Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick

Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick

Concord, New Hampshire, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Concord, New Hampshire, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Duo World Acoustic




""Wanderlust" di Cipriani, viaggio in note oltre i generi"

"A high level creative flow going beyond the distinctions between jazz, folk and country, offering singable melodies with personal, reflective parts and others which are faster and exciting" - Giulio Brusati (translated from Italian) - L'Arena (Verona, Italy)

"Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick - Wanderlust"

"Wanderlust is certainly a courageous disc, where Nicola Cipriani and Brad Myrick create a sonic journey...the sounds of the guitars are beautiful and balanced while, from the point of view of the performance, the two musicians put aside virtuosity to concentrate on the amalgam of the parts, which could effectively have one think in certain parts that it is a solo guitar recording." (translated from Italian)
June 18, 2019 - Axe Guitar Magazine

"wanderlust: an intimate conversation, album and tour"

“Wanderlust” is a new acoustic collaboration between Brad Myrick and Nicola Cipriani and, as the name suggests, sources its energy from the longing to reconnect with special paths and places. It’s also a ten-song instrumental conversation between two great friends who happen to be great artists. From the welcoming embrace of “992 Hopkinton Road” where the adventure begins to the post scripts of “Kearsarge,” Wanderlust invites you to listen over their shoulders as they reflect on places they’ve been and places they imagine. The result is an expansive, complex, but easy to love musical experience. Warning: This album may stir your wanderlust, too. - Alan Gross, -

"Moving Forward - More hits than misses in 2019"

"Best shows overall included Poco and Jim Messina doing a great double bill at Manchester’s Palace Theatre, and the duo of Brad Myrick and Nicola Cipriani providing a memorable night at the Warner Town Hall." - Michael Witthaus - The Hippo: New Hampshire's Weekly

"WKXL 103.9 FM - Granite State of Mind"

“Effortlessly entwined, Cipriani and Myrick, flow from note-to-note, infusing jazz and classical music with a grace and beauty few can match as a duo.” Rob Azevedo, host of “Granite State of Mind.” - Rob Azevedo

"Concord musician Brad Myrick has a new album out, and an event coming up"

"There’s a remarkably huge sound for just two acoustic guitars, and the chemistry between the two players is obvious immediately...The bottom line is if you want to hear crisp, clear, precise, harmonic – and, at times, insanely fast – guitar playing, you have to listen to Wanderlust." - Jon Bodell - The Concord Insider


Reflections - 2020 - Instrumental

Borders (Single) - 2020 - Instrumental

Wanderlust - 2019 - Instrumental

Live in Bulb (EP) - 2018 - Instrumental



Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick – Reflections Tour 2020

Reflections”, the new album by Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick, is available on May 15. It showcases the duo’s artistic maturation, conceptualized and written from the shared experiences of dozens of concerts played and thousands of miles traveled together, from Florida to New Hampshire, and across Italy. “Reflections” presents a profound evolution of their music. Nine distinct new compositions are shaped by suggestive ideas ranging from ethereal to cinematic, and by exciting forays into pop, world music, and the rhythmic traditions of American folk

The brotherhood between Nicola Cipriani and Brad Myrick is an incomparable merger of music, culture, instrumental virtuosity, and an ever-evolving artistic vision. For years they have performed their songs, completely composed for, arranged with, and recorded on two acoustic guitars, around Europe and the United States, filling clubs, theaters, and universities. 

Following up on their “Live in Bulb” EP (2018) and their first full-length studio album “Wanderlust” (2019), Cipriani & Myrick begin 2020 with the release of the most significant album in the growth of their project, “Reflections”. “Wanderlust” was truly an album of travels, with songs born from the artists’ individual experiences of touring the world. It was nominated for “Best Jazz Album” at the 2019 New England Music Awards, and the record release concert was named one of the “Best Shows Overall” in the state of New Hampshire in 2019 (Hippo Press, Dec ’19). Contemplative and intense, fun yet profound, “Reflections” guarantees to yield continued success for the inspiring young duo. 

“Echoes of folk, melodic apertures, very fast bluegrass phrases, and a profound sense of rhythm: Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick’s songs are little soundtracks to movies that each of us can project in our own mind, to go to our own favorite places.” – Giulio Brusati, L’Arena, Verona, Italy (translated from Italian) 

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