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Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Nashville, TN
Established on Jan, 2016
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TN wave maker krs just released his first music video for standout track “Boy Please,” and it is a true delight. Self described as a spur of the moment visual, the video features krs enjoying some of the wonders of the Big Apple after a recent performance in NYC. Shot by Evan Mattingly, this video is a perfect snapshot of the vibe krs was going for and is definitely worth your time. Check this out and stay tuned as krs keeps delivering the heat this summer. - Colt Culpit

"krs - Boy Please"

Tennessee artist krs drops off his latest visual offering “Boy Please.” Directed by Evan Mattingly, the clean-cut video showcases krs’ in-your-face style as he manages to do a stellar job in bringing the track to life.

With a gritty effect, much of the video follows suit in terms of look and feel. Various scenes capture krs on the subway or on stage rocking out a show. The energy level stays consistent throughout and krs’ skills are on full display with this one. Check out the new video down below. - swidlife staff

"Spotlight - krs"

Hip-hop artist krs is creating a lane for himself. As someone who's been around music their whole life, the Athens, Tennessee native has proven to be a threat when it comes to lyricism. "The first rap song I actually remember hearing was 'Crossroads' by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, shit's a classic," krs recalled. Growing up he constantly was getting in trouble by listening to everything not considered "Christian" by his mother, and remembers her breaking more than one iPod shuffle when she found the likes of Young Jeezy, T.I. and Lil Wayne. He added that, "ultimately I just fell in love with music at a young age and then I reached a point in my life where I didn’t know what my calling was on this earth and I was searching and searching and one day it just hit me that, you know, this is my calling."

Before krs, he released music as KJ and had an impressive debut project title Patients Is My Purpose (or PIMP). A name change was necessary in order to facilitate the growth needed as an artist, though, which was a move that shows maturity and dedication to his craft.

I got to catch up with krs to discuss his recent work and more. He just released a new song via his first music video titled "Boy Please" this past week. The video is creative and flows super well. Just like the song, the visual flares hints of attitude while showing off the unique sound krs has developed over the past few years. He's rightfully confident and it shows through in his music.

Tell me about your new song/video "Boy Please."

krs: Man “Boy Please” is a song that I actually wrote last year. I was going through a lot dealing with bullshit with my family, friends, my child’s mother, my job and just felt like the world was against me. Everybody was telling me how the music shit wasn’t going to work, and at that point I had been doing music for 3 years and hadn't seen anything from it. Not going to lie it started to get to me, and then I was just like man fuck all that, this shit is going to work. One thing that my cousins and brother always say when we talking or joking is “Boy stop” or “Boy Please." Well I heard the beat for “Boy Please” and just started writing and it just came to be.

The video was legit the most spurt of the moment thing. We actually shot the video in New York City at like 2 am after I had a show up there. We just hit some different locations around the city, I let my bro Evan Mattingly who shot the video know what I had in mind and [we just] made it in like 2 hours.

Your latest song before this was "Ganja" with Michael da Vinci. How did that collaboration come about?

krs: First shoutout to my boy Rob (Michael Da Vinci), he out in Cali living and curating dope shit right now. But man I met Mikey D a while ago through similar people that we knew and I planted the seed in his ear that I wanted to work. I never force working with someone, when it’s meant to be it will be and that vibe will be dope. So back in December I had a recording session, him and my engineer ChucktheHeir are both apart of The House, so he brought him through. My other engineer Walt played what we had been working on, he fucked with ganja and I had a open verse and he wanted to hop on and the vibe and energy just clicked. So we lit up some of God's green earth, went through a couple bottles of Fonseca 27 Wine and “Ganja” was created. Man, it was definitely one of the most fun studio sessions I've had creating so shoutout to bro for that.

What is HEYE Life? How has being a part of it influenced your music direction?

krs: HEYElife is a brand that spawned from a group text between me and people that I consider family. We all have different goals and aspirations and outlets as far as creativity. But we all believed that we can achieve it and that our art is some dope shit. I do music, my bro Dom does custom clothing in Atlanta and is lit, his lovely lady also does fashion, modeling, directing, marketing. You name it and she can do it, and she is apart of this. Then we have my bro G who is more behind the scenes with managing and overseeing everything, then we have my bro Rob who does promotion. My other bro Chubb does music as well, and then my guy Logan does motivational speaking. Those are just the core members of the group, and as you see there’s a lot of different art forms. Now of course we all may or may not indulge in Mother Earth and getting “high” but that’s not what this HEYE means. Our HEYE stands for Harmonic Eccentric Youthful Extraordinaire. We all want to live a Harmonic life and an Eccentric Life, a Youthful life and the life of an Extraordinaire. So that’s just HEYElife as simple as I can make it.

