018. If you happen to be a fan over rather commercial Rock and Roll but are tired of the same bands on commercial radio, Pale Hollow and the band’s 2018 release of Pilots may just be what you are looking for.

To hear the music from Pale Hollow, check out the band’s video to the title track to the album Pilots.

You can find the Pilots album from Pale Hollow on Spotify.

To check out the Pilots album from Pale Hollow, click on the album cover below: - Matheson Kamin: The Rock And Roll Report

" Review"

"If you didn't know better, you'd swear that Cleveland's Michael Allen was British! Even the photo on the CD cover looks like something outta the UK! The songs on his brilliant, hook-filled debut have a decidedly Brit folk-rock slant to them. His slightly raspy vocal style recalls the great Peter Bruntnell and even a little bit of Roy Harper at times. "Roll The Stone Away" is very Ian Hunter-like. This guitar-filled record was recorded in Detroit with producer Al Sutton (Detroit Cobras). This could've been Peter Bruntnell's record made between "Camelot In Smithereens" and "Normal For Bridgewater"! Imagine Peter Bruntnell backed by Crazy Horse! "Sugarcane" and "Remains Of Yesterday" are simply stellar examples of power roots pop! One of, if not "the", roots pop releases of the year! Can't say enough about this one! GREAT!!!" -

"Cleveland Scene Magazine Review"

"Pale Hollow - Pale Hollow (Times Beach)

By Matt Gorey

Published: December 19, 2007

Pale Hollow mastermind Michael Allen is a songwriter's songwriter. He's aware that a tune needs more than just a catchy chorus. And even though the hooks come fast and furious on Pale Hollow's debut, Allen builds on his acoustic skeletons with an array of instruments to form a melodic slice of pop rock. Pale Hollow was originally going to be a solo acoustic project, but Allen recruited some Detroit musicians to give the record a richer sound: The pedal steel in "Don't It Leave You Lonely" and the tuneful electric guitar of "Gustav's Dream" enhance the songs without obscuring their hooks. Allen has since teamed up with local guys and performs around town as the Black Amps, who play much of this sublime album live. - Cleveland Scene Magazine

"cd's of t#5 in the top 125 he year 2008!"

"The best classic rock/British pop disc of the year, and it's the product of a guy from Cleveland, Michael Allen. With touchstones from Neil Young to The Kinks & solo Ray Davies to Peter Bruntnell to Al Stewart to Oasis, and a bunch of great songs to do those influences proud, Allen has made a disc that will instantly appeal to anyone who grew up in the 60s or 70s." - Dec. 23rd 2008 - Absolute Power Pop
- Absolute Power Pop

"Cleveland Free Times Review"

Local singer-guitarist Michael Allen went to Detroit's Rustbelt Studios to record this album with producer Al Sutton (Detroit Cobras, Dirtbombs). It proved to be a good move as the album sounds like a real pro recording, though it's certainly not as sloppy and garage-oriented as the Cobras and Dirtbombs. Rather, Allen goes for a fuller sound that's more rooted in Britpop (think of something along the lines of the Verve meets Guided by Voices). In addition to some fine guitar work, tunes such as "Sugarcane" and "Gustav's Dream" are catchy and suggest Allen might just be one of the best (if unheralded) songwriters on the local scene. He's since hooked up with local rockers the Black Amps, and they've added the songs here to their repertoire. You can find them playing around town on a regular basis. - JN
- Cleveland Free Times

"Absolute Power Pop Review"

Now here's an exceptional disc. Pale Hollow is Cleveland's Michael Allen and he recorded this album in Detroit, but don't be fooled - this is the sound of the English Midlands rather than the US Rustbelt, and he's given us a tasteful disc of the highest craft. Think Muswell-era Kinks as interpreted by Teenage Fanclub with an attention to craft and detail, and you have an early Best of 2008 favorite (Yes, the disc came out in December of 2007. So sue me.)

"Don't It Leave You Lonely" opens the disc and gives you a great idea of what you're in for the rest of the way. Coming down like a great lost Laurel Canyon 70s-era track, its breezy melody and midtempo beauty let you know that a pro is at work. "Sugarcane" follows with a more rocking sound, almost Neil Young-ish in parts but with a wonderfully melodic middle eight that will leave you humming. "Let the Change Begin" almost sounds like a grown-up Oasis; "Roll The Stone Away" reminds me of prime Peter Bruntnell; "Satisfied Mind" is excellent folk-rock in a Donovan-meets-Al Stewart manner, and "Soul Explosion" would make Ray Davies proud.

