Naomi Achu

Naomi Achu

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2009
Band World Afropop




"International Artist in DC Ignites Movement to Promote AfroPop Music"

WASHINGTON - Dec. 1, 2015 - PRLog -- The Washington, DC metro area is known for its diverse population and has been, historically, the launching pad for cultural movements. One such movement is increasing mainstream media promotion in the US for African popular music; better known as “AfroPop.” This music genre is quickly growing in demand due to its pulsating beats and exotic rhythms, which resonate with both the young and older generation of music lovers. AfroPop is a fresh and hip blend that cannot be contained or restricted. The same can be said of the African performing artists, right here in the DMV, who have made it their mission to spotlight this exciting genre of music. With every performance, AfroPop artists invite fans to take a musical and cultural-rich journey back to the Motherland. One such artist is Naomi Achu.

Siddhartha Mitter, an Arts correspondent for the Boston Globe, described Naomi Achu as a “cosmopolitan polymath: a gifted rapper and poised R&B singer born in Cameroon,… raised there and in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States…” He went further to describe her sound as “unabashedly pop with an inspirational streak… finding a balance between African dance-floor exhortations and a global club feel.” If you have ever heard Naomi sing a tune or deliver one of her clever rhymes, this spot-on description by Mitter will come as no surprise. Naomi Achu is a seasoned performer and an award-winning AfroPop and Hip-hop artist who calls the DMV home.

Originally from Bamenda, Cameroon, she stays true to her roots and delivers a compelling performance on every occasion. Akin to her American-born counterparts, she works the stage with ease, skill and the poise of a singer and rapper who is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Her rhymes include a sassy mix of native African tongue, French, and Pidgin English. Keeping the listener on the edge of their seat in anticipation of what she will rap about next. Never one to keep her fans in suspense, Naomi Achu gears up for a premiere event designed specifically for her fans in the Washington, DC metro area.

On Saturday, December 26th, fans will be treated by way of intimate access to this International AfroPop star as she unveils her latest music video during a superior nightlife affair dubbed, THE PRELUDE: A Night With Naomi Achu. This video release and listening party will be held at Station One in downtown Silver Spring (MD): an upscale international hotspot.

For this exclusive event lineup, the AfroPop star has teamed up with the DMV’s hottest African DJ and event promoter Samuel Mobit, better-known as DJ Chick. THE PRELUDE will also include a special live performance by Naomi Achu and serve as a platform for her calendar release.

Stay tuned for additional updates for her album release, which will be announced in early 2016. The new album will include the release of “Walk Away,” which is more of a world sound incorporating a bit of Baforchu, her native Cameroonian tongue, as a gift to her homeland and to her early fans. This is the core of Naomi Achu: paying homage to her country and being determined to promote AfroPop in the US.

Naomi started working on this album while still pregnant. Less than 6 months after she and her husband, Dayo, welcomed their first child into the world, Naomi is more conscious of the gift she has as a performing artist. Being a first-time mom is a powerful life experience that inspired her even more to share her unique delivery of AfroPop with the rest of the world. As she put it, “The appreciation that I already had for my life before being a mom has transformed and this crosses over to my music.” With her new album, fans can anticipate the same Naomi: just new and improved!

For international artists, the US entertainment industry has proven difficult for gaining equal recognition. Even in Washington D.C., headquarters for Black Entertainment Television (BET), international artists have yet to get full recognition. Wildly popular AfroPop performers, such as Davido and Eddy Kenzo, thus far, have not been properly rewarded for accomplishments via main stage performances and televised accolades. Naomi Achu, the self-styled Queen of Bamenda, sets her sights on igniting the AfroPop movement for fair recognition in this music genre. Her movement aims to match the manner in which AfroPop artists are recognized, enjoyed and reveled to the same esteem as their American counterparts. Visit for more on this AfroPop artist!

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LaDàna Drigo
(202) 670-6489 - Pr Log

"A Look at the Lineup for the African Festival of Boston"


"Naomi Achu. Maryland-based Achu is a cosmopolitan polymath: A gifted rapper and poised R&B singer, she was born in Cameroon and raised there and in the United Kingdom before coming here. Unabashedly pop with an inspirational streak, her sound finds a balance between African dance-floor exhortations and a global club feel."