In your eyes, what is the current state of hip-hop in TN?

krs: Man there are a lot of talented artist in TN. I think right now Memphis is, as it has always been in the past, getting most of the attention and clout. Now this next statement is no shade to that area by any means but 423 has something to say. The main name that rings names from the Chatt area is of course Isaiah Rashad. But we have a lot of talent from the Chatt area like myself and Michael da Vinci, TUT and bbymutha.

In Knox you have people like Notty Taylor and Skitty whose music is dope af too. Just don’t be surprised if by the end of the year that the folks that I mentioned have elevated to major places and platforms.

Do you have anything in the works or anything to announce? (what can fans expect?)

krs: I’m currently in the process of wrapping up recording for two projects that I plan on releasing before the end of the year and that’s all I can say on that as of now. Just expect a lot of music, videos and features from me in the near future. I’m going to shake it up with this music as much as I can and continue to gain a believer 1 by 1. - Sterling Martin


If you don’t dance to this song when it comes on you definitely aren’t gonna find your name popping up on any invite list to my next suaree. This is exactly the kinda sound that perfectly blends so many sounds and aesthetics and delivers one hell of a punch. Tennessee buzzmakers krs and Michael Da Vinci paired up to drop off ‘Ganja’, a Canis Major produced slapper. The production is bopping and has a Latin sample that will get you up and moving. All the sonics are perfectly sewn together by Chuck the Heir and it really gives the track a breath of fresh air every time Mikey D or krs delivers a bar. Both artists come through with such impactful delivery and memorable rhymes it’s hard not to keep hitting the repeat button with this one. “She said she don’t dance but she smoke the ganja” is definitely gonna be stuck in my head for a minute. The end features a pretty hilarious conversation that obviously led to something involving some ‘Ganja’ (laugh). Listen below and keep in touch for new Tennessee gems comin’ your way. - Colt Culpit

"krs – PAYBACK"

After a recent change in moniker, krs (formerly known as KJ) is back with all the flavor from before and more. This new single,”Payback,” features an effortlessly bouncy flow over some beautiful production from Walt Tremell that sounds like it could only be fitting for an artist from Tennessee. Keep your eyes on krs going forward as he starts heating up 2018. - Colt Culpit

"Introducing: kj"

Introducing KJ an upcoming rap artist from Athens, TN and his song ‘Problem Child’.
I’ll cut to the chase and tell you all exactly what I thought.
The beat felt very J cole esque although I would say that KJ’s flow had a touch of Kendrick. He was open and honest on the track baring his soul for his audience, a quality I always admire on any song.
This track certainly has a very contemplative vibe. KJ’s storytelling on the song is incredible and is bound to capture your attention from start to finish.
Problem Child is a song about KJ reminiscing on his past decisions with women, alcohol, and drugs in college. Throughout the song he references missed calls as missed opportunities. The missed opportunities are actually his exes calling. KJ uses the instrumental as a diary to explain how tragedy and death shaped his adolescence.
The song is available on a range of platforms:
Follow KJ on Social Media at: - Ray Sang

"IndustryMe Discovers"

KJ Returns under the new name KRS and with his new track payback.

I enjoyed how the track gave us an insight into the rappers personality and talent with a mixture of playful bars and a great rhythmic flow.

The use of percussion across the track was a nice touch as well as the unexpected vocals on the second verse.

This track was effortless excellence with a great vibe and one I throughly enjoyed. - Ray Sang


In Patience Is My Purpose, the new, lyrical, rap artist Kj tells his life story about growing up in the small town of Athens, TN. This project takes the listener on a journey through his process of maturing into a grown man while learning life lessons through letdowns, heartbreak, and death. - INDYHHR

"kj – P.I.M.P (Patience Is My Purpose)"

Athens, TN up-and-comer K.J makes his first appearance on our page with the release of his debut project called “P.I.M.P” (Patience Is My Purpose). The body of work contains 18 solid tracks that each have a different vibe, but the cohesiveness makes for a smooth listen. The project only has one feature from Kel as he delivers a smooth hook on the 14th track, “Angels.” For a debut project, K.J does a nice job of putting together a nice body of work that translates to his versatility and ear for music. You can now stream the project here. - swidlife staff


Still working on that hot first release.



hello i'm krs - formerly known as kj - a rap artist from TN. the music i create is authentic and honest. i share my stories and life experiences through the art of lyricism. check out my wave & tell a friend.

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