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North Hollywood, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

North Hollywood, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Pop Folk




"Skope Reviews Marchan Noelle "Time Zone""

Marchan Noelle is approaching the music scene rapidly with a gypsy spirit and raspy tone. This indie artist is bringing the late 60s to early 70s vibe back to music. Which has quite frankly been missing for far too long. Her new track “Time Zone” is reminiscent of the Janis Joplin era with flowing instrumentals and soothing backing vocals.


Her lyrics showing her true gypsy spirit, “I want to wake up in a new time zone, go where the wind blows.” If this is where the wind is bringing Noelle I think she should definitely keep following it. Noelle has the ability to reach a broad audience with her voice, which fits the indie scene that is very in right now with the younger generation, as well as attracting an older audience with her strong vocals and bluesy tracks. One day Marchan Noelle just might wake up in the Billboard Charts!

Jake St. Jean – - Mi2N - Music Industry News Network

"Artist Profile: Marchan Noelle keeps the good vibes flowin’"

Marchan Noelle’s first self-produced EP, Dreaming Wide Awake, was released March 22, 2013. Earning an AA degree in Guitar Performance and Independent Artist as well as a certificate in Audio Engineering, Marchan Noelle graduated from the Musician’s Institute Hollywood in June 2014. Shortly after, she began planning The California Coast Road Trip Tour to help benefit the charity No Kid Hungry. The tour kicked off on September 27th in Ventura, raising money and awareness for the 100,000 Poets for Change Global Event day.

Her recordings have a sense of immediacy and calm assuredness, a scrappy street performance style, mixed with virtuosity and refined chordal ideas, all of which works together to keep Noelle’s songs engaging and instantly accessible. We had to opportunity to ask her more about her art and process. Who is Marchan Noelle?
MN: My name is pronounced like the month of March with Ann on the end, Noelle and I’m a second generation Hippie Singer/Songwriter! I was born in a little town outside Dallas, Texas, but I grew up in Hermosa Beach, CA mostly.

During my childhood, we moved around and I’d never really called anywhere “home” until I realized how much I missed California during my family’s 4 year stint stranded in Mexico. After graduating high school in Hermosa I thought well, this is about the longest I’ve been in one place my whole life so might as well say it’s home! I currently live in Hollywood.

MZ: How Far Back Does Your Musical Journey Extend?
MN: I’ve always been into music, man. My mom says I’d get chills hearing Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix when I was in diapers. It wasn’t until 14 that I ever touched a guitar, though.

As a kid, I was super shy. People thought I was mute. Although I loved singing when I was by myself and had always wanted to be a Spice Girl, I wouldn’t sing in front of anyone! Chaka Kahn’s “Ain’t Nobody” was the first song I ever sang when I was 10, just because Chaka makes you want to belt it. I remember being in the car with my mom and older sister, and their reactions. It felt AMAZING to use my voice, and that’s when I knew it was what I was going to do for the rest of my life somehow.

My 14th birthday was when I got my first acoustic guitar. I made up my own tuning and began teaching myself theme songs to my favorite TV shows on one string. One day, I was watching a show where a chick was playing chords and my mom was like “You should try that!” So I did; shortly after I was writing songs and learning covers.

First ever performance was an open mic at an Irish pub in Tempe, Arizona called Rula Bula. I was 16. The stage fright was real, and my mom convinced me that I needed to get over my nerves if I had big dreams of being an artist. Everything went wrong; I dropped my pick, forgot the words to my own song, couldn’t look at anyone. For some reason though, everyone loved me. I got positive encouragement, and it made me want to be as great as I could be at performing. Being somewhere playing music as much as possible is what I’ve been doing ever since that night.

MZ: What’s Next For Your Project?
MN: This summer, I’m going to do a little tour of Europe, as a follow up to my California Coast Road Trip Tour for No Kid Hungry fall 2014.

2nd Generation Hippie LLC is officially my very own production company, and the first project will be a documentary film following the lives of the underground indie musicians I’m lucky enough to call friends through their journeys to realizing their Personal Legends. That, I am super stoked for!!

