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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF | AFTRA

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Blues Pop




"New Album Release: Krigarè"

“Our notable discovery Swedish Nashville-based cinematic alt pop singer/songwriter Kennedy Nöel known musically as KRIGARÈ who we first introduced early last year when we shared the lyric video to her single 'Heights', has released her full-length self-titled album which is one you definitely want to check out. The cinematic sound she brings is one I truly can't get enough of and her story which is portrayed through her music is truly one of inspiration. This is one notable artist who truly lives up to what her name translates to be which is Warrior. Be sure to check out her 12-track self-titled album of which you can find the track list and link to below and also be sure to check out the lyric video she recently for her single 'Silouette'.” - Musical Heartbeat

"Review: Krigarè finds purpose on self-titled album"

“Krigarè’s self-titled album is the epitome of introspection as she takes that necessary journey in finding herself and her purpose in life while battling her demons. From the first track, ‘Silhouette’ it is evident that on this journey she is “trying to survive,” but the only way is to keep maintaining a light in the darkness. The album maintains a theme of self-reflection and survival, then we get to the track ‘Royal Blood’ which comes off as an anthem to of self-realization and self-acceptance, being secure in the understanding of the fact that she is here and ready, “coming for the crown.” The latter portion of the album carries a more victorious tone, with tracks like ‘Destiny’, ‘Let Go’ and ‘Sparks’, where she accepts her destiny, “pushes through the pain” and spreads her light. This album is pure and gives us a look into the mind of Krigarè, and maybe even ourselves, making it a great listen!” - Grunge Cake

"New Artist Spotlight: Krigarè"

“NEW ARTIST SPOTLIGHT:KRIGARÈ OFFERS SHOCKINGLY BEAUTIFUL ‘SILHOUETTE’. Granted “Silhouette” is just one track on the self-titled debut by singer/songwriter Krigarè, but this track along with many of the others on the album indicate what the album is meant to be about: it’s a raw, unornamented snapshot of Krigarè’s life and perspective at this point in time, and the resulting picture is rooted in the feelings of present time, life and breath.The album’s style is rooted in dubstep, surprisingly, but with heavy doses of synthy dream pop to round off the harsh edges of the beat and bass. Something that also stands out in this electronic sound of Krigarè’s is a lot of very sophisticated harmonizing in the vocals. She seems to have a preternatural sense for harmonies and combining chords to get the deepest possible connection and impact out of her audience. It certainly works. Between the beats and the harmonies, Krigarè’s music will get into your chest.” - Your EDM

"Watch Out for Krigarè"

“If there is an artist to watch out for over the next year, it’s Krigarè. Between her eclectic visuals and unique ability to morph her experiences into art, Krigarè delivers straight from the heart and makes that known throughout her latest album release... Krigarè is a unique human being who is a star in the making. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Purity Ring, Grimes and iamamiwhoami, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Krigarè.” -

"Nashville Artist Releases Self Titled Album"

Born and raised in Los Angeles CA and now making her home in Nashville TN pop and creative artist Krigare is one to take major note of. She is not your typical pop, alternative artist. She is a master thespian and one of many gifts.

She is not only an amazing vocalist but an amazing songwriter and independent film actor. She has co-written songs with top 10 chart writers and Grammy winning song-smith’s Matt Squire, Jessi Alexander and Andy Dodd. She recently sat down and penned a collaboration with band NeoNoir for “On The Hunt” and with Dutch artist Ecstatic on the song “Dead to Life.” Both of these collaborations have hit over 200k streams on the infamous Spotify. Other accolades include being a featured artist on MTV with her songs “Let Go” and “This Time”.

Her super amazing song “Falling Apart” was selected last year for the 2017 Nashville Film Festival. Her creative work in imagery is a huge plus that we receive when we watch her work unfold. Now let’s take a moment to check out a few of the songs on this album.

“This Time” is sensual, moving, and heavy hitting right out of the gate. The driving guitar and the reverb sound of her vocals make it hot and fleshy. I really enjoyed it. Actually I could see this one as an opening for a James Bond movie. Think I’m joking. Nope. It’s got the ticket. “This Time”, is powerful.

“Falling Apart” was almost stoic in texture of the songs message. It seemed to express a forlorn feeling of the ending of a relationship.

“Deep End” has to be one of my favorites on this collection. The lyrics are super charged and you can almost feel what she’s feeling as she expresses her aspiration to dissolve the remnants of a troubled relationship that bewilders her solitary mind.

