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Dayton, OH | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Dayton, OH | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Metal Alternative





Adam Thompson’s drumming is fantastic, singer Jared Lacey’s vocals are spot on and his choruses are catchy. Some of the better moments of Vereor hearken to a time when heavier radio rock was actually interesting, songs like “Skylights” and “Infidel Castro” feel like some of Incubus’ earlier material.
The closing song “Fiasco” is definitely the high point, akin to Around the Fur-era Deftones. - HM Magazine

"Lee Brown"

Mayfly brings a sound that is influenced by the past, but is perfectly timed to help shape the future of heavy music. Though Vereor Deus, Non Dogma’s sound may be compared to past heavyweights like the Deftones and Staple, it comes at a time when heavy music as a whole is trying to find itself again. In this, the album is a fresh take on the nu-metal sound and will likely stand out in a sea of progressive/metalcore that is trying to redefine itself. Lyrically, Mayfly are up-front and challenging with some equally heavy themes. Finally, for an EP length album there are several guest spots to be found, but none is more welcome than that of Darin Keim (Staple). - Indie Vision Music

"Topher P."

Vereor Deus Non Dogma. 4 simple words, yet the meaning is so profound. The Latin phrase translates to “Fear God, Not Dogma,” and it is also the title for the debut 8-song EP from an up and coming hard rock quartet based out of Troy, Ohio. Ever since premiering their single, “Eternal Respiration,” back in October of 2012, Mayfly has played just about as many shows shows as possible around the area. This constant dedication to their music has earned them regional recognition and a record deal with on-the-rise indie label Voluminous Records. Mayfly is the epitome of the blue collar rocker, and after hearing Vereor Deus Non Dogma, it appears that their hard work may start paying them dividends. - Jesus Wired

"David Coleman"

Emanating from the Midwest comes a raw, formidable force known as Mayfly. Their politically-charged message and sweaty, testosterone-laden music smacks the listener in the face with a colossal cacophony and a copious dose of hard-hitting truth. The blood-curdling screams of vocalist/guitarist Jared Lacey fuse with the aural assault of lead guitarist Joel Holycross and bassist Tony Joe Ford as well as the tumultuous drum machinations of Adam Thompson to forge a mammoth wall of sound. - Examiner

"Brad Johnson"

From a bird's eye view of the EP, it maintains a few healthy salutes to the likes of Project 86, earlier P.O.D, a bit of Blindside and even some Deftones. In the now-overcrowded world of heavier music where artists are trying to flaunt their skills and instrumentalism as much as possible, there is something intriguing and alluring about restraint. Mayfly doesn't pour it on too much, and allows this EP to breathe where it should. - The Christian Music Review Blog


“The Ohio quartet Mayfly revive ‘90s-style nü-metal with a 21st-century twist on their debut EP for the small but feisty Voluminous label. The band’s faith is as solid as their musical chops.” - iTunes


Vereor Deus, Non Dogma (Voluminous Records)
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Few bands these days can adequately encapsulate their surroundings into their sound—but Ohio’s Mayfly manages to successfully navigate these waters. Leaping forth from the very depths of the Midwest, this dynamic group of musicians wages war on the listener with a fast-past and eclectic blend of melodic hard rock and hard-hitting metalcore. Mayfly draws from a variety of influences—from Deftones to Underoath, and As Cities Burn to Dead Poetic—to create a fresh, forward and engaging breed of Hard rock/metal the likes of which the listener has likely never heard. 

Formed in November of 2011, Mayfly has seen several iterations including a variety of line-up changes. However, throughout these changes, the group has been creating steadily more immersive and unique music the likes of which has been taking their local scene of Dayton, Ohio by storm. In one part, this is due no doubt to the variety with which they reach out and snare the listener’s ear. On one hand, Mayfly has faster, more aggressive tracks like “Skylights,” which blend 90’s style hard rock and hardcore with more modern metalcore and melodic elements (think As Cities Burn meets Refused for a drink, but gets into a bar fight with Underoath). On the other hand, tracks like “Jihad” heir more towards the radio-friendly side, incorporating more melodic elements and crooned, clean singing, a la Dead Poetic or Funeral for a Friend flirting with a Deftones song. While those tracks represent either extreme of the band’s spectrum, “Eternal Respiration” looms in the dead center, with fast-paced and pummeling instrumentation that walks hand-in-hand with softly sung (and the occasional belted refrain) vocals. 

While it might not be at the forefront of the band’s lyrical message, Mayfly is certainly not ashamed to represent their Christian roots and devout beliefs. “We all believe Jesus is the son of God,” says the band. “…We are messed up, and we admit it. We hope to be better today than we were yesterday.” However, even in spite of their beliefs and morals, Mayfly makes it a point to reach out to fans of all walks of life—especially when it comes to their live performance. “We’re open to discussion, but we don’t push the issue…People come to be entertained, not to be preached at,” says Joel Holycross. Rather than focus on preaching, Mayfly instead puts their energy into an engaging and energetic live performance. Whether it’s at a smaller, indoor venue or an open air festival, the members of Mayfly are absolutely sure to put their all into a memorable experience for each other and for their fans. 

Whether it’s the band’s aggressive, fast paced and rough-around-the-edges take on metalcore, a commitment to their community or the dedication to an energetic and unforgettable live performance, Mayfly is a young, forward-thinking band you shouldn’t sleep on. With the Midwest in its sights, surely national domination will be soon to follow—and you’ll want to be prepared when their gathering storm finally hits home.

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