Right now, I play a weekly gig with a ton of fabulously talented friends in Burbank on Sunday nights from 7-11pm in the Crystal View Lounge, on the 18th floor of the Holiday Inn. I absolutely love being a part of the Crystal Jam and would encourage everyone to attend at LEAST once.

Just trying to keep the good vibes flowing! - Music Zeitgeist


MARCHAN NOELLE, singer, guitarist, songwriter, recently debuted her album THE WITICHING HOUR (ACOUSTICS), combining blues and acoustic rock sound. Her soulful but edgy sound tantalizes the ear, leaving you wanting more. Her unique and refreshing sounds enraptures the beat of your heart.

THE WITCHING HOUR is a smooth, sultry rhapsody, easily igniting depth of soul-filled emotions. The track is a kaleidoscope of blues, indie, and rock that quickly draws in the listener. THE WITCHING HOUR acoustics evokes the heart- beat, reflecting on each subtle stage of love. It encompasses passion, hunger, and drive in the vocal and acoustic deliver of Marchan Noelle. Surely, one will be taken to a passionate haven as they engage in the rhythmic lyrics. - Glitter and Stilettos

"How to Juggle a Music Career and Startup Company: Advice from Marchan Noelle"

Musicians are creatives – they're boundary pushers, ceiling crashers, and big thinkers. The genius albums and compositions we love come from bold, imaginative minds. But being a musician doesn't mean limiting your innovation to just music. Marchan Noelle is an accomplished, prolific musician who recently founded her own startup company, 2nd Generation Hippie LLC. With an undying passion for music and expanding her talents, Marchan embraced what she was good at already – music – and started working with partners to explore new business ventures. Her entrepreneurial spirit has already led her to major projects with her startup. She's got a feeling the company's going to be big, and we're right there with her. We caught up with Marchan on what inspired her to pursue a startup and how she balances her music with her business.

Through your pursuits as a musician, you've decided to embrace entrepreneurship as a another facet of your music career. What inspired that?
The term "second-generation hippie vibe” was coined because so often I was asked what kind of music I play and found myself listing five or more genres I'm most influenced by. Even after going into my explanation, whoever was asking still wasn't any closer to knowing what my sound was than before they'd asked. My mom was the one that suggested I just come up with a new genre entirely, and since she's always called me her second-generation hippie – obviously she was the original hippie in this equation – it stuck.

The suggestion to make "second-generation hippie" an entity came later in the trademark process for the genre and my logo design. I figured, why not – I'm an audio engineer and have dreams of building my own recording studio someday. My inspiration to work in film and other aspects of the industry came after a post-production course I took at Musicians Institute, so it only made sense to have all these projects fall under one company. Thus, 2nd Generation Hippie LLC was born.

To elaborate upon the definition of "second-generation hippie vibe," I can describe it this way: a regeneration of music's quintessential sound from two decades during the '60s and '70s, sound that transcended the listener into a realm creating an indelible impression unlike any other music movement in history. To recapture the essence of music content and quality in its most realistic form possible. That is the second-generation hippie vibe.

What services can musicians and music lovers expect to receive from your startup, 2nd Generation Hippie LLC?
This company will have many branches, but everything will be rooted in simply making and supporting art and music. Most of all, it's a production company. The first project we're working on is a documentary film that will take the viewer through the struggles and successes of musicians' everyday lives toward realizing their personal legends here in Los Angeles. I know how extensive my journey has been thus far, and I also know people from all over the world who have come here to do the exact same thing. Each story is incredibly unique, and I have a personal admiration for every artist and band who will be included in the film. These stories without a doubt deserve to be told.

What are the biggest similarities you've noticed between musicianship and entrepreneurship? Any differences?
Both require vision and dedication. Music is something I've always known I wanted to pursue. I've put many hours into honing my craft as a musician and artist, whereas the current directions in which the company is going – film and music production – are more of an uncharted territory so far. Collaborations are also something in the current documentary process that I haven't considered as often as I'd like to in music. Similarities prevail though; ideas continue evolving and growing as I do the same.

