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San Diego, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

San Diego, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Electronic Experimental


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Sleeve-The Loss EP"

"Sleeve pertenece a la generación de artistas del nuevo bass a los cuales les toca un desafió realmente grande: encontrar sabor propio que los identifique dentro del mar interminable que es hoy el estilo.
Este músico de San Diego, Estado Unidos, desde el primer beat dio muestras de originalidad, pero en sus comienzos su trabajo se alineaba concretamente a franjas de sub estilos. Hoy, en “The Loss EP”, en ese afán de darle a sus composiciones un espacio único, lo estilístico se desfigura hasta el punto en el que lo único que liga a estos tracks con el bass es el bass mismo, la gordura sobre la que flotan. Entre dubstep, downtempo y future trap, lo que importa en las 5 piezas que componen el EP es lo climático, la lisérgia que proponen, los mundos imaginarios que exhiben, utilizando recortes de distintos puzzles para armar una imagen extraña, reflejo de una excelente metamorfosis musical. También es para destacar cierto aire indie que llega de a andanadas gracias a algunos arreglos de guitarra y sampladelia de voces, así como una vuelta al IDM ambiental.
En esto de lograr un punto diferente, “The Loss EP” sale victorioso, y de paso, nos hace sentir que eso tan especial e inalcanzable es algo fácil de alcanzar, jugando.
Es la nueva publicación de Liquid Geometry Music." - cassetteblog.com

"Liquid Geometry beatmaker remixes Tijuana cosmic cabaret quartet with spellbinding results."

Back in January, my buddy Hugo Fierro and I curated a show at Visual in Normal Heights with a handful of artists and musicians who had caught our attention during weekend jaunts across the border to Mexicali and Tijuana.

Closing the night was Madame Ur y Sus Hombres, a cosmic jazz-cabaret quartet from Tijuana fronted by the captivating Madame Ur in cat mask and kimono.

The Madame - a tantalizing presence if ever there was one - sang about love longed-for and love lost.

Near the end of her performance, in a gesture that hinted at reconciliation with hombres past and, perhaps, the very essence of hombre-tude itself, Madame Ur descended from the stage into a dense alleyway crowd, embraced a dude in the audience, and held him with all the tenderness of a lover, a mother, and an ancient goddess, at once - swaying slightly to her hombres' hypnotic frenzy.

That dude was Steve ‘Sleeve↓’ Canfield, a dimethyltryptic beat producer and force behind local label, Liquid Geometry.

Three months later, Sleeve↓ dropped a remix of Madame Ur’s haunting track “Venada” via Soundcloud.

Not only is the remix an explosive sonic tryst between two super chingon borderland artists, but it also encapsulates exactly what Hugo and I were hoping to see from the event and its related documentary shorts (“Blue Balls in Mexicali” and “Tijuana: Caution, Wet Stripes”) – which is to say, newly-forged connections between culture creators on either side of the frontera.

Like Madame Ur, Sleeve↓'s sound tends to evade rightful attempts at explanation.

The words simply don't exist, or, if they do, they've only been muttered by mad men.

In this instance, Sleeve↓’s penchant for dark, resonant bass - garnished with gurgling blurgles, digital shimmerblips, and pungent wisps of stray smoke from the East - provides an almost sinister platform for Madame Ur’s provocative invocation.

As Madame Ur’s mouth-trumpet ooze-beckons over a climax of noises with no name, it feels as though a spell is being cast, and, try as you will, you can’t help but fall under its bewitching hex – consequences be damned.

Here’s the original take of “Venada”:" - San Diego Reader

"An MOCD exclusive interview with Sleeve↓"

Can you tell us a little about yourself and explain the creative behind Sleeve↓?

My name is Steve Canfield and I was born and raised in San Diego and I’ve been making music since I was 12 years old. I enjoy experimenting with new musical ideas through recording/arranging various instruments and sounds.

Can you tell us more about the evolution behind the new Ep “The Loss”?

One of my best friends, James Huntington aka HM.T DM.T, who I started the label Liquid Geometry with and who was my roommate took his own life 2 years ago. I’ve been working on this EP for about a year and a half and creating it became my self therapy to get through dealing with his death. I hope it can help other people that are going through a loss of any kind in their life.

Can you explain what Liquid Geometry is, and who fuels it?

Liquid Geometry is a record label that’s made up of like minded artists. Me and a group of helping hands that believe in the music fuel it with our time, effort, and love.

What are your main musical influences?

My musical influences are endless but the main ones are all of the artists on Liquid Geometry and ones that I’ve known personally.

What are your immediate goals for Sleeve↓? (Tour dates?, Collabs?, Special Projects?)

I’m planning a US tour for this spring with my label mate, Uncon Sci, and working on a split with him that will be Liquid Geometry’s first ever vinyl release.

What resources do you use to keep yourself connected to what is new in the music scene?

Pretty much just word of mouth for me.

What is the San Diego beat scene like and what are some of the best spots to check out?

San Diego’s beat scene is amazing! So many creative minds making all kinds of awesome music. The Kava Lounge is THE spot to play and see shows end of story. The sound system/vibes are top notch and they hold a monthly producers meet up there that’s always keeping everyone in the scene growing and inspired.

What is currently filling your ears?

Right this moment I’m listening to the new Gary Krishna EP “Moodswings” that’s dropping Feb. 24 on Liquid Geometry.

Interview by: DJ babyshoe
Many thanks to Steve Canfield for this MOCD exclusive. - The MOCD


Still working on that hot first release.



Otherr is the moniker of San Diego native multi-instrumentalist and producer Steve Canfield, who has worn many hats in his long career as an artist and performer. Otherr combines cinematic sound design, synthesizers, drum machines, and an array of sampled field recordings weaved together and manipulated live to create a highly unique, texturally rich, other-worldly experience for his audiences. Throughout his career as a solo artist, Steve has had the honor to perform in 3 West Coast America/Mexico tours, 2 tours through South East Asia, 1 tour through Europe while also getting to share his music at the world famous Los Angeles weekly, Low End Theory. So far in 2018 Otherr has released his debut EP "Bleak" on Snail Cage as well as a remix for Echavox that was released on Tectorum Tapes and a remix for Echavox/S280F that was released on PBDY's (Brainfeeder) label TAR. Steve has previous releases on STYLSS and Liquid Geometry under the the name "Sleeve".

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