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Orlando, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020

Orlando, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2020
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"New Music: Mr. StarZ – U Want"

"Boston fan favorite Mr. StarZ ended 2021 with a bang with the release of his latest single U Want. The cover art pictures Mr. StarZ’s character, Blast the Bear, taking off his glasses and showing off his red eyes for the first time ever. With pounding bass starting the track off, the prolific Massachusetts-based DJ and producer brings another fantastic house song for his fans. For those who enjoyed his other recent singles such as Ares and Can’t Resist, you’ll love U Want. This track is perfect to play during a workout or at a party!" - DCR

"Blanco y Negro and Mr. StarZ Team Up for Ares"

"Spanish record label and Spitfire Records affiliate Blanco y Negro Records has had its ear to the dance scene since its foundation in 1978. They’ve been instrumental in the success of their artists—including Pitbull, Shaggy, DJ BoBo, and many more.

On November 26th, they teamed up with Boston-based DJ and producer Mr. StarZ for the absolute hit of a track on Ares. The cover art depicts an exciting battle between Mr. StarZ and the god Ares in a cartoon and video game-inspired illustration..." - DCR

"‘Mr.Starz’ from Boston show his greatness with a brilliant EDM track called ‘Bounce’ and super well produced! Enjoy that pearl the November 22nd in the Formula Indie!"

"‘Mr.Starz’ show his greatness with a brilliant EDM track called ‘Bounce’ and super well produced! Enjoy that pearl the November 22nd in the Formula Indie!

Bounce brings a Power-Hungry bass that leads you through the song, mixed with some bangin, dance floor-ready vocals! with a FakeOut 2nd drop thats fresh and tension building, its bound to get people dancing, radios blaring, and heads banging!"

Link to Bounce: - Euro Indie Music

"An Interview with Mr. StarZ"

"We chatted with an up-and-coming force in the EDM and house music scenes—Mr. StarZ, about his Deadmau5 inspiration, his love for the UK garage scene, upcoming releases, and more. Mr. StarZ is preparing for a strong end to 2021, with multiple songs planned with record labels including Blanco y Negro and G-Mafia Records.

Hey! Introduce yourself. Where are you from?

My name is Mr. StarZ, though some call me Travis. I am an EDM and house music producer and DJ from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

When did you start making music?

I started DJing when I went to college in Las Vegas, but I started producing and creating my music in 2020.

Who inspired you to start making music?

In the EDM world, it was Deadmau5 for sure. I first heard “Strobe” when I was a sophomore in high school and it completely changed my perspective of music and how songs were arranged and put together. It made me want to do that; to learn how to do that and make people dance!..." - DCR

"Mr. StarZ – MindReader | Banger"

If you’re familiar with some of Mr. StarZ’s previous House hits like “Lagos” and “Blastback”, you’re in for a great treat because his latest release, “MindReader” is an absolute banger! With this track, Mr. StarZ (aka Travis) puts a new spin on... - Joshua - Sinusoidal Music

"Mr. StarZ - Blastback ft. Wiser Observer"

'Blastback' starts from 100 and doesn't relent for a second. The dark electronic house track is meant to be a rave classic that's meant to keep you on your toes at all moments. The featured artist, Wiser Observer, is a Hip-Hop and R&B rapper from Africa with a unique delivery that is fiery, punchy, and perfectly complementary to the pulsating rhythm of Mr. StarZ's frantic beat.

