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Madelyn Paquette

Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Country Pop




"2020 John Lennon Scholarship Winners Announced"

NEW YORK, NY ― August 4, 2020 ― The winners of the BMI Foundation’s 23rd Annual John Lennon Scholarships, a program that recognizes the nation’s best and brightest young songwriters between the ages of 17 and 24, were announced today by Samantha Cox, Vice President of the BMI Foundation and Director of the competition. - BMI Foundation

"Madelyn Paquette’s “Move In” Is the Soundtrack For Lovers Moving In"

Moving in with a partner is a major, life-changing step for anyone at any age. With her soothing, calming and confident vocals, Madelyn Paquette’s “Move In” is the affirming song you need to put your mind at ease and clear away any uncertainty and apprehension. - American Songwriter

"John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2020 Finalists"

The Session II Finalists are listed below. - John Lennon Songwriting Contest

"Kruser's Local Catch"

Listening to this young artist, makes me feel like the future of music is in good hands. Madelyn is smart, talented, conscientious and relatable. Her lyrics are furnished with a warm intensity and truth. It’s clear Paquette is passionate about expressing herself, but she does it with such vocal grace and poise that her message just glides into absorption. - Country 102.5 - Carolyn Kruse


Artiste émergente et indépendante de la scène Country américaine, MADELYN PAQUETTE vient tout juste de dévoiler le tout premier clip vidéo de sa carrière pour son tout nouveau single « Move In« . - Alongside Nashville

"Serious Songwriter: Madelyn Paquette"

I'm a 21 year old country-pop singer-songwriter, producer and recording artist from Boston, MA; now based in NYC. I attend NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music where I'm a junior focusing on songwriting, music business and production. My song "Broke Like Me" recently won an Independent Music Award in the country category, I'm a 2020 winner of the BMI Foundation's John Lennon Scholarship for my song "Ready or Not," and I've spent the last few months writing and recording some of my favorite music yet, to be released in 2021. I'm a Sagittarius but couldn't tell you what that means, enneagram type 2, and my favorite household object is a winter-y smelling candle. - Serious Songwriter

"Lincoln-Sudbury grad composes popular track ‘Better Weather’ to deal with coronavirus blues"

Madelyn Paquette has written and performed hundreds of songs since 2010, but her latest, “Better Weather,” is surely the New York University music major’s most significant.

Madelyn Paquette has written and performed hundreds of songs since 2010, but her latest, “Better Weather,” is surely the New York University music major’s most significant.

The high-octane track, which debuted on April 15, conflates Paquette’s moving melody and message with a big piano sound, silky vocals and stirring harmonies that inspire listeners to unite against Covid-19 with courage and hope.

The track on its release date drew almost 1,000 views on major streaming platforms, many among her 3,500 Instagram followers.

The next day Carolyn Kruse of Country 102.5 profiled Paquette and “Better Weather” on its “Catch of the Week” show. Today, Pacquette’s music is lifting the spirits of viewers worldwide. Many have cried tears of joy. A Swedish woman likened the song to a hug. Another viewer said it moved him to do a painting depicting the fight against the virus.

“Everyone has their way of dealing with all this chaos,” said the 20-year-old, who graduated from Lincoln-Sudbury High School in 2018. “So, we’re alone, but we’re all in this together and better weather is around the bend. We just have to wait for it.”

Written and produced in one month – the fastest Paquette ever produced a song - “Better Weather” was inspired in the rain on March 12 in New York City. The virus was making its mark, and NYU students were told to pack extra clothes for a possible extended spring break. Paquette’s dad arrived to drive her home to Sudbury, and she was dispirited as his car pulled away from the NYU campus.

“We said really difficult goodbyes,” she recalled. “A lot of us were just starting to grasp the gravity of the situation. We had no idea when we would see each other again.”

Sobbing as the raindrops fell, Paquette squeezed out a few lyrics without knowing their direction. Once home in her bedroom studio, where she writes and records most of her music, Paquette sunk into creative thought. Her anguish in New York gave way to a more positive mindset. The virus, despite its power, she reasoned, would not prevail. People would – they just had to believe.

Transcendent ideas came to her as she culled the lyrics. Then, with these words, her message was complete: “Oh I never used to have a reason. But when you’re drowning it’s the time to start believing. Cause baby we’re all on this ship together. We’re on our way, we’re on our way to better weather.”

