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San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo Americana Singer/Songwriter





With a hushed reverence for the world is the gentle spirit of Katie Garibaldi's "Delightful". Spacious and airy the song's chamber pop arrangement works to its utmost benefit. The warm, inviting sound has a sense of optimism embedded deep within the piece as it soars into the sky. - Skope Magazine


San Francisco Grammy member Katie Garibaldi channels a bit of Nora Jones and a bit of anna nalik with her song “Delightful.” Her voice is soothing; her video an entertaining chick flick with enough talent and appeal to lure male viewers. Her story details a woman having quality “me” time while obviously dealing with a complicated relationship issue. I think most people enjoy a day browsing shops, having lunch where they please or wander through a book store. Besides, I want to raid her closet! - Steel Notes Magazine

""Delightful" Music Video Review - Best Americana Music Video"

Katie Garibaldi is a rare creature to be sure - equally armed with verve and vision - and this melancholy masterpiece is matched by well-chosen intimate visuals and a stirring narrative. - Akademia Music Awards

""Delightful" Music Video Review"

Next up from San Francisco is Grammy member Katie Garibaldi with "Delightful." Katie got the title right because this song and its video are a pure delight from beginning to end. The video, directed by Anna Haas, opens through a soft filter with its eye on an unfinished glass of red wine, a photograph of young lovers, and the beautiful Katie Garibaldi resting on white linens as she opens her eyes and sings, “How did I get here?” The video takes us on a journey of self-discovery, at the end of a relationship, as Katie reconnects with everything delightful in her world: books, paintings, dressing up, putting on makeup, a good cup of coffee, chocolate, friendship and flowers. Everyone who has lost themselves in a relationship and bounced back to find themselves again will love this track. With acoustic guitar as the background for Katie’s gorgeous voice, this song and it’s video are chart toppers. - Indie Spoonful

"A Lyrical & Melodic EP With Vibrancy In A Homegrown Style: Katie Garibaldi - Rooted Clarity"

Katie sings with vibrancy, hitting high notes even Joni Mitchell would appreciate. Her words, music and performance on 'Delightful' are just that – delightful. Backed by some purring violins and cello – with a straight ahead melodic drive Katie packs a wonderful folky extravagance. She almost makes folk music worth listening to again. Her voice soars at times and what is remarkable is that it doesn’t sound like showboating or diva-ship. This woman doesn’t have to prove a thing to anyone – she is a powerhouse driven by an intoxicating vocal tone. It reaches heights that are so easy on the ear that it’s a treat, a pleasure to listen to. The voice – free of bombastic notes – is just pure musicality. - No Depression

"Artists Worth Checking Out: Katie Garibaldi - Rooted Clarity EP Review"

"Garibaldi has a voice and style of music that throws back to a time when music was purer and simpler, in the vein of Patsy Cline, Barbara Mandrell and Lynn Anderson...Garibaldi has a special ability to wow us with the simplicity of good music and her amazing voice." - Indie Voice Blog

"Katie Garibaldi on Music Talks.xyz | I Don’t Have My Guitar With Me, I Feel Naked"

Katie Garibaldi hails from San Fransisco and found her guitar was the key for unlocking the music within. There is something unique and magical about Katie’s music, while at the same time gives a feeling a familiarity and comfort.
'It’s the essential ingredient to my authentic self, the gateway to my songwriting.' - Music Talks.xyz

"The Daily Country: EP Review - Katie Garibaldi 'Rooted Clarity'"

Garibaldi’s light as a feather vocals exude a strength that makes you want to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams and most importantly, gives you the courage, and clarity, to be yourself, trust yourself and allow yourself to fly. - The Daily Country

"Raw Ramp - Rooted Clarity EP Review"

These wonderfully crafted songs will make you catch your breath and trap your heart.

Whatever sadness has overshadowed or soured your day will be gently pushed aside … Katie will brighten your beginnings… - Raw Ramp Magazine

"Girls Only May Singles: "Delightful" - Katie Garibaldi"

A delightfully honest reflection on how to live life in this crazy world.This sweet-sounding song beautifully combines acoustic guitar strumming with Garibaldi’s unique voice. - Independent Clauses

"Katie Garibaldi, ‘I Am’ [Exclusive Premiere] on The Boot"

"Katie Garibaldi's new song 'I Am' is exclusively premiering on The Boot. The tune is one for those who feel lonely, weak, tired or frustrated — and it’s a reminder that even on the darkest days, there is hope."