How do you balance your work as a musician and as an entrepreneur? What are your top tips for others trying to do the same?
A lot of scheduling and writing things down in planners so I don’t forget! My team at the moment is my interim manager/financier/mom and a cinematographer, Ricky England, who's a close friend and musician himself. He's doing his thing, teaching guitar, and working on other camera-related projects. My days are usually filled with working on submissions through Sonicbids and TAXI, trying to maintain my social media presence, writing, and of course practicing and performing more gigs than ever recently.

[7 Lessons From Pomplamoose on Being a Musical Entrepreneur]

Luckily, we've been able to coordinate several free days or even partial days in the week where we can grab B-footage of the city or someone's live performance. It's been great that everything is very music-related and fun. To anyone else with multiple ventures going on:

Wake up early!
Check your emails first thing in the morning and reply to the crucial ones right away. Don't let them sit, because you will forget!
Invest in a planner. I bought three: one that's year-specific and portable, one that's not year-specific, and a nice leather binder tablet for notes. #plannerlife
What kind of impact has being a Sonicbids member had on your music career and startup?
Sonicbids has been instrumental in getting online radio play and reviews for my music. I owe my press and play to you guys, seriously! I'm really happy that a platform like this exists. The simple EPK really allows the music to speak for itself, rather than worrying about what to say when pitching only to never hear back and wonder if it's wise to run the risk of being annoying by submitting again. It's tough out here for us indies, and Sonicbids eases that anxiety for me quite a bit! Because of submitting my music through Sonicbids, I've gotten rotation on Women of Substance Radio & Podcast (a new song each month!), Indie Authority, Radio Crystal Blue Podcast, write-ups in Skope magazine, Muzic Notez, and Music Zeitgeist, as well as a fistful of other placements. Most of which I hadn't known about before signing up. So, thanks!

Where do you hope your startup will be in five years?
Wow, 2nd Generation Hippie LLC in five years. Parts one and two of the documentary will be well-established by then, and possibly even be made into an ongoing series. Our goal is to submit it to film festivals and indie theaters. It's going to be big, I can feel it. In five years, I'll have my studio/indie label and be producing my own music and recording others as well. We will have built more of a team and perhaps have an artist or two signed. I want to produce more videos – mainly music videos – and start a session series where guest artists perform a few songs with a gnarly back drop somewhere, well… gnarly.

What's the number-one piece of advice you wish you had when you were first starting out on your music career path?
For the past few months, I've been performing at the Crystal Jam showcase in Burbank and have recently been appointed the A&R of the event to bring in new bands. During this time, I've become good friends with the host, Kristine Mirelle. She's hands-down the most driven musician I've ever met and is a master of her craft, as well as creating amazing opportunities for herself. Her mind is always tuned to maximum potential. About a month ago, she was giving me all kinds of great knowledge and advice. She was telling me how she started a crowdfunding page, before there ever was such a thing, to travel each continent of the world playing her music. One thing in particular stood out. It instantly made me think of the beginning of my independent artist career two years ago when I thought the only goals to set were ones I deemed attainable, thus limiting myself from the real possibilities. I wish someone would have told me this then, but I'm glad she planted the seed in my head that day. She insisted, "Ask big questions; you'll get big answers." - Sonicbids

"Marchan Noelle – The Witching Hour (Acoustic)"

“The Witching Hour” is a bewitching album. Marchan Noelle’s impassioned vocal delivery guides these lovely pieces. With an impressive range Marchan Noelle’s simple setup (a voice and a guitar) runs the gamut from folk to the angular precise work of bossa nova. Her lyrics explore want, desire, and the dynamics of relationships. Vocals are very strong and serve as the beating heart of the album. Each one of her songs has its own distinct narrative. By using her guitar as a canvas she is able to add color to her stories.

‘The Witching Hour (Acoustic)’

For the opener “Take You Down” Marchan Noelle’s honeyed vocals help to ease the listener into her distinct world. Slowly the rhythm down considerably on “Pity the Fool” Marchan Noelle opts for more playful delivery, as the guitar jumps and skips with sweet tender tones. The stop start work of “Now and Then” is particularly elegant and serves as the highlight of the album. Quieter in tone is the deliberate work of “The Coffee Shoppe Around the Corner” whose work focuses on the minutiae details of life. Full of sadness is the reflective work of “Wicked”. Bringing things to a close is the time focused work of “Time’s Only Got One Rule” as it suggests a calm response towards the inevitable aging process.

