Kill Tuco
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Kill Tuco

Kailua, Hawaii, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Kailua, Hawaii, United States
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Alternative Rock




"Kill Tuco - "Drift Catcher""

Hawaiian indie rockers Kill Tuco prove they can jam with the best of them in their track “Drift Catcher.” Starting off strong with a 30-second guitar-bound intro, the band sweeps some pop punk angst into their mix of light distortion, commanding bass lines, and thick layers of guitars. It’s a bright burst of energy from start to finish, kept afloat with unrelenting drum fills and some spunky group shouts. “Drift Catcher” comes straight from Kill Tuco’s debut EP Kill Tuco And The Sorcerer’s Fellowship Of The Return Of The Jedi. - BuffaBLOG


The Safe Word Is "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a" - EP

"So it goes (What Vonnegut Said)" - Single

"Another Day" - Single

"Chandeliers" - Single



Maniacal airwave vibrations via three musical interlopers in the middle of the pacific ocean. "Kill Tuco" is not just a group of noise enthusiasts; it's a call to action. Entirely unenthused by the contemporary materialistic ambitions of the music industry today, Kill Tuco performs and releases music for the same reason wolves howl at the moon - because it's fun, because it's in their nature, and because f**k what their neighbors think anyway.

Kill Tuco is not beholden to any genre, era, or elderly (and agitated) neighborhood committee. Kill Tuco is beholden to the indefinable and inexorable desire to create and perform sound-karate. To play as they feel; and to have listeners respond as they feel in turn. Whether you want to dance, cry, mosh, meditate, or even purchase real estate in an imaginary place - Kill Tuco is there to facilitate your journey. Namaste.

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