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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Alternative Pop




"Kings of A&R - Spitfire review"

“I really like Spitfire by Lone Wild…they are a mix of Muse and U2. Having shared slots with Young the Giant, Dreamers, Civil Twilight, and Mutemath – The Oklahoma indie act managed to grab the big classic pop sound. Landing on playlists and garnering blog love, Lone Wild is definitely an artist to watch in 2019.” - Kings of A&R

"Born Music - Spitfire review"

“[Spitfire’s] grooves and 80s sheen are as prevalent as ever, as well as the soaring, anthemic hooks that have become synonymous with the outfit…With the glitz and swagger of AM-era Arctic Monkeys, this is polished, accessible, driven music that will dig away at you and make a home inside your head.” - Born Music

"Ear To Ground Music - Stranger Ways Review"

“The energetic approach of Lone Wild reminds me of something from a bygone era brought to the modern day…some definite 80s inflections in the synths and vocals, yet the overall vibe doesn’t feel derivative…quite crisp and fresh. [Stranger Ways] is the kind of track that feels ripe for a video montage on a feature film. I can’t wait to hear how this sound continues to develop.” - Ear To Ground Music

"Obscure Sound - Lone Wild / Stranger Ways Review"

“Taking a cue from acts like Young the Giant and The Killers, Lone Wild pack a stadium-sized sound while still embracing a knack for creative hooks.” - Mike Mineo (Obscure Sound)

"'Wild Child' - (Spotify Playlist) IndieMusicNation November '18"

https://open.spotify.com/user/indiemusicnation/playlist/2qFb4aGb5j04Y85xYsOWBm?si=Gywg5JXLSrWPWh9mhrehAA - Indie Music Nation

"Lone Wild Revisit 80's Rock on Fierce New Single 'Wild Child'"

A dash of the 80’s, some soaring synthwork and an unmistakably rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic; that’s the nature of the Lone Wild beast on their latest scorching single, ‘Wild Child.’

Originally formed back in January 2015 under the moniker The Fairweather, the Oklahoma outfit have been constantly re-branding and reinventing themselves, fuelled only by a passion for music born out of frustrated hopes and dogged optimism. Now, Lone Wild return, armed with a fresh musical ethos that sees them revisit their rock ‘n’ roll roots with a bold and bombastic pomp.

With a self-titled album just around the corner, Lone Wild express this newfangled style with a groove-soaked slice of 80’s rock bliss. Galloping synth rides over gut-punch drum work and bass, as singer and guitarist Ashkan Karimi releases a full-frontal vocal assault.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

FFO: Mutemath, Plaza

Label: Unsigned -

"LONE WILD’s ‘Wild Child’ holds the line with 80’s tinged elements"

LONE WILD’s ‘Wild Child’ holds the line with 80’s tinged elements, with the fabulous harmonies and hooks indicative of the band. Formerly known as THE FAIRWEATHER, the newly branded excitement of a group is a repeat addiction waiting to happen to you. And what’ll you know, what we predicted has happened. Their driving drums and pulsing attitude in the single is a call to arms. A predictor of what’s to come, and what will be. Take the bet. - Come Here Floyd

"'Stranger Ways' - (Spotify Playlist) Indie Bands of 2018"

https://open.spotify.com/user/bandrec/playlist/3DLeSw0CmbSQsZU4SraUza?si=R8rtrn3vTdGoElteFISEEA - Band Rec

"'Stranger Ways' - (Spotify Playlist) Indie Central Music Discoveries"

Spotify Playlist Placement: https://open.spotify.com/user/indiecentralmusic/playlist/6si454WZoPnURLmE2iHCiz?si=nSrQ2kpIQsaa15rJT7SP1g - Indie Central Music

"‘Stranger Ways’ dares you to dip your soul into uncharted waters"

Lone Wild – Stranger Ways (Official Visualizer)

‘Stranger Ways’ dares you to dip your soul into uncharted waters. With emphasized synth and soaring notes, and injected for this cinematic pronouncement, the single is emphatic with acceleration in pounding anticipation and exciting pay offs. The band offers an array of indie-rock fused synth driven methods of communication, where the haze of battles won and/or lost, come to HD definition. No matter what the outcome, the lessons are learned and forward movement is prized in LONE WILD. - Come Here Floyd

"Tulsa natives Lone Wild make big pop with Stranger Ways"

Tulsa natives Lone Wild make big pop with Stranger Ways.

Stranger Ways has all the hallmarks of a classic pop tune. Sexy, slinky bass lines, backed up with tasty beats and topped off with with a falsetto vocal hook to keep you coming back.

Stranger Ways reminds me of some of the rock/pop style of bands like Nothing But Thieves, but with a softer, 80s feel injected into the mix.

