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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Alternative Pop





The sky’s the limit for rising starlet Kerri Medders!

The 18-year-old Texas native has recently made a splash in Hollywood, starring as Gwenny Thompson in the Netflix original series ‘Alexa & Katie,’ and on CBS’ ‘Seal Team!’ This talented teen isn’t only an amazing actress; she’s also quite the songstress! Kerri recently toured with the Plain White T’s and has more amazing music in the works! We can’t wait to see where Kerri’s career takes her in the future; we’re sure she’s going to keep doing amazing things!

Keep reading to find out all the details on ‘Alexa & Katie’ season two, and more! - Madison Zoey Vettorino with TigerBeat

"Kerri Medders And The High School Nation Tour Rolls Into Dallas"

Singer, songwriter, and entertainer Kerri Medders is currently performing in Dallas on the High School Nation Tour. The High School Nation Tour is a musical festival that allows kids of all ages to come out and interact with other individuals within the surrounding cities in the Dallas metroplex and throughout the nation. The tour presents the opportunity to visit schools, interact with the students and help fund music programs that might have been removed due to national budget cuts. - Landonbuford

"Music Spotlight: Kerri Medders"

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — When I was researching the up and coming artist/actress, Kerri Medders, the first thing that came to my mind was “she is how old?” How in the world has she lived long enough to have a resume that extensive? At age 17, the high school senior has more ambition and drive than most can even fathom.

The reason Kerri was in Brentwood/Nashville, Tennessee, is because she is part of High School Nation, a music festival that promotes arts/music in schools. High School Nation was created in 2004 in Los Angeles to give back in an era where many schools have seen their music programs cut. Each high school that is lucky enough to be chosen for the tour gets a $30,000 recording studio. On Thursday, October 5th, the fortunate school in Nashville that was selected was John Overton High School. - The Tennessee Star

"Kerri Medders Hits the Road for High School Nation Tour"

Kerri Medders looked like she had a BLAST on the road last week!

The singer/songwriter was one of the many performers on the Arizona leg of the High School Nation Tour.Â

The High School Nation Tour is an art and music festival that travels to high school campuses across the nation. Dedicated to introducing students to new and up coming opportunities in the arts, HSN is devoted to keeping art in the public school system. This year’s tour began April 20th, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA and will continue on to May 19th, 2017 ending in Portland, OR.

Medders first announced her involvement with the tour a few weeks ago, saying she “super excited” to meet students across Arizona and perform for them. - Juliet Schroder

"Kerri Medders Talks Who She Is"

Seventeen-year-old Kerri Medders is quickly carving her own path within the music industry. Stepping into her sophomore era with her second EP, Lot 17, coming April 17th, Kerri dropped her single, “Who R You?” yesterday.

An alternative pop/rock song, “Who R You?” carries a story that Kerri says comes from different perspectives, “Originally, it was about a guy I met and how he kept trying to fit in by not being himself. Now I feel like it’s about anyone who goes through this.” She further explained that it was important for her to write this song in a universal perspective, “I wanted to write the song in a certain way that anyone could relate to it and it wasn’t just about a specific person,” she cited her producers, Brandon Woodward and Luke Francis, for helping her vision come to life.

A song about dealing with self-discovery and struggling with self-image, part of the appeal of the song is the truth that listeners can feel with it. “I can relate to ["Who R You?"] because I have had to deal with it,” Kerri explained. “How can I fit in? How can I get others to like me? It’s exhausting and it takes up a lot of space in a person’s head. I realized it’s not about them, it’s about making myself happy,” she reflects. “Sometimes it’s a struggle—even today—but I have to look back and be like, ‘I’m proud of what makes me who I am and that’s enough.’”

“I want [listeners] to know they are good enough being their authentic self,” she responds when I ask her what she hopes listeners take away from engaging with the song. “It’s okay to like what you like, love who you love, dress how you want, listen to what moves you. Don’t let other people determine who you are.”

Before the release of this single, Kerri released, “Don’t Give In” a few months ago. Another song that’s going to be featured on her upcoming EP, the song is about not giving up on love without fighting for it first. “There is going to be a track about myself fighting for who I am, but feeling as though I am losing because of the constant opinions from those around me,” Kerri shares with me when I ask her if the themes of fighting for or not giving up on something/someone is explored past these two singles on Lot 17.

........ - Teenplicity - Brie Garrett

"Singer-Songwriter Kerri Medders Finds Herself With the Debut of 'Who R You?'"

Singer Kerri Medders has been on a journey of self-discovery and writing some great new music, and the proof is in her awesome new single "Who R You."

The new track officially debuts tomorrow, but we have the early exclusive today, and Kerri told us all about how the song came to be and so much more.
Artist: Kerri Medders
Single: "Who R You?"

What it means to Kerri: "I originally began writing 'Who R You?' about a boy I knew, but it turned into so much more than that. It mimics something that we see happening everyday all over the world—the struggle with identity and finding your place. Sometimes it's hard and scary to just be you and make your own decisions without being influenced by your peers or what society has labeled as 'cool.' But once you realize that everything you need is already inside you, it's a magical feeling."

Biggest influences: "I wanted to channel more of a Paramore vibe on this track, just because I love experimenting with my music. Overall my biggest influence is The 1975—their songs, production, and the stories they tell. They're very inspiring to me."

Dream venue: "I really want to be a headliner at Coachella one day."

Dream duet: "Ed Sheeran or Matty Healy."

Fave songs: "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran, "Water Under The Bridge" by Adele, "Polarize" by Twenty One Pilots, "Ghosts" by The 1975 and "Idle" by Spooky Black.

Dream accomplishment: "Writing and creating music is my own way to express myself. Whatever I'm feeling at the time, I can make something out of it and I don't know anything else that can allow you to do that. Without music I wouldn't be here—it's everything. I hope it never ends, and that I can reach more people as the years go on."

Follow Kerri on Instagram and on Snapchat @Kerrikat7! - Sweety High - Amanda Pillon

"EXCLUSIVE: Kerri Medders Tells All About Her New Song ‘Who R You?’"

