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Clarkston, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Clarkston, Michigan, United States
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock




"Singled Out: Lochaven's The Promised Land"

Michigan rockers Lochaven are gearing up to release their debut album "Change Is Upon Us" early next month and to celebrate we asked Gabriel Toth to tell us about the lead single "The Promised Land". Here is the story:

"The Promised Land" was written at an interesting time in the band's history. Lochaven wasn't officially off the ground yet; at that point, Jake (Fultz, guitar) and I were just crafting the bare bones of what would become many Lochaven songs. During that time, I felt like we were missing a really anthemic, singalong tune. So I shared my thoughts with Jake, and a few days later, he sent me a recording of something that he thought matched what I described. The moment I pressed play and listened to it, I knew we had it.

After that initial rush of getting the instrumental figured out, though, there was a bit of a comedown. See, the final chorus vocal melody didn't come to me right away, and I actually lobbied to get the key changed a few times to match some other vocal melodies I had come up with. But Jake was adamant that we keep it where it was, and clearly he had the right idea. After messing around with the chord progression on my guitar one night, the melody hit me seemingly out of nowhere, and I knew right then and there that another piece had been added to the puzzle.

The song's lyrics are really just a general encapsulation of where my head was at during that time in life. I had recently taken some time off from school because I felt directionless and apathetic towards what I was studying. I was in a bit of a limbo state at that point in time, and the only thing I was absolutely positive about was that I wanted to play music. So those lyrics are really just my way of saying, "Yeah, I may not be exactly where I want to be in life right now, but if I just keep moving forward, I'll eventually find my way."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here! - Antimusic

"Michigan Rock Newcomers LOCHAVEN Welcome You to “The Promised Land” [Song Premiere]"

Composed of three musicians—vocalist and bassist Gabriel Toth, guitarist Jake Fultz, and drummer PJ Twork—Lochaven is a Clarkston, Michigan-based rock group set to release their debut album Change is Upon Us on January 10th, 2020. Today, in support of the newcomers’ forthcoming recording, we’ve teamed up with this terrific trio to debut their new single “The Promised Land.”

Fun, rockin’ and hook-laden, “The Promised Land” follows the band’s previous singles “Now Or Never” and “Calling My Name”. Speaking of the newest track, Gabriel Toth shared, “At its core, ‘The Promised Land’ is a song of hope. It implores the listener to persevere and remain stoic through life’s inevitable difficulties, because doing so will result in an even stronger, more resilient version of one’s self.”

Change is Upon Us is somewhat of a concept album and, according to the three-piece, “tells the tale of a group of disenfranchised misfits, who attempt to do something about the unjust society in which they’ve grown up. On the way to confront the leaders that have betrayed them, the album’s narrator finds - and then loses - love & realizes the best way to affect real change is to look in the mirror, discover one’s own sense of compassion, inner peace and understanding.”

Young, hungry and eager to unleash their debut album, you can expect the band to perform in and around their home state throughout 2020. Amazingly, Lochaven formed as recently as late 2017, so suffice it to say, they’ve come very far in a short time. Keep your eyes and ears open for more.... - Pure Grain Audio

"Premiere: Lochaven - Calling My Name"

In just over a year together, Lochaven has managed to craft a unique, yet accessible sound signified by their catchy choruses, stimulating guitar solos, and refreshingly insightful lyrics. Today, we’re premiering their new single, “Calling My Name” which is taken from the band's upcoming debut album. Listen to it below!

"Calling My Name" is told from the perspective of the unassuming narrator, whose chance encounter with a mysterious, alluring young woman ultimately leads to a brief, yet intense love affair. – Gabriel Toth - Kill the Music

"Lochaven stream massive debut single, “Now or Never”"

Lochaven are a big new rock band from southeast Michigan and they are making very big waves with the new single, “Now or Never.” As the description states, the video (directed by Drake Whelton) depicts the “guys going to their first photo shoot, and chaos ensues.”

Fans will love this if they like big, anthemic guitar chords and a powerful team of production throughout the song. This is only the band’s debut single and an album announcement is still TBA. For now, stream the single on Spotify/Apple Music/elsewhere. - Substream Magazine

"Premiere: Lochaven drop new album, ‘Change is Upon Us’"

Lochaven are a pop-rock band from Michigan and are gearing up to release their new LP, Change is Upon Us, on Jan. 10.

The band’s new record showcases a a serene sound matched with rock melodies creating a unique edge. Each song exudes a fresh sound telling the story of outsiders set out to correct the world’s wrongs. Hear it below.