We look forward to hearing more from Lone Wild as their star no doubt begins to burn brighter.

As a side note – there is a nod to the tv show Stranger Things via the bass – see you if you can hear it. Slotted into the track very nicely.

Check out the track in the link: https://open.spotify.com/track/6674jQqFgAyAu0j4JIx7g3?si=4BYmMlYtQEGb4P8tiiErAA - Hype Hype

"'Stranger Ways' - (Spotify Playlist) Obscure Sounds Indie Rock"

Spotify Playlist Placement:
https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0ysvYTUJUlzofLNhM4F3cQ - Obscure Sound

"'Stranger Ways' - (Spotify Playlist) Obscure Sound's Best of October 2018"

Spotify Playlist Placement:
https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4zbb9mHFw9Tjyt2PYkqMTA - Obscure Sound

"Lone Wild - "Stranger Ways""

11/2 Update: Check out the track’s official visualizer here, for apt colors accompanying the riveting soundcape.

“Stranger Ways” is a riveting new rocker from Lone Wild, an act hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Anthemic vocals, effervescent ’80s-inspired synths, and soaring guitars comprise the arsenal here, with the synth work becoming enjoyably prominent during the captivating hook as a prominent backing, organ-fronted pad. The track is ceaseless in its energy, a near-constant pulsations of melodic hooks and charisma. Taking a cue from acts like Young the Giant and The Killers, Lone Wild pack a stadium-sized sound while still embracing a knack for creative hooks.

- Obscure Sound - Mike Mineo

"‘STRANGER WAYS’ is the Expansive New Single from Indie-Electro Outfit, Lone Wild"

Lone Wild‘s ‘Stranger Ways’ captures you from the second that it kicks in.

It’s meaningful, guitar hook accompanies falsetto vocals that transport you the tracks first moody indie-rock verse. A swaggering baseline hums underneath that is met by 80s-style synths that take you to the tracks apex. It’s soaring chorus. For all the darkness and atmosphere in the track is it littered with catchy pop sensibilities. It’s accomplished, confident sound and a variety of nods to Netflix’s Stranger Things keep the track interesting and create a unique feel. This is a well written, clever, infectious piece of timeless indie-rock. - Born Music

"Lone Wild Drop Groovy Synth Rock on "Stranger Ways""

Lone Wild have a groovy new single out, “Stranger Ways.” The tune is a booming, synth heavy showstopper. The band’s phenomenal rhythm section, we’re talking floor rattling bass and crushing drums, keep things locked in place while a barrage of synthesizers attack the senses. Oh and the vocals are super catchy as well. There’s even a slight split second nod to the mighty Stranger Things thrown in for kicks. If you’re in the market for hook filled, electrifying rock; give “Stranger Ways” a spin…or two.

Listen to “Stranger Ways” below:

- Get Some Magazine

"'Danger Cat' - (Spotify Playlist) IndieMusicNation August '18"

https://open.spotify.com/user/indiemusicnation/playlist/2ScHt8tdEtBYdaXXAvgNiM?si=Jmkz5bKLSiak36TvZGwpGw - Indie Music Nation

"Lone Wild release new single ‘Danger Cat’"

After 2 years the band formerly known as The Fairweather has returned with a new name ‘Lone Wild’ and new music. With a new vision they have ran an Indiegogo Campaign as well as assisting them with their new album they are supporting Preemptive Love Coalition with 10% of all proceeds, music and merch sales to help refugees. Lone Wild have released a new single ‘Danger Cat’. I found this song to be an contagious tune with a tinge of 80’s pop. The vocal range is to be commended as well as the lyrics. Take a listen here.

Website: lonewild.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thelonewild
Instagram: instagram.com/thelonewild - Music Injection

"Local band Lone Wild releasing new material"

Local indie band Lone Wild, after two years of writing and recording, is ready to release a new record, beginning with the Friday, Aug. 17, release of the single “Danger Cat.”

According to a news release, the new single “eludes to a more groove-centric record, along with a classic dusting of '80s electro-pop to their already established bombastic rock sound.”

On Aug. 1, Lone Wild kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to take pre-orders and to cover remaining production costs for a full-length album due this fall. The band is donating 10 percent of campaign proceeds, record sales, music/merch sales and income to Preemptive Love Coalition, a nonprofit organization that provides aid, food and life-saving surgeries to refugees in need throughout Syria and the Middle East. The link to the campaign is igg.me/at/lonewild.

