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Jacksonville, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Hip Hop R&B




"Love Culture puts Jacksonville on the map with their new project, "Fluidity""

We love collaborations. Many of the epic tracks and albums we love usually have been products of collaborations. Look at what legendary collaborations have done for people like DJ Khaled, French Montana, etc. Here’s one fine example that should fully support my claim: “We Takin’ Over” launched DJ Khaled’s career into super-stardom and it cemented the careers of Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, T.I., Akon, Fat Joe and Birdman as the rappers who were “it” in the mid to late 2000’s.

This brings us to our next point. Jacksonville is trying to take DJ Khaled’s script and rewrite it to create another legendary collaboration track, correction, album! We have L.O.V.E Culture with the release of their collab album, “Fluidity“. Jacksonville has something blooming down there, we should know, we lived near there for a good amount of time and we saw first hand the underground rap scene and it’s ready to blow. What a coincidence that Khaled is also from Florida and L.O.V.E. Culture is just taking the page and rewriting it to now fit their vision.

We just want to make a quick introduction of each artist that is part of the collaboration. One of them is our good friend Easy, which was in fact one our very first submissions when We Sound Strange was starting out. If you remember, he has the style and flow that just eases out onto the track. We also have Cheech Forreign, FLASH The Samurai, Spirit and Rob Mari, that each bring their own Florida heat to the album. Let us know if you’re just as tired of our puns as we are, because we aren’t! Haha!

Be sure to check out “Fluidity” and give each one of these artists your full attention as they spit you the truth to put Jacksonville on the map. - We Sound Strange

"Love Culture- Affirmation"

The Jacksonville music group, Love Culture, provides visuals for “Affirmation” off their first EP Fluidity. A video with much artistic expression of someone searching for affirmation in a lover. The director Weighed Sailor, helps express the video with dark & mystic sceneries, It’s an impressive video that is only shot with an iPhone 7 plus. Each memember of the group (Cheech Forreign, Flash The Samurai, Spirit XIII, EASY, & Rob Mari) gives deep introspective lyricism that speaks out their feelings of affirmation that hit you in the chest. - Citrus Rap

"Love Culture. Affirmation Directed by Weighed Sailor"

Searching for someone you can trust completely and be happy with can be one of the most difficult things in life to do. Shining a spotlight down on a single track from their debut mixtape, rap group L.O.V.E Culture chronicles this dilemma when gone awry in their music video for “Affirmation.”

The story unraveled over the 8 minute video is one of a man seeking for affirmation from his lover to solidify their bond. Lyrics turn dark and bold as if they were being read from a poetic and hand-fistedly written suicide note, depicting an argument between the couple as if this questioning of loyalty turned our protagonist’s life upside down. Several men in the video are even seen covered in blood, scouring through journals, and even donning a noose while the phrase “but I’m stuck with a wrist full of slits,” juts out at you. A woman’s soft voice singing the chorus reinforces the pleas for affirmation, helping to contrast the darker tones of the verses. A serious yet lush and soothing story, Affirmation stands out for its deep lyrical themes and artistic music video direction.

Twitter: @Ourloveculture
Facebook: Official: Love Culture
IG: ourloveculture - Mieux magazine

"Local Lookout- Love Culture"

On the eve of hip hop’s 44th birthday, OG Thursdays was beginning to push forward with their third installment of the beat battle. With Nighthawks being the new hip hop hub, DJ Shotgun and Paten Locke welcomes everyone in each Thursday evening at 10 p.m. with warm elements of hip hop. While going through the structured maze of the venue, you’ll end up at a “bridge” that’ll take you to the patio area.

Back there, Flash and Rob were speaking lightly to each other. “Yo I like them pants man!” said the upbeat but mellow Flash. Rob, with his extremely mellow stance, remained humble. Shortly after, Cheech Forreign and EASY join the party. The L.O.V.E. Culture is bridging, figuratively.

