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New Love Crowd

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE | AFM

Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Alternative Garage Rock




"New Love Crowd – “Give You Up”"

“Give You Up” is a suave new track from New Love Crowd, showing an aesthetic reminiscent of gently grooving ’60s and ’70s rock/pop. The project is led by Travis Swinford, known for Plains, and formerly with Holy Youth, Drew Price, Dommel Mosel, and Flower Girl. The track release comes ahead of their forthcoming full-length, self-titled album. The “never gonna give you up,” plays with smooth and satisfactory allure, with the mellow guitars and doses of spacey synth arpeggios lending nicely to the vintage feel. “Give You Up” is a chill, melodic success from New Love Crowd. - Obscure Sound

"New Music – New Love Crowd ‘Give You Up’"

We are always a fan of a debut single and here’s another from New Love Crowd. From the mind that gave you Plainss and formerly with Holy Youth, Drew Price, Flower Girl and more, Travis Swinford comes through with ‘Give You Up’ – the first taste of the new project and upcoming album set for April.

Full of groovy 60s tones and wavey synths, ‘Give You Up’ brings through a vintage throwback feel that has its tongue firmly in its cheek at times. Almost a parody of itself the track has as carefree charm about it that allows the musicality to be set free. There is an strong and insistent pulse on this that drives the track with a lazy-Sunday style energy. - Yack Magazine

"VIDEO PREMIERE | New Love Crowd, "Country Boy""

The country life becomes transported to the big city as the New Love Crowd presents the DIY performance video for “Country Boy” off the band’s upcoming debut self-titled album. Lead by Brooklyn by way of Birmingham, Alabama artist Travis Swinford (known for releases via the imprints Noumenal Loom and Happenin Records); the charm of classic concept pop projects are indulged in that checks the Kinks' Muswell Hillbillies, visual nods to the Talking Heads' "Wild Wild Life" and some classic Grand Ole Opry jubilation that makes for a jambalaya mix of fun fitted for both a rural roadhouse stop or a fancy Michelin star joint in the Big Apple. All the Americana tropes are at play as the New Love Crowd brings about their own attitudes and antics of jubilation that cooks up a cosmic brew that is guaranteed to brighten your rustic porch or illuminate the stylish sunroom of your loft.

Like a public-access karaoke hootenanny where all your friends are invited; "Country Boy" is a tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek take on down-home living that sways toward the luster of bright city lights. Watch the New Love Crowd and company have a ball, playing up the humorous elements of the lyrics that combines a love for the slower pace of things replete with the various frustrations that simpler living with minimal employment and minimal money brings about. The exodus from the farm to the beckon of the metropolitan glow is illustrated in a comedic sense of pride as heard in lines like, I work like a dog just to live like a slob, everybody's leaving cuz they don't have jobs, living in the country is for me! NLC's stylized early 70s pop pastiche is the sound of an electric jalopy making its way from dirt and pebble road paths to the interstate concrete freeways that provide passage to the cold urban avenues of NYC asphalt. "Country Boy" is the soundtrack to anyone making the geographical transition from the humble and dusty homestead to the towns of towering skyscrapers and industrious titans. - Week in Pop

"Possible Oceans // Carrabelle // Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners // New Love Crowd // Depth Charger"

Travis Swinford is the name. And his project NEW LOVE CROWD is stupendous. Formerly of Holy Youth, Drew Price, Dommel Mosel, Flower Girl, and responsible for Plainss, the obvious work-a-holic in music tends to kick you up sideways with his music, in delicacy and in its seductive narrative. ‘Give You Up’ continues that trend with delicious 70’s vibes and harmonies to melt even the coldest of hearts; and humor upon humor to keep the seriousness of love and loss to a manageable state. ‘Give You Up’ is that pretend smile of a man who is determined not to cry to coordinate with his heart’s desire. It is that man’s last ditch effort to salvage his ego, while knowing that by doing this, he’s losing his beloved. Will that man wake up? Will that man realize? Or will it be too late?? Travis asks the right questions. - Come Here Floyd


Mélodie, mélodie, mélodie, si vous nous suivez depuis quelques temps, vous n’êtes pas sans connaître notre attirance pour la mélodie. Ces suites de notes qui vous marquent et vous restent longtemps voire à jamais. Give You Up, la chanson de New Love Crowd qui se dévoile désormais sous la forme d’un clip vidéo, s’inscrit dans cette catégorie là. Celle des morceaux qu’il ne faut pas louper et qui s’imposent à vous grâce à une musicalité implacable.

Avec un clip vidéo simple, agréable qui se passe de toute fioritures, New Love Crowd, un projet mené par Travis Swinford nous offre une parenthèse musicale et visuel qui ne manquera pas de vous plaire. Simplicité, beauté, intensité sont ici mis en avant pour un moment de musique que nous avons le plaisir de vous dévoiler sans plus tarder ci-dessous : - Iggy Magazine

"New Love Crowd - Cotton Candy"

New Love Crowd's single, "Cotton Candy" is a sticky sweet alt-pop treat.

The layers of slightly effected guitars perfectly compliment the funk-focused bass. The vocals offer an infectious sing-along stance as the harmonies bring it all together. There's an underlying slacker pop sound resonating from the composition but the synth's presence steers the track towards a more genre-bending sound, never conforming to just one box. "Cotton Candy" aptly describes the vibe to expect with this undeniably lovable single. - Indie Shuffle


New Love Crowd - 2019



Started in 2016 as a new project from Travis Swinford after moving to Brooklyn from Alabama, New Love Crowd emerges as a unique taste of psych rock; bold and unafraid to be beautiful at times. The lyrics float from far-out metaphor to deadpan honesty, painting a surreal scene that questions the line between our inner and outer worlds, all while the music moves in a relentless groove. NLC’s self-titled debut album is filled with slick riffs, far-out breakdowns, bopping bass lines and outlaw country sensibility. 

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