(Read the full feature and hear the new single "I Am" at http://theboot.com/katie-garibaldi-i-am) - The Boot

"EXCLUSIVE: Sink Into Angelic Vocals With Katie Garibaldi’s New Track “Delightful”"

Sweet, smooth music that is equal parts old-school pop princess and folk songstress. On her upcoming EP, Rooted Clarity, she focuses mainly on the Americana aspect with melody, choral instrumentals, and roots rhythms. - Elmore Magazine

"Saucebox Music Review: 'Follow Your Heart' By Katie Garibaldi"

San Francisco-based artist Katie Garibaldi’s latest album, Follow Your Heart, overflows with charm and elegant rusticity. Lyrics about white roses and weddings are accompanied by birdsong and whispers of violin or cello, but the tempo always remains lively. “Love The Hell Out Of You” in particular is a very animated track, with some saxophone and harmonica thrown in for good measure. The title track, “Follow Your Heart” is a catchy melt of pedal steel guitar and soft acoustic.

Is Follow Your Heart country? Is it folk? It’s an effective blend of various aspects of Americana music without ever landing exclusively in one genre. If pressed, I’d say it comes closest to the alternative country side of the spectrum, but there are elements of blues and folk-pop as well. Garibaldi’s voice is clear and fluid, and almost operatic at moments. As a whole, the album comes off as very genuine and effortless. Try playing the first track and see if you don’t accidentally listen through the entire set without even noticing.

Follow Your Heart was engineered by Ian Pellicci and recorded in Tiny Telephone Recording Studios (Death Cab For Cutie, Explosions In The Sky). Garibaldi is represented by Muddy Paw PR. Purchase a copy of Follow Your Heart here, or buy concert tickets to see Katie Garibaldi live here.

Drink of Choice: Something rich and flavorful, but not overbearing. I’m going to say, apple brandy— specifically an “Applejack Rabbit” cocktail, which uses lemon and orange juice as well as a touch of maple syrup to produce a bright, crisp flavor. - Saucebox Music

"Country Artist Katie Garibaldi Continues To Follow Her Heart"

From San Francisco, CA comes the seventh album from indie-country star Katie Garibaldi entitled "Follow Your Heart." It is her first album of new material since her 2009 award-winning album "Next Ride Out" and this is also one her most personal albums to date. The new twelve-song release begins with the title song as the slow gallop rhythm fits perfectly with Katie's amazing vocals. She picks up the tempo for the acoustic rocker "Make Them Go Away" and "Lock The Door, Lose The Key" as she is sure to have another award winner as she proudly carries that classic country sound. The power of "Whispers & Rumors" has a darker tone then the rest of the songs, but shows Katie in the brightest light as her performance makes the song unforgettable. The album finishes with the "feel-good" acoustic strumming of "You Saved The Best For Last" as Katie's vocals soar along with the build-up of instruments to create the perfect close to the album. Katie Garibaldi has a string of dates in California over the course of the next couple months. Her new album "Follow Your Heart" is available now. For more information, please visit katiegaribaldi.com. - JP's Music Blog

"REVIEW: Katie Garibaldi – ‘Follow Your Heart’"

The album’s title track kicks everything off with the country charm that can only be expected when looking at the cover art. Short and sweet, with an empowering/encouraging energy, Katie Garibaldi’s honey sweet vocals are refreshing. “Make Them Go Away” later follows with a similar country-songwriter vibe, keeping the album consistent and enjoyable.

“Holding On” plays with a more melodic tone that is entrancing. The track showcases Garibaldi’s vocal diversity beautifully, as well as her stunning songwriting ability, which seems to become exceedingly stronger as the album continues, even displaying different facets of the country singer’s personality. “Whispers & Rumors” proves to have more of an edge and attitude that destroys any possibility of monotony.

Most notably, “Lock The Door, Lose The Key” not only features wonderful guitar, but a more provocative edge lyrically. In a culture of songs that aren’t exactly subtle when discussing more…ahem…intimate moments, Garibaldi hits like a crisp autumn wind, bringing back the graceful subtlety of artists before her, from Sinatra to Parton.

“Close, Close, Close” sets up a streak of spectacular tracks. The strings on this track are beautiful, adding another dimension entirely to the song. In a more emotionally vulnerable style, Garibaldi hits listeners where it hurts with the insecurities that typically exist in a relationship. It is a very human song (see also: “Vegas” and “Wedding Day Song”). As for “Wedding Day Song,” there are endless possibilities to the soundtrack this lush, heartfelt song could be utilized, from bridal ads to wedding videos.

“Always Kiss Me Goodnight” has a sanguine, sweet sound to it that lends itself to the country love song, making it easier to listen to time and time again. “White Roses” also has a similar smooth tone, following this time with a more melancholy feeling to it. Dealing with love and loss adds to how relatable each track is, giving a timeless sense to the album.

There is a versatility to Follow Your Heart that separates it from other country albums, especially when you factor in the raw sound. Garibaldi maintains a certain power at a higher pitch, testing out different runs that certainly make an impact, and gives the album a quality that is impossible to ignore. There is a raw, enchanting Americana tone that runs deep and would be impossible to fake, further giving Katie Garibaldi the mark of a genuine artist. - Planet Stereo

"U&U Album Review :: “Follow Your Heart” - Katie Garibaldi"

On July 15th, singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi released her seventh full-length album Follow Your Heart. This is her latest release following her award-winning record Next Ride Out in 2009 and it was definitely worth the wait. Hailing from the artistic bustle in the San Francisco Bay Area, Garibaldi has managed to create a personal album with a mix of alternative genres to make a nice Americana blend.