Best taken in as a whole “The Witching Hour” is an album that reveals an entire life within the songs. These are living breathing testaments to the beauty that exists in the small moments of life. - Skope Magazine

"The Morning Brew - Mr. Skipworth's Last Show"

We start the last week off with Vendela and Dustin talking all about the Bruce Jenner “20/20” Special, Obama’s Correspondent’s Dinner, and Dustin’s first Morning show ever! Marchan Noelle also joins us in studio to talk all about her latest music ventures. - USC Trojan Vision

"Cross Radar Album Review - The Witching Hour (Acoustic)"

‘Take You Down’ sets off Marchan Noelle’s The Witching Hour with confidence, her voice and acoustic guitar balanced perfectly and performing as the perfect team.

Noelle’s voice is rich and dynamic, moving between the sounds of Amy Winehouse and Adelle, unafraid of reaching for plenty of power notes. ‘Pity The Fool’ adds a hint of fun to things, with expressive guitar plucks and strums, with an intoxicating vocal that really draws the listener in like a moth to a flame. There’s no ignoring the songwriting skills of Marchan Noelle – The Witching Hour is packed full of mature tunes, all backed up by her vocal abilities. There is a depth and seriousness across the album, with ‘Mystery Man’ showing a depth and heaviness that allows Noelle’s vocal tone to soar and swell, and ‘Oblivious’ showcases some proficient guitar work that makes for some truly entrancing listening. At first glance, The Witching Hour might seem an incredibly simple set of songs, but look a little further and you’ll find that Marchan Noelle’s music has great depth to it, richly written and excellently performed. - Cross Radar

"Marchan Noelle’s new single ‘Control’"

Marchan Noelle has been enticed by the power of music since babyhood. On her 14th birthday, she developed an alternate tuning by ear on her acoustic guitar. Homeschooled, with nothing to do but play it, she began writing songs.

After being involved in musical activities at Mira Costa High her senior year, she enrolled in & completed an AA in Guitar Performance and Independent Artist + Certificate of Audio Engineering at Musician’s Institute Hollywood. Since her 2014 MI graduation, she’s embarked upon the first leg of her CA coast busking tour to raise awareness + funds for No Kid Hungry.

With the release of debut album The Witching Hour (Acoustic) 10/20/14, came a lot of love in early part of the new year for bluesy acoustic rock track 5, “Mystery Man”. Most requested at live shows, Mystery Man was chosen to be featured in the Women of Substance Radio & Podcast #53, as well as named one of the Top 20 Indie Songs in February. Most recently, the song has earned Marchan Noelle a spot as a finalist and 1 of 6 runners up in the first international Recording Festival, out of more than 150 entries from all over the globe.

Currently, Marchan Noelle can be found performing a few songs every Sunday at the weekly artist showcase held in the Crystal View Lounge, from 7-11pm on the 18th floor of the Burbank Holiday Inn.

The latest single release is entitled ‘Control’ of which you can hear above. This track has a beautiful flow to it combining her enticing soulful voice with her signature acoustic guitar sound. Below you can check her out performing ‘Pity The Fool’ live on her current tour. Enjoy! - MuzicNotez

"A Popup Interview with Marchan Noelle"

A Popup Interview with Marchan Noelle

Have you heard of Indie Music Bus? Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter @IndieMusicBus
Marchan Noelle:
Obviously, since I'm here answering these questions! Haha seriously though, luckily I have heard of Indie Music Bus; I stumbled across the company from a Google search of indie music blogs, sites, etc.