#NewMusicAlert: Our fave babe Kerri Medders has officially released her new song “Who R You?” and it’s everything! Ready for the best part? We chatted exclusively with Kerri all about her new single. Check it out:

Popmania: Tell us about your new single “Who R You?”
KM: “Who R You?” is about struggling to be yourself when there are outside pressures. It’s about learning to not give your true self up only to please other people.

Popmania: What was your inspiration behind writing the song?
KM: My inspiration behind “Who R You?” was about a guy I met who had so much potential and so much going for him that I was excited to know him then a few months later I saw him again and what I thought was so different about him was fading and he was latching onto “whatever was current.”

Popmania: Do you have a favorite lyric from the song?
KM: “Lightening in a glass jar, shattering a fragile thing.”

Popmania: Is there a certain message that you hope fans come away from the song with?
KM: Don’t change who you are just to please other people.

Popmania: Your EP is coming out later this year, tell us about that!
KM: I am really excited about this EP, all the songs are very close and personal to who I am and what I am discovering about myself. I worked with amazing producers (also my co-writers) on this project, Brandon Woodward and Luke Francis. In all honesty, I believe it’s such a step up from my last EP, it is a growth not only as an artist but as a person.

Popmania: How does this EP differ from your past music?
KM: It’s myself connecting with who I am and what I’m emotionally going through right now at age 17. It’s a piece of myself that will live on through this project.

Popmania: What are you most excited for fans to hear in your new music?
KM: The stories! I want them to be able to feel and experience the emotions as it fits their lives and personal experiences. I just hope they can connect with them as much as I have! - TAYLOR

"EXCLUSIVE: Kerri Medders' New Single 'Who R You?' Premieres on JJJ"

Singer Kerri Medders is dropping her new single “Who R You?” on Thursday (Feb. 16), but she gave JJJ readers a listen to the full song today!

Kerri sat down with JJJ to talk about why this song is so meaningful to her, how it’s a side of her you’ve never seen before and how she came up with the art concept.

JJJ: Tell us about “Who R You?”
Kerri: I wanted to create a song with a bit more of a rock vibe, different from what I’ve done so far. This song represents how there are so many pressures on ‘what you need to be,’ when actually who you truly are is so much more interesting and electrifying. Don’t worry about pleasing people or changing for who you think the world wants to see. You are what the world needs.

Click inside to be the first people, ever, to hear “Who R You?” and Kerri gives more exclusive scoop…

JJJ: How do you relate to the song on a personal level?
Kerri: I actually wrote the song about a kid I knew. When I first met him, I saw something so special. I saw the potential inside his eyes, it was like lights beaming through. Months later I saw him and the light was fading. It made me sad to see him changing to fit into something he thought he had to, instead of living out his true potential.

JJJ: You came up with the art concept, what inspired you?
Kerri: I’m super inspired by bad yearbook memes as well as how 90’s rock and punk bands would put out artwork that was a little more comical and different then what the music was.

JJJ: And what’s on your face in the photos?
Kerri: It’s actually gum on my nose! And the Band-aid is just odd, I love it.

JJJ: Who R You in five words?
Kerri: “Don’t change to please people.”

JJJ: Where’s the best place to listen to this song?
Kerri: Driving down the freeway with the windows down, blasting it out into the universe. OR a dance party in your bedroom! - Just Jared Jr

"Pop-Culturalist Chats with Kerri Medders"

It’s hard to believe that Kerri Medders is only sixteen years old. This talented singer-songwriter is paving her own way. And, displaying artistry far beyond her years. Her hit single, “Fall Away”, will bring you back to the good ol’ days of summer. And, who doesn’t want that? Pop-Culturalist was lucky enough to chat with this rising superstar about her career, touring, and her musical inspirations.
“Fall Away” Questions

P-C: Tell us about the new single “Fall Away”! What was the inspiration behind the song?
Kerri: The song was inspired by the idea of summer and the memories it comes with. I actually wrote it in the beginning of summer, but didn’t release it until the end because I wanted it to be a jam to remember summer with.

P-C: What was the songwriting process like?
Kerri: It’s always really fun. I write with my producers, Luke Walton & Brandon Woodward, who also double as my band members. They’re great! We all collaborate our ideas together and mesh so well.

P-C: What do you hope fans take away from listening to it?
Kerri: I hope this song leaves them reminiscing on all of the unforgettable experiences they had over the summer, leaving them craving more.
Career Questions

P-C: Who is an artist or band that you would love to collaborate with?
Kerri: Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes. I feel like mashing up our sounds would create an amazing sound.

P-C: How did you get started in music? And, when did you know this is what you wanted to do?
Kerri: I really got started in music by taking vocal lessons when I was around 7. I had almost always known that I wanted to be a performer and musician because the earliest memories I have are ones where I’m putting on pretend shows for my family.

P-C: What is your favorite part about being a musician?
Kerri: Freedom of being able to express what I want and what I am feeling in that moment. I love being able to create the music I want and being able to take the reigns of how I want different things to be portrayed.

P-C: If you weren’t a singer, what would you be doing?
Kerri: I’m also an actress and love doing that! But staying within the music world, I’d definitely be in a band…Specifically a drummer. I’ve always had a fascination with drumming even though I haven’t really picked up on it. I play a mean air drum set. I mean, I am super down if someone needs an air drummer.

P-C: Are there any upcoming live shows you’re planning and can chat about?
Kerri: I’m playing a few gigs around LA before the year ends. Once I release more music next year, I’m definitely hoping to hit the road for a tour. I would LOVE to be on next year’s Coachella lineup. Oh, how a girl can dream.

P-C: Who are you inspired by?
Kerri: The 1975, of course. Their sound has inspired me a lot through these last projects I’ve released. I’m constantly building on more inspirations to really step into my element and make a name for myself. All in time, it will show. - Pop-Culturalist - Kevin

"Artist of the Week: Kerri Medders’ “Six Years and Counting”"

Our Artist of the Week this week, Kerri Medders has a special guest post for you! Read below to learn more about the singer-songwriter.

I started in this industry when I was seven years old. I didn’t realize what a long journey it would be. I was a young girl singing Gwen Stefani in my karaoke machine and putting on concerts for my “imaginary fans.” I didn’t think that that was probably every other girl’s dream as well. My parents actually gave me the chance to travel out to LA when I was 10.