The twelve track record begins with a bit of a country twang as the title song kicks off. Following that is “Holding On”, which excellently captures a soft alt-rock sound as the sound of violins add a romantic element to the song. Things start to pick up again as “Make Them Go Away” and “Lock The Door, Lose The Key” bring a Southern edge giving the songs a beautiful summer vibe making them perfect anthems for warm nights out. “Whispers & Rumors” brings an interesting dynamic to the track listing as the song is significantly darker with the addition of an electric guitar, securing an interesting alternative sound.Garibaldi’s talent really shines with “Wedding Day Song”, “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”, and “White Roses”. All three acoustic jams not only focus on the absolute beauty of her voice, but also highlight her songwriting ability with intimate, yet passionate lyrics. The album finishes off with “Stand In My Way”, a warm ballad about the struggles of love to bring a nice ending to the album.

Katie Garibaldi’s Follow Your Heart definitely nailed it with this record. The sheer beauty of the album will have fans hooked and playing it on repeat for months. - Unsigned & Unleashed

"Katie Garibaldi Follow Your Heart"

It is always intriguing to find country musicians in areas that are not known for their country music scene, especially in the case of Katie Garibaldi. Katie is a San Francisco based artist with the heart and voice of a born and bred Tennessean, not a very notable quality in a lot of San Francisco based artists, but Katie works it like no other. On July 15th (My birthday!) she released her seventh album, Follow Your Heart, which is her first full length release, with a whopping 13 tracks on the record.

When given the album for review, I was told she sounded like Taylor Swift, which if you know me that could pretty much get me to listen to anything, but the closer I listened I was reminder more of a young Jewel and Alanis Morisette. As the album progresses though, a little of the Carrie Underwood’s attitude could be heard clear and through my headphones, especially in the track “Whispers & Rumors”, reminding me a lot of “Before He Cheats”.

I love the musicality in the tracks, each and everyone has all the essentials: banjo, drum brushes, violin/fiddle, whining guitar, acoustic guitar, and last but not least, a fat bass. A great mix down and blend of each instrument in their respective sound quality, all of which compliment Katie’s unique melody lines.

As far as Katie’s voice, it is a lot more airy than I would hope a country artist would have, as the modern country industry boasts belting singers. It could also be that her vocal track is not as loud as it should be in certain tracks, especially in heavy guitar and drum songs. But, I have to give her some credit on the vibrato in her voice, a bit airy as well, but she can clearly hold her own.

The tracks that stick out to me the most are “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”, “Stand In My Way”, and “Holding On.” In the first, I was just simply so enchanted by the story she was telling and her voice is simply phenomenal in the track. As I said before, her voice is a little airy to me personally, but in this track, it isn’t even apparent. When the chorus comes in, it truly touches your heart about the honesty in her songwriting. For “Stand In My Way”, I seriously can’t get enough of the guitar in the track, just a guitar picking acoustic complimented by drum brushes on a snare, with a little walk up bass. In “Holding On”, my favorite track off the album, she drops into the 6/8’s beat that brings about a Jeff Buckely-esque rhythm pattern, and remains that way throughout the track.

Overall, Katie has the elements of an up and coming country singer/songwriter and her album is a great effort into the market. I would love to see her have heavier instrumentation, like a rougher guitar, but for what she hoped to accomplish in this record, she was fully able to.
- See more at: http://mindequalsblown.net/reviews/album-review-follow-your-heart-by-katie-garibaldi#sthash.ZOHOcFKY.dpuf - Mind Equals Blown

"Title - ‘Follow Your Heart’ Artist - Katie Garibaldi"

Recorded at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone Recording Studios in San Francisco, CA, and engineered by Ian Pellicci, Katie Garibaldi‘s Follow Your Heart is not only her seventh full-length release, but quite possibly her best yet. Indeed, Follow Your Heart (sentiments I think we all agree we should try to live life by) is Katie’s first release of all new compositions since her award-winning Next Ride Out album from 2009.

Five years off from writing and recording has definitely enhanced this lady’s musical traits though as here on the new album she has obviously learn many lessons from simply touring around the country. A deeper love and respect for the music she abounds within, here on the new album she is accompanied by Bay Area local Todd Richardson on drums and percussion, the Magik*Magik Orchestra, Michelle Kwon (The Delphi Trio) on cello and Phillip Bezina (Brothers Comatose) on violin. Indeed other notable musicians include Max Butler (pedal steel, mandolin and ukulele), Sylvain Carton (flute, clarinets and saxophones), Henry Hung (trumpet, trombone), Matt Blackett (electric guitar), and Shawn Shaffer on harmonica.

