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Fresno, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Fresno, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"Keeqs ft A Huff - Doin' My Thang"

"Doin' My Thang" is the latest single form Fresno newcomer Keeqs which appears on his June 20th release mixtape "The New Old School" (TNOS) which is the follow up to his debut project "Fleaux". - OK-tho

"Keeqs "Change-UP""

Straight out of Fresno, California, Keeqs hit us up with his new track, “Change-up” produced by Aaron Jay. This is an amazing track. It has a smooth sound, the production is A-1, and I am mostly proud that this particular Rapper is from Cali.

Off of his new and upcoming EP, Keeqs releases “Change-Up,” which has a mixture of a southern-blues mashed with a 1990’s hip hop flow. Other than Keeqs going all in, you also get great vocals in the background. As I am writing this review, I haven’t noticed that I have been bumping each of his songs on soundcloud and I see that this kid has amazing talent. His First Mixtape, “Fleaux,” is absolutely amazing and it makes you excited for what’s to come for his new mixtape. - Sierra Nicole


West Coast talent Keeqs finally released his sophomore mixtape TNOS (The New Old School) a short while ago. It contains a total of 12 tracks including the three previously reviewed singles that are mentioned above. Plus, there are guest appearances from the likes of: Rude Boy Pook, $Young Roy$, A. Huff, and more. Producers on deck include: Aaron Jay, Yung Tuck, and A. Huff. Continue reading to see what additional songs caught The Illixer‘s attention and to get a perspective on the project as a whole.

“F–ked Up” F/ $Young Roy$

The production here is desirable. The gritty base, staunch musical ingredients, contagious rhythm, and harsh vibe make for an appetizing blend. The hook is raw. The delivery is noticeable and the lyrics are forward. The verses are applaudable. Keeqs navigates the first half of the song and $Young Roy$ glides through the second half. Both artists serve up discriminable flows, feasible wordplay, and befitting rhymes. They send the message loud and clear that they aren’t the ones to be tried while at the same time giving off an air of superiority. A few lines worth citing from Keeqs are: “Got me f–ked up. F–k you got on my 16? This the newest s–t off my notepad. Before I wrote the s–t it was pristine. (…) Fitted cap twisted to the back. B—hes be like, be like, be like who is that? Make they n—as mad. I just, I just make they booties clap. Make they speakers slap. After party, I’m a make it crack. I’m a make it crack, crack, crack! Turn up time for the realest. We don’t turn down. We don’t feel s–t.” There is definitely quite the brazen attitude coming off of those bars right there. All in all, this is a decent selection.


The production here is charming. It is compiled of: a packed foundation, groovy old school style components, a dapper tempo, and a tactful vibe. The hook is modest. The delivery is transparent and the lyrics consist of simple repetition. The verses are gainful. Keeqs harnesses an exaggerated flow, refined wordplay, and seemly rhymes. He makes it a point to let the listener know that the purpose of this particular single is to switch things up a bit. Observe as he spits: “Talking to me crazy just invoking my anger, that’s danger. Really though. Had ‘em all tripping off of the video. I got that Sin City, drug dealer, killer flow. But ya boy keep it (…) you don’t even know. Cold character. Gold on my wrist. I’m getting my karats up. I hear about you pillow talking n—as. But I ain’t got the time to embarrass ya. We having fun in the West Coast. Whole city killing n—as in Fresno.” Those words right there carry a flossy sentiment to them. Overall, this tune is a hit.

“Woah” F/ G-Knock

The production here is grand. The healthy infrastructure, savvy background details, sleek gait, and impartial vibe are an exceptional mix. The hook is standard. The delivery has a breezy melody to it and the lyrics are basic. The verses are intermediate. Keeqs oversees the first verse and G-Knock takes care of the second. The duo carry out routine flows, solid wordplay, and median rhymes. They pen an anthem that revolves around the theme of success by any means necessary. A handful of notable lines from Keeqs include: “I hop on the track and I beast. Want all of my family to eat. Want all of my fam out the streets. For that, yeah I strive and I reach. Man I want all the pussy and power. These hater n—as be sour. Swear these hater n—as be cowards. And I just devour. (…) Keeqs about to gas it. If they coming for us pull the money out the mattress. But I ain’t bout that passive. Turn around and let ‘em have it.” One has to appreciate the realness within those bars. In the end, this is a viable offering.

**My Two Cents: TNOS (The New Old School) ranks at about a grade B. The production is finely done, the guest appearances are suitable, and Keeqs makes a level contribution. However, he could have alternated his flow just a tad more and taken his rhymes slightly outside of the box. His bars are reputable as is but they have the potential to be a lot more compelling if he pushes himself further creatively. It’s an honorable second project though and I ultimately think that readers should give it a shot. -MinM - Miracle LeRoy

"Keeqs Feat. Rude Boy Pook – Don’t Trip (Prod. By Aaron Jay)"

Been a while since we’ve seen some work from Fresno, CA rapper Keeqs, but he returns with the usual Aaron Jay production, and this time with a Rude Boy Pook feature. Just to hold you over until TNOS (The New Old School) gets completed, take a listen to the track below. - The NQM

"Keeqs – “The Change Up”"

Fresno-native Keeqs has come out with the first single from his upcoming project, Change-Up. Sampling Faces’ “I’m Losing You”, the title track features Keeqs spitting over a blues-sounding beat with an ominous baseline, rapping about how his sound is “changing up”, at least for this next project. Take a listen: -

"Keeqs - "Hate Me, Love Me""

West Coast artist Keeqs recently dropped a brand new single. The song is labeled “Hate Me, Love Me” and it was created entirely by Keeqs himself from start to finish. That is always an impressive bit of info to learn. It spans just slightly over two minutes in length. Continue reading to learn more about the track.

