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Lost Blonde

Golden, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Golden, Colorado, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Solo Pop




""No Matter What"-Lost Blonde"

"The current state of pop music is as bountiful as it is chalked full of marvelous talent that comes through with pure sounds that are unlike the more overprocessed pop of the past. It’s as if singer-songwriters are taking charge more with mainstream names like Taylor Swift having to watch her back as newcomers to the scene like Lost Blonde are just getting started, and are impressing every step of the way. Lost Blonde’s latest, “No Matter What” is a testament to that.
First and foremost, the vocals of “No Matter What” stand out. There is an earnest charm to every word that comes out of Lost Blonde’s mouth and it’s hard to imagine skipping any moment of the song once you press play. Lyrically, a great song about what goes into loving another, but it’s that emotive, stuck in your head for days chorus that cements this song as a must-listen in 2022. It has the pop essence of a classic from Christina and tops it off with the artistry of a Sara Bareilles and comes together in the here and now for everyone to enjoy – over and over again.
“No Matter What” is the third single from Lost Blonde. 2021 marked the release of the debut, “Dreamin’ About You” followed by “Bulletproof.” Music has always been a saving grace for Lost Blonde, an “escape” and “safe place” for the singer-songwriter to hide out from the world. Well, here’s to hoping Lost Blonde comes out of hiding long enough to enjoy the flowers coming her way because if this trio is any indication, we’ll all want more and soon from this one." - Kendra Beltran

"New Release Friday: songs out on January 7th"

Lost Blonde is one of the exciting new artists who announced themselves in 2021. Now, she is continuing where she left as she unveils her third single, “No Matter What”. This is an evocative and galvanizing pop ballad about the resolve to make a relationship work despite the challenges which might be faced. “No Matter What” follows Lost Blonde’s singles “Bulletproof” and Dreamin’ About You". -Aipate - Aipate Team


Indie pop singer-songwriter Lost Blonde has shared her new single “No Matter What”. While many love songs explore the fleeting emotions of passion and romance, Lost Blonde instead has re-directed the topic to focus on the difficult parts of a relationship, and the desire to work towards a better connection. About the song she shares, “While being with someone you love, you realize over time how much love is a choice we make everyday. Through those difficult moments we can let them break down a relationship or choose to stick to the “No Matter What” to build a relationship”.

Her warm vocals and ’00s-inspired pop production gives a nostalgic and heartwarming element to the song. - Kane Wilkinson

"Introducing: Lost Blonde – Dreamin’ About You"

Lost Blonde is a singer-songwriter who has been singing since words could leave her mouth. She writes songs that are more than just notes on a page; her most powerful songs are those that stem from the hardest parts of her life. She hopes that expressing her vulnerability through her music will inspire others to do the same.

Dreamin’ About You comes with a very lively pop sound. Its blend of delicate guitar lines and cool beats make this production a fascinating one. Blonde’s performance is balanced, as she focuses on delivering the lyrics clearly.

Dreamin About You is about an older couple reminiscing on young love; the sparks you feel when you first fell for each other, and how you can’t stop daydreaming about them even as the years pass. We all yearn for a love that lasts, one where we can grow old with another person and look back on our sweet beginnings. - Lefuturewave

"Introducing: Lost Blonde – Bulletproof"

Lost Blonde has been singing since she could verbally communicate. Over the years, music became her safe place where she could dream, feel, and speak freely. Bulletproof takes you to a place where catchy melodies and rhythms catch your ear. Strong singing completes the production. I like the build-up of the verses and the fact that they culminate in such a striking chorus.

Blonde says this about the song: ”Bulletproof is about that one person in your life that is your rock, a shoulder to lean on. For me, that person is my sister. For all the hardships we’ve gone through, she has been my support system, best friend, and encourager. She’s been that person that helps pick me up, and pushes me to keep fighting for my dreams.”

While listening to Bulletproof, I believe that most people are thinking about someone close to them. It provides a relatable context. Check out the audio below! - Lefuturewave

"Lost Blonde Shares Debut Single ‘Dreamin’ About You’"

Pop singer and songwriter Lost Blonde has just shared her official debut single Dreamin' About You, an upbeat pop song about an older couple reminiscing on young love.

I am really enjoying the nostalgia of this song and how Lost Blonde's lovely vocals flow effortlessly over the upbeat melodies. I am also very fond of the way the chorus sounds perfect to sing along to, making the song quite a memorable listening experience. Dreamin' About You shares the story of a love that lasts through the years, making us long for that special person to grow old with and reminisce about the good moments spent together and the sparks of early love. This message is wrapped around an upbeat production that sounds perfect for a fun weekend out with that special someone. Check it out below! - CasesarLiveNLoud

"Lost Blonde Shares New Single ‘Bulletproof’"

Pop singer and songwriter Lost Blonde has just shared her brand new single Bulletproof, a warm pop song about that one person in your life that is your rock.