Every single track on this delightful new album from Garibaldi is a real gem, trust me. All 13 tracks not only sound personal to her, but one (rightly, as it turns out) assumes that they are very deeply personal to her. Attached to the lyrics of each song in a way someone is to their favorite heirloom, Garibaldi’s vocal tones, depth of soul can be heard of each and every one of the tracks.

With her incredible host of grouped musicians backing her at every musical turn, the lady who has been featured on the cover of The Indie Bible four different times brings her emotional resonance and soulful emotion to these sometimes pop-inspired, mostly country-tinged folk-rock songs like her life depended on it. She may well have been compared to mainstream stars such as Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift and even Jewel, but believe me when I say that Katie Garibaldi is her one and only; and we can only hope she stays that way. - Russell Trunk's Exclusive Magazine

"KATIE GARIBALDI Follow Your Heart"

Time for some country music now, and the seventh album from Katie Garibaldi. And it’s really rather good. Of course, nowadays we have to call it Americana because otherwise the cool kids won’t like it, but I know a country album when I hear one.

Ms Garibaldi has a very engaging voice, and knows here way around a melody, so when the two things combine with a good song, as they do on numbers such as ‘Make Them Go Away’, Lock The Door, Lose The Key’ and ‘Close, Close, Close’, then it’s a real treat.

Some of the lesser songs are fairly interchangeable, but there is a warmth and humanity to the songs and the performance that really draws you in, making this an album that you will return to over and over again. - The Rocker UK Reviews Roundup: Katie Garibaldi - Follow Your Heart


Follow Your Heart is Katie Garibaldi’s seventh album. Recorded in San Francisco, Katie incorporates a mixture of styles including pop and country to make a pleasing alternative Americana blend. The project flows nicely with her twelve self-penned songs from the ballad “White Roses” to the uptempo “Make Them Go Away.” Katie’s honest vocals and original lyrics combined make this album noteworthy. - COUNTRY ENTERTAINMENT USA

"Now Hear This: Katie Garibaldi"

A gifted songwriter with a gorgeous voice. - Guitar Player Magazine

"Katie Garibaldi - Follow Your Heart"

Katie Garibaldi, it would seem, has been around for a while. And I hope she does not take that the wrong way. Follow Your Heart is her seventh album and, knowing that, the immediate question which springs to mind is - ‘why hasn't she been spotted by a major label?'

Garibaldi makes a sweet-sounding country music influenced Americana somewhat reminiscent of Lucinda Williams, though perhaps without the deeply personal nature of the latter's songs. The opening, and title track, sets out her stall, with a looping steel guitar crying plaintiffly throughout. This is not to say that there is anything stereotypical about the music. "Vegas", for instance, uses a fiddle in the same plaintiff manner lending an entirely different feel to the bittersweet theme of the song. She moves effortless between slow burning, sad songs, like "Holding On", to barn-hall stompers such as "Make Them Go Away" which immediately follows it.

Garibaldi's music is built around an acoustic guitar which provides the frame on which everything else hangs. Depending on the mood of the song, a variety of instruments are brought into play to create effect. "I Just Love the Hell out of You" has a much fuller sound than, complete with woodwinds and strings, than say "Wedding Day Song" which has a much more spare and roomy sound to it. So much therefore depends on whether the song fits the mood. If it does not, there would be incongruity.

In most cases, Garibaldi manages to pull it off, although "Close Close Close" could be seen as an exception. Her voice has an impressive range and she is able to reach and hold the high notes with ease - something which is refreshing in this time of the dreaded autotune - and knows when to use a tremolo for that added bit of emphasis. Perhaps the most impressive example of the combination of words and music is "Whispers and Rumors" which has a dark and oppressive feel to it - exactly as one would imagine the sound would sound like. There is even a recording of bird song to open "White Roses".

Katie Garibaldi is obviously an experienced singer-songwriter, someone who knows exactly what she wants her music to sound like and then ensures she gets that sound. So, back to the question which opened this review. It is not an easy one to answer. It is easy to identify a core fanbase which would relate to her and follow her loyally. Beyond that, well there is nothing which is going to put people off. But is there enough to draw people closer. The answer ought to be a solid ‘yes' but in this world of instant gratification, allowing the time for the music to wash over you and get into your pores is perhaps more than many are prepared to do. - Music Emissions

"Katie Garibaldi 'Follow Your Heart'"

I listened a few times to the album, which contains a generous amount of music (51 minutes). The opening title track sets the tone in a very positive way. Katie has a distinctive clear and soulful voice, in my humble opinion most perfectly suited to sing country music. Especially the interaction with the pedal steel is just wonderful. She sings her heart out, very energetic and I love that!
The lyrics are good and simple, personal and easy to relate to: "Follow your heart / Even when things are hard / You will see what I mean.” Katie is still young, her writing style will mature and deepen over the years. Of course she wrote love songs for this CD - the girl got married recently!