Lone Wild was formerly called The Fairweather. The band was formed in a suburban garage in Tulsa in 2015, according to a news release. - Tulsa World

"DEC 18th, 2016 - Musical state: Oklahoma musicians display depth of talent in 2016"

Musical state: Oklahoma musicians display depth of talent in 2016

Oklahoma musicians display depth of talent in this year’s top releases
The Fairweather, ‘Untie My Tongue’

When I went to interview the members of The Fairweather earlier this year, they had just been visited by the police who came by, in the early summer afternoon daylight, to tell them they had received noise complaints while they were practicing. That’s pretty rock ’n’ roll. The band doesn’t mess around on the five-song “Untie My Tongue.” It’s high-energy rock, thick with guitar and screaming vocals, relentless from start to finish. Take a cue from the guys, and play it loud.” - Tulsa World

"OCT 21st, 2016 - Release Sunrise/Dan Dan, Dance (Hershel Hicks Remix)"

https://soundcloud.com/thefairweather/sunrise-dan-dan-dance-hershel-hicks-remix - The Fairweather

"SEPT 16th, 2016 - Release of 'From the WILD' Acoustic Performance Video Series"

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy3mz5zsFz9_9-oKzFQul2C53Yq7wop6_ - The Fairweather

"SEPT 9th, 2016 - Release of Untie My Tongue Commentary Video Series"

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy3mz5zsFz986Ttq6lky754XvGajZR6ZG - The Fairweather

"JULY 11th, 2016 - Music Monday Special Edition Interview with The Fairweather"

So who is The Fairweather?

The indie alternative band The Fairweather formed in January of 2015, when Ashkan Karimi & Austin Donoho invited mutual friends Kristopher Elliott & Bobby Ross over to jam in a suburban garage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ever since that first cold rehearsal, The Fairweather have been constantly reinventing themselves, synthesizing their sound with passion born out of frustrated hope and dogged optimism. They play spirited rock that is emotionally moving and groove driven, dusted with classic sonority reminiscent of their Middle America home.

Since their inception, the band has stayed committed to writing & recording even while touring and playing a steady stream of live shows. Sharing stages and festival slots with national acts like Mute Math, The Rocketboys, Civil Twilight, Young The Giant, and many more have been highlights during their short time together; now, with the release of their debut record “Untie My Tongue,” they have begun to establish their own reputation, with bold, bombastic rock built on a foundation of greasy, infectious grooves. With their goal to create art that is close to the heart and honest, The Fairweather value staying true to what they believe music should do: make you feel. Relevant and timeless, personal and genuine, The Fairweather captivate listeners with thoughtful songwriting, meaningful, heartfelt lyrics, and a passionate live show you don’t want to miss.
The Interview:

-How and when was the band created?
We started in January of 2015 when Austin & I (Ashkan) got together from time to time to work on new song ideas. One night our mutual friends, Kris & Bobby came into the mix when we invited them to come jam to some songs we had written for a jam sesh in Austin’s garage here at home in Tulsa.
-How did you come up with the name?
Man, we had list and lists of names but before we came up with a name, I had designed what would become our logo so that was the only direction we really knew we wanted to follow that would be representative of us. We had a big festival show coming up in the July following our start and we knew we wanted that to be our night to “announce” our name. After going through a handful of ideas we landed on The Fairweather, which worked great cause of the juxtaposition of our logo..it just fit.
-How long have you been a band?
January of 2015, so we’re a little 18 month old toddler.
-What is the best part about performing and touring?
For all of us it’s probably something different, but I think one thing we could all agree on is getting to play music for people who are listening, enjoy and grooving with it means the world to us. We love being able to go to new cities and connect with new people before and after the shows. I think to have the chance to play music for people we’ve never met and have them enjoy it enough to hear their response on how the music made them feel or how it gave them chills is always something that inspires me and makes me feel great – to know that something we wrote affected someone emotionally is a very rewarding feeling – the whole experience can sort of become a cycle of inspiration.

-How do you get inspired for new music?
It can be anything but I can at least say that 9 times out of 10 our songs are written from an experience we either all have gone through together or individually. We all have different tastes of music but when we all 4 come together with the goal to write something new the dynamic has been quite creative and exciting. Like our recent record, Untie My Tongue, our new music we’ve been writing has been collaborative, but on a whole new level because we have taken our release as a means to look back on and grow from and define certain goals we want to accomplish musically in this next little chapter of the band and our music.

