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Simi Valley, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Simi Valley, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Duo Hip Hop Electronic




"Escape Reality With Powerhouse Duo Minus 2’s Track “Orange Blossom”"

Residing in Los Angeles is the powerhouse duo titled Minus 2. Comprised of 2 ex-professional football players, Collin Charles and J. Black, the two have an unbreakable musical chemistry. Previously teammates at Iowa State University, Charles and Black developed a close friendship through their bond of football and music. Collin Charles has always had music play a large roll in his life from a young age, he’s a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, engineer and vocalist. Houston native, J. Black only began really incorporating music into his life in 2017, but his flawless sound and undeniable talent would make you think otherwise. Minus 2’s sound can be described as retro-future that fuses soulful lyrics, catchy melodies and alternative dance instrumentals.

Minus 2’s single “Orange Blossom” is proof of their incredible and expansive musical knowledge. Hip-hop instrumentals layered with smooth piano and a retro vibe give “Orange Blossom” an alluring vibe. Deep and hard-hitting vocals from both Collin Charles and J. Black make the duo an absolute musical powerhouse. The duo Minus 2 strives to spread a message of love and to bring all sorts of people together hailing from different backgrounds and categories. “Orange Blossom” is a smooth and that delivers eclectic songwriting abilities and chemistry that blasts through the speakers. “F**k who I was, it’s about who I’m becoming” is my favorite line because it’s delivered so nonchalantly while maintaining the confident and ambient aesthetic of this track. Collin Charles and J. Black will paint a soundscape in your mind and take you on a journey through their captivating lyricism and flow. Stay on the lookout for Minus 2. - Buzz Music


As we are gently launched into a vividly romantic story that will have your heart beating faster and your energy alive with the possibilities of a liaison with someone who you truly fancy, Minus 2 has our enthralled ears on a happy cruise via their much-loved single called ‘First Aid Kit‘.

Minus 2 is a Los Angeles, USA-based retro-future/alt-dance/electronic duo that was formed by ex-professional football players Collin Charles and J. Black.

”After a few years of pursuing their respective post-collegiate athletic careers, the two reunited in 2017 with music being the newly discovered foundation of their friendship.” ~ Minus 2

Bringing forth that much-need flair to our lives with their signature sound that lifts your spirits upwards no matter what situation you are in currently, Minus 2 sends us into a new stratosphere of pure appreciation for those real sisters who have the right psyche and want that vital mental stimulation before anything else.

‘First Aid Kit‘ from Los Angeles, USA-based retro-future duo Minus 2, is a groovy masterpiece that you will find hard to get out of your mind. There is a top-notch flow of the very highest standard that gets you into the mood – to find someone who looks into your eye with that cheeky look – to get your smile beaming and your hands holding as you roll into the night as one. - A&R Factory

"Minus 2 New Track Released Patti Mayonnaise"

Minus 2 created Patti Mayonnaise as an ultra-vibey, dance track featuring J. Black’s deep velvet vocals over an upbeat yet dreamy beat from Collin. As always, Minus 2’s chill vibe makes for a great musical accompaniment to any pregame or party.

The 2018 Bedroom Community EP gives listeners groovy electronic beats, akin to some of ZHU’s earlier work with a hip-hop flavor. This song and the project as a whole showcase how quickly Minus 2’s vibe can transition from club to kickback. This doubles down on the group’s guiding focus of an eclectic audience centered on a sense of community. Minus 2 casts a wide net, moving elegantly between genres and collecting fans of varied backgrounds.

Minus 2’s album titled “Patti Mayonnaise” is what happens when artists dare to be great with their music. The song is truly one of a kind and has all the makings of a modern-day classic, From the production, lyrics, and vocal performance, it’s done to a stellar level that creates an endless amount of admiration for this master class level of work. - Honk Magazine


  • Late Summer Dreams - EP (2021)
  • All Ground Is Playground - EP (2020)
  • Bedroom Community - EP (2018)



Los Angeles-based duo, Minus 2, is comprised of ex-professional football players Collin Charles and J. Black. The two met while playing football together at Iowa State University and developed a close friendship. After pursuing their respective professional football careers, the two reunited in 2017 with music as the catalyst bringing them back together.

Minus 2’s music is transcendent of genre, ranging widely from hip-hop to electronic dance tracks. Collin Charles wears many hats for Minus 2 as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, engineer, and vocalist. J. Black’s heartfelt lyrics and easy delivery paired with his rich voice and southern roots provide a second layer of soul to the passionate beats Collin puts down.

Inspired by their eclectic musical tastes from OutKast, Drake, Ye & Daft Punk, Minus 2 hopes to use their creative pursuits to create a community-focused audience just as diverse.

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