A very pleasant surprise indeed, and kudos to Kool Kat for unearthing this gem. While it may not appeal to the under-35 crowd, music fans of any age would be well served to add this one to their collection. - Absolute Powerpop

" Review"

OK, this might get a little tricky, so stick close and follow the bouncing ball: Pale Hollow was the brainchild of singer-songwriter Michael Allen, a man who knows a thing or two about crafting a catchy tune. When he arrived back in Cleveland from Detroit (where this sensational debut disc was concocted) he abandoned that moniker briefly to work with Nick Perry, Todd Thurman and Derek Poindexter under the namesake The Black Amps. Merger completed, they performed locally for a while that way and then assumed Allen's old moniker. They now play many of the tunes from Pale Hollow and have been carrying on swimmingly ever since. Got it? Good. (I had to spell it out on virtual paper, because even I got confused). Allen's delectable hooks and acoustic-based folk-pop shine through on Pale Hollow; what you get is shimmering and absolutely melodic. With a wide range of influences and a broad palette of instrumentation, Allen offers up rich pedal steel, shades of alt-country and that jangle that recalls many of thos early records Mitch Easter produced. After "Gustav's Dream," "Soul Explosion," "Satisfied Mind" (do kids under 35 even know who Al "Year of the Cat" Stewart is?!?) and "Roll the Stone Away," you begin to thrill at Allen's uncanny ability to nail a hook and blend pop, rock and folk components into something sublime. You get shades of the Kinks and Donovan, hues of early R.E.M., a hearty helping of Britpop ("Let the Change Begin" could be a sober Oasis) and just enough of that Don Kirshner 70s "Rock Concert" vibe to keep the active listener just so. Having witnessed Allen's latest configuration of the Blac... er, Pale Hol... um, well, that band of his, I can't wait to see what they do for a follow-up. - From Cool Cleveland Managing Editor Peter Chakerian

"Midpoint Music Festival 2008 Review"

"Close your eyes when you listen to Pale Hollow and you'll swear you're knee deep in warm beer in the English countryside. Frontman Michael Allen's vocals rasp like vintage Robert Pollard and Richard Ashcroft, and his musical output is equal parts Pop classicism and Indie Rock energy, which comes out sounding like something you remember hearing yesterday or 30 years ago, wherever your point of reference falls. Pale Hollow's 2007 self-titled debut CD is a marvel of atmosphere and substance, with wisps of Nick Drake and Gram Parsons drifting through the brilliant Brit-Pop sheen that Allen and Detroit producer Al Sutton crafted and executed. See Pale Hollow at MidPoint and understand what Dayton audiences must have experienced the first time they witnessed the minor grandeur of GBV in a basement club in the mid-'80s.

Dig It: Guided by Voices guided by The Byrds, The Verve swerved by The Kinks. (BB) - Midpoint Music Festival" - Midpoint Music Festival


Pale Hollow(2008)

Pilots (2018)



Cleveland, Ohio’s, Pale Hollow naturally combines elements of folk rock
with the restless urgency of a rustbelt garage band. Their songs, though
modern and melodic, are anchored by the solid rock and pop traditions
of the 60’s and 70’s.

Inspired by British folk artist such as Nick Drake and John Martyn,
Michael Allen, bought an acoustic guitar and started writing songs to
perform in local coffee houses around Cleveland. With a batch of home
demos, he went to Detroit to record his debut album with producer Al
Sutton (Greta Van Fleet, Kid Rock, Detroit Cobras), The resulting record
was a shimmering blend of Alt-Country/Folk-Pop, with shades of British
Invasion thrown in for color. With comparisons to The Kinks, The Verve,
David Bowie and Neil Young, Pale Hollow has gained the attention of
press and fans alike.

Pale Hollow were the grand prize winners of the Rock N' Roll Hall Of
Fames 2009 National Music Video contest "Rock Your Way To Cleveland” for
their song “Sugarcane”. They’ve also received national attention with
performances at the 2008 Midpoint Music Conference in Cincinnati, and
the 2008 International Pop Overthrow in Youngstown Ohio.

Pale Hollow has recently teamed up again with producer with Al Sutton
(Greta Van Fleet) to record their second full length CD. The new record
is called Pilots and will be released in the Fall of 2018.

"a Nick Drake record that was dragged through the mud then left out to dry in Southern California, picked up by the Byrds and played on Gram Parson's turntable" - The Grog Shop, Cleveland Ohio

"Wilco with a BritPop fetish playing during a spectacular sunset at Joshua Tree" - MPMF 2009

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The Olympic Ass-Kickin Team - 11/07
British Sea Power - 3/08
The Fleshtones - 4/08
Peter Case - 5/08
People In Planes - 7/08
Big Head Todd and The Monsters - 8/08
Los Lonely Boys - 8/08
The Sadies - 9/08
The Alternate Routes - 10/08
Blue Ash - 11/08
Revival Dear - 2/09
Peter Frampton - 9/09

Sponge 11-18

The Jellybricks/Frank Secich 10/19

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