-What is your guys’ favorite song that you have done?
Mmmm, man that’s tough.
Ashkan: Between Drifting Home and Untie My Tongue
Bobby: Untie My Tongue
Kris: Untie my Tongue
Austin: I agree
-What are five things you’d like your fans to know about the band?
1. Ashkan’s name is commonly mis-heard and called Trevor. Just call him Trevor when you meet him.
2. Kris’ beard is the 5th member of the band, sometimes he grows arms and plays drums when Kris needs a rest.
3. Kris’ beard also seems to get the most women, which is probably a good thing.
4. Bobby is a lover of longboarding and skateboarding – that would probably be his main job if it was possible.
5. Austin: I agree
-What is your favorite city that you have performed in?
Besides our home town of Tulsa (Don’t Hate The 918) I’d have to say Columbia, MO has been a pretty great place to play so far for us. Also, we recently played Fayetteville, AR and that city has such a dope music scene – everyone at our last show seemed to really have a good time and interact with us during and after our show. Really friendly people.
-Which musicians influence you the most?
I think the common thread for us all are musicians that adapt while fusing who they are and their creativity with what music is doing at the moment seem to be who we look up to most. Relevancy, while maintaining who you are can be a battle for a band – you want to be successful, and want to be well received but you also don’t want to “sellout” and give up who you are. But I’m sure you’re just wanting an answer that is less philosophical and have me just list some bands we all like right? So here ya go…
Miles Davis, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Manchester Orchestra, Mute Math, Coldplay, Switchfoot, U2, Catfish & The Bottlemen, The Notionaries and the list goes on.
-What makes your band stand out among the competition?
I think the reason we stand out is because we don’t view it as a competition. I think when we were younger and immature I totally saw it that way, but when you grow up and zoom out you realize that music is art, and all of us bands and musicians are contributing to a gigantic pool of music. We try to differentiate ourselves by being eclectic, and not pigeon hole ourselves so we aim to evolve. We want to be good but we’re definitely not trying to compete, if anything we’re just competing with our last project or our old selves. Our goal is to give our fans and friends a band and music that they can believe in, latch onto, and connect with emotionally, and hopefully if we can do that our music can help them make that “big decision” that they may be facing in life where they won’t be afraid to take the plunge and go after their dreams.

Unite My Tongue EP is available on iTunes and Spotify now.

Songs available on SoundCloud:

Untie My Tongue:

https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/265537681&color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false“>listen here.

Drifting Home:

https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/265537664&color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false“>listen here.

(my personal favorite, it will give you chills).

You can follow the band at any or all of these pages:

Official Website: www.thefairweather.band

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thefairweatherUS
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thefairweather
Snapchat Username: thefairweather
Twitter: www.twitter.com/the_fairweather
A HUGE shout out and thank you to The Fairweather for making this all possible! I’m so excited to say that you were my first band that I was able to interview. You are all wonderfully talented gentlemen and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Until next time,

Chloe - I Am Fashion Coco

"JUNE 29th, 2016 - New Indie Alternative EP – ‘Untie My Tongue’ – The Fairweather"

The Fairweather is an indie alternative rock band set to take over the airwaves. These guys have a cool, radio-friendly sound, while remaining unique and not folding to homogeneous mainstream expectations. The band recently released an EP called Untie My Tongue that is full of hooks, contagious melodies, and choruses that invite us to sing along. They effortlessly go from indie rock, to a pop/rock dance tune, to break-your-heart ballads.

Here’s a look at the EP:

Untie My TongueStreetcar
Untie My Tongue
Sunrise / Dan Dan, Dance
I’d Be a Fool
Drifting Home

This is the title song, Untie My Tongue:

This one is the heartbreaker, Drifting Home, which really shows off Ashkan Karimi’s passionate and powerful vocals.

The Fairweather is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was founded in 2011 by members Ashkan Karimi and Austin Donoho. In 2015, Kristopher Elliott and Bobby Ross joined, and together these four guys are magic.

The Fairweather
The Fairweather

Ashkan Karimi – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Austin Donoho – Guitars, Synths, Background Vocals
Bobby Ross – Bass Guitar, Synths, Background Vocals
Kris Elliott – Drums, Background Vocals

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Spotify / Soundcloud / Noisetrade / Amazon / iTunes

If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with the band and supporting their music. - SoundWaves Review

"JUNE 23rd - JUNE 29th, 2016 - Untie My Tongue Featured on NoiseTrade New & Notable"

To view screenshot of The Fairweather's record Untie My Tongue featured on NoiseTrade's new & notable click here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2uqo1n1zs26nmev/Untie%20My%20Tongue%20-%20NoisTrade%20Featured.png?dl=0 - NoiseTrade

"JUNE 3rd, 2016 - 10 Questions with The Fairweather"

Hailing from Tulsa, OK The Fairweather is releasing their debut Untie My Tongue this month. They will be playing a record release show tonight, June 3rd, at The Vanguard with fellow Tulsa band Slow Dreamer and Oklahoma City's The Notionaries.

This interview was conducted via email with Ashkan Karimi and Kris Elliott May 29 - June 1, 2016.

For more information on The Fairweather check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google +, and SoundCloud pages.