The catchy melodies are her strong point, I didn't get bored for one second! The poppy sound fits Katie very well. Smart of her, to chose all these excellently playing musicians. (I would buy an album only to hear Max Butler.) A very nice variety of arrangements, made easy by all those instruments in the studio, is the deliciously thick icing on the cake.

"Lock The Door, Lose The Key" is a fun track! I love the touching ballad "White Roses" with the bird sounds... "You Saved The Best For Last", Katie took that literally, indeed, going full out with a horn section. "All I know / Is I didn't know / The best was yet to come." - Insurgent Country

"Katie Garibaldi says ‘Follow Your Heart’"

Katie Garibaldi's most recent release overflows with love. With a title like Follow Your Heart would anyone expect otherwise? For those of you still not familiar with the artist, Katie Garibaldi is a San Francisco Bay area-based indie singer/songwriter and guitarist and winner of (among other honors) a DIY Music Festival in Los Angeles.

Mind you, even though Garibaldi is an unsigned artist she is certainly not inexperienced. She has toured and played live for years and has several albums already under her belt. In fact, this becomes obvious on the very first cut of her seventh CD the titular “Follow Your Heart” which immediately sets the tone here.

Here, as on the other tracks, Garibaldi, who leads the way with her acoustic guitar and vocals, is backed by a band of noteworthy musicians including: Kevin Blair (electric and acoustic bass), Todd Richardson (drums and percussion), Max Butler (pedal steel, mandolin and ukulele), Sylvain Carton (flute, clarinet and saxophone), Henry Hung (trumpet and trombone), Matt Blackett (electric guitar) and Shawn Shaffer (harmonica). Also appearing on this disc is the Magik*Magik Orchestra which features arranger and conductor Minna Choi, violinist Philip Brezina (Brothers Comatose) and cellist Michelle Kwon (The Delphi Trip).

“Holding On” establishes her signature sound of soft contemporary Americana early on and highlights her vocal abilities as well. She truly has a sound that often includes elements of multiple music genres such as folk and country. This is also evident as one continues to listen to more of her material.

“Make Them Go Away” continues to demonstrate that this album is perhaps one of her most personal. Still, she manages to write songs that while meaningful to her can still be well understood and appreciated by just about anyone.

It is followed by “Love The Hell Out Of You” is a Fiona Apple-like piece that for some reason this critic feels would have worked quite well for Reba McEntire when she was younger and less worldly.

“Lock The Door, Lose The Key” is just the song any man would want to hear. What makes it different is that Garibaldi made it both frisky and fun. (Unfortunately for Garibaldi’s male fans, she is not singing to them. (Ah, but one can dream . . .)

The sixth selection “Close, Close, Close” follows along those very same lines and listeners won’t mind at all. “Whispers & Rumors” is said to be a longtime fan favorite that has finally found its way onto an album.

“Vegas” is actually an expected song. In fact, one would think that considering its connection to music and good times and even marriage that more singer-songwriters would have caught on by now.

“Wedding Day Song” was written for her hubby. She performed it for him on their wedding day. (Ya gotta figure this one is gonna be added to the playlist at many a country fan’s wedding too which shouldn’t hurt her sales one bit.)

“Always Kiss Me Goodnight” draws attention again to her vocal abilities. It also ties in with that whole idea of never going to bed angry but in a more intimate, original fashion.

The ballad "White Roses” breaks away a bit here. It’s apparently a dedication to one of Garibaldi’s friends who died from cancer. ,

“You Saved The Best For Last” is the closing cut. This also is an early favorite of the critics when it comes to Garibaldi’s singing. It’s even got a bit of gospel thrown in for good measure.

The bonus track is a new version of a song she has done before titled “Stand In My Way”. As this cut closes it becomes clear that although she has come up with original songs that range from slow loves songs to country dance ditties and even date night numbers for gals, she has remained steadfast in her musical theme of following the convictions of one’s heart.

Overall, the album is generally a distinct, melodic love letter to someone special. She describes the feelings towards her relationship in numerous ways that fortunately for the audience are oft’times universal. So if you are need of a little love (albeit in the form of a song), check out Katie Garibaldi’s Follow Your Heart and you might find the strength to keep “Holding On” ‘til you find the real thing. - AXS.com

"Katie Garibaldi - Follow Your Heart"

"Garibaldi is blessed with a sweet and pure soprano, and all in all, we hear a sincerity in this artist that is real." - Music Connection Magazine

"Katie Garibaldi 'Follow Your Heart'"

Thirteen tracks written by Katie Garibaldi, a singer-songwriter based in San Francisco and a talent to be taken seriously. With six albums to her credit already, this lady plays guitar and sings in a clear and compelling tone that is both emotional and soulful.

Country based folk songs that are melodic and radio friendly must bode well for the future and the optimism of Follow Your Heart, Holding On and Make Them Go Away swing into gear in a confident style. There are a coterie of fine musicians used on the arrangements and the presence of violin and cello dovetail with pedal steel, mandolin, ukulele, flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinets and saxophones, to augment the electric guitars and solid backline to the songs.