The L.O.V.E. Culture entertainers consist of EASY, Flash the Samurai, Cheech Forreign and Rob Mari. Not in attendance was Spirit and Kyle Dorrell aka Weighed Sailor. The other affiliates consist of Goldsoul, Nostal, DeeT’Or Visions, and Larry Wakefield — aka DJ Larry Love. Rob Mari and Kyle Dorrell are noted as the brains behind the group’s formation, from their name to the sole idea of even being together. Rob dubbed the formation as the “Justice League of Duval,” and rightfully so.

“L.O.V.E.” is the acronym for “league of vibrant energies” and “culture” is used to bring everything from their respects of each other to their tailored talents. “We all just bring this certain type of element to the table and we help each other grow,” Flash said. Per Cheech, they all met at a show setting being on the same bill. She reflected on seeing them each perform, and after that evening, she wondered what it would be like if they collectively came together. That curiosity turned into reality, and it eventually spawned their collaboration album titled Fluidity. The 12-track album, available on SoundCloud, was originally supposed to be a project masterminded for Rob, but after some time, it turned into a joint effort. “It was supposed to be just features but we restructured it,” Rob said about the record.

For the group to have just started this year in February, they’ve had the pleasure of presenting themselves on various Jacksonville stages — even hosting their own summer tour, which placed them in various cities around the state like Orlando and St. Augustine. “We even rocked a coffeehouse bruh,” said each of them excitedly. In late July this year, they also had the opportunity to be the special guests at OG Thursdays, putting on an extraordinary performance. To top it off, when they all did their own solo songs, you could feel the room gravitate more towards them as a unit, and definitely on an individual level.

To bridge into their solo moves, they all have individual aspirations aside from their work with L.O.V.E. Culture. Beginning with Flash, he’s set to release a “Heisenberg-inspired” video filmed by Weighted Sailor (who also filmed and directed the group’s latest video “Affirmation“) at the top of September, which will “bridge” into his solo works coming in the winter.

Rob stated he’s releasing his funk/jazz/soul-infused project Easter Sunday at the beginning of 2018. Cheech will be on some future independent movie soundtracks piloted by director Carlos “Los2K” (SoulHood) and Chad Hendricks (Me and Mrs. Jones), and she’s heavily in creative mode with “some new.” “I’m gonna change the world, I’m serious,” Cheech said. EASY reassured us he’s currently working on two projects along with the general lyrical exercises musical emcees do without effort or thought. He also “bridges” in that The L.O.V.E. Culture will possibly be working on a sophomore installment.

When asked where they see Duval’s hip hop scene in 5 years, they all gave various but promising replies. “We’re changing the narrative,” Cheech expressed. EASY adds on that he sees himself and his crew “wherever they want to be.” Following that statement was enough courage, wisdom and conviction to shatter any doubts of a downfall. They’re also amped of the forthcoming of Duval’s hip hop future. “It’ll be lit as f***, it’ll be amazing, it’ll be accepting, it’ll be more creative than where it is, it’ll be huge!” Cheech said. They made many mentions about the “crab pot” that magically exists here by stating there isn’t one and that the group will definitely be in the forefront.

They, for sure, will be the refreshing wind on the bridge that they’re building, connecting more of themselves to each other and for consumers inside and outside of the culture to cross over and enjoy the works of all. Within all of this, it’ll push more energy to be great within themselves. What a perfect way to bridge some gaps.

For more information on their shows and to check out some of their music, videos, pictures and other tools they use to form their strong bridge, check out the links below. You can also hear the audio portion of this interview at The Groove Suite Podcast, located on hiphopandhookah.com, iTunes and Mixcloud.

