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Katya Grasso

Laguna Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Laguna Beach, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Folk Acoustic




"Katya Grasso- With Only The Mountains"

Have you ever laid in the grass with your friends, while being serenaded with a sweet and simple acoustic tune, or is that just in the movies? Shockingly enough, this has actually happened to me, and listening to “With Only The Mountains” takes me right back to the field (ok, truth be told, it was a graveyard… but when you’re in a remote college town, you gotta take what you can get!) and the peaceful summer day I spent in the sun, listening to friends singing and noodling around on the guitar.

In a world where every bit of information about anyone is readily available on the web, Katya Grasso has somehow managed to stay relatively mysterious. You may recognize her vocals from last year’s “Fog + Fear,” a collaboration with LA-based producer Great Dane, but I heard her voice for the first time when a coworker introduced me to her music on a rainy day at the office. If the weather where you are has been anything like where I live in Northern California, you too might want to put this album on and fantasize about lazy summer days.

Katya’s velvety voice floats in and out over a tranquil and bright guitar riff and is really soothing to listen to. She’s got this silky smooth voice that shapes melodies so effortlessly. I know it’s not meant to be, but it feels like some sort of lullaby for a nap in the sun. The entire album actually feels like a daydream of the sort of idyllic summer you spend exploring the backwoods and lazing about making daisy chains. - Indie Shuffle


Master of beats, the talented Dane Morris, known by many as great dane, has just delivered his second single “Fog & Fear” off his forthcoming debut album titled Gamma Ray. Prior to this single, great dane released the bass-led “Sorry Steve” as the first track to announce the full release. Morris is acclaimed not only for his production alias, but also as a co-founder of Team Supreme and more recently as a mentor at Icon Collective.

Officially released on ADBC Records, “Fog & Fear” features vocals from the soulful Katya Grasso throughout its minimalistic electronic journey. This one is a new style for Morris, which is as impressive as it is soothing, yet “Fog & Fear” still fully encompasses his future-meets-experimental sound design. Morris uses finely polished drums and ethereal key-like samples to lift Grasso’s love-laced verses. As the track builds to unwind itself once more, “Fog & Fear” seems to dissipate right before our ears.

Give great dane’s latest “Fog & Fear” featuring Katya Grasso a listen below. ABDC is expected to release Gamma Ray on July 20th — download the track and pre-order the album here. - Nest HQ


To Keep What I Love- Album (January 2019)



Originally from Las Vegas, Katya Grasso is a singer/songwriter whose sound lies somewhere at the intersection of folk and jazz. Her deep, soulful vocals fall softly over minimalistic guitar chords, cello and piano, evoking a wintry sense of nostalgia. Reminiscent of a young Norah Jones, Grasso's songs are as intimate as they are powerful.

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