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Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
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"Single Review: Locations – “Moves”"

Set to a fury-inducing beat but entirely too lumbering to be considered a straight-up crossover, Locations’ “Moves” wastes no time distinguishing itself from the competition with a band of abstract charm separating its staring act and the audience he seeks to impress. Whether you’re listening to the song on its own or taking in the artsy music video for the piece, “Moves” is a surprisingly stimulating listen that, for better or worse, has a way of making a big impression on those within earshot well before it meets its actual conclusion.

The vocal is the pop center in this single while the harmonies are the backbone of every verse put forth, and though I think our singer is a bit excessive with the melodic charisma he tries to lend the chorus here, I don’t fault him for going this route at all.

For all intents and purposes, “Moves” sounds like an old-fashioned, radio-centric pop song – from a conceptual perspective – that has simply been reworked to fit the needs of an eclectic-minded millennial generation ultimately disillusioned with the relative straightforwardness of 2000’s alternative rock. It’s not the only release of its kind you can hear right now, but likely one of the only credible spins you’re going to get from a scene-based indie player anytime soon.

There’s still a ton of potential that Locations isn’t exploiting inside of the studio, but if there is anything we can learn from what they put out in “Moves” it’s that they’re not going to rest until they’ve explored most every angle of their sound (one way or another). I admire the experimental edge of this latest release, and even if it doesn’t score this act any points in the mainstream just yet, it undisputedly verifies their authenticity in the underground at the moment. - Music Existence

"Locations Drop Bouncy Single "Moves""

Brooklyn alt-rock duo Locations has dropped “Moves,” a jovial dance rock track which is the band’s first release in over two years.

The track is centered around a bright, melodic guitar rhythm and the band’s falsetto vocal harmonies in this ode to optimism and getting up to dance. “Dance if you wanna dance, move if you wanna move, you have got to do it for you,” they sing on the chorus.

While simple, the hook is catchy and succinctly expresses the song’s straightforward ideas. It provides a solid contrast from the track’s verses, which build towards something a little more hyper in the chorus. This is especially the case in the song’s final minute, as muted guitar creates a light tension which is released in satisfying fashion for the outro.

The song is also part of an impassioned campaign from the band, with them using the single to promote universal healthcare. Looking to raise funds for Campaign for NY Health, Locations is selling limited edition t-shirts to support the organization which seeks to pass a single payer healthcare system in New York State.

Not only is “Moves” the band’s first single in over two years, but it was also the first written after a “major medical event” involving one of the members put activities on hold for several months.

“Moves” by Locations is a vibrantly optimistic song that looks to build optimism for a cause of passion, and it does so in an easily listenable way. - NYS Music

"Locations Played Mercury Lounge"

Hot off the release of their new single, Locations played a thunderous set at Mercury Lounge proving to be a true force to be reckoned with as they rocked the intimate club.

Locations recently returned with a new song called "Moves" and celebrated it in style with an electrifying Labor Day performance at the acclaimed Mercury Lounge. Fired up and ready to bring the heat to the club, the duo raged through a pummeling set with the volume cranked to the max as huge riffs and jackhammer-like fills tore through the room as an eager crowd raged on.

The colossal chug of "Dancing Queen" already feels primed and ready to rock an arena, the foreboding rhythm giving a dark and sinister take, like a Black Sabbath injected White Stripes moment, one ready to rock your face off. "Moves," the new highlight, added funk to their hard rock edge, giving us one of the groovier moments of the night, before blasting back into charged-up blues rock.

The band's range, however, is more than initially meets the ear and they managed to interpolate covers of Beyoncé, the Beatles, and Tool into the mix while doing justice to each. "Taxman" felt especially appropriate for their Amazon Labor Union passion and the diabolical rhythms of prop-metal legends Tool felt most impressive to see pulled off with such force by a duo. The dueling vocals mesh well and allow each of the guys to showcase their talents in a see-saw manner as the other unleashes fire from their instrument while the other screams with urgent authority.

Niko Rummell's blazing guitar licks were looped and layered on top of each other giving his sound even more power while Tom Whidden's slamming drumrolls hit with seismic impact. Their howls are wicked and give an added punch to their already primal rock fury, but with their intensity comes elements of melody and grooves that keep things from getting out of hand. Hyped with a promising track, a live show that kicks it into gear, and other amped-up new tunes in their repertoire, the band is growing their confidence and showmanship each time they take the stage. - OMGNYC

"PREMIERE: LOCATIONS – “MOVES” - The Brooklyn band’s politically-charged new single calls for movement in their city’s quest for universal health care."

New York alt-rock duo Locations sought band name inspiration from their day jobs. They work as location scouts, tasked with taking in every street corner and block in The Big Apple in granular detail, on the lookout for any latent architectural wonders, incidental pockets of enchantment, or curious conceptual designs – anything with the potential to pique interest, and an essential facet of TV and film production. And, on new single “Moves”, they harness this very love for their city, but rather than its buildings, its residents are the focus.

Sonically, the kinetic “Moves” – an invitation to dance – could spur on the most reluctant movers. However, its movement of a political kind ultimately endeavours to inspire. After one of the members experienced a major health event, leading them to be out of action for a period, the already politically minded, anti-corruption and climate-conscious group acquired a newfound tangible appreciation of the need for free health care provision as a human right.

The track takes on new meaning, a celebration of movement and a call for equal access to the care required to support everyone to remain their mobile, healthy selves. Standing in support of The New York Health Act, revolutionary legislation that would guarantee universal coverage in New York, “Moves” is the band’s musically infectious contribution to the fight.

Who better to recruit to star in the video than the very people at the heart of the campaign, the residents of New York?

They offer their honest opinions of “Moves” itself, head below to find out what they thought… - Wonderland


Prisons (2023) - UNRELEASED

Moves (2022)

Royalties (2020)



LOCATIONS is an alt-rock duo from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut EP - ROYALTIES - came out 02/28/2020. How’s that for timing?

An anthem celebrating individuality, renewal, and of course dancing, “MOVES” marks the emergence of a funkier side of LOCATIONS. “MOVES” was the first song Locations wrote after one of the band members recovered from a major medical event that put the band on hold for several months. The disco-inspired track indicates a period of energetic resurgence for Locations, and a chance to dance for their fans (but only if they want to)

Thanks to good union jobs (both band members are Teamsters Local 817 Location Scouts) Tom and Niko have the medical benefits that everyone deserves. Unfortunately, tens of millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured. Locations decided to use their latest release to fight for Universal Healthcare in their home state of New York. They’re teaming up with the Campaign for NY Health, a statewide coalition dedicated to passing and implementing legislation for guaranteed, universal, single-payer healthcare in New York State.

The NEW YORK HEALTH ACT has majority support in both the state senate and the assembly, meaning it has the votes to pass, but state leadership is not supporting the bill. Please use your power (time, money, and voice) to support the Campaign for NY Health and help make Universal Healthcare a reality for all New Yorkers.

The band encourages everyone to take action now. Sign up for the campaign, volunteer your time, call your representatives every week, and help guarantee access to healthcare as a right for every person, starting with the great state of New York.

"We're on a mission to make Universal Healthcare in America a reality. New Yorkers can lead the way for the country to recognize healthcare as a human right”

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