Siddhartha Mitter - The Boston Globe

"Camer Videos!! Alhadji – Naomi Achu"

Feature of Alhadji. - PRGORETTI


Many are urban music lovers who have hardly had a stable mind, waiting for the release of the video of Naomi Achu’s latest single, since the song went public. These fans are definitely heaving a sigh of relief now. It’s My Life’s video has finally dropped in today. “I’m quite excited,” Naomi told TIPTOPSTARS upon the release of the much-awaited video.

Also speaking to TIPTOPSTARS, some who have previously indicated that the USA-based singer is their favorite urban music artist displayed a lot of excitement when we mentioned that It’s My Life video was doing its last few moments in editing studio, ready to shoot out. “I have waited for it anxiously and can’t just tell you how glad I’m to hear the video will be out in the next couple of hours,” said Meline, an Ohio fan of the musician. “I can trust, it will be a hit, can’t wait,” yet another fan said.

Videographer: Megapixelvisuals’ (John Ukandu Jr) the video is 4.22 minutes long and contains exciting choreographic displays that the renowned singer is always known to be well versed at.

Written by the artist herself, It’s My Life is produced by Nigeria’s ace producer Samklef.

Meanwhile, Naomi Achu is an award-winning musician who is are contributing enormously to make the sector tick. Other popular singles she has dropped previously include Suga, Alhadji, etc. - Nexdim Empire

"Rap Waves: Naomi Achu Checks in With Explosive Single"

One thing is clear – Cameroon now breeds more hyper talented music performers than one can imagine. Another thing – the country’s young people seem to possess the command baton in the art, making observers to conjecture a serious music revolution which may undoubtedly turn Cameroon into one of the world’s song havens. If such becomes the case, a good number of prominent singers would sure take the credit, including USA-based Naomi Achu.

Naomi Achu has for some time now shown signs of mega stardom as she keeps amassing fame from fans in the USA, Europe and back in continent of origin, Africa. Perhaps what makes this artiste tick is simply her extra-ordinarily good singing and dancing performances. “She is one singer who likes what she’s doing and is very serious about it,” Sharon, a Naomi fans told TIPTOPSTARS Editor in Ohio the other day. She went on: “I’ve carefully watched her grow in the art and from what Naomi puts up, I think in the nearest future, she‘ll be competing with the long-time heroes and heroines of rap.”

Just like Sharon, several other Naomi fans are excited about the release of her latest single – Wa Fun Mi Suga. Wa Fun Mi Suga (meaning Come and Give Me Sugar in Yuruba) saw the light of day last week. This is in prelude to the release of a much-awaited second album in 2013. In a bid to get her fans dancing to her tune, Naomi is set to thrill them at an up-coming party billed for Washington DC’ Muse Lounge located at 717 16th Street.

According to notes prepared for the release of this single, Naomi plays the boys charmer in the song. The piece also unravels African pop culture’s latest topics including a reference to the D’banj and Don Jazzy break up. Musically the beat, produced by Cheffy, is unconventional yet alluring and perfectly blends with Naomi’s silvery voice and well-carved-out verses, says the notes.

Meanwhile Naomi’s maiden album, Positive Energy, released last year earned the up-and-coming singer a huge following. A single, Alhadji released some months back enjoyed an immeasurably positive appraisal, placing the singer at elitist ranks on several international radio and television airspace. The artiste who has shared stage with prominent musicians such as DRC’s Fally Ipupa and Nigeria’s Timaya is a one-time World Music and Independent Film Festival’s bests Blues/Pop award nominee. Furthermore, Alhadji held position number one on Afrotainment Channel’s Top 10 show for several weeks. Naomi is a Cameroon Entertainment Award, CEA laureate in the best female artiste category. TIPTOPSTARS comes back with an exclusive interview with Naomi in subsequent updates. Watch out! - TipTopStars

"International Afro-Pop Singer: Naomi Achu"

Very excited to release this exclusive interview with Naomi Achu, an international Afro Pop singer from Cameroon. It’s refreshing to meet someone with such a huge fan base yet who is still very humble.

Naomi talked about her career, the music industry and her newest single, “It’s My Life.”