The follow up to her upbeat debut single Dreamin' About You, Bulletproof continues to showcases Lost Blonde's gorgeous, expressive vocals and storytelling abilities. Bulletproof is a song about having someone you can always rely on, someone that encourages you and is always there to pick you up when you're down. This relatable song is wrapped around a captivating pop production packed with intricate acoustic guitar strums nicely intertwined with emotive piano keys and punchy percussion that create an overall warm atmosphere than enhances the emotion pouring from her lovely vocals. - CaesarLiveNLoud

"ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Dreamin’ About You – Lost Blonde"

Dreamin’ About You “Lost Blonde” is a record that captures the full scope of music, with each element shining to the fullest to make something strong that can last the times. She brings a must hear sound, that feels good to hear as the soul in the music touches you, to make you keep going and live through the culture that we all love. -Linda Carter - Honk Magazine, Linda Carter

"Lost Blonde - Dreamin' About You"

Den amerikanska sångerskan Lost Blonde är här aktuell med singeln Dreamin’ about you. En medryckande poplåt där artisten sjunger om ett äldre par som fortfarande har lika stark kärlek för varandra trots att åren gått. Visst är det en mysig känsla? Att vara lika nykära så många år senare. Resultatet är som sagt härligt medryckande med skön puls och stark melodi. Lite som en Carly Rae Jepsen poplåt skulle jag säga. Jag tyckte i alla fall att det var väldigt trevligt detta. - Johan Alexed

""Dreamin' About You" - Lost Blonde"

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. It is even more magical when it happens unexpectedly. In Lost Blonde’s single, “Dreamin’ About You”, she describes an epic love story about an older couple looking back on the beginning of their love. The chorus begins with her saying they were “Just a couple of kids// How’d it turn into this// Just a kiss// And now I can’t stop dreaming about you”. The couple are reminiscing on when they used to be strangers and how they could have never guessed this would happen. Even as the years have passed, they cannot stop daydreaming about each other. They are still as in love as they were when they were younger. The song is refreshing in a world full of sad break-up songs. As someone who loves “sad girl music”, this is a song that was immediately added to my very short “happy girl playlist”.“Dreamin’ About You” takes you to another place through its earthly melodies. When you listen to the song, the string instruments make you feel like you are floating among the pink clouds depicted in the album art and music video. Perhaps this is a nod to the couple described in the song, as if they are currently on cloud nine. The production is so beautifully crafted with Lost Blonde’s breathy vocals and the instruments utilized, that the authentic composition makes for a perfect summer concert performance. Lost Blonde released this song initially in 2021 as her debut single. Then in June 2022, she re-released the song as a radio version. “Dreamin’ About You” is Lost Blonde’s “little engine that could” and is ready to take the world by storm. It has all the right parts to become the breakout single of 2022.

Lost Blonde is a singer-songwriter based in Denver, Colorado. Her music is a mixture of pop and country. She is known for her emotional lyrics and heartbreaking ballads. She aims to produce music that invokes the feelings of her listeners. She hopes to inspire them to be vulnerable with their emotions like she is when she releases her music. Among her many achievements, she is a top ten finalist in Bebe Rexha’s Songwriting Competition. Lost Blonde is currently working on releasing more music. - Karlee Smith


Do You Feel The Same EP 



Lost Blonde is a pop singer-songwriter who has been singing since words could leave her mouth. Over the years music became her escape to a safe place where she could dream, feel, and speak without being hindered. Whether she is belting or singing light, breathy notes the raw emotion is always felt through her music. The songs she writes are more than just notes on a page; some of her most powerful songs are written from the hardest parts of her story. By being vulnerable through her music, she hopes to inspire others to do the same. Lost Blonde is a multi-instrumentalist, accompanying herself by playing guitar, piano, violin, and ukulele. She attended the University of Colorado Denver, graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music with an Emphasis in Singing and Songwriting. Lost Blonde has played shows around the Denver area, and is currently working on releasing songs off of her debut EP, "Do You Feel the Same?". She has released three songs, "Dreamin' About You", "Bulletproof", and "No Matter What".  Her single, "Dreamin' About You" has gained airplay on several radio stations across Colorado and surrounding states reaching top seven power play on KKDG 99.7 FM  Top 40 Hits Radio Station. "Dreamin' About You" is one of ISC's (International Songwriting Competition) 2021 winners with honorable mention for the Adult Contemporary category, placing top 1% out of 21,000+ entrants. She was also a top 10 finalist in Bebe Rexha's Songwriting Competition sponsored by Protégé

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