Dave: How did the band get together?

Kris: We all knew each other through other projects, and even shared the stage with each other a handful of times in old bands, but it was really timing and passion that brought us together. My (Kris - drummer) old project Good Morning Grizzly had gone our separate ways back in the Fall 2014, and I was looking for something new. I messaged Ashkan on social media asking if he knew of any bands looking for a drummer, and he said he’d get his feelers out there. A few months later, Ashkan & Austin’s group, Aftermidnight, lost their drummer & bassist, and had to quit playing shows. Around January 2015, Austin sent me a message asking if I’d be interested getting Aftermidnight back up and running with them. I jumped at the chance, and never looked back. Austin & Bobby worked together at the time. I had met Bobby in the past, actually took some guitar lessons from him, and knew how talented he was. We had Bobby out to a practice in late Feb 2015, and that was that. We played our first show in March as Aftermidnight, since most of the songs we had at the time were AM songs, and were finally able to rebrand that summer as The Fairweather.

Dave: What’s the story behind the name The Fairweather?

Kris: I think our music and general mindset as individuals revolve around addressing the difficulties of life with positivity and courage. We wanted a name that was a little bit lighter and projected that mindset, to give happiness and warmth to the people listening to our music - plus we could ironically call our fans Fairweather Friends.

Ashkan: Originally before we ever had the name all we had was a few visuals like our logo. We had a TON of band name ideas and eventually we found ourselves narrowing it down to The Fairweather. Also, before we had our name we had some songs written, like “I’d Be A Fool” which is on our new record and there was a lot of reference to the elements the float around the weather, like storms, waves and things like that, so I think the music we had written kinda gave us some direction for the name. Not saying we’ll always write music about the weather haha, but it’s a common theme I think.

Dave: For those who have never heard the band, how do you describe your music?

Kris: putting a single genre on a band these days is so difficult, but I think of us as a mesh of indie/rock/alternative with pop elements engrained. We’re big on the dynamics and swells of volume, tones, and lyrics to take the listener on a journey through the EP. There are some super drivy in your face rock sections, that dip off into dance dance dance pop beats, then throw you into a huge halftime ballad of a chorus. Ashkan’s range is killer as a vocalist, and Austin comes up with the wildest original guitar riffs, combined with Bobby’s always inventive and progressive bass stylings - it’s so much fun to be a part of.

Ashkan: Like Kris said, we’ve got a pretty eclectic mix of sounds and influences. We all 4 write together and all 4 of us come from different musical backgrounds with the common thread being rock and roll. Bobby has been in some metal bands, Kris has been in a heavier rock and rock band like what he mentioned before when we met, Austin listens to everything that consists of great guitar ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughn to country music and I pretty much listen to anything that has a good melody and strong vocalist - usually with an alternative rock sound.

Dave: Your debut Untie My Tongue comes out in June. What's the story behind the record?

Kris: Untie my Tongue has a lot to do with us as a band finding ourselves and our music. Coming from multiple different musical backgrounds, we had a thousand different directions we could take our songs. Through collaborative song writing, musical flexibility, and dozens of brainstorming sessions, we were able to put our talents and individual styles into one wall of sound that we’re super proud of.

Dave: Do you have plans to tour in support of the new record? What are some of your favorite places to play?

Ashkan: Most definitely, right now we have about 10 dates for the summer time all touring the region. We have some dates in Arkansas, Texas, the Oklahoma City area, Kansas and we’re still adding more dates so we’re pretty excited to have some shows to follow-up the release. Prior to this release we had played the region during the last half of the Winter and early Spring but didn’t have any music to give people except for our single Machine Gun Heartbreak which was a pretty rock and roll song. Since then we have a little more matured and rounded sound, so now we’re really stoked to get the new music into people’s ears both live and digitally.

As far as favorite places to play, not to be super cliche but anywhere people are listening to the tunes and connecting with the music is a “favorite.” As far as actual places, so far I think we have all really enjoyed playing Columbia, MO cause it’s a college town, and they have a cool music scene and venues. Also, Norman, OK is great because of the college vibe there too - we have another date there this June so we’re excited about heading back!

Dave: Do you have any specific type of songwriting process?

Kris: our songwriting process is fluid and collaborative, so there really is no set-in-stone method. Typically one of us will bring “an idea” to the table, whether it’s a specific riff or chorus line or melody, just something that stood out and we want to explore. It usually starts with a text - Ashkan will record a short guitar/vocal part on his phone or Austin or Bobby will put together a short pre-pro demo of an idea then text it to our group chat. From there we’ll listen to it individually and see how it affects us, and what elements we want to bring to the table. Then once Thursday night rehearsal comes around, we start building a skeleton. Get the frame of the song in place, what tempo feels right, how long is the verse going to be, should we repeat the chorus here, do we want to add a dancey jungle beat groove somewhere - that kind of stuff. Once the structure is down, one of us records it so that next practice we can keep building. From there it’s a long process of fine tuning, adding layers, taking layers away, filling in the rest of the person that will be this song. I’d guess all around it takes about 6 sessions for us from start to finish. Although I’d be a Fool was written in one night haha.