“Our debut LP is a concept album telling a story of a grand adventure undertaken by a group of misfits looking to affect change in their fractured society,” said vocalist/bassist Gabriel Toth “we hope that you will join us on this adventure through the world of Change is Upon Us. You never know what you might find along the way.” - All Punked Up

"Lochaven Release Debut Album, 'Change is Upon Us'"

Michigan alternative rock trio Lochaven have unveiled their debut album. ‘Change is Upon Us’ is out now, streaming via Spotify & YouTube.

The band spoke exclusively to All Punked Up, to discuss the new record.

‘Change is Upon Us’ tells the tale of a group of disenfranchised misfits, who attempt to do something about the unjust society in which they’ve grown up. On the way to confront the leaders that have betrayed them, the album’s narrator finds – and then loses – love & realizes the best way to affect real change is to look in the mirror, discover one’s own sense of compassion, inner peace and understanding.

‘Change is Upon Us’ is out now, streaming via (Spotify & YouTube). - Vents Magazine

"Lochaven Release New Album, "Change Is Upon Us""

Michigan alternative rock trio Lochaven have unveiled their debut album,'Change is Upon Us'. Listen to the album now below.

Lochaven saw their inception in late 2017 in Clarkston, MI. Since that time, the band has staked a name for themselves as a formidable and highly acclaimed live prospect, playing their high energy and heartfelt brand of melodic rock to venues across the state.

Debut single "Now or Never" was a promising rookie release and a telltale sign of what is to come from 2020's debut album, 'Change is Upon Us'. Lochaven crafts a sound underpinned by catchy choruses, resonating guitar solos, and refreshingly insightful lyricism on the forthcoming concept album.

'Change is Upon Us' tells the tale of a group of disenfranchised misfits, who attempt to do something about the unjust society in which they’ve grown up. On the way to confront the leaders that have betrayed them, the album's narrator finds - and then loses - love & realizes the best way to affect real change is to look in the mirror, discover one's own sense of compassion, inner peace and understanding. - The Prelude Press

"TNF Premiere: Lochaven goes track-by-track with their new album, “Change Is Upon Us”"

Though likely a new name on your radar, alt-rock newcomers Lochaven probably won’t qualify as such for long. Having just released their debut full-length Change Is Upon Us January 10th, the band has hardly been together but for a couple years. That being said, the band’s ambition is on display here, considering Change Is Upon Us is an elaborate and intelligently-produced concept album that, thankfully, you don’t need to immerse yourself in to digest it. It certainly helps, though! And with the three-piece hopping over here to narrate the album’s story, you can definitely follow along – something we recommend doing below.

Change Is Upon Us Track-By-Track


1. Now or Never: The statement of grievances. Our narrator explains the current
state of the fractured society in which he lives. He feels that the cracks in the fabric
of society are beginning to show, and the time is now to enact fundamental change.
Otherwise, their community will reach a point of no return. Therefore, they are
beginning a journey to catalyze the change they wish to see.

2. Against All Odds: It is made clear that the ultimate plan for their journey is to arrive
at the nation’s capital, and confront their political leaders, who the group feels have
betrayed the interests of the populace for the sake of the leaders’ own gain. Upon
confronting the leaders, the group plans to seize power from them by any means
necessary and return control to the people.

3. Can’t Stop Looking at the Fire: We get a deeper glimpse into how the leaders of
this society (elected and otherwise) have systematically oppressed the working
class. Through endless war, the rich and powerful have coerced the poor and
powerless into fighting their battles for them, all under the guise of “national unity.” It
is time to put an end to this imbalance of power.


4. Seul Sans Toi: This instrumental interlude serves to prepare the listener for a
change in scenery. Our protagonists have been journeying for some time now, and
with all that traveling, a sense of loneliness has arisen within our narrator. It is that
sense of loneliness which sets the scene for the next song…

5. Where Are You: Our narrator yearns for companionship. He has put so much work
into this quest that he has forgotten about one of the most basic components of a
fulfilled life: love. He’s now searching for someone who may come along to help him
assuage this feeling of solitude.

6. Calling My Name: While passing through a town on their way to the capital, the
narrator meets a mysterious, yet alluring woman. He can tell that this is a woman of
great passion and desire. There is an instant connection between the two, and a
brief, yet intense love affair begins.


7. Kiss of Judas: After spending some time together, the narrator realizes he’s
gaining feelings for his new companion. But deep down, he knows that their
relationship is only transitory, and that soon enough he’ll have to be on his way. He
takes no pleasure in bringing her pain, though and he wishes for a way to make
everything work out.

