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Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"Band Interview & Spotify Playlist"

We're helping Portland, Oregon's rad rockers, LiquidLight, celebrate the recent release of their Wicked Radio recording with this TOP 10 list! Check out some of the most influential songs as selected by lead songwriters and guitar players Anthony Medici and Cory West. The album, which you can find online and via iTunes, dropped on September 8th and should appeal to basically anyone that loves good rock. You're going to dig this quartet! - Pure Grain Audio

"Song Premiere LADYGUNN"

LiquidLight is a highly accomplished musical group of extraordinary talents with an explosive and versatile rhythm section and strings alike. Their first full-length album 2015’s, Uninitiated, was named Best Emerging Alt Rock Band by the prestigious Deli Magazine. Their debut showcased the band’s tremendous potential as a post-punk, alternative powerhouse. Referencing such formers as Husker Du and The Replacements, LiquidLight has been described as “melodic, thoughtful and jingle-jangly as well as shred-crazy and powerful.”
We sat down for a chat with the Portland rockers about swapping instruments with your bandmates, what they don’t teach at music school and some rock’n’roll moments on the road.
Check out their sophomore album, Wicked Radio, out in September.
... - Ladygunn Media

"Wicked Radio Video Premiere"

LiquidLight is nearly a month removed from its thrilling new record Wicked Radio, and now the band has a punchy new visual for the album's title track. You can check that out below, in addition to LiquidLight's guide to finding and buying music in the Pacific Northwest.


You can stream LiquidLight's Wicked Radio below and order a copy for yourself here. - The 405

"Wicked Radio Album Review"

Jingle-jangly. Shred-crazy. Melodic. Powerful. These are all words and phrases that have been used to describe the sound waves and melodies amplified off the instruments meticulously played by alternative post-punk band LiquidLight. The Portland-based rockers were named Best Emerging Alt Rock Band by Deli Magazine after releasing their debut album Uninitiated, but instead of riding on their previous success they decided to press forward into new sonic territory; residing in the sweet spot between focused songwriting and vocal performance while still maintaining the instrumental prowess they'd been known for.

This new development of sound is how they created their sophomore album, Wicked Radio, released this past September. The record is comprised of 14 tracks that show off the band’s classic rock sensibilities, often highlighting their influences like The Replacements, Big Star, and Sonic Youth, while also being punctuated by a lyrical gravity that is firmly planted in the now. The LP was mastered at the legendary Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. Lead singer and songwriter, Anthony Medici said of Wicked Radio in a recent press release, “This new album is a commentary on the divide between pop songs and having strong instrumental personality. Those things used to be wrapped up in one package but they have been growing further apart for decades. Our goal was to bring them together in our own way.”

The record starts with “Cookie Cutter” a rambling strumming backed story of a protagonist dealing in a world where he's forced into a shape he's not quite made for. There’s also “Keep Me Out of It” which shines a light on the band's intricate string play, picking up slowly and steadily before falling into layered strumming then spacing out into unwavering drumming. “Disappearing Ink” is another must listen to track on the record, the arch of the song centers around the parlor trick of vanishing ink, the narrative a commentary against falling for tricky people. The guitar play of the song can also be described as "tricky" backed by classic bridges and clean harmonies.

With Wicked Radio, LiquidLight accomplishes a level of instrumental artistry most bands are still trying to grasp in their third or fourth albums, but with an approachable listening quality that relieves listeners of the burden of making it sound hard. - Earmilk

"WINNER: Best Emerging Band 2015"

Alternative rock outfit LiquidLight catapulted to the top of the charts with not only their easily lovable songs, but also with their fervent ability to get themselves heard! Tinges of everything from psych rock to early 2000's pop punk can be found their songs. Some only in small elements, but enough to make LiquidLight's sound specific to them. Say hello to Portland's best band of 2015. - The Deli Magazine

"Fall 2016 Tour Feature"

This Thursday night, Portland progressive rock quartet LiquidLight kick off a month-long US tour with a performance at Holocene, joined by Queen Chief and The Secret Ceremony.

Following the release of LiquidLight’s debut album Uninitiated, which blends alt pop melodies, post-punk energy and prog/kraut instrumentation, the group has earned themselves the title of Portland’s best emerging alt rock group of 2015 by The Deli Magazine, and has joined forces with Sound Merchants management lead by engineer Andy Morris (Bowie, Rolling Stones, Bad Company).

