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Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1986 | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1986
Band World Reggae




"New Day Revisited"

The reggae sound of the song is very apparent with the guitar and Bass drums. The instrumentals are
good and have a tight rehearsed sound to them. The vocals are very much Rastafarian and are
consistent with many reggae artists. Staying true to the genre the lyrics are very powerful and convey a
great message and story. Aside from the telltale music style that reggae displays, the foundation of the
genre, for me, is rooted deeply in the lyrics. This song does such a great job at staying true to itself and
the things that make reggae music so great. You can hear the emotions being displayed in the singer’s
voice with every note he sings and every word that rolls off of his tongue. I am in love with this song and
wish there was a repeat button I could hit so that it would play another time. In my opinion this song is a
great success but most mainstream commercial radio stations do not play much from this genre, but for
those who really dive into the reggae music scene, this one will not disappoint. Soundout,Reverbnation. - Sound out Reverbnation

"A Friendship Ignited by Passion and Perseverance" - Karibbean Expressions Magazine

"Fix The Roof"

FIX THE ROOF. "Reggae sound isn't very common these days and this sounds very good. Gotta love the vocals haha. Just a great sound with a great feeling behind the music. The vocal harmony is really good throughout the song. That guitar solo was really awesome cause it wasn't all extreme or anything. A very calm reggae grove song and it is simply amazing!”>>>> The music on this song is lively. The reggae beat and rhythm creates both a familiar and comfortable atmosphere. I find myself at peace as I listen to this track. The lyrics are also encouraging: "You have got to make a move while the sun shines. Don't you wait until it rains." The lyrics speak to making a move while the time is opportune, rather than waiting until it is too late.”>>>> Very nice , reggae type of beat . I love the vocals . the lyrics give off a positive vibe and I really enjoy that. this song is something that needs to be heard and spread much love . great song , keep up the good work with stuff like this”
- CROWD, SoundOut (Jan 14, 2016) - Crowd,Sound (jan 14, 2016)


Still working on that hot first release.



Four exceptional musicians of the Jamaican reggae group Link&Chain; have been working together for many years. During that time, their musical success placed them alongside the All-Stars of Jamaican reggae groups and into magazines such as Rolling Stone, Beat, LA Times and Pulse!. After a few year hiatus, Link&Chain; has now reconnected to create six new sunny soundscapes on their latest EP entitled Fix the Roof.
Fix the Roof contains an array of catchy, hook-laden tracks that elicit messages of peace, love and hope. The six compositions display a theme of strength and unity, just as Link&Chain; itself does within its members.“Ta-Seti,” “Mirror,” “Kasha,” and “O’Neil” are the nicknames used by this cohesive “band of brothers.” Each member brings their distinct influences into Fix the Roof. The band is quick to point out, “As a group, we were influenced by all of the Wailers, Wailing Souls, yet also bands like Steel Pulse.

Fix the Roof displays a distinctively modern reggae sound yet has its roots firmly planted in Jamaican old-school style. The band explains, “Our creative goal in this EP was to tap into our uniqueness, which they believe comes from all of us working together for over three decades.” Key tracks on Fix the Roof include the title track with its happy, upbeat blend of brass lines, and blues-based rhythm displaying the exquisite instrumentation and crafty lyrical skills of this foursome. “New Day Revisited” stands as a perfect example of Link&Chain;’s ability to create soundscapes which wrap storylines behind funky backgrounds, percussion, and piano riffs.

The three decades they’ve spent in the music industry has made Link&Chain; greater and stronger than the sum of its parts. Within Fix the Roof, the messages of strength and unity are once again connecting Link&Chain; to their listeners, even after all these years

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