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Laurel, Maryland, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Laurel, Maryland, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
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"Varth Dader and JayLotus "Paradigm Shift" Review"

While I don't know the entire story of NASA8, I must say I'm intrigued by the movement. If I had to bet you probably don't know about the crew either. NASA8 is made up of an assortment of artists including emcees, producers, graphic designers etc. I was first introduced to the crew via a joint that my homey Jean P did with producer Tek.Lun of NASA8. They've dropped some solid projects from Varth Dader, Big Nick Pearl City, Jiro, Ale, from Summerclub and more. Today I'm reviewing the latest project to come from the camp “Paradigm Shift”. This is a collaboration EP between JayLotus (producer) and Varth Dader (emcee). Varth Dader really blasted onto the scene earlier this year with “Tice Nitties” and JayLotus has been dropping projects and providing soundscapes for a minute. Let's see how these two do together

This project is a bit different from most EPs in that you really get a sense and an appreciation for both the emcee and producer. In most collaborations like this the producer is usually lost in the shuffle being covered up by the emcee's words, not here though. With a good portion of tracks on this EP we're able to just enjoy JayLotus' sounds before Varth Dader comes in with his lyrical prowess

The opener “Sleep” has Lotus providing a somewhat haunting and spacy beat accomAnnotatepanied with Dader's patented throat clearing. One thing that shines about Varth Dader is the lyrical diversity and potency that comes with his rhymes. The first verse Dader showcases his lyrical prowekss flexing his muscles on the mic. However the second verse shows a more vulnerable Dader as he reflects on his past and the progress he's made from being dissed in school to being a “lyrical chemist”. Self-harm and other factors led him to be the artist that he is today. For me personally his second verse on “Sleep” is one of my favorite verses I've heard from him

Tracks like “Entity” and “At Last (Phobia)” have Dader with a more braggadocio tone in his raps. It's different from most though, while yes the song is filled with similes and metaphors, they're original comparisons. Dader will have you fiending for what comparison or diss he's going to say next and even have you laughing at a couple of them, but most importantly you'll find his lines clever

“You a poodle to husky, like jeans that loosely fit”

And that's only one of many memorable lines on this project from Varth Dader

The closer on this album might be one of my favorite tracks from this year. “We Are...” has Varth Dader and NASA8 members, Big Nick Pearl City, Ale, From Summer and Jiro to assist on this four-man cypher track. JayLotus provides a beautiful soundscape on this one sampling Chris Botti's cover of “Estate”. All four emcees go in on this one, not necessarily spitting back-breaking bars (the beat doesn't really call for it) but all four come correct. Varth Dader closes out the track with many quotables, making this track a perfect closer

“You can catch me playing the xylophone, with local rappers collarbones
I'm hard as cobblestone, reigning down fury on this microphone”

“Cornerstone of ill s*it, I was born to flow
My body is a catacomb of brillance”

“Paradigm Shift” is a short EP but with it comes a lot of substance and consistency both lyrically and production wise. If I have my facts straight JayLotus just joined NASA8 and if that's the case he's a perfect fit. It's hard to put the production on this album in one lane or genre but Lotus did a good job of having different styles while still keeping the sound cohesive. Varth Dader again shows a mix of confident rhymes and reflection over the verses he's written. He's a fun and entertaining listen, he's serious but not too serious where he won't crack a joke (Tig Ol' Bitties). The two fit perfectly together, so do yourself a favor and drop a couple dollars and support NASA8, they're just getting started
This my review of the collaborative EP between NASA8 members Varth Dader and JayLotus.

The EP is a quick 6 tracks, there’s a lot of substance in these tracks from both a lyrical and production standpoint. Newcomers to either of these artists will get a good sense of the talent that both of these artists have and will have you anticipating what comes next from these two artists and the group NASA8.


–@BigSto - Rap Genius

"Bito$ureiya: Weaboo Sacrifice (prod. by MastaMindz)"

Bito$ureiya of NASA8 is getting set to release his self-titled album towards the end of the month. For now enjoy the second single off the record Weaboo Sacrifice and keep it locked here for updates on the album. - Kevin Nottingham

"A Mixtape Selection"

It's a mixtape selection this week, with vinyl a plenty ranging from 1950s Rock N Roll 7-inches through to some classic soul from The Modulations. There's new music from Stubborn Heart and Melt Yourself Down, and another quality remix from Obol, this time reworking a Marvin Gaye classic.

Gilles also pulls out some hiphop classics from MF Doom, Madlib and Quasimodo alongside new cuts from new talent including the Nasa8 collective, plus Mr Peterson picks up the tempo, with a triple-play from jungle/drum and bass pioneer, DJ Krust - BBC Radio 6

"NASA8: James Beat, Sike it’s Nicks Beat. But no really, it’s James’ Beat (prod. by Jiro)"

NASA8 is one of my groups to watch in 2014, they’re a team of emcees, producers, artists, photographers and more. This year they plan to release their group tape called NASA Tape Vol. 2 and a couple days back they dropped the first single from the tape. I’m not even going to bother repeating the title but the track features Opo-Cultra, Fonlon, Bito$ureiya and Jiro (in that order). Keep it locked here for more details on NASA Tape Vol. 2. - Kevin Nottingham


Still working on that hot first release.



The NASA8 is a international HipHop collective based in Maryland 
we have members as far as Australia and the UK 
we specialize in HipHop but also experiment in Other genre's 
we have a total of 8 Mc's and 14 producers 1 camera man and 4 graphic designers.
our music has been featured on Gilles Peterson's BBC 6 radio 
as well as a plethora of online mediums such as 
Dead End Hip Hop, Rap Genius, EarMilk, and Kevin Nottingham
we have artists that are apart of labels such as HW&W Recordings 
and Curious Absurdities.
We have a very original and nostalgic take on HipHop. Rapping and 
producing genre bending music in prolific amounts. we also dabble in
Alternative, EDM, D&B, and also MashUps 

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