What does indie mean to you?
Marchan Noelle:
Being indie to me means being a self sufficient, independent artist. Paying some serious dues and spending a lot of time and effort promoting yourself. It's been especially difficult for me, because I'm one of those personalities that doesn't like talking about myself too much, but when you're indie, that's what you have to do if you want anyone to know about you. For example, I'm on a tour of the CA coast for charity right now and I've forced myself to engage with practically everyone I come in contact with about the tour. I give a tour flyer and business card and describe the charity to the servers at the restaurants I eat at, the cashiers at grocery stores, EVERYONE. You never know who could be truly interested, a potential fan. You never know unless you talk about what you're doing. After all, you're the only one who gets tired of hearing yourself say the same stuff…every person is a fresh set of ears.

Which music sites do you use and which is your favorite?
Marchan Noelle:
If you're referring to music sites that I follow to help with my music, I'd have to say Indie On the Move is my favorite as of late. Their resources are amazing, and one of the best things about them is their directory of college radio station and newspaper contacts. It eases the massive anxiety of searching for the hundreds of colleges and then their contacts. As far as the music site I use most for the majority of my stuff, it's Bandzoogle.

Do you write music based on experiences, random things or themes?
Marchan Noelle:
Most everything I write about is either a personal experience, a person, or an experience I had with a person. Every once in a while, I'll have a sudden burst of an idea that would be cool to write about, but those types of songs never come as easily as something that's happened to me personally.

Post a link to or embed your most well done video: What was the process like in the making of this video and how long did it take to make? Details!
Marchan Noelle:
Marchan Noelle - Pity the Fool (Live on The California Coast Road Trip Tour This video was shot in downtown Burbank, on one of the first stops of The California Coast Road Trip Tour! It was a slow day, but the people who did stop by were engaging and had a lot of great things to say. Plus, a lot of people I haven't seen since school happened to be there that day, so it was a really cool random reunion! The song is one take audio, and I didn't do any editing other than the montage comping you see! There's another version of this song on track 2 of my new album, The Witching Hour (Acoustic)!

Do you do any recording on your own?
Marchan Noelle:
Sure! My first EP Dreaming Wide Awake, was recorded, mixed, and mastered when I was a student in the Independent Artist Program at Musician's Institute. I actually studied audio engineering in school after that EP was released, so I have a lot of preferences for my sound as an artist. It's really good knowledge to have when you're an independent artist. You can speak the studio language and further influence your music in the production process as well. At the moment, I don't have a home set-up, so most all my recording is done at a friend's studio, but I'm already designing my dream studio so someday I'll be able to record myself and others!

How does music affect your lives and what do you hope other people will take out of what you do?
Marchan Noelle:
Music is just like pizza: I think about it 24/7. My main goal with the music I create is to inspire other human beings the way the music I love inspires me. Whether that be because the song uplifts them, or they can relate to it in some way, or it just makes them groove. The impact that a good song has on me is unlike anything else I've ever felt, and if I can give even half of that to the people who hear my songs, I'll know that I'm doing something right.

Are you signed to an indie label?
Marchan Noelle:
Nope! I do everything myself, which I like. Research, promotion, booking, etc. It's a tough gig and it can get frustrating + overwhelming at times, but it's more rewarding than anything when all your hard work starts to pay off and materialize into the reality of your vision.

Do you write your music or lyrics first and which do you find the most difficult? Is catering your music to fit a specific genre important to your band? Why or why not?
Marchan Noelle:
That's a tossup! My melodies almost always come to me in the shower, and I develop from there whether it be on guitar or a vocal line. For lyrics, sometimes I'll write a poem or a long blurb about the subject of inspiration and then take bits and pieces from that. Most often, when the inspiration hits me, I'll just write what I feel. It's impossible to say which comes first, though, because it's different each time. I've never tried to write in a specific genre, it's just

Have you ever written a song because of a dream, if so, let's hear about it!
Marchan Noelle:
Secrets (Paint Me Away), off my first EP Dreaming Wide Awake, was based on a dream I had when a guy I was into was putting me through a difficult time. I dreamed about the place you go to when you feel something for someone; that euphoric, on top of the world feeling, and it was a place in the clouds. When said person let me down, "the castle in the clouds" crashed to pieces around me and all those bright beautiful colors turned to grey. The song is about how closed off you get when you realize something isn't as great and lasting as you hoped it'd be, and all the things going through your mind. Fact: the lasting lyric in that song, for some reason, has been "I try to keep from stumbling, my thoughts as busy as a bumbling bee".

