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Loc Saint

Bellingham, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1993 | SELF

Bellingham, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1993
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Review for Loc Saint's album "REAL"The'Mixtape"

Loc (rhymes with poke) Saint mixed himself an immaculate collection. If two is company and three is a crowd, you'd think that 18 would be a brawl, but the Bellingham MC works the diverse sounds of his 17 contributors into his Real Mixtape with skill.

This album is not simply rhymes over beats. Each track is complex, with distinct rhythms and smart hooks, sound rhymes and frequent use of effects and counter melodies that create interest and further involve listeners without being overdone.

The album is riddled with the obligatory hardcore references: dealing drugs to get by, caught in the middle of a drive by battle, and – of course – a couple shout outs to The 360. What's distinctive of Loc Saint is that while most thugs-turned-rappers are saved by their music, Loc praises a different savior. One line from "All Original" tells it all: "Used to be a criminal, now I'm rappin' hymnal." That's right, this is hardcore Christian rap.

It isn't just a casual mention of devotion to Jesus Christ. The entire album is a non-stop declaration of faith and testament of spiritual growth. (Loc's bio on his myspace fan page is worth taking a look at.) For Christians who've always avoided hardcore rap because of its graphic content, The Real Mixtape is a godsend.

Though the goal was definitely to reach out to a much wider audience, this album is likely destined to be confined to its extremely small niche market. Though understandable, it really is too bad. This is a locally produced album of exceptional quality, but it's possible most people will not be able to get over the fervent lyrical content in order to appreciate the music.
- "Whats Up" Magazine


"REAL"The'Mixtape 2008

"Hard 2 Die" 2010



Born hungry for the mic, legend has it that Loc Saint came out hustling on day one & never looked back.  By the young age of ten, he was already confidently making his way into the underground Hip-Hop scene, recording his rhymes on a karaoke machine & making cassette tapes to pass around to the other kids on the block, establishing his name synonymously with entertainment early-on around The Wash where he grew up.  Discovering a powerful connection to music and a natural ability to spit hot bars with a vibrant flow that was continually evolving at a superhuman pace – the young emcee refined his talent over the years to follow until his game was bulletproof and the Loc Saint Sound was solidified.

​At every opportunity throughout his career spanning over the next two-plus decades, Loc Saint put his heart & soul into each move he made.  From late nights spent piecing together hard copies of his latest records, to writing material that reflects his own authentic life-experiences, to taking the time with those listening and growing the ‘Locsterz’ into a loyal fan-base – the personal touch and remarkable attention to detail that Loc Saint has put into his career is a genuine extension of how much this all means to him & how much he truly lives what his music is all about.  Keeping it raw & real 100% of the time – he wouldn’t even write about something he hasn’t experienced on his own first.

​With an undeniably versatile & unmatchable style of his own, Loc Saint has put out an incredible amount of music, self-releasing fourteen albums since he first stepped officially into the Rap game, including his latest hit album called Phoenix Rising in 2018.  A wordsmith in full-effect, the complex & intricate precision and professionalism that Loc Saint brings to the mic sounds relentlessly inspired, fresh, & all-out wild; he brings a creative ambition & style  to the mic that takes a lifetime to achieve and he’s still just getting started.  

​More than two decades into his career, with a massively supportive fan-base and an incredibly diverse catalog of music that continually proves Loc Saint can rap with the very best of the best, he designs cuts built to last & hold-up over time.   Blending hardcore chopper flows alongside stunning harmonies into an intense mix of melody, madness, imagination, ambition, and ideas that reveal the true depths of an artist that puts everything he’s got into every moment – Loc Saint always ensures that his latest material is his best material, pushing himself to the limits & beyond, all to bring you an experience to remember.