Dave: What are your thoughts on the music scene in Oklahoma?

Kris: Oklahoma’s music scene is a unique one, as it produces musicians of all different genres. A lot of regions will push one specific sound, or genre, whereas we have them all. I think a lot of that has to do with our population’s love and respect for music of all types. I also think our mesh of elements from multiple genres comes from that mindset as well.

Ashkan: I think the music scene in Oklahoma has been growing a lot lately - not necessarily in size but in acceptance of different styles and genres of music. I feel like in the past that it hasn’t always been super accepting to newer music ideas but lately it’s been great to see the number of people listening to very diverse styles of music - which affects us as bands and artists too. I think it helps us strive to grow ourselves, so we are producing something new and challenging ourselves to do something different while still trying to retain our roots - it’s a fun challenge.

Dave: This is a High Fidelity inspired question. What are your top five favorite bands, albums, movies, television programs, books/authors?

Ashkan: That’s tough to answer by myself for the whole band but I know the guys well enough to answer parts of that haha…Bobby our bassist is big into dance music and edm, Zedd has come up in conversation and Calvin Harris too. I really like Calvin Harris as well from a dance music side of things. Bobby also likes heavier stuff from being in his other bands, so Arra is one of his favorites.

Manchester Orchestra is a big one for Kris, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Switchfoot for Austin, and for me I’m all over the place but I like Miles Davis, Mute Math. On that note, we all like Mute Math.

One of my all time favorite albums is Grace by Jeff Buckley.

We almost all watch The Walking Dead and it comes up in conversation when we’re on the road, Gotham is another one of those shows, atleast for Austin and I.

Dave: What’s next for the band?

Ashkan: We’re just going to be hitting the road to play songs from the record, while at the same time continuing to write more music. We’ve already started working on the next project which we’re excited to tell the rest of the story. A lot of our music’s goal is to take the listener on some sort of a journey and the record kinda has a place where it ends nicely but there is definitely more to tell. We also hope to do a vinyl release with some remixes of the songs since we all love that dance aspect of the music. We feel like it will challenge us to think and write future songs with dance elements, plus some of our songs kinda call for a “remix” of sorts because they’re already so dancey but we’re just using more raw instrumentation like guitars and real drums so to re-do a song with more synths and to experiment with electro-pop elements would be cool.

Dave: Any final thoughts?

Ashkan: Just a big thanks to you for taking the time to talk to us and interview us. We’re excited about the record and to shed some light on the creative process always helps. I think art and music is sometimes overlooked or not as valued because we don’t always hear the back story and the time it took to write the songs because we live in a society that is big on immediate gratification and having our new music right now, so to be able to talk about the process before the creation of the art means a lot to us because it doesn’t happen over night. You have that 1 rare song every now and then that happens fast but those are not all the time and even then there was a journey up until that moment that finally everything just pours out like a fire hydrant.

If you want to check out more about us we’d love to get to know you so you can connect with us on all the follow social media avenues, and our website. We also have an email we send out every once in a while with exclusive releases that you can sign-up for too if you’re into that sort of thing and want to see what our lives are like a bit more. I listed them all below for you!

Also, if you want to come out to the release show in Tulsa you’re more than welcome. We have Slow Dreamer from Tulsa and The Notionaries from OKC joining us - Tickets are $10 and it’s at The Vanguard in the Brady District of Downtown Tulsa, just down the street from Cain’s Ballroom. The doors are at 7pm and the show is at 8pm..

http://twitter.com/the_fairweather - Oklahoma Lefty music blog

"JUNE 2nd, 2016 - The Fairweather sets record release Friday at Vanguard"

While the members of the band The Fairweather have paid their dues individually, they find themselves back at the start with the new venture.

The band has been together a little more than a year, played regionally and this week plan to release their first album with a show at The Vanguard.

“We paid our dues in our previous band, but this is a new band,” Ashkan Karimi said. “We have to start all over.”

Made up of Karimi on vocals, Bobby Ross on bass, Austin Donoho on guitar and Kris Elliott on drums, the members each found themselves without a band as each of their previous projects fell apart or the members moved on to other projects. But these guys weren’t done yet.
“We were all the guys who did like touring, who did like being in a band, who were able to slog through the business side of things,” Ross said. “We’re the ones trying to not get a real job. It’s working so far.”