Taking a break from the studio, where they’re working on a follow up album due out in 2017, LiquidLight are hitting the road for a 31-date tour. Check out the full schedule below. - Noise & Color Blog

"SOUNDS OF PDX LiquidLight - Podcast"

Before kicking off their tour, Alt-Rock powerhouse LiquidLight stopped by the studio to talk about their upcoming shows and their favorite live bands. It’s always a hectic time as you’re preparing to hit the road so we were extremely lucky to have Anthony and Zack on the air with us for the broadcast. This week our PDX Spotlight Playlist highlighted some of the best live acts of our time. We listened to The Who, Pearl Jam, Biffy Clyro, and a handful of other great artists. Zack and Anthony shared stores of their early live experiences as musicians and fans. Listen to the podcast to hear more insight on Anthony and Zack’s approach to live performances, songwriting, and the recording process. - Portland Radio Project

"Special Feature in 2016 SXSW Issue"

Winner of The Deli's Best of 2015 poll!
Here is your feature in our 2016 SXSW issue of The Deli Magazine. 10k printed copies of that issue will flood Austin next week just in time for SXSW 2016. [PAGE 23] - The Deli Magazine

"UNINITIATED Album Review"

Portland’s own LiquidLight came out of the ether several years ago with a mission to create a fresh sound and with lyrics to match. With two EPs under their collective belt, you will find Anthony Medici, Cory West, Zack Rodrigues, and Joey Arnstein have done just that.

Recorded at Cloud City Studios in between day jobs and juggling life’s curve balls, the end result is an exceptionally solid full-length. The first two tracks, “My Mission” and “Centralize,” grab hold of your attention like a new Star Wars trailer; creating a strong thirst for what’s to come. The following is the title track, “Uninitiated,” and this is where you get hooked. The sheer contrast—full of lush, thunderous soundscapes—is a very pleasant surprise.

The meat of the album showcases the band’s tight musicianship with songs like “Vindication” and “All Others Pay Cash.” Then “Train Wrecker” begins and within seconds you know you are in for a ride—a near six-and-a-half minutes of pure unadulterated rock that leaves you hungry for more.

In a world of regurgitated sound, where we are mathematically running out of possible combinations to actually consider something as “new” music, LiquidLight has managed to produce an album that is not quite like anything else hitting your ear drums lately. It is a delicious psych-prog rock cocktail that tastes so good you know it must be dangerous. »

– Wendy Worzalla - Eleven Magazine PDX

"LiquidLight are in control with "Centralize""

LiquidLight mixes psychedelic feels and gnarled guitars in "Centralize." This tune brings back the 90's rock sound, when alternative was ruling the radio airwaves. The moody track is a methodical, buzz filled meditation through time. "Centralize" is one of the many standout moments in LiquidLight's recently released full-length album, Uninitiated. Their latest compilation is brimming with experimental rock vibes. Uninitiated is an album that must be listened to from start to finish to be aware of LiquidLight's artistic vision.

The Portland based band is currently touring around their hometown. Uninitiated is currently available on LiquidLight's bandcamp page. The guys will be performing at the High Water Mark Lounge in Portland, Oregon on Thursday, December 3rd. If you live near the Portland area, do yourself a favor and check out LiquidLight live and in person.

Read more at - EARMILK

"June Mixtape 2016"

June 2016 from 3hive on 8tracks Radio.
16 RAD summertime hits!

7. LiquidLight – Get Up/Get Around - 3HIVE Blog

"Portland’s Playlist: Drop-In-Session with LiquidLight"

Portland’s Playlist keeps on bringing great shows to Portland Radio Project and last Wednesday’s was no exception. Luke and Teri welcomed Anthony Medici and Cory West into the studio for a night of influences centered around debut albums in a nod to their band’s debut album, “Uninitiated,” released November 2015 at Doug Fir Lounge. The second hour of the show featured music off that album.

Their influential debut albums spanned decades from the 70’s to current times with the likes of Swervedriver, The Replacements, Queens of the Stone Age, Pixies, Guided by Voices, American Football, Big Star, Elliott Smith, and MGMT.

PRP’s, Inessa Anderson, spent an afternoon in August talking to the band about the new album, and premiered the album’s title track, “Like your music to be melodic, thoughtful and jingle-jangly as well as shred-crazy and powerful? You have come to the right band. LiquidLight does all that.” Vortex Magazine’s, Joanna Cosper, premiered their single, “Get Up/Get Around,” prior to the November release party at Doug Fir Lounge. While their appeal is youthful, they don’t exactly portray themselves as a youthful band in the way this song unfolds. This song “broadens their fan base by catering to those who lived during the days gone by of authentic alternative music and the impressionable Portland youth whose taste is, essentially, yet to be determined.”

They didn’t let any dust collect between releasing their EP, “Reactionary,” and creating this full length album. “The recording of Uninitiated came together quite fast. We wanted to keep our thick guitar sound while stripping down some of the layers we are known to use, to make it punchier and with more attack,” Anthony Medici and bassist Cory West remark. Some of the songs start one way (i.e., the pretty acoustic intro to “Restless Nights”) before launching into a full on rock attack that showcases each of the band member’s respective talents. If you are looking for a solid rock album with hints of metal, this is the one for you.