Funny story, I actually came out for acting and not for music. I was only supposed to be out for a month and I have been in the city for around 6 years now. Whenever acting was slow I turned to music and it had grown into so much more then just a ‘turn too.’ The place I used to live in every Tuesday night had karaoke so I would sing and get geared up for that. I was 10 and had no fear. None. I would belt the loudest notes so the neighbors could hear next door. I would perform Aretha Franklin for people walking on the street. I was full of confidence.

Then this super confident girl full of huge dreams who thought she would make it got into an ‘adult world’. As I got older that super fearless girl started getting nervous every time I walked into a room. Fast forward a couple of years to 2016, I have been out in LA for six years now and in my lifetime I have heard so many no’s by people that it could hold me over a lifetime. I have had people tell me that “I am not ready for this business.” “I am mediocre.” “You should do this and stop doing that.”

Growing up so young in this business can definitely toughen someone up or make someone give up. Let me not sugar coat it for you but you either have to grow up in this world or be sucked into this system that’s like a washing machine just spinning you round and round until you’re like ‘”STOP!” I for one, did not fall into the ‘washing machine’ and I am one tough girl when it comes to following my dreams until my dreams come true.
........ - Beyone The Stage - Addie Whelan

"Artist of The Week Kerri Medders"

Artist of the Week: Kerri Medders

Meet Kerri Medders, this week’s Artist of the Week! The singer-songwriter is ready to take the world on by storm with her new single just released.

Read more about Kerri below!

Photo Credit: Nate Taylor

How did you get started in performing and writing music?

Ever since I was little I was always performing in front of my family, but I didn’t start small showcases until I was around 8. With writing, I found a passion at a young age and loved the freedom I had to write anything I wanted.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

The 1975, Foster The People, Halsey, Chvrches, Ellie Goulding.

What’s on your current playlist?

Everything under the sun.. Keaton Henson, The Wombats, Panic! At the Disco, Ellie Goulding, Beyoncé, Cloves.

What was the process behind your single “Fall Away”?

So creative! The songwriting, recording, and track process was all done in the same location and gave me the chance to stay still in the creative space of making the song. My producers/band members/writing partners for Fall Away, Brandon Woodward & Luke Walton, were amazing to work with.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?


Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

I would love to be in the midst of a world tour and see my face on the cover of ‘Rolling Stones’.

....... - Beyond The Stage-Addie Whelan

"Spynews Magazine Interview with Kerri Medders"

We caught up with the multi talented Kerri Medders, she gave us an inside look into her mind when creating music and how the video for “Run Love” came about. She discusses artists that inspire her and even tells us who her Man Crush Monday is! Kerri has been working on many projects including her just released single “Fall Away”. Check out the vibey tune HERE. and read the full interview to find out more about Kerri Medders!

Los Angels CA , - Monica Soriano - Spynews Magazine

"Kerri Medders drops new summer anthem 'Fall Away'"

This week Texas-born singer-songwriter Kerri Medders drops her latest single 'Fall Away', a cool alt-pop song with a catchy melody and blissful beat, perfect for unwinding on the beach this summer.

Finding success with her EP Etched released in late 2015, 'Fall Away' marks a change in musical direction for Kerri and will surely surprise her devoted fans. Groovevolt got the chance to catch up with her in Los Angeles and ask her a few questions about her new style.

GV: What inspired your new track, fall away?

KM: What inspired the track was mainly the concept of ‘summer’ and being able to paint a picture of summer love and the ocean. I also wanted to touch on the truth behind experiencing summer love and how it can be a rush of new feelings all at once.

GV: What do you hope your fans will take away from your new single?

KM: I hope ‘Fall Away’ touches everyone in a way in which they can picture what this song means to them individually. I hope my song is relatable and that my fans will relive certain memories from their past and even apply it to what they are experiencing in the present.

GV: Where do you see your music heading in the future and what artists inspire you to get there?

KM: I definitely see my music heading in the direction ‘Fall Away’ is going. The genre is alternative/pop. Right now I am working with awesome producers like Luke Walton and Brandon Woodward, who are helping my vision become reality. Musically, I am hugely inspired by The 1975.

GV: Lastly, you recently performed at The Mint in Los Angeles as part of the 'Women of Substance' showcase - Do you prefer the recording process or singing live?

KM: Performing! I love telling stories with my music and getting to just share that and my sounds with everyone in a room. Singing live is such a thrill. It has a different vibe then my records. To me, it’s more magical and unique.

Listen to 'Fall Away' below and purchase the single on iTunes here. Also check out her live cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'.

Spotify: Kerri Medders
Instagram: @kerrimedders
Twitter: @kerrimedders
Facebook: @kerrimedders
Soundcloud: kerri-medders - Ally Duesbury- GrooveVolt

"Fall Away With Kerri Medders"

The last time Kerri Medders was interviewed by a member of Teenplicity, her EP ETCHED had just come out. It included four songs which she described as, “100 percent Kerri Medders” giving special credit to the pride she had for writing fan favorite, “Morning Coffee” by herself.

“It’s taking mold into the vision I originally had created inside my head,” Kerri shared about how she felt her music was evolving since then. “It’s always transforming creatively and growing along with me.”

FallAway_KM: Now, the sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter is dropping her newest single, “Fall Away,” today. A song that carries the passion for music and artistry that was seen in her first EP as well as the growth that she’s gaining as an artist who is becoming more and more comfortable in the industry.

With an instrumental similar to that of The 1975′s “Chocolate,” Kerri cited the group as a huge inspiration for her, as well as, being lyrically inspired by Keaton Henson and Lewis Watson. “Musically, I am hugely inspired by The 1975,” She began explaining how she decided the sound of her single “Fall Away” specifically. “So, when working with my producers Luke Walton and Brandon Woodward, they knew my visions towards the music I wanted to create.”

As Summer starts to come to a close and Fall begins to set in, it only makes sense for “Fall Away” to come out now. ”I expanded off the idea of summer love,” she shared about how she came up with the idea for the song. “Even though summer might be almost over, I hope whoever hears the song will reminisce on those summer memories they’ve experienced.”
As Summer starts to come to a close and Fall begins to set in, it only makes sense for “Fall Away” to come out now. ”I expanded off the idea of summer love,” she shared about how she came up with the idea for the song. “Even though summer might be almost over, I hope whoever hears the song will reminisce on those summer memories they’ve experienced.”