That’s not to discount their work with the band. They each ran into some frustration with setting high goals and starting the path to those goals far down the line.

Karimi and Donoho were in the band AfterMidnight together, which ended a couple of years ago. Elliott said he sent a message to Karimi on Instagram asking if he knew anyone looking for a drummer. Soon, the four were together and realized what they had in common was to keep going, to take this as far as they can.

“Let’s just work our butts off,” Karimi said. “Yeah, we’re still going to have fun, but treat it like a job. Outside of our job of writing music, we all have within the band. We’re DIY right now.”

They were also on similar pages musically but drawing from different backgrounds. Mainly, they like to rock, but time has added a little maturity and reflection to the music.

“I think we started in one place musically and as we played for a couple months together, it wasn’t until I brought a song idea called “I’d Be A Fool,” the one we released as the single, that shaped the direction for now,” Karimi said. “It really defined at least where we’re going to go at this point. If you’re listening to the project, too, you hear the evolution of it.”

Ultimately, it’s about the four coming together to make something new, something that’s their own.

“I feel like we all still have that drive to create original music,” Elliott said. - Tulsa World

"JUNE 1st, 2016 - Interview & Exclusive Stream of ‘Untie My Tongue’"

Musicians from Tulsa local indie band The Fairweather are taking the scene by storm. Their new record Untie My Tongue is expected to catapult them to new heights in the industry. After hearing about this new record, OK Hustle met up with band members, Ashkan (lead vocalist and guitarist), Bobby (bassist), Kris (drummer) and Austin (guitarist) to see what they had to say about it. They were so excited about it that they are letting us exclusively stream their new record right here on OK Hustle. Be sure to press play at the bottom of the page as you read through how they created this album and where they expect it to take them.
Tell me how you all came together as a band.
Ashkan: I met Bobby and Kris when I was in a previous bad with Austin. Bobby and I played on the same worship team at church, and Austin and Bobby worked together. Kris played drums for another band that shared shows with my band at the time. Both bands broke up, and the four of us were the musicians that wanted to keep the music happening. Essentially we were all in the industry together.

Kris: After my band had fallen apart, I was looking for a band to play drums in because I was bored. So all of the pieces fell together at the right time and worked together the way it was supposed to.

Bobby: The quickest answer is that we were all the ones who weren’t done playing music seriously from all our previous projects.

Ashkan: We were having some trouble in my previous band and I remember thinking “Man, this sucks, I wish it would just work out”, and I received a Facebook message from Chris one night and it said “Hey man, where can I get the latest music from your band?” I was thinking to myself “He’s an awesome drummer . . . I wonder if he’s asking because he maybe wants to play drums for us”. Just a little backstory for you

Austin: I agree

What is the best part about being in the Tulsa music scene?
Kris: Personally, coming into this project, since some of our previous bands had decent followings and big fans, I’ve seen these fans pull strings just for us, which is awesome and unusual. I know there are super fans in every scene, but it seems that the fans we have on our back truly are the best. We put something out on our Facebook page and they share it around, help us hang posters. Having that personal connection with even just a handful of people who have a spider web of friends is awesome and unusual.

Ashkan: That’s, personally, one of my favorite things. The people who are connecting with us see us for who we are and want to continue connecting with us. They’re not fans, they’re friends. We like getting to know the people who are into our music. The other night, we actually went out to eat dinner with some people; one of them in our Facebook group was in town from Spain. We were able to finally put a face to the name. We want the fans to connect to our music more than anything.

Bobby: We were just on the Real Life podcast with Joe Moore and John Williams. Those are guys who have totally taken us under their wing. The people who have really welcomed us in Tulsa have really made it awesome and made it the best place to play music.

Austin: I agree

You all have mentioned a new album. Is there a theme woven throughout this album? If so can you give a little insight to it?
Ashkan: For me, aside from the music, there was a lot of "not realizing your dreams." That was the theme that resonated most with me. Some of the lyrics you’ll notice in the record are very personal. In my previous project, I wrote the lyrics sort of from an “over there” perspective, but this project is for me; it’s my perspective, it’s personal, it comes from my heart. A lot of it has to do with surrender. You have ideas, dreams, and expectations of how you want it to happen, and there’s a lot of “Oh, that didn’t happen the way I expected it to at all”, and then you are just wandering and questioning what’s going to happen. It’s being willing to accept where you’re at. A lot of the songs are just identifying where I was at in that point in time and then giving lyrics and melody to it.