When composing, Paquette typically programs piano and guitars - she plays both - for a country sound on her music creation software. “But this was screaming lush strings, piano, and vocal harmonies,” she recalled. More pop than country. “I didn’t want to make it something it wasn’t. I let it tell me what it wanted.”

Paquette then assembled a quarantined team of specialists to complete the process. Her sister Becca performed backup vocals. Boyfriend Michael Mironidis in New Jersey arranged the string instrumentals, including violins and cellos, plus percussion. Another friend from New York helped design the song’s cover art.

In the end, the collaboration validated the song’s theme of people alone working together. “These projects always take a village - and even though my village couldn’t meet in person, we still made it happen together,” she said.

Still quarantined, Paquette is upbeat yet realistic about her future.

“Every summer, I play shows around Boston,” she said, “but I don’t think I’ll be able to this summer due to the circumstances. If I’m out of work, my plan is to stay home and make as much music as I can. Just write and record as much as possible.” - The MetroWest Daily News

"Introducing: Madelyn Paquette -- Broke Like Me"

Madelyn Paquette recently released her new single Broke Like Me and it sounds so good. I like the catchy melodies. Besides, the hooks are powerful. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the unique vocals and energetic drums. - Lefuturewave

"Madelyn Paquette"

Dès son jeune âge, la passion principale de Madelyn était de chanter et d’explorer les éléments musicaux qui composent une chanson – développant une oreille attentive pour l’harmonie et la hauteur à cinq ans. - Direct Actu


Better Weather

Broke Like Me

Ready or Not


As Long As I'm With You This Christmas


​2020 - John Lennon Songwriting Contest - Finalist"Perfectionist"

2020 - International Songwriting Competition - Country Semi-Finalist"Broke Like Me"

2020 - BMI Foundation 24th Annual John Lennon Scholarship - "Ready or Not"

2020 - The Independent Music Awards- "Broke Like Me" - Best Country Song Official Winner

2019 - Featured on Kruser's Local Catch& on Boston's Hit Country 102.5 -"Evergreen" 

2018 - Presidential Scholar In The Arts Semifinalist

2017 - National YoungArts Foundation - VOICE Singer/Songwriter Winner - "Sierra"

2017 - Top 3 Winner "Music Matters" Songwriting Contest, Boston's Independent Radio 92.5 The River - "Can't Wait Til Tuesday"

2015 - Top 10 Winner "Music Matters Songwriting Contest" - "Can't Wait Til Tuesday" 

2015- The American Songwriting Awards (ASA)- "All The Way Crazy" - Teen Category Nominee, "As Long As I'm With You This Christmas" - Holiday Song Category Nominee



*1.2 Million Streams on Spotify*

Growing up in suburban Massachusetts, Madelyn discovered her love of singing as a toddler and developed a keen ear for harmony and pitch soon after. She began songwriting at age ten; won two American Songwriting Awards (ASA) by fifteen; became a National YoungArts Foundation Winner by 17; was selected as a 2018 Presidential Scholar in the Arts Finalist by 18 and won an Independent Music Award by 20. Most recently, her songs have been recognized by the BMI Foundation and the 2020 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. 

Madelyn is known for her country-esque bangers with catchy melodies and memorable stories, as heard in fan-favorite "Broke Like Me." Madelyn's latest release titled "Move In" a sweet and clever tune about taking that next step with a loved one, and is accompanied by her first ever music video. "Little Things," a 2020 collaboration with Nashville-based artist Charlie Brennan, recently passed 1.1+ million streams on Spotify and was featured on five Spotify editorial playlists including Warm Fuzzy Feeling (2M followers). The duo spent much of the pandemic writing music together and planning future duet releases. 

Madelyn's upcoming single “Perfectionist” will be released on Friday, July 9th, touting explosive country production and bold lyrics- sure to inspire and uplift. Written in her childhood bedroom and produced with Karl Anderson in the thick of the pandemic, "Perfectionist" is vulnerable and speaks to young women finding themselves. 

Currently, Madelyn attends the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Living in NYC, Madelyn infuses the city with her country-pop sound, playing at loved venues such as Arlene's Grocery, The Cutting Room, Piano's, Berlin Under A and more. 

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