The recording is in memory of Melody and on White Roses her spirit is honoured with a beautiful reflection on the short time we are given on this magical journey; cello and acoustic guitar playing in unison and with understated grace against an emotional vocal.

Vegas charts the troubled path of a relationship and Wedding Day Song is one that captures the magic of new love and the promise of the future. This is an assured and confident statement from a talent that is worth a second look. - Lonesome Highway

"Katie Garibaldi Follow Your Heart 2014"

Katie Garibaldi has an immediate likeability factor, her artistic integrity pours from your speakers!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

I hate labels. To pigeon hole an artist into a specific genre is to attach a self imposed ball and chain that some artists can never break. Katie Garibaldi is different. Take some folk influences, some country chord changes and some solid Indie pop song writing and you get an artist that leans towards the more personal touch. There is nothing pretentious or manufactured with Follow Your Heart. Americana music that transcends genre and geographic location.

San Francisco has never exactly been the hot bed of country music but as a music city unto itself there is a plethora of diverse talent that is ever changing as the eclectic landscape of the city. A bakers dozen of original compositions with a positive message and smoothing tone. The next fair question might be, "sounds like?" Imagine Sheryl Crow and Taylor Swift got into a bar fight...The ebb and flow shows great care in putting together a release of all originals that might be the equivalent of tap dancing in a harmonic mine field for a lesser artist.

Katie Garibaldi is the epitome of the modern day singer / songwriter. Garibaldi will sink or swim on her own merit. A former editor of mine used to say "Water always finds it's weight." I'm still not sure what he means but I will simply say Katie Garibaldi is an Independent artist whose musical stock would seem to be an arrow pointing straight up. - Bop-N-Jazz

"I Heart SF Bands: “A Performance Review” for the week of 7/7/14-7/13/14"

Katie was releasing her cd tonight called “Follow Your Heart” and this isn’t just a cheap title, it is how the wonderful lady carries herself on the daily. This Saturday was a long road for Katie and you could tell by the mile wide smile that she had successfully practiced what she preached and was the belle of the ball. Being trained in country western music, I can tell you that Katie Garibaldi is an homage to a bygone era. I know most people hear the genre “country” and roll their eyes with disgust. You are thinking of recent country music which is really just pop music with a fiddle, steel guitar and twang in the voice suggesting its “country”. (thank the business of music for ruining the genre, but this is another rant for another time) I’m talking Country Western music. Real country music, music like Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Charley Pride, Glen Campbell, and Conway Twitty. From the boots to the dress, guitar strap to the glamorous red dress, Katie Garibaldi had the look, but more than then look, she brought out all the guns for her CD release. She had a bassist that switched between stand-up and electric bass, a steel guitar player not just for show but gave a perfect accompaniment to Katie’s guitar. Members of the Magic Magic Orchestra joined her with cello/viola for a few songs that left you feeling happy and were perfect for the feeling you want on a wonderful date night. For a set that will warm your heart, follow yours and go see Katie Garibaldi. Her set put a sweet cherry on the top a wonderful week in music in San Francisco.

- Cadet Edac (I Heart SF Bands) - I Heart SF Bands

"Katie Garibaldi: girls rock!"

Keep your eyes open, Los Angeles! Katie Garibaldi is coming! Katie Garibaldi is an indie singer/songwriter and guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area and the winner of the 2011 DIY Music Festival in Los Angeles.

While Garibaldi is an indie artist she is certainly not inexperienced. She has toured and performed live for years and has several albums already under her belt...

Read the full article at http://www.examiner.com/article/katie-garibaldi-girls-rock - Examiner.com

"Katie Garibaldi - Featured Concert"

Bay Area songwriter Katie Garibaldi channels the pop-rock gals of the adult contemporary scene, from Sheryl Crow to Jewel to Lisa Loeb. Her songs range from dapper mid-tempo grooves accompanied by bass and drum kit to unadorned balladry featuring little more than acoustic guitar and Garibaldi's smooth, airy vocals. Among her strongest tracks are the optimistic groove "Say the Word" and the somber "Fallen Angel." - Metro Newspaper Silicon Valley

"Your Daily Lick: Katie Garibaldi"

"Garibaldi's acoustic folk-rock should be a hit with the KFOG set: it's romantic, mature, and harmless. The edges are rounded off and the final product polished, but it retains an air of independence and personal expression." - East Bay Express

"Review: Katie Garibaldi - Next Ride Out"

"Next Ride Out...displays Garibaldi's eclectic mix of Rock, Country and Folk that's as Americana as they come, while also showing a more personal and more mature side of Garibaldi than we've seen in the past...Katie Garibaldi just keeps getting better with time; the girl next door with a magical talent and an affable delivery will turn a lot of heads with Next Ride Out...If you're a fan of Country or Americana music, Katie Garibaldi is a must-hear artist."

