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Leah Lawson

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Folk Indie




"Leah Lawson – All The Dogs In My City – Single Review"

The latest track to surface – All The Dogs In My City – has a sense of isolation to it as the almost stationary sounds ease their way in to the room. Reflective of the sentiments of the composition, that ponders of a world in which many are rushing to and fro, which when viewed dispassionately seems fruitless. Whilst inwardly questioning, is everything else in fact resulting in some unfathomable self-fulfilment in the chaos and not partaking merely a form of denial of service?

The smooth undulations of guitar and softly brushed percussion barely move the sound-waves, yet, it is because of their fragility that the piece stakes its impressive presence as the doleful vocal quietly expresses bewilderment. - Emerging Indie Bands

"ew: Leah Lawson – Sheets EP"

Leah Lawson is releasing her EP, Sheets through Noisetrade which you can listened to here. The singer now based in Nashville, a city that is really a cornocupia of music, has recorded five songs that are about relationships and really what it means to be a human in this day and age.

Lawson’s vocals are gorgeous throughout this EP, there’s a sultry style to her voice on tracks such as Halloween and an elegant one during tracks such as In Red, where the easy choruses delivered by her voice are something you need to make time to listen to. Lawson has a very honest writing technique and it makes perfect sense throughout this EP and makes it easy to connect with her music.

The acoustic sounds of Israel and Hold give these tracks some really nice melodies, the twangy sound to Hold works perfectly for the song, and Israel has an almost sombre sound but it works so well with Leah Lawson’s vocals and it perfectly suits the writing, she certainly knows how to harmonise and it shows throughout Sheets, everything working together on this record.

It’s an EP difficult to fault, and I wouldn’t want to, with some really lovely vocals and some stunning guitar melodies it’s an excellent record from this talented singer, making for a great listen. It’s refreshing and tells a story making it easy to relate to, and that’s never a bad thing. Highlights for me on this EP are Hold and Halloween, this is where the best of Leah Lawson is really heard.

9/10. - Thinking Lyrically


Sheets by singer-songwriter Leah Lawson from Nashville pivots around the idea that there can often be much beauty in human frailty. Showing herself at her most vulnerable, Leah makes her music easy to relate to while she attempts to capture the mood we all have after a disappointing day.

“I wish you pushed me up against wall and kissed me” the EP begins with Leah singing in a voice which clearly makes it known that she’s heartbroken, desirous and doubtful of herself. Guitars echo and a piano soon kicks in to build a beautifully glum atmosphere, setting the tone for the rest of the record.

Most of the EP’s charm, however, comes from Leah’s astute ability to explore the feelings we all experience in common – whether it is the despair of wanting someone who doesn’t want us back or the often occurring drop in self-confidence that can make you terribly self-conscious. Think about the low points you’ve been through in the past week and Leah will probably have a line about it in one of her songs.

Sheets displays Leah as a stellar songwriter, as well as a gifted lyricist. It would be a pleasure hearing more from her.

Favorite Track: Halloween


Track List
1. Halloween
2. Better
3. In Red
4. Hold
5. Israel - Frost Click

"UPCOMING: Leah Lawson"

We do like to introduce nice new talent on these here pages, so here’s your little treat for a Monday. Meet Florida-born, Nashville-based Leah Lawson. Her debut EP Sheets is quite the sucker punch, with tracks like In Red cascading over us like velvety alt-pop, and Halloween being a heavier rumination on things not really to do with pumpkins. Check both tracks out below. - Press Play OK


It’s been over a year since Leah Lawson’s last release, the Sheets EP, but today, Lawson’s returned with the stunning All The Dogs In My City.

The strum of a solemn guitar lays next to Lawson’s weightless and poignant vocals as she reflects on the city and her surroundings, and the faces of those around her. Lost and underwhelmed by her place in the city and in life and with no one or anything to blame, she concedes with wearied eyes and a gradual build of lush instrumentation. The realization that everything and everyone around you is moving at lightspeed and evolving whilst you remain shackled to an unfulfilled life can be daunting yet life altering; should you choose to act on it. Whether the Nashville singer/songwriter does or not, we’ll have to stay tuned to find out. - Ohestee


Sheets EP (2015)
All The Dogs In My City (Single) 2017
Cheaper Kind (Single) 2021



Leah Lawson’s story is not all that unique: A girl from Florida who grew up homeschooling in a sheltered evangelical home, using music to reckon with religious trauma, deconstruction, longing, loss, and love. What stands out is the candid way she writes, often making you feel like you’re overhearing an intimate conversation between close friends. Her songs are crafted with rich imagery and a hint of nostalgia. Her voice is moving and intense. Often standing alone on a large stage with just a baby blue tele and some nervous banter, Lawson’s presence captivates. She is currently living in Asheville, North Carolina, and preparing to release her debut full-length album.

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