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Leila Sunier

Miami, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Miami, FL
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Discovery: Leila Sunier"

Leila Sunier has just released a new track entitled Could Be, with the song featuring a jazzy chord progression and smooth and sultry vocals, making this a very different track to the usual singer-songwriter fare.

This is one for those wanting a little more from the genre, and whilst it is quite slow, it does grow on you, and we recommend listening to it a few times before writing the song off. If you like singer-songwriters but have gotten a little bored of the current crop, Sunier’s music may be for you!

By Jane Howkins - York Calling

"Leila Sunier – Telephone Tag"

“Telephone Tag” adalah single kedua dari Leila Sunier EP yang akan datang “The Long of A Song Installment I”, yang segera rilis 2018.

“Tag Telepon” jauh dari nada-nada suram yang mediatif, suram dari Leila sebelumnya. Sebuah lagu sendu yang luar biasa bersemangat dengan unsur-unsur R & B, jiwa, dan Synth Pop, “Telephone Tag” adalah beat yang enerjik dan cermat yang diisi dengan nuansa liris halus dan permainan kata. semua dibingkai dalam metafora dari Tag Telepon – sebuah fenomena di mana dua orang mencoba berkomunikasi satu sama lain melalui telepon, tetapi terus-menerus saling merindukan. Sebuah pengait bass grooving yang dilengkapi dengan drum kekinian, pengaturan string beranimasi, dan wawasan tentang cinta yang salah membuat lagu ini menjadi akhir instan dari hit musim panas.

“Could Be”, single pertama mereka yang dirilis pada bulan Februari, menerima banyak pujian dan dukungan dari blog independen seperti York Calling, mengumpulkan lebih dari lima ribu pendengar SoundCloud, dan di Miami Florida, di mana dia saat ini memegang Peringkat 1 secara lokal dan Peringkat 4 secara regional di Tangga Lagu ReverbNation.

"Telephone Tag" is the second single from the upcoming Leila Sunier EP "The Long of A Song Installment I", which will be released soon in 2018.

"Telephone Tag" is far from the grim, mediative, gloomy tones of previous Leila. A melancholy song that is incredibly vibrant with elements of R & B, soul, and Synth Pop, "Telephone Tag" is an energetic and carefully beat filled with fine lyrical nuances and word play all framed in the metaphor of the Phone Tag - a phenomenon in which two people try to communicate with each other over the phone, but constantly miss each other. A grooving bass hook equipped with contemporary drums, animated string arrangements, and insights into love make this song the instant end of the summer hit.

"Could Be", her first single released in February, received much praise and support from independent blogs such as York Calling, gathering more than five thousand SoundCloud listeners, and in Miami Florida, where he currently holds Rank 1 locally and Regional ranking 4 on the ReverbNation Chart. - Parapop

"515 POP-HIPHOP FOR YOU: On This Day, September 6th, Of 2018."

We talk. But we don’t. We move our lips. We bring out the words. But nothing really helps our situation. We talk past each other, like ships in the night. Let’s change that. Hold me, now. I’ll hold you. I’ve missed you and your beautiful eyes. I’ve loved you since our first introduction. I’ve always loved you. “Me too.” Let’s try again, shall we? “Let’s”. ‘Telephone Tag’ is the second single off of LEILA SUNIER’s upcoming EP ‘The Length of A Song Installment I’, which drops Autumn 2018. - comeherefloyd


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Could Be
Telephone Tag



Leila Sunier carries a strange, incurable energy about her. Both in person and in her music, she is hard to capture in a single phrase, attesting to her diverse appreciation for music, the visual arts, and life. 

Growing up in a large, tight-knit family, ranges of sound from all genres were proudly played and celebrated at home. Saturday mornings were devoted to the household names of country and soul, Johnny Cash and Etta James, evenings to the swinging jazz classics Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, car rides to the bombastic tones of Led Zeppelin and Ted Nugent, and practically every other day, to the sweet, melodic poetry of Joni Mitchel and Paul Simon. Her musical curiosity only grew with each new voice, culminating in her own, distinct sense of songwriting and production.  

When she attended to university to pursue her passion at Miami's Frost School of Music, Leila found herself completely immersed in the world of music she had always dreamed of. She performed regularly around campus, at various venues and events around the neighborhood, organized an east coast summer tour for her own band, and managed to secure a few gigs in relation to Miami’s heralded Art Basel.

However, come her third year, Leila reached an impasse. Realizing that she wasn't being true to her art, the artist took time off to explore the world outside of the constraints of academia. What she found was a wonderfully vibrant community of people of all backgrounds and a reassured sense of tenacity. In the mountains of Colorado, she carefully curated a selection of eight songs into her first full formed project, “The Length of a Song”, which is set for release in two installments for the Fall of 2018.

At heart, Leila is a storyteller. Behind every song is an experience, a lesson to be shared. Confessions, observations, and ruminations concerning life fill her notebooks and animate her live set. Her affable stage presence, humor, and raw honesty makes her one to watch, as this is only the beginning of the artist's journey. 

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