Read full review at http://wildysworld.blogspot.com/2009/08/review-katie-garibaldi-next-ride-out.html - Wildy's World

"Katie Garibaldi, Next Ride Out, 4.5 out of 5 Stars from Skope Mag"

"Katie Garibaldi seems to be the real deal here with her soulfully and emotionally drenched music. Garibaldi's vocals seem to be so pure and real, which makes for one powerful listening experience...Overall, Katie Garibaldi and her new work offer remarkable traits such as: true-to-oneself-artistry, excellent musicianship and lyrics and vocals to die for."

Read the full review at http://bit.ly/katiescope - Skope Mag

""Next Ride Out" by Katie Garibaldi (Pop Artist from San Francisco, California (CA))"

"Katie Garibaldi's latest CD, "Next Ride Out," is a folk-pop tour de force to rival those of similar singer-songwriters whose brands are veritable household names. Like Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Fiona Apple or Ani DiFranco, Garibaldi is a soulful singer-songwriter of real – if largely unheralded, merits. Her writing is smart & nuanced, her sense of melody is hook-laden & immediate, & her singing is as polished & effective as it is affecting..."

Read the full review at http://riusawest.blogspot.com/2009/08/next-ride-out-by-katie-garibaldi-pop.html - RadioIndy

"Katie Garibaldi - Next Ride Out, 4 out of 5 Stars from Swift Reviews"

"It's no surprise that yet another good album comes out of San Francisco, CA. Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi, however, raises the bar. Katie is no stranger to music as the owner of her own record label, Living Dream Music, a recording artist and touring performer. On her sixth full-length album, Next Ride Out, she showcases her skills as a true Americana artist."

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"Katie Garibaldi single "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" review"

...Katie sweetly brings together the imagery of the Christmas season and the space between the singer and her love with the importance of Christmas Morning. Not Christmas day, Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner, or the season, but the morning. That strikes home to me personally, as Christmas morning has always been the time that is the most spirited, and the most sacred. I love that Katie has given us a song that really captures the magic of that very special time of the season... - Merry and Bright!

""Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" Review - Akademia Music Awards (Winner)"

'Tomorrow Is Christmas Morning' is a victory for Katie Garibaldi- its restless rhythm summons a melancholy holiday mindset and the steadily developing tension of the narrative directs it onward. - The Akademia

""Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" Lyric Video premiere and review"

This song is catchy and hard-hitting enough to be featured in some dramatic scene of a Hallmark Christmas movie. With sleigh bells jingling in the background, and a relatable storyline to match, the song sets the scene for a great holiday season….The lyric video opens up with several wreaths stacked over each other, and the camera panning through each of them. The song lyrics fade into each screen gradually, similar to how the wind blows snow along the street. - That's Why We Musyc

"GoGirls Music Holiday Playlist: "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" review"

This sweet ballad is about missing the one you love on Christmas Eve and Katie’s delicate vocals will leave you feeling wistful! - GoGirls Music

"Singer Katie Garibaldi Releases "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" Single"

Singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi is lighting up the season with her new single, “Tomorrow is Christmas Morning.” This original song features a classical string section - part of Katie’s signature sound - that lends to the traditional feeling of the holiday, bolstered with a seasonal arrangement of sleigh bells and chimes, insuring the listener feels the spirit of the season. The poignant ballad touches on a theme everyone can relate to: trying to get home in time for the holidays. Who can’t identify with the yearning of wanting to make it back to your loved ones in time for Christmas?

Garibaldi puts all her Americana meets folk charm into this soon-to-be holiday classic, as she does with all her music. Both critics and fans alike lauded her most recent EP, ROOTED CLARITY, and Katie promises that “Tomorrow is Christmas Morning” is a precursor to a full-length holiday album coming next year. - Section 101

"Katie Garibaldi Releases "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" New Music Video"

The soulful love ballad is about the traditional holiday-time melancholy blues of yearning to make it back home in time for Christmas, which features a classical string section that has now become a staple in Garibaldi’s signature sound and also includes Christmas music production essentials such as sleigh bells and chimes. - Coming Up Magazine

"7 Christmas Songs To Listen To This Season"

Do you know that feeling where you just want to get back home for the holidays and you’re feeling extra melancholic? Well San Francisco singer-songwriter Katie Garibaldi’s latest single, “Tomorrow is Christmas Morning” is a folksy song about wanting to make it back home in time for the holidays.