I can picture this tune being a firebrand of a track at any rave. As the crowd builds and the DJ starts to amp up the intensity, bringing out a fast paced, blistering, and pumping track like Blastback is bound to turn the entire crowd up. There's not a moment to gather yourself on this piece, just every waking moment needs to be spent taking yourself higher and higher, elevating your energy levels to their absolute peak until they absolutely can't go any further, and then take it a notch above that as well. - Find No Enemy

"M.S SINGLES #1: Salsola, Glasi, Scarlet Mill, Quietlove, Mr. Starz e mais entre as novidades Rock, R&B, Soul e eletrônico"

Se lançou como artista e teve a faixa 'Disappear' como seu trabalho de estreia, revelado nas plataformas de streaming em Julho. Duas semana depois, a faixa revelada nas plataformas foi 'Blastback', em parceria com Wiser Observer... - Elio Sant'Anna Pedrozo Campos

"Mr. StarZ – Blastback ft. Wiser Observer | Progressive"

Boston producer, Mr. StarZ (AKA Travis), has come up with an absolute banger of a track. This brilliant producer/DJ started his musical journey in grade school. He played the xylophone and piano, and then slowly made his way through singing acapella. Mr. StarZ claims Vegas to have warped his soul with House Music and since then he’s focused on EDM production. With Dark, Powerful and Confident House music, StarZ loves to make people dance and grab their emotions. His ability to speed things up, yet make them seem slowed down is disorienting in the most brilliant way possible.

Blastback is pretty much a blast back to 2016 when Progressive House was everywhere. Teaming up with Wiser Observer for this track, Mr. StarZ has created an absolute bop that reminds me of famous artists such as Infected Mushroom, Mandragora, and Hardwell to name a few. The brilliant lyrics by Wiser Observer really tie the track together. It reminds me of a track that would play back when the Fast & Furious movies were still about racing (Let’s be honest, it was a great time for all of us). I would personally use Blastback to keep me in the zone. It’s definitely a track that you can use while you’re gaming, coding, or just straight up working. What are you even waiting for?

Go stream Blastback now! - Sinusoidal Music

"Mr. StarZ música eletrônica de qualidade no single “Disappear”"

O produtor e DJ Mr. StarZ lança na praça o single “Disappear” para quem gostar de dançar até se acabar. É música eletrônica de primeiríssima qualidade para ninguém colocar defeito. Só de estar escrevendo aqui está me dando vontade de colocar a cadeira de lado e fazer uns passinhos de dança aqui. É nitroglicerina pura... - Milena Calado

"Best of the Moon - Pilot 2"

"His latest release “Party All Night” is our pick of the month for this genre: a powerful track with insidious sounds, groovy drumbeats, all in a dark and energetic mood. Fans of electronic music festivals would like to hear this for sure!" - Space Sour

"Broken Radio"

"Mr.StarZ – A cursed world of all things electro..."

Hour long mix my song Ares is featured in! - Rats on the Run


Mr. StarZ - Disappear
Mr. StarZ - Blastback ft. Wiser Observer
Mr. StarZ - Lagos ft Wiser Observer
Mr. StarZ - MindReader
Mr. StarZ - Bounce.  **Blanco y Negro Records
Mr. StarZ - Party All Night   **Wolfrage Records
Mr. StarZ - Ares   **Blanco y Negro Records
Mr. StarZ - Electric Found EP   **Sounds of Meow Records
Mr. StarZ - Cant Resist ft Izzy Ioffreda   **G-Mafia Records

Mr. StarZ - U Want   **Blanco y Negro Records

Mr. StarZ - Outta UR Mind    **Sounds of Meow Records

Mr. StarZ - Killer    **NoFace Records

Mr. StarZ - Bugatti   **HighFiveMusic Records

Full Discography here as well:



DJ/Producer of GHouse/BassHouse EDM music. 12+ songs out and available on streaming platforms.

-Grown in Cape Cod, MA, currently living in Orlando, FL

-Label Support from: Blanco y Negro records, HighFive Music, G-Mafia Records, Sounds of Meow, Spinnin' Records, Protocol Records          

-Artist Support from: Los Padres, Nicky Romero, Paul Van Dyk

-Resident DJ 2 years in 18' and 19'.

-On the bill/performed at Glow Turkey Multi-Stage EDM Festival in November, 2021.

-Headline show at the Corner club at ZuZu in Cambridge, MA, on March 25th, 2022.

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