Had a great time and a bit of girl talk. Check it out the interview featured above and be sure to watch her full music video, which immediately follows the interview.

Looking forward to more great tunes from Naomi! - LaDana Drigo -

"Top 10 Most Beautiful Cameroonian Celebrities 2011"


Naomi Achu,US-based Hip Hop singer from Bamenda,Cameroon. Naomi is the first female rapper from the city of Bamenda, the most talented and successful female rapper in Cameroon. -

"Naomi Achu: A captivating songstress to look out for"


“After watching the video “Alhadji”, I can hardly get you out of my head. It reminds me a lot of raw music, music that makes you wants to jump out of your seat and just dance your life away.”

- Nelson Nkwenkam - - FabAfriq Magazine

"Thinking outside the box. Dynamic artist & role model with Positive Energy: NAOMI ACHU"


"I may be an artist but I also consider myself a role model. I aim to encourage people of my culture to not only get a decent education but to exploit opportunities given to them. There are so many people who are afraid to take a chance for fear of what people around them might say.That is one of the reasons why I gave my album the title “Positive Energy”. Because if you think positive, positive things come your way."

- Naomi Achu - - DUNIA Magazine

"Sultry Voice With International Appeal"

The singing and songwriting beauty reigning from Bamenda, Cameroon is on a mission to be heard. For Naomi Achu, music is a way of life. Her music is not only inspiring and filled with meaning, but her true talent as an artist seeps through each one of her songs. Naomi has been on quite the journey and it’s only a matter of time before her hard work really pays off. Parlé Magazine caught up with the songstress for some insight on her musical background as well as what’s next for Naomi Achu.

Parlé Magazine: How did you get into music?

Naomi Achu: I’ve been singing since I was very little. We (my brothers and sisters) would gather round in the living room at 6 in the morning and have devotions and prayers. My mother would lead as we sang and read God’s word. And as we sang, I would harmonize. I wrote my first song when I was nine. I can still remember it til this day. It was called “Smile”. Over the years, I wrote songs and I led A capella groups that helped mold my art.

Parlé: When did you realize that you really wanted to pursue music as a career?

Naomi: That would be when I watched Whitney Houston sing “Greatest Love of All”. That was when my passion for music and singing greatly intensified. It was like a defining moment for me. I felt a strong connection with her energy and stage presence and I had a longing to possess that positive energy one day and to share it with the world. I believe I was nine years old or so.

Parlé: Who or what inspired you as an artist?

Naomi: First of all, my mother inspires almost everything I do. So I would like to give her the credit for the positive energy she surrounds me with. Whitney Houston has influenced me a lot. Though my music may not be all that similar to hers, it was all about the beauty that I saw in her that I wanted to possess. Coming from a Christian family, I was highly influenced by Bebe and Cece Winans, Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary. And being a lover of energetic performers, I have to give credit to Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson and Angelique Kidjo.

Parlé: How did working with female groups “God’s Special Teens” and “Sisters With Sound” help you grow as an artist?

Naomi: Good question! I don’t even know where to start. Well, since there were no instruments readily available (this was boarding school in Cameroon), we would use just our voices to harmonize, beat the drum and click our fingers. There was so much love among us and our focus was always making good music. A’Capella Gospel is such a pure, unadulterated sound that I hope to bounce back to in my next project. In “God’s Special Teens” I assisted a very good friend of mine in the song writing, Yolanda Arrey. She is an amazing songwriter and fearless at the same time. She helped build my confidence as a singer and songwriter and I am very blessed to have been able to work with her. Working with groups and leading the choir taught me the importance of teamwork and positive criticism. Without these girls, I don’t know if I would be here today.

Parlé: Tell me about your gig with MTN (Mobile Telephone Network).

Naomi: That was a lot of fun actually. I was a back up singer for Emil Ngumbah, founder and CEO of M1 studio, Buea, Cameroon. Emil is known to be surrounded with talent. Therefore, many big gigs for voice over talent, singers and contests came to him. So MTN asked him to send one of his talents. This was actually supposed to be my big sister’s gig, because she had done work with MTN before. However, she had traveled out of the country to purse her studies in accounting. So then Emil turned to me and said, ‘lets give you a try”. I traveled to a nearby city called Douala and they gave me the prompts to read and they liked my voice. So that is how I became the English voicemail/voice prompter for MTN (Mobile Telephone Network) in Cameroon from 2004 – 2009.