The Deli Portland Best Emerging Band 2015 Reader’s Poll, named LiquidLight Portland’s “Best Emerging band of 2015,” in the Alt Rock category in a poll voted on by readers and fans, Their music has put them at the top of the charts with “tinges of everything from psych rock to early 2000’s pop punk” in their songs. They will perform in a showcase concert for The Deli with The Love Junkies and The Fur Coats, on Monday, April 4th, at Holocene,

They have recently launched their own YouTube channel and are excited to cultivate it and watch their audience grow,

LiquidLight is a band that, is constantly seeking new sounds, observing the market, and trying to book shows with a purpose to keep their audience happy and desiring of their shows. Given the mindful nature they approach their music with, this is a band to keep your eye on and your ears listening to. - Portland Radio Project

"Song Premiere : Get Up/Get Around"

LiquidLight: 'Get Up/Get Around' [Song Premiere]

LiquidLight’s appeal is youthful no doubt, but they don’t exactly portray themselves as a youthful band in the way their latest single, “Get Up/Get Around,” unfolds.

There’s a simple nostalgia laced within the single that immediately brings to mind similarities to early Jimmy Eat World and Modest Mouse, shades of the ideas of alternative pop music that first began to make waves among fans. Combining those early alternative influences of catchy choruses punctuated with the timeless questions of “Who am I?” and “What am I capable of?” stimulate the passions of having found your ability to stand for yourself.

Yet, this isn’t the early 2000s and the kids who grew up with those first honest representations of alternative pop rock are well into their 20s or 30s by now. By experimenting with those traditional influences, LiquidLight’s latest single broadens their fan base by catering to those who lived during the days gone by of authentic alternative music and the impressionable Portland youth whose taste is, essentially, yet to be determined.

“I’m lucky without you around and I just know I’m feeling good,” vocalist Anthony Medici croons mid-song before launching into a brief interlude of breezy guitar riffs to further stimulate that feeling of relief. The chorus quickly punctuates the mood with catchy, high-driven chords and Medici’s chants to: “Get up, get up, get around.” This mantra mirrors the band’s experience of acting in accordance to your own needs.

Prepping for the release of their long-awaited debut album on November 4, the band are nothing short of enthusiastic.

"The recording of Uninitiated came together quite fast. We wanted to keep our thick guitar sound while stripping down some of the layers we are known to use, to make it punchier and with more attack," Medici and bassist Cory West remark. "It feels great to debut Uninitiated. Right now is an interesting age for music and most people seem fairly confused about which format works the best for a release these days. But having grown up loving full albums, it is definitely rewarding to put something out that is a complete statement with good flow from track to track. It was certainly designed to be that way."

LiquidLight will release their debut album on Wednesday, November 4 at the Doug Fir Lounge with San Francisco’s Tumbleweed Wanderers and Tango Alpha Tango. In the meantime, listen to the new single from the upcoming record below. - Vortex Music Magazine

"LiquidLight digs deep with "Uninitiated""

LiquidLight is back and exploring "the idea of wanting to be a part of exclusive clubs / the upper echelons of society and what one is willing to put up with or compromise to do so" in their latest single "Uninitiated." They also talk about the moral conflicts a person might go through while attempting to become someone or something they are not to achieve things that they want or think they want. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that they were working towards something they never really wanted at all.

The Portland based band is currently working hard on their next full-length album, which should be released in the near future. "We feel that this record has an immediacy that the other two don’t have in such an obvious way. Our first self titled EP was all about texture and vibe. The second EP, Reactionary, was a conscious effort to hone in the melodic, lyrical, and structural aspects of the music in a way that would be a significant step forward for us in terms of songwriting." For their next album, LiquidLight is recording with a full group, which includes two guitars, bass, and drums. They've also been tracking live-to-tape. "Tracking live-to-tape in under a weeks time has us really stoked about finally coming across as a hard hitting and diverse rock n’ roll band."

Read more at - EARMILK

"Show Feature"

Casey Hardmeyer of Parachute PR

"Portland janglers LiquidLight fuse together the best elements of the mid ‘80s psych-revival from both sides of the Atlantic, culling equally from the downer-haze of American Paisley Underground acts, and the gentle chime of British C86ers. Their second EP, Reactionary, released this past January, finds the group adding new clarity to their sound, with tightly-wound coils of guitar-shimmer and razor-sharp vocal hooks. LiquidLight share the bill with San Fran-based shoegaze-y goth-rockers Future Twin, making this show a match made in ‘80s alt-rock heaven." - Willamette Week

"UNINITIATED Album Review"

Relentlessness and expansiveness meet on the latest release from LiquidLight. The band blends the best of Alt Rock, Classic Rock, Punk, and Experimental music to give your ears plenty to digest. For fans of rock there is something for everyone on this record. It won't take very long for new listeners to appreciate the complexity and beauty of "Uninitiated".