What genre(s) would you say your music is under?
Marchan Noelle:
It's so many different things. And I'm not trying to be hipster when I say that…like "I'm totally undefinable, man." Haha. It's because I grew up listening to all these genres of music that my writing doesn't reflect one particular thing. Plus, I don't like being pigeon holed. So if I had to pick I'd say first acoustic singer-songwriter, since most of my stuff right now isn't with a set band. Then it's folk. But sometimes it's jazz, blues, rock…so that's why I've come up with my own genre 2nd Generation Hippie vibe. Most of my music is influenced by late 60's, early 70's artists and my mom calls me her 2nd generation hippie…who better to dub that than a former hippie themselves!

Name and describe your most memorable gig.
Marchan Noelle:
I have two incredibly memorable gigs that I sometimes wish I could relive, both in high school. I'll just tell you the first one! When I was 17 years old, I hadn't been in public school since the middle of 5th grade, and my mom and I had moved back to California. I was registering for high school at Mira Costa in Manhattan Beach, and that night they were having the talent show auditions. Technically, I hadn't yet become a student, but the teacher (hey, Mrs. Claypoole!) was super rad and let me audition anyway since the next week I'd be at school. Way nervous, but pretty stoked on the circumstances, I auditioned with the first song I ever wrote, Angels Sing Out. Everyone loved it (although there were only a few students in the auditorium that night) and I got in! I also met a few of my closest friends that night. The talent show was a few days later, and when I got on stage, no one except the few people from the auditions knew who I was! I heard everyone whispering "Who's that?" when they announced my name. I played my song and the crowd went nuts! The next day, I heard my name in the morning announcements, but didn't know why because I hadn't been listening!!! In between the next class, all these people I didn't know were coming up to me (how they even knew it was me, I'll probably never know…possibly because I was the only unfamiliar face??) congratulating me!!!!! It took me a few people before I could ask what was going on, and my friend Ron said "You won third in the talent show!!!!" I was shocked! The first and second place winners were two ultra popular kids in school, so the fact that I got the third spot meant something huge! After that, I became friends with practically everyone and that was my grand entrance back into the public school system. BAM.

How did you/all learn to play, self or school?
Marchan Noelle:
I was singing before I could talk, and wrote silly little songs when I was younger. Then I got way introverted as a kid, so it wasn't until I was about 10 that I discovered I had a voice. My mom and sister and I were driving through town when a song I loved came on the radio - Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan - so I belted it and blew my family away. After that, I was singing all the time! The only vocal training I've had was a year and a half in the Multi Cultural choir at Mira Costa High School, under the direction of Michael Hayden. All those techniques we were taught I still use to this day! I taught myself to play guitar by ear at 14; in an alternate tuning I made up. Serious songwriting came shortly after. Eventually, I went on to study guitar at Musician's Institute in Hollywood at 19, and I had some of the most incredible teachers who I can thank for my present day abilities!

How long does it take for an average song to go from a musical idea to a recordable song?
Marchan Noelle:
On average…probably about two hours. Sometimes a lot quicker, when the inspiration hits. Other times, it takes weeks or longer to finish a song. Usually that's rare, but when it happens and I can't finish it in a few days, I just leave it until it's like discovering you left a $20 in your jeans pocket after a month or two and I finish it in a zap.

Are there any established artists with whom you would like to collaborate?
Marchan Noelle:
Ed Sheeran! Ed Sheeran. And…did I mention Ed Sheeran? I love everything about him artistically. Lianne La Havas is another one of my favorites. If she'd be down to sing the ABC's with me, I'd do that.

Last stage gig you did:
Marchan Noelle:
Whoo, child. It's been back in August, I think. At Tribal Cafe in LA. I've been busking a lot more in the past few months, actually.