Feelings of attachment and endearment are a common occurrence, Kerri admits, in her music. “Love. My music is always in some way pertaining to a certain person who’s taken effect in my life,” she answers when asked about what she thinks the most surprising emotion or theme in her music might be.

Kerri has also recently released a music video for her song, “RunLove.” Giving off a classic Hollywood vibe that not only fits Kerri’s looks, but her voice as well, the music video tells the song’s story through a classic retelling. “Thinking of the song, it sounds very fantasy,” she says. “So when working with director Justin Ward (who is amazing btw!), he came up with the concept of retelling Tarzan and Jane’s story through a 1930’s vintage lens.”

Talking about the experience filming it, (along with her co-star, Cody Saintague of MTV’s Teen Wolf), Kerri exclaimed that it was so much fun. “We actually shot in Los Angeles, but it felt like I was transported to a completely different jungle fantasy location.”

unspecified-2“I think I pull inspiration from any poetry I can get my hands on that strikes me in some sort of way,” she shared with me when I brought up how she mentioned in an interview with Ground Sounds last year that most of the music was written in poetry form. “There is no specific writer I fall towards. It varies depending on certain events going on in my life.”

And while Kerri maybe didn’t write the indie rock song, “The Mother We Share,” by synthpop band CHVRCHES (the song she says she wishes she wrote when I asked), her music, lyrically, instrumentally, and through production value feels like it’s along the same route.

“I want everyone to be able to relate,” she says about how she hopes her music speaks to listeners. “I think that’s really important when creating anything; for people to be able to go on this journey of imagination and memories with you.”

An example of the people going on this journey includes Kerri’s fanbase who she accurately refers to as her Lovebugs. “I was about 12 maybe? I thought the words itself was adorable,” she shared about the origin of her fans name. She then added, “But I’m very open to having a name change. Any suggestions?”

Speaking so highly and passionately of her Lovebugs in her previous interview with us, I decided to ask her if there was anything about her that she felt her Lovebugs would be surprised to know about her: “I’m an avid Polaroid taker. Phones, computers, and iPads are good and do what they do, but what if all that crashed and we lost everything? I’m just terribly afraid that this is going to be a lost generation so I’m doing my part by actually producing photographs that I admire.”

So what is Kerri’s plan for the rest of 2016? “Writing and creating new material is the goal for the rest of the year. I have a few shows in the works,” she teased adding, “so make sure you’re following my social pages!”

unspecified-5As we began to close out our interview, I had two more questions left that I wanted to ask her. One about the music industry, and the other about her family.

Kerri began working with music at the young age of seven and while she’s still young at the age of sixteen, I asked her if there was anything that she realized or learned about the music industry in her time in it, “There are going to be times when you fall on your knees. You get bruised and scuffed, but it’s the getting up from that that makes you stronger than before.”

The second and final question was about if her music was in any way influenced by family or coming from Texas. “Definitely family,” she responded. “They’re the ones who have always supported me as my number one fans. Growing up, my mom used to always sing to me, and my sister (who was a teenager while I was six) was always introducing me to new artists and music. I was lucky to get a taste of the 90’s being a 2000 baby.”


You can stay up to date on all things Kerri Medders by following her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Kerri’s new single “Fall Away” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

(Photo Cred: Nate Taylor) - Brie Garrett - Teenplicity

"Kerri Medders' "Fall Away" is the farewell-to-summer jam you need.."

If her Instagram is any indication, 16-year-old Houston-raised singer/songwriter Kerri Medders has been keeping plenty busy this summer. And things get even busier today as she releases her new song "Fall Away." This talent doesn't shy away from the work, though, and she's known for *years* that music was her destiny.

"When I was 7 years old, I was like, 'I actually want to do this as a career!'" Kerri gushed to GL. Her previous releases include "Morning Coffee" and covers of Vance Joy's "Riptide" and Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," but nothing is quite as fab as this new track. Press play on "Fall Away" below...

We were so excited to catch up with Kerri about her love for music, dream collabs and, of course, her new track. ....... - Emily Mullin - Girls Life

"Watch List: Kerri Medders Brings Summer Heat With Single 'Fall Away'"

Watch List: Kerri Medders Brings Summer Heat With Single 'Fall Away'
Aug 18 2016
Written by Ally Duesbury

If anyone knows how to take on LA, it would be Kerri Medders, the young singer-songwriter who has managed to make it onto our N2S watch list this summer with her new single "Fall Away."

Moving from Texas to California in pursuit of the big city lights and a chance to put her faultless pop vocals to the test, Kerri has quickly developed from bubblegum teen pop-star to trendsetting alt-pop artist. Both a talented actress and singer, Medders recently released her eagerly-awaited EP Etched in November 2015.

Etched provided Kerri’s fans with a dynamic but emotionally charged Taylor Swift-esque collection of original songs, proving her maturing songwriting capabilities, ranging from the sentimental 'Morning Coffee' to the groovy 'Come On'. Of most prominence, the lyrics to single 'RunLove' echo Kerri’s own experiences and surely struck a chord with anyone that might themselves have changed for the sake of love.

The video for the single, based on the story of Tarzan and Jane, featured the mysterious Cory Saintgnue of MTV’s Teen Wolf and channelled the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’, with Kerri modeling true 1930s glamour and fashion.

Today, Medders releases her new single "Fall Away," which marks an even bigger shift away from her teen-pop days. Her new track - which you can purchase on iTunes here - is energetic, alternative indie/pop with LA beach vibes, perfect for your summer playlist. It demonstrates Kerri’s vocal abilities and changing musical style, which definitely makes her ‘one to watch’.

When she isn’t busy recording and writing, Kerri frequents the festival scene and recently performed at the ‘Women of Substance’ showcase at The Mint LA. Whats more, her popular Instagram page showcases her edgy style and interest in fashion, complimenting her new alt-pop persona. She is also active in supporting non-profit organizations, recently participating in the JDFR Diabetes Foundation LA Walk and Rock for Research Event.