Facebook: Official: Love Culture facebook.com/LOVECultureOfficial
Instagram: @ourloveculture instagram.com/ourloveculture
Twitter: @OurLOVECulture twitter.com/ourloveculture
Soundcloud: L.O.V.E. Culture soundcloud.com/lovecultureofficial - Al Pete for Void Magazine

"May 2017 Album Spotlights"

L.O.V.E. Culture is a local collective of young artists who came together to create a new project called FLUIDITY. The group is made up of Cheech Foreign, Rob Mari, EASY, Spirit and Flash the Samurai, while the album was produced by 1VARTS. FLUIDITY, despite preconceived notions about their young age, feels like a much more mature work, giving insight into Jacksonville cityscape and the culture surrounding our community. The 40-minute work is solid from start to finish, with a broad range of musical styles converging to make something amazing. If you’re looking to check out FLUIDITY yourself, visit L.O.V.E. Culture’s Soundcloud page and give it a listen. - Void Magazine

"Whats That Album- Love Culture"

L.O.V.E Culture is made up of Flash the Samurai, Rob Mari, EASY, Cheech Forreign and Spirit. L.O.V.E stands for League of Vibrant Energies. They’re a collective of young Jacksonville artists who wanted to create something new and completely different. Their album Fluidity is available on SoundCloud. See their diverse answers to What’s That Album below.

When you’re getting ready for a show?

Flash: Flatbush Zombies — 3001: A Laced Odyssey

When I’m getting ready for a show I love to get my energy high so I have to listen to 3001: A Laced Odyssey by the Flatbush Zombies.

Rob Mari: Any Kendrick Lamar album

EASY: Kendrick Lamar — Damn

But historically, nothing in particular. A variety of what I’m feeling at the time. Usually a lot of live albums such as J.Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive Live or Jay-Z’s MTV Unplugged album. Love the live feel. Helps me with my own performance as far as how to spice it up and make it different from what you hear on the actual song.

Cheech: Kid Cudi — Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’

Depends on the show, but lately it’s been Kid Cudi’s Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’. Cudder’s music usually gets me ready for my date with destiny. Entire Kendrick catalog, preferably Overly Dedicated, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, DAMN. Outkast: Aquemini, Big K.R.I.T: Return of 4Eva. J.Cole Forest Hills Drive and Friday Night Lights. Notable mentions Chance The Rapper: Coloring Book, 10 Day, Acid rap. M.I.A, WuTang, I really could go on.

When someone passes you the aux?

Flash: Kendrick Lamar — Damn

When someone passes me the aux I’m definitely playing DAMN by Kendrick Lamar. The sounds and subject matter just captivate me anytime I hear it!

Rob Mari: J.I.D — The Never Story

EASY: Just whatever the vibe dictates honestly. Depends on a night or daytime ride. Whether the car is fogged up or not, the weather. The color of my shoes. It’s really random.

Cheech: Anyone can tell you that 9 times out of 10 riding with me, you’ll end up in another decade. I LOVE ’60s soul. Early ’70s. Bootsie Collins, Marvin Gaye, The Stylistics, Tavares and The O’Jays. I love Prince. Prince is my hero. Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Tupac and Amy Winehouse. ’90s R&B, ’90s gangster rap and trap music. I love ’80s music. I don’t care what anyone says. I also love disco. I’m more into funk but disco? Meet me on the floor right now. Let’s go.

When you need inspiration?

Flash: Canibus — 2000 BC

Looking for inspiration I go to old school hip-hop and listen to 2000 BC by Canibus. His flow, word choice and just all around aggression gets my creative juices going almost instantly.

Rob Mari: Jimi Hendrix — Are You Experienced

Either Jimi Hendrix: Hendrix Experience or Bob Marley: Legend.

EASY: Inspirational music like 4:44, or Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, Oddisee’s The Good Fight, Wale’s More About Nothing, anything Cole, Camp Lo, Big K.R.I.T, Curren$y or myself. Whatever I’m feeling at the time.

Cheech: I usually go to my vinyls for that — Prince, Tupac, Jimi, Amy, Miles Davis, etc. I also am a big Paramore fan. Lyrically, I’m inspired by their songs. On Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube, I usually discover really cool sounds and mixes. Sometimes really dope short films or music videos do it for me.

On a Sunday morning (meaning a chill day)?