How experienced are you or the band on the stage?
Marchan Noelle:
I started performing when I was 16 years old. I was a pretty shy kid growing up, so I had terrible stage fright even when I did my first open mic. Naturally, everything went wrong. The pick flew out of my hand, I only had one and a half songs anyway, and forgot the words to one of them…horrifying! But I loved it, so I kept going back and since then I've performed at a lot of the nice clubs in the LA area! (:

Have you ever paid for advertising for the band?
Marchan Noelle:
Only physical goods like t-shirts, posters, picks, etc. No online advertising campaigns. I don't like the idea of paying say, Facebook, to promote my page. And I would never pay for followers. I don't believe things like that are beneficial or generate real fans, so I just choose not to use those types of services.

How many members in the band write music?
Marchan Noelle:
Just me, myself and I. (: I've only co-wrote one song before, and we haven't done anything with it yet even though it's a really good song!

If you wanted to make your own genre name, what would it be?
Marchan Noelle:
I kind of already answered this, but it's funny you'd ask...I already have one, and it's called "2nd Generation Hippie vibe"! It wasn't just a whim that I decided to label myself this way; everyone who I've asked to categorize my music says that it's so diverse they can't really put their finger on it. I used to give people an ear full when they'd ask what genre I was. Singer-songwriter, folk rock, blues, jazz…WOAH!! Better to have a name of my own design and leave it to people's curiosity and imagination as to just what that sounds like. My mom has always called me her 2nd generation hippie, and that my music reminds her of the music she'd listened to back in the day. Put that together with my influences from that era, and there you have it! - Club Knowledge

"UM Review: Marchan Noelle -Dreaming Wide Awake"

Marchan Noelle - Dreaming Wide Awake
Record Label: Self-Released
Release Date: March 22nd, 2013
Reviewed by: Kirstie

Marchan Noelle’s first EP, Dreaming Wide Awake was released on March 22nd. Marchan’s EP was produced at a Musician’s Institute in Hollywood where the young singer has been studying and working on her degree in the Guitar performance and Independent Artist programme for the last couple of years.

Her goal is to open her own studio for herself to record her album and for other aspiring musicians and she is achieving this by working towards becoming a certified audio engineer.
Rating: 3/5
The EP consists of three songs, Wishing Well, Secrets and Dreaming Wide Awake. All three are very restful and easy to listen to. I would compare her style to similar to Lilly Allen, Kate Nash or Lucy Spraggan but her voice is more soothing than theirs.

I can imagine this being an EP to listen to while relaxing in the bath, or the sun, that were hoping to have again, definitely worth a listen.

The EP can be found on her website and although at the moment she is only touring with her acoustic guitar, you can catch her around LA with her band soon.

You can connect with Marchan on the following websites: - UMusicians

"Guitar Girl'd: 50 Awesome Things About the Women’s Music Summit"

I just realized that with this story, I have written 100 stories for (or maybe more; it’s hard to keep track!).

To commemorate this milestone, I've turned my 100th story into a list of 100 things. And since I just finished producing the second annual Women’s Music Summit, those 100 things would all be about the Summit, including my favorite moments from this inspiring event.

Then I realized, damn, 100 is a lot of things. So, at the risk of copping out, I bring to you 50 awesome things about the 2013 Women’s Music Summit. And, don’t you know, 50 is a lot too!

We laughed, we cried, we made music. I hope you can join us sometime, but until then, read on…

11. Listening to the beautiful and talented Marchan Noelle. She’s based in LA. Check her out! - Guitar World

"30 Marchan Noelle Gypsy Music Life"

Marchan Noelle received her Associate of Arts Degree in Guitar Performance and Independent Artist the summer of 2013. Her next endeavor was enrolling in the Audio Engineering program at Musician’s Institute. 2014 includes performances at Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues on The Sunset Strip and other LA hot spots. Weekends performing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. She´s releasing her EP Dreaming Wide Awake later this year.

Texas, California, Mexico, Arizona…gypsy lifestyle
Her mom put her to sleep to smooth jazz, 60´s, 70´s rocknroll
10 years old, was really shy, belted out “Ain´t Nobody” by Chaka Khan in the car, her mom/sister surprised
Her videographer suggested Musicians Institute, told her high school she was going to MI, put it out in paper
San Francisco camping,
She used to struggle with being on stage, she used open mics as practice
Her mom videotapes her performances
Don´t rely on people to help you….figure it out yourself

“Be as good as you can be!”
“Trust your ability”
“You have something unique and special, trust it!”