Parlé: You went to college in Cameroon. What was that like?

Naomi: Well, yes. We call it college in Cameroon but it is equivalent to secondary and high school here in the States. So my secondary and high school life was for the most part in boarding schools. Boarding school in Cameroon can be grueling but instills a certain amount of discipline in the student. Our parents were only allowed to visit once or twice a month. So we had to make sure we had all we needed by the time the semester started. And then there’s this thing called seniority, which is a certain amount of respect you have to give to anyone who is ahead of you in class, and if you were disrespectful, you could be punished. And there’s the part where we had to scrub and mop the floors at 6 a.m every morning. Ha, ha! I could go on but I think I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. My “American” college life was spent here at Montgomery College in Silver Spring MD and in Marymount University in Arlington, VA.

Parlé: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Naomi: I see myself positively impacting those around me. I envision an even wider fan base that I can share my music with and I see myself blessing others with what I have been blessed with. As an artist and a Registered Nurse (I recently just got licensed) I hope to raise AIDS awareness in Africa and fight Breast Cancer. And finally, I see myself mentoring school children.

Parlé: If you weren’t pursuing a career in music, what other career paths would you choose?
Naomi: I would be working as a nurse, a TV personality or an actress.

Parlé: You have an album dropping later this year. What can you tell us about that?

Naomi: YES!!! It’s called Living Testimony. The title is drawn from my firm belief in God and what He has done for me thus far. By Living Testimony I’m simply saying “everything is possible.” It might probably be the most versatile album one might come across. It will have elements of R & B, Hip-Hop, Pop and Gospel. Having lived in London, Cameroon (which is a Bilingual country) and the United States my views are a combination of various cultures and various stories and experiences I’ve come across. I believe there is something in this album for everybody. Stay tuned and check my website for

Parlé: Finally, what’s one word that describes Naomi Achu?

Naomi: I.N.T.E.R.N.A.T.I.O.N.A.L - Parlé Magazine

"African All Stars To Perform At "Concert For Ebola Relief" In USA"


"Nigerian music superstar J. Martins will join the likes of Cheick Hamala Diabates, Cameroon Allstars, Armand Ntep, Famous, Ville (Vreezy), Naomi Achu, DJ Skeeper, Pan Lara, P Brodaz, Sahel, Rafiya, Chris Deshield and more to perform at the 'Concert For Ebola Relief' at The Fillmore Silver Spring, USA on October 3rd." - Pulse Nigeria

"DMV African Entertainment Awards 2014"


"2014 DMV African Entertainment Awards Winners:

Female Musician Of The Year: Naomi Achu" - Raro Lae

"Afrima 2016 Nominee, Naomi Achu celebrates birthday by answering questions that everybody wants to hear"

How do you handle marriage, motherhood and being an artist?
Communication is key. Being open and supportive of each other as a couple. I'm grateful for the patient and loving husband I have who appreciates my artistry, gives me meaningful advice and keeps me grounded. Dayo is an author and illustrator. His book "Leopard Killer" is available on at

As a dark skinned female, have you considered bleaching your skin to make yourself more marketable as an entertainer?
- That's ridiculous. What is wrong with my color? I still don't understand this question.

As a married woman, what is your take on decency and skin exposure?
A fan had asked me that question recently after I posted my bikini picture on whatsapp. I cannot answer for others but I can answer for myself.

Yes, I am a wife and mother; however, I am also an artist. And with artistry comes creativity and risk taking. This past year was very challenging for me with the birth of my child, breastfeeding and going to the studio to record my album. I am 5'3" and I was 200 lbs+ when I gave birth to my first daughter and I almost had pre-eclampsia. My feet were swollen like balloons. I have had my emotions go up and down like a roller coaster.

So, today I celebrate my birthday with my daughter walking and running, my husband by my side, an album in distribution, nominations and awards, and most recently, my two afrima nominations. It has not been easy but I'm grateful to God and my loved ones by my side.