Download Fall Away on iTunes today! You can also check out some of her beautiful cover songs on her youtube channel KerriMeddersVEVO.
Instagram: @kerrimedders
Twitter: @kerrimedders
Facebook: @kerrimedders
Spotify: Kerri Medders
Soundcloud: kerri-medders - Ally Duesbury - Next2Shine

"EXCLUSIVE: Kerri Medders Premieres Her Dreamy "Sorry For My Love" Music Video With Mateus Ward"

We've been obsessed with Kerri Medders ever since she stopped by our office and performed her new single "Sorry For My Love," and now we're EXCLUSIVELY premiering her music video! In this retro-inspired vid, the singer gets sucked into her television, zapping everywhere from an '80s aerobics class to a cute pinball arcade.

She even embarks on a fairy tale romance with Lab Rats' Mateus Ward— and watching them fall in love will definitely make your heart skip a beat. (But, of course, it's always hard when the object of your affection is stuck in your television screen.)

Kerri's EP comes out this November. Are you excited? Watch her music video below, and let us know what you think about it in the comments! - Brie Hiramine- J-14

"Our Music Crush Kerri Medders Spills On Her New Video (+ Her Dream Collab)"

Happy #MusicCrushMonday, Popmaniacs! This week, we bring to you the hilarious (and beautiful and talented, etc.) Kerri Medders, who recently came out with the music video for her single, “Sorry For My Love!”

Trust us — you’re gonna want to watch that video ASAP. Kerri and her friend Mateo Ward (whom you’ve probs seen in Lab Rats) go back to the ’80s, and Kerri has some AH-MAZING dance numbers in the throwback! But make sure to listen closely to the beginning sequence, where Kerri recites, “I’m not sorry for us, for what we were. But I’m sorry that your light left you while you were still in the dark.” We seriously got CHILLS!

The Houston-born singer gushed about how fun making the music video was, from the cool ’80s vibe to her costars. “Mateus is such a sweet and nice guy,” she spilled. “I think our chemistry is pretty nice in the video!” We totally agree! They look way cute together in their vintage outfits.

As for how she came up with the concept for the video, Kerri said, “My music, I feel, is very funky. So I was like, ‘Why don’t we just make a funky video?'” But while SFML has an upbeat vibe, the actual message has a deeper meaning, according to Kerri. She told us, “I had great chemistry with somebody and I realized that I didn’t want to ruin the friendship that we had and I wanted to remain friends.” Basically, if you listen closely to her intro speech, you’ll understand exactly what the song’s about!

Her love of funky music is exactly why she’s OBSESSED with Taylor’s 1989 album. She even went to Tay’s concert recently and had a blast! “I love her 1989 album because it’s very my vibe,” she said. She also recently went to her music crush Charli XCX’s show, so she told us, “I would love to have a cool collab with Taylor and Charli XCX because they kinda influenced my music.” Keeping our fingers crossed that Kerri’s dream comes true because we’d DIE to see those collabs!

But Tay’s influence doesn’t stop there — Kerri would LOVE to go on a world tour, too, someday! “One day I’ll get to travel the world and share my music and inspire others,” she said. “I feel like I’m pulling a Taylor Swift! At her concerts… she finds people and she’s like, ‘Hi!’ and it’s just so cool and so inspiring.” Soooo Kerri could totally be the next Taylor Swift, especially since she looooves stalking her fans — “I always click on my fans and I’d be like, ‘Ooh, what are they into? I want to see what they’re into!’” she spilled.

Click here to watch Kerri’s new “Sorry For My Love” video!

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"Kerri Medders Goes "Back To the Start" in New Music Video"

Check out this first look at Kerri Medders‘s new music video for “Back to the Start,” given exclusively to!

“The wait is over and I am excited to say that my Official Music Video for ‘Back to the Start’ is finally here!!” Kerri captioned it.

She continued, “I’m so happy to be able to share this video with all my family, friends, and of course my lovebugs! I want to thank the Director Ryan Hendrickson and Producer Denny Wong of Gold Plated Diamond Productions and as well as the Cast and Crew that worked so hard to made this music video come to life!” - JustJaredJr

"Behind The Scenes With Megababe Kerri Medders"

Popmaniacs — we recently got to hang out with singer/goddess Kerri Medders and it was everything. The blonde bombshell was our latest lookbook model!

Hanging out with Kerri was such a blast. The bubbly babe never stopped singing between shots — even though she was casually jamming along to the music her voice sounded amazing! We tried to keep our cool and not fangirl too much, but it was pretty much impossible not to freak out over Kerri.

How awesome does Kerri’s hair look in that adorable half ponytail?! We seriously think she should wear her hair like that everyday. Kerri gave us major #glamgoals while she was hanging out in our office. She was seriously the perfect model — not only is she gorgeous, she was so fun and playful in front of the camera. Kerri legit embodied everything that Popmania stands for! We couldn’t heart her more.

Are you as obsessed with Kerri as we are? Well, we have good news for you — the megababe has a new EP Etched out! Buy it on iTunes here.

What do YOU think about this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Kerri’s photoshoot? Let us know in the comments! - Taylor- Popmania

"INTERVIEW: LA based Kerri Medders takes us ‘Back To The Start’"

LA-via-Houston singer/songwriter Kerri Medders has been chasing a dream that is becoming reality. She is a fresh face who’s transition to the west coast, seems as seamless as it is sunny. Her latest single “Back To The Start” is a ballad that makes you want to rewind time and it shows her promise as a budding star.

GroundSounds recently caught up with Kerri for an exclusive interview, check it out below.

For those just discovering yourself, could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started with music?

Oh man, ever since I can even remember I was always singing around the house. My favorite song to sing was ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin, which my sister taught me btw, so I have to thank her for that!

What has the transition from Houston to L.A. been like?

It has been interesting to say the least! I’m originally from a very small town on the outside of Houston, where it’s open land and long stretches of it and in L.A it’s nothing like that! There are businesses everywhere and you can practically walk any where, because everything is so close. In my hometown, you would have to drive 10 minutes to get to the nearest gas station… Don’t get me wrong, I love my hometown because it’s my hometown, but L.A is just different and I’m obsessed with the hustle and bustle of it all. I don’t think I will ever get bored here!

wJdQYqrD2i739fnGcq_Pm1rD-_ZhfkCwaCjwUBcNv7U,4OlbsVtshQaJjFjcfNS8dwUJ5zFmrdiGaKuG3V9QDOQ,bGYBu_nn-86I18KkmkIsARyJR6C3NyUi_PGLlHuNULo-1Can you tell us about the writing and creative process for “Back To The Start?”