Lead singer and guitarist, Anthony Medici has a no nonsense approach to his vocals that captured me right away. He can go from a whisper like dynamic to a tortured melody in a way that feels personal and impactful. As a vocalist it's a great quality to have and is something that can only be done if you truly believe what you are singing. On the track "All Others Pay Cash" this vocal dynamic is used extremely well. The vocals on this album are great all the way through, they draw you in and paint the picture. As a guitarist I fell in love with the way the band tracked the guitars and the extensive use of different tones. The other guitarist in the band, Cory West, has a way of grabbing you at just the right time by adding second guitar parts that create a whole different sonic layer. The riffs that he and Anthony are running through are mind blowing. The breakdowns and solos are not Prog Rock but it sure has that urgency to it at times. It's as if the guitars on the album are Prog Rock meets Alt and Blues to create an intense yet melodic vibe.

Simply put the rhythm section of LiquidLight is incredible. Drummer, Zack Rodrigues and bassist, Gage Dean are absolutely in the pocket on this record! Their playing and the recording reminds me of Ben Shephard and Matt Cameron on Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger. Just take one listen to the track "Vindication" and you will hear it too. This is also a song that highlights the vigorous guitar work of Cory and Anthony as I described it above. The outro of this song is a blast to listen to It sounds like the band went into overdrive with soaring slide work and blistering fast drum parts on the snare. A few other stand out songs for me right now are "Get Up / Get Around" and "Train Wrecker". "Get Up / Get Around" starts off by driving you into the song with punchy guitar parts and then opens up with with cleaner guitar tones and great fill work on the drums by Zack. The midsection of this track has a beautiful solo with one of the best guitar tones on the album. The song "Train Wrecker" is a song you should give all of your attention to when listening. Also do yourself a favor and throw on headphones for this song and the entire record. "Train Wrecker" is a wall of sound. The first time I listened to it I was just waiting to see where the song would go next. This track is just over 6 minutes but it seems to go by much faster! Honestly my favorite songs on the record seem to change every time I have it on. To me that is such a compliment to the band that I'm still finding new things to enjoy on the album.

In March on Portland Radio Project I had a chance to interview the band and talk to them about making the record. Anthony spoke about the writing process and how the band works together to create a sound that is all their own. It was a real pleasure to speak with Cory as well about his guitar selection and how he creates the tapestry of sound with Anthony. Be sure to check out the podcast, you will get a nice glimpse behind the curtain of LiquidLight.

It's evident that the band put all of their hearts into this project and recordings. Recently they won The Deli Portland Best Emerging Band which was voted on by the public. I highly recommend getting the album and taking the time to dig into these songs. Uninitiated by LiquidLight is one of the best rock records that Portland has to offer! - Sounds of PDX


Wicked Radio Album - September 2017
Uninitiated Album - Nov 2015

Reactionary EP -  Jan 2015
LiquidLight self titled EP - 2012



LiquidLight is a true rock band. In an age where popular culture pushes to “out-extreme” the latest and greatest, LiquidLight pursues balance and clarity with respect to great rock tradition. With their first full length album, 2015’s Uninitiated, they were named Best Emerging Alt Rock Band by the prestigious Deli Magazine. Their debut showcased the band’s tremendous potential as a post-punk, alternative powerhouse. Referencing such formers as Husker Du and The Replacements, LiquidLight has been described as “melodic, thoughtful and jingle-jangly as well as shred-crazy and powerful.”

LiquidLight’s sophomore LP Wicked Radio, just released in September 2017 was mastered at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and " a commentary on the divide between pop songs and having strong instrumental personality. Those things used to be wrapped up in one package but they have been growing further apart for decades. Our goal was to bring them together in our own way.” 
LiquidLight has the psychedelic energy of a 70's band on the road for the first and last time. Living on the edge, living through the hurdles of existence and most of all living for the love of creating  something that adds a sparkling narrative to the rock scene. With a high standard of execution, strong melodies and elements of psychedelic and alternative influences, the music conveys a new, yet referential optimism. “LiquidLight has managed to produce an album that is not quite like anything else hitting your eardrums lately” - Eleven Magazine

Songwriters Anthony Medici and Cory West, both Berklee College of Music alums, honed their craft while performing with bands in Boston and along the East Coast. They are each highly accomplished multi-instrumentalists backed by an explosive and versatile rhythm section, Mitch Wilson on drums and Grahame Bywater on bass. Medici's lead vocals lend a cryptic yet powerful element to the sound and structure of the band, echoing the melodic sensibilities of the college/alternative era.

Band Members