Flash: The Weeknd — Kiss Land

On a Sunday morning I’m listening to Kiss Land by The Weeknd. The vibe of the whole project puts me in a positive zone. I can’t leave until the the last song ends.

Rob Mari: Bobby Womack — The Poet

EASY: Camp Lo — Uptown Saturday Night

Something smoked out and lazy. Perfect for a Sunday morning watching cartoons or football, indulging in some flowers with a beautiful woman or my best friends. A mix of things. I also usually write a lot of raps on Sundays. So Camp Lo Uptown Saturday Night is great inspiration for that.

Cheech: Bob Marley — Legend

Bob Marley Legend, Corrine Bailey Rae The Sea, Like a Star, Solange A Seat at the Table, anything Sade, anything Aaliyah, “Awaken, My Love!” by Childish Gambino, Jhené Aiko Souled Out. Anything by Muva or Erykah Badu. I could go on forever.

When you’re road tripping?

Flash: Frank Ocean — Blond

When I’m road tripping I love listening to Blond by Frank Ocean. His writing ability is amazing with a voice that’s on the same level. He’s overall one of the best this generation has ever heard and this project keeps me hooked from beginning to end!

Rob Mari: Wiz Khalifa — Kush & Orange Juice

When road tripping I listen to a combination of all these artists, but to narrow down to a complete body or work or album, I would say Wiz Khalifa Kush & Orange Juice.

EASY: A bunch of albums. Don’t usually go through any one in particular other than L.O.V.E. Culture or my own music. I really listen to a variety of stuff and only listen to certain full albums when I really feel like it.

Cheech: Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & Orange Juice is a solid ride-out tape. Curren$y’s Cigarette Boats and ’90s music. Anything I can belt out a good ballad to make the time pass.

Spirit: Earth, Wind and Fire.

Photo by @ericmcclurephotography
Listen to L.O.V.E. Culture on SoundCloud. - Void magazine

"Groove Suite Podcast- Episode 24"

Episode 24 brings us the group L.O.V.E. Culture. The group consist of EASY, Flash the Samurai, Cheech Forreign, Rob Mari, Spirit and Kyle Dorrell aka Weighed Sailor. The other affiliates consists of Goldsoul, Nostal, DeeT’Or Visions, and Larry Wakefield aka DJ Larry Love. We let them talk to us vs. do the typical interview and we gain insight on their past, present and future works, their purpose and where they see themselves within some years.

This go 'round, we bring you the audio AND the write up, courtesy of Void Magazine. Head over to voidlive.com to read the article.

Make sure you're following The Groove Suite for updates, etc. at Instagram & Twitter: @thegroovesuite and on Facebook at The Groove Suite Podcast. Guest/sponsorship inquiries: groovesuitejax@gmail.com.

Check out L.O.V.E. Culture album 'Fluidity' on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lovecultureofficial/sets/fluidity - Groove Suite Podcast

"Album Spotlights- January 2017"


I stumbled into this album awhile back while browsing the “Jacksonville” tag on Bandcamp and was pleasantly surprised to say the least. CARE is local rapper Easy’s second EP, marking another W on the board for the young rapper. With a plethora of solid features and producers on the EP (namely the track with Eddy Braveaux taking the production reins), CARE is EASY’s best work to date, with each track feeling like it’s own little atmosphere. About the album, EASY said, “Compassion and striving to make a positive difference in yourself and your community are the foundation of what CARE is about.” Look for it on his Soundcloud or Bandcamp page. - Void magazine



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Fashionably Late- March. 2015

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Quarter Life Crisis- TBA



L.O.V.E is an acronym for League Of Vibrant Energies and Culture is something that's bigger than one individual.The individual entities that came together to form the collective  felt, and saw that very same thing. We all put our egos aside for the greater good. LOVE Culture is also a statement letting the masses know that a little love can go a long way. Our love for music and people in general has translated into love for each other and that energy transmits into our presence which we hope is received well from those who witness.

Band Members