I would like to empower every woman to put themselves first. Because if you are not happy within yourself then you cannot be happy with anyone else. And if you are not at peace with yourself, the negativity will spread to your child, your spouse or your loved ones. So put yourself first no matter what and let God lead the way. I am learning to be one with myself and my being , it may reflect in my dressing, but it is in no way to distract anybody from my music or artistry. I'm simply celebrating myself as a mom, wife and entertainer. Let me have this one.

Why are you called "Queen of Bamenda"? Who gave you the right?

I merely claimed the town that I come from because I'm a die hard Baforchu girl who is proud of her heritage. What if I had said Queen of Cameroon or Queen of Africa? I'm sure they would have crucified me.

A big mind will see that I am on a mission to make my town and country internationally known and to make my people proud.
A small mind will ask why I would claim that title. Its a matter of how we view things. I mean no harm

Who would you consider your competition as an artist?
My biggest competition is myself. To be better than I was yesterday. I'm a work in progress and I strive to only get better. Shout out to fellow artists all over the world who have the same undying passion for music. Music is such a beautiful language that we should use to make love, not war.

Why do you change your hairstyle so often? Don't you think it will confuse the fans?
I don't switch my hair up for my fans, I switch it up for my husband, so he can feel like he's with a different woman all the time. I owe him that much...

Why didn't you marry a Cameroonian? You married a Nigerian.
I have suffered! I had no idea that there was a law that Naomi must marry a man from Cameroon. I must have missed the memo. Anyway, where I come from, a man must propose to a woman not a woman to a man. Lol. So to cut a long story short, I did not get a proposal from a Cameroonian man. Why didn't they stop me. Anyway. If you snooze, ...well, you know the rest.

Why is Naomi no singing fully Gospel Music? We forsee you being a potential force to reckon with in this genre.
I am a work in progress and God's work will be done. I'm open to what the future holds.

What keeps you going?
Knowing that there are opportunities in front of me that could and should be exploited. That there are songs that need to be written and that there are people that need to be moved. So help me, God.

We don't see your husband often at your performances. Why is that? husband actually gets free shows and sees my performances before anyone else. And my home performances are more entertaining than outside performances. lol. So no need.

How is Naomi giving back to your community?
Through "International Nurses for Africa"of which I am an ambassador. INA is state registered NGO focused on addressing health issues all over the African continent and making it possible to get international aid.

How do you handle negativity from online as well as around you?
When it comes to social media, I try to ignore and stay focused. Or I try to either laugh with or see the humor along with my fans. As long as you put yourself out for the public in any way, people will always have something to say.
Around me, I keep my circle small. I have no energy to go back and forth or make enemies. My efforts should be going towards giving back to my community or doing something constructive like writing a new song. So I channel my energy to my creativity and new projects.

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery?
No. I'm all natural. I've considered it and made jokes but its never happened.

Tell us something interesting we don't know about Naomi Achu
I have never smoked weed; never smoked a hookah or cigarette. I drink socially and my favorite liquor is baileys. However, my recent encounter with Angelique Kidjo may change my drinking habits to no drinking at all for the sake of being a professional artist.

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Best Female Artist in Central Africa

Best Female Artist in African Inspirational Music - Linda Ikeji Blog



Long Live the Queen (2016)

Positive Energy (2011)

Singles: “Alhadji” (2011) ... “Wa Fun Mi Suga” (2012) ... “It’s My Life” (2013)

EPs: No Boundaries (2009) 



Naomi Achu is a cosmopolitan polymath; A singer, rapper and songwriter. She originates from a town called Bamenda in Cameroon, Africa. Hence her popular Moniker “Queen Of Bamenda”. 

Naomi was introduced to the world during her elementary school years when she entered London and was introduced to numerous cultures such as Indian, Spanish, Australian and not to mention Caribbeans. She grew up with a passion to meet people from all over the world and unite the globe. As a songwriter, Naomi takes stories, conversations, societal issues and pens them down. 

Naomi is known for her versatility and adaptability; Which makes her a chosen face for many brands. She prefers to be unpredictable enough to surprise you, yet predictable enough to stand out. 

Her new album : African Pepper is a songwriter’s journey around the world. 

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