8. (Can’t Give You) What You Want: The narrator ponders the subconscious
teaching of how we are supposed to meet that special someone and have everything
fall into place. He wonders why everything hasn’t fallen into place for him, and then
he remembers that he’s on a journey which stops for no one. He has dedicated
himself to a cause and no one, not even his newfound love interest, can take him off
course. After all, their intense relationship has begun to turn sour anyway. What
started off as a heated, passionate love affair has quickly evolved into a convoluted
mess. No matter how much it pains him, he knows he must be on his way. He goes
to deliver the news to his love interest.

9. Get Up and Go: On his way to deliver the news, he feels down, yet there’s also
feels a sense of relief. He knows that no matter how hard this decision has been to
make, it’s the right thing to do. After he rips off this band-aid, he’ll be free to re-
dedicate himself to the cause completely and his group will be back on course. A
sense of freedom and optimism arises as he approaches her doorstep.

10. Wandering Ways: In a striking turn of events, the narrator’s love interest beats
him to the punch and informs him that she wants to leave him. The narrator’s ego is
bruised, and he instantly becomes defensive. He assures himself that she’ll come
back into his arms, but it quickly becomes clear that that is not the case. After all,
she’s already looking for somebody new.

11. Continuum: In what should be a time of starting anew and moving forward, the
narrator allows himself to fall into a trap of self-pity and martyrdom. He thinks that he
should have been the one to leave, and since he didn’t get to pull the trigger, he is
left questioning his own self-worth. In this moment, he fails to see that he’s merely
experiencing petty jealousy, but in time it will become clear. After all, due to this time
of darkness and self-doubt, he is eventually able to see the light.


12. The Promised Land: After a period of deep reflection, the narrator has
experienced an inner transformation and come out the other side even stronger than
ever. He has come to realize that all things happen as they are meant to, and that
the greatest lessons come from the most difficult times. What’s even better is that he
is now approaching his group’s quest with a renewed vigor and purer intentions. He
realizes now that fighting the violence and hatred in his society with
more violence in hatred is a never-ending, vicious cycle. Instead, in order to bring
about the greatest amount of positive change, one should look inward, discover
one’s own sense of inner peace, and spread the compassion and understanding that
results from this inner transformation. It is this new message and mantra that the
group takes with them to the capital.

13. Satori: The group finally arrives to the nation’s capital, but instead of violently
overthrowing their political leaders, they simply spread a message of enlightenment
to all who will hear. Their message emphasizes the importance of finding one’s own
sense of inner peace, and of becoming one’s true self by looking past societal
constructs and pressures.

14. Pax Romana: We fast forward to a time when the group’s message of
enlightenment has been embraced by their society, thereby bringing about
fundamental changes that have resulted in a more compassionate, understanding
community. The narrator reminisces on the time before these changes, when it was
not always clear that they would come out stronger on the other side.
But here they are, through all the hardship, better than ever.

15. Change is Upon Us: The album’s title track marks the end of our story. The
narrator looks back at the entire journey, satisfied with where he and his community
ultimately ended up, while also acknowledging that a happy ending was not always a
sure bet. There was difficulty and there was heartache, but it was all necessary for
them to get to where they needed to be. He lets out a deep breath and proudly
proclaims that after so many struggles… change is indeed upon us. - The New Fury


Change is Upon Us - Album (Released Jan. 10, 2020)

"The Promised Land" - Single (Released Dec. 13, 2019)

"Calling My Name" - Single (Released Nov. 29, 2019)

"Now or Never" - Single (Released Feb. 5, 2019)



Lochaven is a Clarkston, MI-based rock band comprised of Gabriel Toth (vocals/bass), Jake Fultz (guitar), and PJ Twork (drums). Although all three members have played in a variety of projects together since 2014, they are keenly aware that there is something particularly special about Lochaven. In just over a year together, Lochaven has managed to craft a unique, yet accessible sound signified by their catchy choruses, stimulating guitar solos, and refreshingly insightful lyrics.

Lochaven's debut album, 'Change is Upon Us,' was released on January 10, 2020. The album's release was preceded by three singles: "Now or Never," "Calling My Name," and "The Promised Land," the first of which they also have a music video for. Lochaven's music has been featured on radio stations such as 101.1 WRIF-HD2, 93.3 WKQZ, 91.5 WMHW, and Saginaw Valley State University's "Cardinal Radio," as well as Spotify playlists "Weekly Wire" by Loudwire (~4.5k listeners) and "TNF Discover" by New Fury Media (~3k listeners). The band has also appeared on Central Michigan University's "Summit Sessions Live" television program. Lochaven regularly plays a variety of venues in and around both Detroit and mid-Michigan, while they continue to grow their ever-expanding fanbase.

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