The process to “Back To The Start” and most songs I write is about taking my own experiences and sharing them in hopes it reaches other people who can relate. Most of my music is written in poetry form and then I break it down from there. I wrote this song about a tough time I was having in a relationship and the concept was wanting to go ‘Back To The Start.’ Basically wanting to go back before the relationship started turning south. Of course I wanted to make it more of a ‘winter’ feel so I added lines about snow. I wanted to get across that the snow was almost like the relationship, cold. I had help from a co-writer, Matias Mora, who switched some of my ideas around and then my song ‘Back To The Start’ came to life.

What was it like on set and filming the music video for “Back To The Start?”

It was amazing!!! I loved every second of it! We filmed for about three days around San Diego… the cast and crew were wonderful. It was really nice because Ryan Hendrickson (the director) and I were talking about how I wanted to do this video originally and tell my side of the story, and he made it even better than I imagined. The whole video was perfect and I can’t wait for the next one.

What musicians/bands are you currently finding inspiration from?

I find inspiration from Ed Sheeran and Lewis Watson because their lyrics are very poetic and interesting to the ear. Recently though, I’ve been finding inspiration from Charli XCX, Halsey, and even some ‘The 1975’ (musically). I tend to work from a wide range of sounds and I am still finding new inspirations every day to pull from.

How does music make you feel?

Music makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, especially if it’s my material. I like when it’s my material because I’m sharing my experiences with everyone in my way. But on the other hand just listening to music makes me feel amazing. If it’s my favorite bands, it’s like magic that runs through my veins, and feeds my emotions. I always relate to songs, and the feeling is pretty magical.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.48.43 AMWhat was the inspiration for “Take Me Home?”

The inspiration for ‘Take Me Home’ was also based on a personal experience. Last Valentines Day I really liked this guy but it was as if he didn’t even know I existed. After learning that he liked another girl, I was heartbroken so I wrote this song.

When you are on stage performing what goes through your mind?

I want to make sure people are happy in the crowd. And make sure I don’t trip, haha! I easily get lost in the emotions of each song because they are so personal for me. I like to interact with the crowd and ask questions, maybe talk a little bit about myself, or crack a joke (which I stink at). I do that because I know when I’m at a concert, I want to be acknowledged that I’m there… So I like to acknowledge people when I’m on stage.

What’s next for Kerri Medders? What can fans look forward to?

I have two new singles coming out! One is called ‘Take Me Home’ which should be released very soon! The other one will be released after that… To give you the first hint it’s a “sorry not sorry” kind of song. Truly it’s my favorite and I can’t wait to share it. I’m also writing a lot! Trying to put an EP together to be released in late 2015! Then I’m in production for another music video, which I’m really excited for! Part of the fun is putting all the pieces together so I’m currently searching for my next lead guy!

Thanks for talking with me! I hope to continue to reach your readers! - Jon Berrien- GroundSound

"EXCLUSIVE: Kerri Medders Covers “Blank Space”"

If you are as obsessed with Taylor Swift‘s “Blank Space” as we are, then you are going to LOVE this cover! This week, Kerri Medders stopped by the Bop and Tiger Beat headquarters and totally AMAZED us with her awesome vocal skills! We obviously love Taylor, but Kerri definitely gave her a run for her money! Check out the vid!

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"Kerri Medders Talks All About the Inspiration Behind Her Latest Single!"

Fans might recognize Kerri Medders for her cover performances, but they’ve recently been falling for her like never before!

Kerri’s YouTube Channel has made the artist’s music possibly more known than she could have ever expected! And she has her fans to thank for her popularity.

Back to the Start is a brand new original song from Kerri that you can download on Soundcloud today! In our interview, we got to chat with Kerri about her covers AND her new music.

See what inspired Kerri Medders’ new song, and learn all about what drives her musical passion. And hit subscribe so you won’t miss out on a minute of all of our interviews with your favorite stars! - Fanlala

"100 Percent Kerri Medders"

With the release of her new EP “ETCHED,” Texas-born singer/songwriter Kerri Medders is succeeding on her road to the top.

Music has been something that she’s interested in and enjoyed since a young age. Kerri says, “Ever since I was little, I’ve always been musically inclined. I think when I was about seven I really wanted to take it more seriously. I started lessons and writing some songs, and it has stuck ever since.”

In a business that is difficult to break out in, Kerri has had the opportunity to tour around the country this past year, as well as gather a dedicated fan-base that she dubs her “lovebugs”.

“I feel this business is very tough, but I mean, every business is hard to break into,” Kerri says. “I also think it’s challenging because I am still young and a lot of the music I want to produce isn’t something a normal girl my age would produce.”

However, Kerri is pushing through the obstacles in her way. “I think I’m starting to finally get my foot in the door of opportunity, which is exciting!”

Kerri’s new EP “ETCHED” features four songs, one of which she wrote all by herself.

“I love [the songs] all so much but if I have to pick one, I would say ‘Morning Coffee.’ I’m super proud of that one because I wrote it all by myself. I also had a vision of what I wanted the production to sound like on the song,” says Kerri of her favorite song off of the EP. “It’s 100 percent Kerri Medders and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”Kerri Medders 3

Kerri hopes that her fans enjoy her EP but above all, she says, “I honestly hope they feel the empowerment in these songs. I worked for a good year trying to figure out my sound and I just now started to explore this new ‘sound’ I created with this EP. I just want everyone to feel the vibes,” exclaims Kerri. “That’s all I want!”

“I believe in being confident and strong and that’s what I want to share with my fans,” says Kerri in addition. “Aside from that, I really just want them to enjoy the vibes.”

Overall, Kerri exclaims excitedly that the release of this EP is “SUPER EXCITING!” She says, “It’s such an accomplishment for myself! It’s so me and 100 percent authentic – I can’t wait for the feedback I get on ETCHED!”

For a difficult industry, Kerri has received great advice from others. “Slow and steady wins the race to long term success. Stay consistent and don’t give up.”