To be so young this beautiful lady has, what I suspect to be, hundreds if not thousands of stories to tell in her music and her artistic creativity. At the early age of 16 she was diagnosed with stage IV Thyroid cancer and has since overcome not just the one but several battles with her health. Six months after receiving the news of the thyroid cancer she was told she had stage one melanoma. To have not one but two diagnosis of two major cancers is overwhelming but Krigare has stood tall and firm in her fight to beat them both. After three major surgeries and what seemed like an endless amount of vocal therapy and exercise she has emerged a new woman. She has more of the same drive and determination she had before with a new found passion to express her love of music and film in her lyrics and melodies.

She expresses that here in a personal quote:

“My life has been full of battles these last three years. It has been by far the most challenging years not only as a person, but also as an artist. I’ve had to find my voice again, and decide on who I am coming out of trying times. I am a WARRIOR!”

The collection is a declaration to her maturity and her many talents. Krigare is one to definitely place high on the watch list for 2018 and beyond. Krigare is a major player in the music industry and she will keep moving up quickly……. as she has said…. she’s a Warrior. This is her battlefield now. - Nashville Music Guide

"Album Review: Krigarè"

“Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote, “Without music, life would be a mistake”, and it would be foolish to compound that mistake and not give a listen to the new self-titled Krigarè’ album. It’s music. It’s art. It’s life. It’s not secret that I’ve been waiting, not so patiently, for this album to be released. Simply put, Krigarè’s is life. Her music resonates within me, simultaneously breaking and healing my heart over and over again. However, when I slipped those headphones over my head, nothing would prepare me for the emotional rollercoaster of a ride I was about to take. Krigarè’s “cinematic pop” sound is as rich and complex as music gets, but the one thing that stands out is how easy an album it is to immerse yourself in. There is world building in the album, as the music progresses, you find yourself wrapped up in life and death, struggle and acceptance, youthful exploration and profound self-discovery. Lyrically, the album is as strong as it could possibly” - Totally Driven Entertainment


War·ri·or (n): a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. Krigarè truly is a fighter, and is indeed a warrior. I had the honor of sitting down with Krigarè and talking about her music, as well as getting to know her. Krigarè is a force to be reckoned with. Her powerful vocals will draw you in from the very first note. “Heights” is the perfect perseverance anthem, as Krigarè let’s you know that she is fighting life’s journey in true warrior fashion. “Falling Apart” showcases Krigarè’s chilling vocals with powerful lyrics. Krigarè is the whole package; amazing vocals, cinematics, and a humble personality. Krigarè has the biggest heart and her smile can light up a room. This warrior has fought several battles in life, and she has been victorious. Her battles have led us to some very personal (and some relatable) songs, and we are honored that she has shared her story with us. If you are looking for a cinematic pop artist who is true to themselves, look no further. - Savvage Media

"Krigarè - Falling Apart"

Krigarè (AKA Kennedy Nöel) is starting a new chapter in her music career and 2017 looks set to be great. A few years ago, I got the opportunity to interview this talented young lady and I could only wish her all the best in her journey. It was around the release of her ‘Cross-Over’ EP, the pop-dance title track was very punchy and addictive. In fact, it was one of my favourite songs of 2015. Then I found out that young Kennedy was making music before she reached her teens, this girl has got so much talent.

‘Falling Apart’ is Kennedy’s first release as Krigarè. ‘Falling Apart’ is definitely a more grown up offering from this singer/songwriter. The emotion is high in this track, the tune pulls you in with an almost Celtic tone and the echoed vocals over the song adds to the eerie ambience. It is different to the tunes you would normally listen to, but that’s what you need now and again. Krigarè has stated that the narrative of her upcoming EP is about her inspiring story of surviving two bouts of cancer. The title ‘Falling Apart’ can be seen as she asks herself about her own mortality, describing some dark moments using the medium of music.

I know I said it before, but I honestly think this girl deserves so much success. To see her stories inspire such breathtaking music is worth a few plays already. Does she let what has happened to her bring her down? No! She has fought through it all and has fought “to see the horizon” and has done that so well. Also, did you know her name means Warrior in Swedish? Krigarè is truly an inspiration.

I was so happy that Kennedy/Krigarè and I got back in touch and I look forward to reviewing her future tracks. From this first taster in the new direction, I think I may have a favourite for 2017 already! This girl has a heart of gold!

Final rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove - The Singing Whovian

"New Krigarè"

As Kennedy starting rolling out the new look, sound, image, I was concerned for her and her career. This is a ballsy move to totally recreate herself, but once she explained the meaning I completely fell in love with the idea. Kennedy is growing up and maturing as a person and an artist, and you can hear it in her new music which has floored me.