The production here is peculiar yet gratifying. The firm bass, video game style secondary elements, contemporary rhythm, and flavorful vibe make for a very befitting match up. The hook is nice too. The delivery is full of character and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are sufficient. Keeqs enlists an animated flow, quick-witted wordplay, and adequate rhymes. He does a solid job of presenting himself as an individual who understandably garners mixed feelings from others. A handful of notable lines include: “Back with a vengeance. I won’t pretend I’m an apprentice in this. I wrote, produced, mastered, and mixed this. Believe I’m a n—a that you won’t contend with. Just know I got that gas for that a**. F–k slow, I like fast. So kick that dust. Put my city on the map. That’s my first task. Just know I got y’all if you got my back.” Those are some proper bars right there. Overall, this is a noble offering.
**My Two Cents: This is a valid brief selection. The production is really good. The different parts utilized give it an interesting sound. The content is not too shabby either. The hook is especially memorable. And Keeqs plays up the theme implied by the title pretty fairly. He could’ve given his rhymes more of a punch but that’s not a deal breaker. The song is still easily enjoyable. I think readers should give it a spin when they have a chance. -MinM - The Illixer


Fleaux (2013)
1. Ready ( prod. by Money Makaz)
2. Wiggle That ( prod. by Big Boi )
3. B.I.B.O. ( prod. by Jinx Beatz )
4. Don't Matter ( prod. by Aaron Jay)
5. I Be Like ( prod. by Aaron Jay )
6. Classic ( prod. by Aaron Jay)
7. No Problem ( prod. by Aaron Jay )
8.You're Wrong (remix) ( prod. by Unknown)
9. Kickback ( prod. by Aaron Jay )
10. Ordinary ( prod. by Aaron Jay )
11. Ascension ( prod. by Digital Beatz)
12. Good Guy ( prod. by Digital Beatz)
13. Get It All ( prod. by Aaron Jay )

TNOS (2014)
1. "New Year's Eve" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson; Produced by Aaron Jackson,
                     Sample credit: "God Only Knows - The Manhattan Transfer"

2. "At Night" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson; Produced by Aaron Jackson,
          Sample credit(s): Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jacksn - "Lovely Day"; Gil-Scott Heron - "The Ghetto Code (Dot Dot Dit Dit Dot Dot Dash)"

3. "Roll Sum'n" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson, Roy Milburn, Daniel Tucker; Produced by Daniel Tucker

4. "Doin' My Thang" -  Written and performed by Raymond Jackson, Aaron Huffman; Produced by Aaron Jackson,
                      Sample credit: Michael Henderson - "Take Me I'm Your's"

5. "Fucked Up" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson, Roy Milburn; Produced by Aaron Jackson

6. "Don't Trip" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson, Anthony White; Produced by Aaron Jackson

7. "Interlude Shit" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson; Produced by Aaron Jackson
                 Sample credit: Unknown

8. "Everythang" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson, Kareia Snowden; Produced by Aaron Jackson
              Sample credit: Bobby Brown - "Roni"

9. "Change-Up" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson; Produced by Aaron Jackson
              Sample credit: Rare Earth - "I Know I'm Losing You"

10."Woah" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson, G-Knock; Produced by Aaron Huffman
                     Sample credit: Oscar Benton - "Bensonhurst Blues"

11. "Slow Down" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson; Produced by Aaron Jackson
                 Sample credit: Yoko Kanno - "No One's Home"

12. "The New Old School/Legendary" - Written and performed by Raymond Jackson, Johnny Meds; Produced by Aaron Jackson
                     Sample credit:  Eddie Hazel - "California Dreamin'"; Gil-Scott Heron - "The Ghetto Code (Dot Dot Dit Dit Dot Dot Dash)"
                     Gil-Scott Heron - "We Beg Your Pardon"; Eddie Hazel - "So Goes The Story"

1. H.I.I (Prod. by Aaron Jay)
2. Sound like Dreams (prod. by Aaron Jay



Every so often an artist emerges on the hip-hop/rap scene, and reinvigorates the culture we love with a fresh and inspiring voice that resonates with the masses in a real way. Today that artist is 21-year old Keeqs, from Fresno, California.

Keeqs found his voice in music at the age of 16, finding his start as a member of former local rap group C.O.D., since then he has been refining his flow into the explosive, yet polished, and eclectic style he brings to the game now.

Keeqs has been chasing his dreams with relentless persistence, and devotion since he discovered his talent for making great music. Big dreams, big talent, and big ambitions. Expect big things from Keeqs.

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