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Lost In a Name

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Duo Rock Hard Rock




"Lost In A Name - A Silence In Static"

"...these guys are hard to forget..." "How Razor & Tie haven’t scooped this duo up yet is a mystery."...... Amazingly, a two piece are behind this glossy, giant sounding meshing of metalcore, prog-rock and driving punk, though members of Alien Ant Farm and Newsted also contributed their talents. My main gripe with bands of this ilk is that their LPs would be better off as EPs due to similar sounding songs, and that there is often little lasting power. However these guys are hard to forget, and skilled enough at their instruments to not repeat themselves. How Razor & Tie haven’t scooped this duo up yet is a mystery. - Inforty - Tom Haugen

"Lost In A Name - A Silence In Static"

"...Lost's memorable "Silence" still rocks loud and hard."..... The rock band, trimmed down to two members this year, worked with some notable names for its latest album, from cowriting "Avert the Apathy" with Sevendust's Clint Lowery, to bringing in Tye Zamora from Alien Ant Farm for "Voiceless." The result may be too pop-oriented for some alternative metal heads, but Lost's memorable "Silence" still rocks loud and hard. - JSOnline - Piet Levy

"Lost In A Name – A Silence In Static"

"And the sophomore album for Lost In A Name is not a push over either..." "...I encourage any hard rock lover to go check out their work...".... Sometimes less really is more. When I read in an email that Lost In A Name was a 2-man group you can only imagine how much that made my head turn. I’ve done a review for a one man band so this wasn’t as odd sounding as that but it still sounded odd nonetheless. “A Silence In Static” doesn’t hit the shelves until September but I was allowed to listen to the album thanks to the band’s manager with whom I’ve worked with before. And the sophomore album for Lost In A Name is not a push over either for anyone into their music. Of course if you’re not into it you’re not but you should definitely give this album a shot or two. Never know. Anyway, this album had a very nice flow to it with there only being one guitarist beside a drummer and they both have a great unity and that gives the songs an amazing sound to them that are very catchy and the lyrics are as truthful as they come. The guitars do a great job and while the album has a cover of “Come Together” in it I would still prefer the original but Lost In A Name puts a very nice and interesting twist on the song and makes it more edgy and more hard rock/metal edge to it. The entire album sounds nice with good drums, guitar, vocals, and rhythm that I encourage any hard rock lover to go check out their work “The Chorus Gives Us Reason” that is available on their website (link below as always). Once again, “A Silence In Static” releases in September and I highly recommend checking it out. - Head-Banger Reviews

"ALBUM REVIEW: A Silence In Static by Lost in a Name (@Lostinaname)"

"It’s hard to believe that this group is a two piece!" "The group really mastered their mix of hard rock with a melodic layer."..... It’s hard to believe that this group is a two piece! A Silence In Static is set to be released on 9/18 and it’s potentially one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. The group really mastered their mix of hard rock with a melodic layer. The guitar is so strong in this album it’s incredible. When I found that the group had covered the Beatles ‘Come Together’ I did have my doubts but the group not only pulls it off but they pull it off well. The album includes guest vocalists Melissa Menago of June Divided, Ari Herstand, JoeK, Jessie Farnsworth of Jason Newsted, and Tye Zamora of Alien Ant Farm. These vocalists were well chosen and compliment the album greatly.

Not many bands with this style can play the slower songs very well. ‘Cold Wisconsin Nights’ is really well balanced with the vocals of Melissa Menago and Ari Herstand.

Overall this album is well done. Each song stands out well from each other and together they create a great album. It’s great to see bands like this re-create the hard rock genre.

Favorite Songs: Buried In Static, Voiceless

Rating: 4/5 - aliiivemag

"Lost In A Name - A Silence In Static"

"...Overall, this ten track album truly flies by. packed with songs that are well written and well performed. If this is the direction that Lost In A Name continue to travel in I can see them continuing to build up a strong and dedicated fanbase... the band plays to their strengths and both members, plus those brought in to help out on this record, are excellent musicians. This album is a positive step forward and, now that other distractions are out of the way, there is no reason they can’t capitalise on this." - Mind Noise Network - Daniel King

"Lost In A Name Review"

"Hard to believe a two piece could produce such a thunderous and melodic sound. The future is bright for Lost in a Name and if you love music with an edge and heartfelt lyrics then you owe it to yourself to give these guys a chance." - Skeetopia

"Lost In A Name Review"

"There is a really good cross section of influences that help create that catchy, guitar-driven shred-rock sound of Lost In A Name." - Australian Musician Network

"Remember Where We Started"

“…an exceptionally talented band, to say the least. Their debut album, Remember Where We Started is a showcase of the band's knack for writing interesting and catchy pop songs." – absolutepunk.net

“Lost In a Name truly have a gift for songwriting and playing music in general, and they definitely deserve a listen.” –absolutepunk.net
- Absolutepunk.net

"Lost In A Name album review"

“…They stayed consistent through their album. Not many bands can avoid missing a beat like that on their first time around.” – Nate from allages.org

“…With style that both reminds you of what’s good about our scene, while still having a unique style of their own.” – Nate from allages.org - Nate from Allages.org


Remember Where We Started - 2009



Sometimes less can definitely be more, though it took some years for this mantra to take hold of Lost In A Name. Formed in 2006, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based group's previous releases saw them find themselves and their sound throughout the course of over a dozen lineup changes. Now, with the trimming of personnel down to just two members, and the highly anticipated release of their latest single, Yesterday (2015) and second full length album, A Silence In Static (2014), has guided the band closer towards their essence, and rendered them more powerful than ever before.

Founding singer/guitarist Danny Schmitz, alongside drummer Geoff Slater, have developed a style that is certain to have music fans and critics alike both perplexed and engaged, not just by its lush and imperative array of audio wizardry, but also by its slippery tacitness when it comes to defining where the band belongs in the genre spectrum. Modern metal riffs has met power pop, punk, progressive rock, technically masterful playing, and deeply honest lyrics, to create a unique, hyper-slick and absolutely massive sound that belies the fact that this is music performed by a two-piece.

They have had the honor of working with many talented individuals such as, Producer Joel Wanasek of JTW studios, guitarist Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Alien Ant Farm bassist Tye Zamora, guitarist Jessie Farnsworth of Newsted and more. (All lent their years of experience to A Silence In Static.) Yet when it comes to backing it up live the band requires no human assistance - utilizing a punishingly loud rig, electronic samples, and a dazzling, interactive light show, Schmitz and Slater are a live force to be reckoned with.

Although having existed for some time, we can be sure that this is the true point of the band's genesis. Lost In A Name is now perfectly poised to take their gripping anthems and reputable live show from coast to coast of the USA and beyond.

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