Any opportunity that comes her way, she takes it

WORST GIG: Valentines Day at Hard Rock Cafe, the microphone stand fell, sound cut out twice
BEST GIG: East Valley High School, tight red dress, “Pitty the Fool” they went crazy, the microphone stand fell.
Solo during “Go Tell it on the Mountain” not everyone knew she could sing. The whole school was there.

Playing at bars where people don´t listen - Entertainment Drive Thru


Dreaming Wide Awake EP

Track listing: 

  • Wishing Well
  • Secrets (Paint Me Away)
  • Dreaming Wide Awake 
© ℗ 2013 Marchan Noelle

The Witching Hour (Acoustic)

Track listing:
  • Take You Down
  • Pity the Fool
  • Idiosyncrasy
  • Now and Then
  • Mystery Man
  • The Coffee Shoppe Around the Corner
  • Oblivious
  • Wicked
  • The Witching Hour 
  • Time's Only Got One Rule
© ℗ 2014 Marchan Noelle

  • California Christmas - Single
© ℗ 2014 Marchan Noelle

  • The Missouri Man (I Can't Breathe) - Single
© ℗ 2015 Marchan Noelle

  • Control (Single)
© ℗ 2015 Marchan Noelle

  • Time Zone (Single)
© ℗ 2015 Marchan Noelle



  A gypsy spirit wasn't hard to come by for Marchan Noelle. Having lived in numerous states of the US and a four year experience on the Caribbean/Mexican Riviera during her childhood gave her the insight that is so evident in the music she writes. Self taught guitarist by ear in an alternate tuning from age 14, singing and songwriting soon followed. A first open mic performance off the ASU campus immediately quelled all timidness to perform on stage.

 Her first self-produced EP, Dreaming Wide Awake, was released March 22, 2013, and ignited a fire to continue writing and pursuing music for a handful of fans. Earning an AA degree in Guitar Performance and Independent Artist as well as a certificate in Audio Engineering, Marchan Noelle graduated from the Musician's Institute Hollywood in June 2014. Shortly after, she began planning The California Coast Road Trip Tour to help benefit the charity No Kid Hungry. The tour kicked off on September 27th in Ventura, raising money and awareness for the 100,000 Poets for Change Global Event day. 

 With her debut album The Witching Hour (Acoustic) released in October of 2014, came a lot of love for the bluesy acoustic rock track 5, "Mystery Man". Most requested at live shows, Mystery Man was chosen to be featured in the Women of Substance Radio & Podcast, as well as named a Top 20 Indie Song the month of February 2015 on Most recently, the song has earned Marchan Noelle a spot as a finalist and one of 6 runners up in the first international Recording Festival, out of more than 150 entries from all over the globe. Four new songs are set to be featured on Women of Substance Radio throughout the year.

 For six months in 2015 she was a resident performer Sunday evenings at Burbank's new music showcase, The Crystal Jam. From there she went on to become one of five new street performers to be brought on at Universal Studios' City Walk Hollywood, performing on the bustling City Walk promenade several times a week.

 On September 9th, Marchan Noelle journeyed for six weeks across the United States and Europe on the Why Not The World Tour, performing in places such as New York City, Nashville, London, and Naples. The trek is being documented into mini movies on a new Youtube channel, The Hippie Vlogs. Marchan Noelle also released her new single "Time Zone" in celebration of the tour. 

 Constantly creating, Marchan Noelle has recently launched her startup production company, 2nd Generation Hippie, LLC. She and her team are currently in production of a documentary series, chronicling the behind-the-scenes struggles and triumphs independent artists live with day to day on their journey to realizing their dreams. You can read more about 2nd Generation Hippie, LLC and its future projects in this Sonicbids article here:

Or watch her interview on USC's The Morning Brew:

 Committed to introducing the music world to an organic new twist on modern pop with her signature "2nd Generation Hippie Vibe", Marchan Noelle's blended sound has been likened to those of Joni Mitchell, Corrine Bailey Rae, and India.Arie.

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