She proves once again that Kennedy is a warrior, Kennedy is Totally Driven, Kennedy is "Krigare"!! - Bay Ragni - Totally Driven Radio

"Kelly Clarkson "Open Mic Night" with Kennedy Nöel"

“For Kelly Clarkson's "Open Mic Night," Kennedy Nöel performed a mash-up of "All the Small Things" and "The Middle." Commanding the stage, it's as if the beautifully toned singer has been doing it all her life. With a backdrop similar to Clarkson's own, she noticeably has taken cues from watching Clarkson perform on tour. Having no stage freight, she engaged the crowd asking them to clap to make the night even more special for her. Doing so, she nabbed a burst of energy and Clarkson can be heard in the back, "whoooo!" Finishing the energetic performance, Clarkson returns to the stage to give her a high-five and is beaming that the little girl she's known since she was a child has all but grown up.” - Chase Hunt -


  • Wild Side
  • Heroes Never Die
  • Dead to Life
  • On the Rise
  • Vendetta
  • Take On Me
  • Sandman
  • Twisted Games
  • Falling Apart
  • Heights
  • Sparks
  • Silhouette
  • This Time
  • Royal Blood
  • Deep End
  • Destiny
  • Let Go
  • Sleeping Awake
  • If I Just Wake Up
  • Let It Go Remix




( Kree-Gar-Uh ): the Swedish translation for WARRIOR.

Krigarè is known for her strong imagery with intense storytelling lyrics.  Her electronic driven melodies, weighted with textured guitars, takes the listener on a cinematic journey of emotions, battles and empowerment.  Krigarè first got her start in the music industry backing the piano for Kelly Clarkson at the Grammy Awards, but since then she has learned to carve her own path by breaking into the licensing world of cinematic/pop. With multiple songs licensed for film and television, and collaborations with artists from around the world, Krigarè is making her way and leaving her mark. She is featured on the soundtrack for the film Awaken which premiered in Estonia at the Black Nights film Festival. She has performed at the 2019 COCA National Conference, 2016 National NACA Conference, with the Estonian National Orchestra and choir, and colleges in both Canada and the U.S.  With her latest album release titled "KRIGARÈ", Krigarè tells her compelling stories of surviving two different cancers all by the age of 18. "My life has been full of battles these last few years.  It has been by far the most challenging years not only as a person, but also as an artist. I've had to find my voice again, and decide on who I am coming out of trying times. I am a WARRIOR!"

Since moving to Nashville from Los Angeles, Krigarè was introduced to song-writing at a very early age.  She has since had her song “Twisted Games” featured in the new Netflix show Elite with over 4million plays across all platforms. Her song “Vendetta” featured on Hulu for the show Light as a Feather. Recently, Krigarè has co-written and collaborated with L.A. future/pop band NeoNoir for "On the Hunt", and with the Dutch hard style band Ecstatic for "Dead to Life", both currently with over 700k streams on Spotify. Her song "Falling Apart" was selected in the 2017 Nashville Film Festival, and "Destiny" written with Generdyn was licensed for the film All I See is You starring Blake Lively.  Krigarè has been MTV's featured artist with her songs "Let Go" and "This Time" being heard on MTV's Teen Mom OG and Siesta Key.  And the songs "This Time", "Thunder", "Never Stop" and "Falling Apart" have all been heard on Teen Mom Young + Pregnant. Recently, Krigarè has collaborated with Zayde Wølf, Generdyn, Joseph Trapanese of The Greatest Showman, and Grammy winner Jason Halbert creating a new cinematic/pop sound for her newly released album titled "KRIGARÈ".

Unfortunately, Krigarè's rise to success came to a halt when at age 16 she received news that she had stage IV Thyroid cancer, and then only six months later was diagnosed with stage I Melanoma.  To be diagnosed with two completely different cancers at such a young age was devastating and rare. Instead of letting this news take her down, Krigarè made the impossible decision to become the true definition of her name WARRIOR, and fight to win these battles no matter what it took. After three surgeries, and much time spent in vocal therapy and exercise, Krigarè has risen from this tragedy redefining her herself. It's that same drive, determination and passion that fuels her music today.

Previously, Krigarè was a featured artist on the TV show Majors & Minors on the HUB Network, can be heard singing a featured track on the DVD "Barbie: A Mermaid's Tale", has worked with GeoGiRL, a line of cosmetics for tweens, becoming their brand ambassador and singing the theme song for commercials and website, and is also the voice for the accompanying video to the popular children's book The Wheels on the TukTuk written by Grammy award winning and New York Time's best selling author Kabir Sehgal.

When Krigarè is not out playing live, you can hear her music on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and many other world wide outlets, and in over 10,000 retail stores located in all 50 states, and on over 75 radio stations around the world.  Make sure to keep in touch for upcoming tour schedules and new music releases by signing up for emails....

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