Bobby: The thing that’s come out for me and I think all of us as musicians is the fact that we are older than we were in our last projects. The themes coming out in our music are more about seeing life as it is. It’s not just that things didn’t work out the way you thought they would, but also that you can still be inspired and have big dreams and chase them. We want to give people something they can take with them so they can use it as fuel and ammunition to attack the things that they’ve been disappointed by. We want to give you something you can take with you after the music is over.

Kris: I think a big part of this new record was us finding ourselves as a band. We came in with our own ideas from prior projects, not knowing exactly where we wanted to go with this new band. In the process of writing this new music we have definitely found ourselves and our group in each other.

Austin: I agree

You touched a little bit on inspiration. Were there specific instances and events that happened that helped you write this record?
Austin: In January, we were driving back from Nebraska on our first out of state gig. It was snowing really hard outside and we got ran off the road by a semi-truck. Bobby was driving and I was in the passenger seat and we were the only ones awake. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped; it was terrifying. We were trapped on the side of the road and we had to call a tow-truck to help us. All of the money we had made on the show was spent on this tow-truck. Afterward, Ashkan wrote a song about this instance, and now it’s my favorite song out of our whole set.

Bobby: That instance is just a good example of how sometimes things don’t work out. But how we can apply it our passion.

Ashkan: This song isn’t on our record, but we play it at our shows. It will be on our next record. The song is about finding our home out on the road. But for this record, I was thinking about the problems in the world and how there’s a high percentage of people who come from broken families. There’s one specific song that talks about that, that I sort of wrote from experience and how you don’t realize, until a certain age, how your past affected you. There are other songs influenced by being willing to let go of your own ideas and expectations of life.

What kind of process did you all have for writing this album?
Bobby: What normally happens is one of us will come up with an idea, like a skeleton for a song, but something we can fix, change, and grow the song with the rest of the band. Untie My Tongue was a skeleton I wrote out in an hour. When I brought it to the band and we completed it, it really doesn’t sound a whole lot like what I started with. It helps us stay focused on the song.

Kris: It’s totally collaborative. Bobby and Chris are totally whiz’s with creating demos. When one of them has an idea, they’ll get it onto the computer and send it to the rest of us so it displays the theme they want for the song, which helps the rest of the band understand what this person wants to accomplish with the song. Then we can take that idea and add our own elements to it. But the feeling of the song remains intact even after everyone has added their part.

Ashkan: Like Bobby was saying, you take these ideas you get and flesh them out and finish them. Part of the songwriting journey is understanding that not every song is going to be one hundred percent perfect, so you have to be willing to just keep going. Once you start, everything else comes. Also, instead of focusing on other bands and their processes and work, it’s important to focus on and better yourself and your band as a whole.

The official release is Friday, June 3rd, and the show is that same day at the Vanguard. Come at 7pm to hear the incredible opening acts Slow Dreamer and The Notionaries. We’ll have hardcopies at the show and on our website, including some limited edition copies. It will also be on iTunes. Tickets are $10 and if you buy them presale, you’ll receive three songs, one from each band. - OKhustle.com

"MAY 24th, 2016 - The Real Life Podcast - Interview"

To listen go here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-40-the-fairweather/id1023157174?i=1000369325058&mt=2 - The Real Life Podcast

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Listen to our latest music & see more here: http://lonewild.com/epk



Lone Wild formed in 2016 from the ashes of a past project when Ashkan Karimi (producer/writer) stepped into the studio to record new & old song ideas that were left untouched over the years. In 2018 Lone Wild stepped out of the studio to release the singles Danger Cat & Stranger Ways. With those songs leading the way along with a handful of others in April of 2019 Lone Wild released it's debut self-titled album with a string of shows to follow. With Ashkan being 1st generation Persian-American & due to poor U.S. immigration policies, Lone Wild partnered with non-profits that help refugees in the middle-east (Preemptive Love Coalition) by spotlighting their work & donating 10% of their show, music & merch profits to the cause. 

Gaining momentum, the songs Danger Cat & Sequin Dress landed in commercial ads for Carvana and Amazon, with Sequin Dress garnering the most attention with 40,000,000 listens on Youtube in a viral Amazon ad in 2021. Additionally, the HBOMax original series “Made for Love” featured Spitfire to millions of viewers.

In 2020, Lone Wild made Nashville, TN it’s home and in the slurry of a pandemic, an election year, & surmounting racial injustices, Karimi did he does best: listen and escape to write music. Since 2021, Lone Wild has released featured singles: Space BetweenTryna Make Sense of It (heard on CW's Nancy Drew), and Locktup, along with deeper cuts like Free My Mind, and Kingdom Come; creating a collection of genre-spanning tracks for it’s sophomore album “Free Yourself” released July 2023. Now, With a 2nd album under Lone Wild’s belt, and shows scheduled, the indie act is excited to have plenty of material to tour on in the months to follow.

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