Kerri looks up to another musical starlet as her role model. She chose Taylor Swift when Teenplicity asked her. “She’s so supportive and interactive with her fans!” Kerri explains. “I love it! Also, she’s super successful in her music career which is an inspiration to myself, as a young artist.”

Much like Swift, Kerri has faced many obstacles in her life like rejection. “All of the rejection I think is an obstacle in itself,” Kerri states. “It’s like you’re traveling on a road to a destination you don’t know but your tires keep getting torn up by little pieces of sharp rocks and then you have to keep changing out your tires.”

On the obstacles she has to deal with, Kerri says, “The different obstacles are keeping you from your end goal but as long as you keep working and pushing, it will all pay off.”

She accepts the difficulties that are coming her way. “I do love the adventure of this journey I’m taking so I don’t have anything bad to say about it. It makes me a stronger person in the end.”

“I think I’m still learning,” Kerri explains. “All I have to say is that every day is a new adventure and I’m taking that adventure by storm. Every day I learn something new about myself.”

Kerri has no plans to sit back and take it easy in the future. “I’m hoping to be on tour as an opening act soon,” she says. “I heard Twenty One Pilots is doing a tour next summer so who knows? I wonder if they need an opener,” Kerri says with a laugh. “Seriously… I’m available!”
Courtesy: Instagram // kerrimedders

Courtesy: Instagram // kerrimedders

With all that is happening in her life, Kerri is thankful to have her lovebugs with her. “My lovebugs are so beautiful. They are so amazing and I feel like we’re all best friends, especially over social media,” she says. “If you look online, one of my lovebugs made a t-shirt with my track list to my EP ‘ETCHED.’ I almost cried tears of joy because it’s just a moment of ‘Wow. There is someone out there who is actually listening to what I’m putting out!’ All of their support truly means the world to me.”

Her departing words were for her fans. “I want to say that you lovebugs are so beautiful, creative, and loyal. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you as fans. I can’t wait for us to grow together.”

Kerri Medders’ EP “ETCHED” is available on iTunes now! - Mary Ayers: Teenplicity

"Kerri Medders Jams Out With Her Band In 'Come On' Vid (JJJ Exclusive)"

We can’t get over how cool Kerri Medders‘ brand-new video for “Come On” is!

Premiering exclusively on, the singer gathers up her band for a jam in the garage and the result is insanely awesome.

“‘Come On’ is super upbeat with a good mix of band grooves & atmospheric sounds. I wanted a video with lots of energy that keeps you glued to your screen the whole time,” Kerri dished to us. “That’s why I loved working with such an amazing crew, especially director Justin Ward, and cinematographer Will Barratt.”

She added, “All together we captured the perfect “behind the scenes” vibe similar to what you would see and feel if you sat in on one of my show rehearsals. I loved creating and working on this music video. It was really fun to shoot a music video incorporating my band members Devon, Scott, and Nick for a jam session!”

Check out the full video below!

Source: Kerri Medders Jams Out With Her Band In ‘Come On’ Vid (JJJ Exclusive) | Exclusive, Kerri Medders, Music, Video | Just Jared Jr. |

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"EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Kerri Medders Dishes On NEW Single & More!"

EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Kerri Medders Dishes On NEW Single & More!

We caught up with Kerri Medders to get the inside scoop on what she’s been up to! The “Come On” singer dished on set moments from her music video, what fans can expect from her live shows, all her current obsessions, and MORE! Check out her answers below but don’t forget to watch her latest music video, first! We’re sure you’re going to love just as much as we do! :)

We love the new music video! What was your experience like shooting it?
The music video, ‘Come On’ was such an amazing production; it was so great being on set. The director, Justin Ward, and I wanted the vibe to be as if you were sitting in on a band rehearsal. It was high energy and fun the whole time!

Are there any funny/memorable behind-the-scenes set moments you can share?
I think just in general my band members and I are super fun people. We always like to laugh and joke with each other. In between takes we were having a great time and I think that’s why the video turned out so amazing. It was genuine and the viewers could see we really are with each other.

Your EP, Etched, shows off your voice in a lot of cool ways; how would you describe your personal sound?
I would describe my sound as alternative/pop. It’s a mixture of groovy sounds as well as pop vocals.

You’ve been traveling and performing at different venues; what can fans expect from a live show from you?
ENERGY. When seeing my shows I want fans to feel the music. It’s a production of a story. You’re seeing a story unfold and I want the audience to be involved in the story, and travel on the journey with me.

Can we expect a full tour anytime soon?
I would love a full tour soon! I have so many ideas of aesthetically pleasing visuals. I think it would be great to join as an opening act for an artist first, and then when I decide to put out more music, such as an album, then I’ll really want to go on a full-length tour.

What’s the most-played song on your iTunes at the moment?
Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande is my jam, it’s so sassy. The vocals and lyrics are so great; it’s a song that is influencing my songwriting at the moment.

Which artists would you consider your biggest musical influences?
The 1975 is a huge influence to my music. The songs are melodically pleasing and its inspiring as a songwriter.

Do you have any intentions on getting back into acting soon? Which TV show would you love to guest-star on?
Absolutely, I’m still auditioning all the time. I would love to be a guest star on Jane The Virgin, Reign, or The Walking Dead.

What’s something about you that fans might be surprised to know?
I enjoy collecting old photographs. I love going to flea markets and digging through old polaroids’ of people. I find it fascinating; especially when they have names, ages, and locations on the back. Finding old polaroids makes my imagination go wild and it’s just very interesting to me.

What’s something you’re hoping to cross off your bucket list this year?
I’m actually crossing Coachella off my bucket list this year, I’m super pumped to be going and my biggest musical influence (The 1975) is a part of the lineup. EXCITING!

What’s the best way for a fan to get your attention on social media?
Twitter and Instagram are the best ways for a fan to get my attention! I love Twitter because it’s really great to interact with my lovebugs but I’m always responding to comments on my Instagram as well.

Do you have any current obsessions? (Ex: Books/movies/tv shows)
I have an obsession with traveling and going on new adventures. I always want to experience new things and new places. The world is a huge road map with my name on it. - POPSTAR Online

"Kerri Medders Is Red-Lipped and Loaded in Her 'Come On' Music Video"

Kerri Medders is the perfect mix of effortless cool and sexy in her video for "Come On." You can't help but fall in love with the stunning singer as she rocks out to our new fave song, which encapsulates the excitement and newness of a blossoming relationship.

Read on to see what the singing sensation told Cambio about shooting the vid.

Cambio: What do you love about your song, "Come On"?
Kerri Medders: When creating this track my producer, Matias Mora, and I wanted to create a song the listener could turn up full volume and go on a road trip with a mix of pop-ish vocals and beats. It's a nice mixture of the vision that was set aside for the song. I co-wrote the song with artist Katie Stump, and I told her a story of what I wanted to bring out in the lyrics, and then we wrote it together. I love how it's a live band sound and atmospheric sounds all in one.

C: We adore the jam session vibe of the video. Are there similar videos from the past you took inspiration from?
KM: No, there wasn't any inspiration I really pulled from. The director, Justin Ward, and I wanted a video that looked almost as if you were sitting in on one of my band rehearsals. I really love how the video turned out because it's 100 percent "Kerri Medders just rockin' out."

C: From the red lip to the ripped jeans, we loved your look for the video! How did you settle on the perfect outfit?
KM: It's actually pretty funny, arriving on set for the music video none of us really had a clue of what I was going to wear. There were maybe four people trying different clothes on me and in the end, we kind of just threw on the ripped jeans and the baby doll shirt. Then someone asked my guitarist, Devon, if we could borrow a leather jacket (because she had two) and BAM! My outfit came together.

C: What artists are inspiring you right now?
KM: I will always say, The 1975. They are huge inspirations in my music that I create. -

"Kerri Medders Jams Out With Her Band In 'Come On' Vid (JJJ Exclusive)"

We can’t get over how cool Kerri Medders‘ brand-new video for “Come On” is!

Premiering exclusively on, the singer gathers up her band for a jam in the garage and the result is insanely awesome.

“‘Come On’ is super upbeat with a good mix of band grooves & atmospheric sounds. I wanted a video with lots of energy that keeps you glued to your screen the whole time,” Kerri dished to us. “That’s why I loved working with such an amazing crew, especially director Justin Ward, and cinematographer Will Barratt.”

She added, “All together we captured the perfect “behind the scenes” vibe similar to what you would see and feel if you sat in on one of my show rehearsals. I loved creating and working on this music video. It was really fun to shoot a music video incorporating my band members Devon, Scott, and Nick for a jam session!”

Source: Kerri Medders Jams Out With Her Band In ‘Come On’ Vid (JJJ Exclusive) | Exclusive, Kerri Medders, Music, Video | Just Jared Jr. |

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"Kerri Medders Releases “Come On” Music Video"

Actress, singer-songwriter Kerri Medders is only sixteen years old, but she’s already got a lot of accomplishments under her belt. After years working in film, the teenager is traveling and playing live at venues across the country. With her alternative-pop sound, she’s finding her niche.

Her new is EP, ETCHED, is out now on all digital retailers, and she just released the brand new music video for her single “Come On,” which you can view below. - Planet Stereo

"Kerri Medders Debuts “Come On” Music Video!"

Her vocals are strong and she is bringing flavor to the scene and you might say this is a video just out of a plain old garage but remember the best bands and singers come out from playing in the house garage! Yet this one singer seems to have all the looks and sounds and able to conquer the music world at the age of 11! Yes we said 11 years old! Kerri Medders is an actress and singer songwriter. She has been featured on both the big and small screen with roles in Curse of the Golden Orb (2012), Microeconomics (2012) and Point of Dead (2010). After starring in a short film titled Sunny Days, Kerri set out to write and direct a short film of her own. Executing the filmmaking process she created Granny’s Lawn. The film was completed and posted on YouTube in 2011 at age 11.

Kerri is now 16 years old and has been traveling and playing live at different venues across the country. Her sound is more alternative pop but it can go either way. She has been doing covers while working on her personal sound. Her new EP “ETCHED” is now on all digital retailers and its doing well. We are pushing her song “Come On” to radio and all of her music to music directors for different television shows. -

"EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Kerri Medders Dishes On NEW Single & More!"

We caught up with Kerri Medders to get the inside scoop on what she’s been up to! The “Come On” singer dished on set moments from her music video, what fans can expect from her live shows, all her current obsessions, and MORE! Check out her answers below but don’t forget to watch her latest music video, first! We’re sure you’re going to love just as much as we do! :) - Popstar

"Kerri Medders interview 2016 Hollywood Dance Marathon Red Carpet"

INTERVIEW: Singer Kerri Medders interview on the red carpet at the Lights Camera Cure - 5th Annual Hollywood Dance Marathon held at Avalon Theater in Los Angeles, Ca April 2, 2016 - Interview by Cassidy Gard - MaximoTV


Still working on that hot first release.



Kerri Medders, 19, is the embodiment of a young woman from the Lone Star State of Texas; her music is layered with individualism and highlights her unique vocals and writing style.  Her new single, “Nothing to Lose,” explores the intensity of a new relationship. With all the fierce optimism one has in a relationship that is full of passion and promise.  Along with her song “I’m Sorry,” a refreshing look at one’s self, being accountable and aware of the choices they themselves make. The newer music pays homage to, “The end of an era in my life.” 

That era began in 2014 and includes EP’s Etched (2015) and Lot 17 (2017), and launched her on a nationwide tour for High School Nation (HSN), where she opened for the Plain White T’s and Drake Bell for more than 90,000 people.  She has performed over 70 show in venues/festivals around the U.S. and captured the hearts of thousands of fans with her energetic stage presence and strong vocals.

“When you come to my show,” she says, “I want you to be transported to my world…just leave your worries at the door and take this moment to be with me.”  Kerri’s talent has also caught the attention of the press and media; Tiger Beat, Cambio, Just Jared Jr., Popmania, Total Girl, Popstar, Twist, as well as MTV, Dash Radio and AXS TV. 

An up and coming actress, Kerri has recurring roles on the Emmy nominated CBS drama SEAL Team and the Emmy-nominated Netflix comedy Alexa & Katie, and has guest-starred on Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everything on Disney XD, Mystery Girls on Freeform, and Speechless on ABC. She also just wrapped her first feature film as a lead opposite Jackson Rathbone in Do Not Reply, which will release in late 2019.

Kerri resides in Los Angeles.

Band Members