“I know you wish that I was home and I do, too,” Garibaldi sings alongside sleigh bells and holiday chimes. “Tomorrow is Christmas morning and I am in love with you.” - Infectious Magazine

"Katie Garibaldi: ‘Rooted Clarity’"

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and guitarist’s newest release is an EP titled Rooted Clarity is a short but sweet showcase for her soulful signature sound which has ofttimes been appropriately labeled “ethereal Americana.” - MAAF Box

"Katie Garibaldi: ‘Rooted Clarity’"

Regardless of the topic or genre, she leaves them wanting more. So check out Katie Garibaldi’s Rooted Clarity and you too may find it to be quite “Delightful”. - MAAF Box

"Katie Garibaldi – ‘Rooted Clarity’"

Garibaldi’s new EP titled ‘Rooted Clarity’ is exactly that with earthy and rich tones & textures. Katie is digging deep here to deliver a superb vocal & musical performance where Americana meets folk. There is just something so pure and real when you listen to Katie Garibaldi sing on this record where everything is just stripped away. - Skope Mag

"Katie Garibaldi – ‘Rooted Clarity’"

The first single is called “Delightful” and perfect title because Katie is delicately sailing through this song with the absolute perfect melody in place...Katie sings with such a breezy, airy flow that is soft to the touch & intimate yet so distinct & personal. - Skope Mag

"Katie Garibaldi – ‘Rooted Clarity’"

Seems to me that Katie Garibaldi is an extremely confident singer/songwriter/guitarist who is very comfortable in her own skin and the result is ‘Rooted Clarity’. True singing mixed with honest lyrics= crystal clear music that enriches the soul. Listening to Katie sing is like hearing the soothing sounds of the ocean waves or birds chirping outside where she displays this special quality that is so calming & convincing. I was actually disappointed when the EP ended because I wanted to hear Katie sing on. - Skope Mag

"Katie Garibaldi – ‘Rooted Clarity’"

Eminem used to say “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?” but I can tell you that the real Katie Garibaldi has most definitely stood up and is bigger & better than ever; she is deeply identifiable and she is here to stay folks! - Skope Mag

"What We’re Spinning (Indie Shout Out!) Vol. 20"

Known for her commanding ability to make her guitar sing, as well as her unmatched vocal prowess; Katie Garibaldi is an artist on-the-rise with limitless potential. - Screaming Match Productions

"What We’re Spinning (Indie Shout Out!) Vol. 20"

With “Rooted Clarity”, Katie Garibaldi has brilliantly crafted an emotive and soulfully immersive sonic experience for listeners. This incredibly effective release is sure to capture both the ears and hearts of listeners of all genres. - Screaming Match Productions

"What We’re Spinning (Indie Shout Out!) Vol. 20"

Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of Katie Garibaldi’s music is the fact that it is so incredibly diverse that it doesn’t marginalize and attract acclaim from fandom of just one specific genre. Her gentle and beautifully ethereal vocals hypnotize and draw listeners in, while her meticulously crafted instrumentals create an undeniably inescapable sonic landscape. - Screaming Match Productions

"What We’re Spinning (Indie Shout Out!) Vol. 20"

Katie has showcased a new emotionally driven track entitled, “I Am”. Garibaldi’s beautifully alluring vocals, as well as her stunning ability to tell compelling stories through songwriting are on full display. - Screaming Match Productions


On My Way [out of print]
Unveiled [out of print]
After the Storm 
Deeper (EP)
Fireflies [2004]
Remix Collection 
[out of print]
Fallen Angel [2006]
Next Ride Out [2009]
Baby We're Really In Love (single) [2012]
Follow Your Heart [2014]
Rooted Clarity (EP) [2016]
Tomorrow is Christmas Morning (single) [2016]
Home Sweet Christmas [2017]



Katie Garibaldi is a San Francisco, CA based singer/songwriter and guitar player who has been releasing music independently for about half of her life thus far. Elmore Magazine describes Garibaldi’s sound as, “sweet, smooth music that is equal parts old‐school pop princess and folk songstress.” The songwriter has a characteristic musical style wherein her country‐tinged dreamy folk gives her a distinct sound—ethereal Americana with sparkling memorable melodies. But this prolific artist continues to stretch the boundaries of any genre’s walls with the release of her new full-length album this holiday season, Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of original Christmas songs that embrace Garibaldi’s operatic vocal prowess and soulful folky affection, but also songs that branch out into traditional country and even gospel atmosphere. 

The melodic songwriter first began hinting about the Christmas album as a possibility with the release of her single, "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning," an original song about yearning to make it home in time for the magic of Christmas morning, which features a charming string section that has become a staple in Garibaldi’s signature sound, in November of 2016. Celebrated Christmas blog "Merry and Bright!" called "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" a "very well-written and performed song" and said, "Katie has hinted that this is merely a preview for a full-length Christmas album coming in 2017. That's a Christmas wish that I hope comes true." Supporters of Garibaldi’s music will not only be granted this wish with Home Sweet Christmas, but can expect some big surprises from the new Christmas release as well. Home Sweet Christmas is now available! katiegaribaldi.com/store

Her EP Rooted Clarity, recorded in Nashville, TN, houses five songs that focus on self‐discovery and faith and combine Garibaldi’s folk‐driven roots with a mix of classical and country string arrangements together. The sonic result delivers an effective and effortless sound that perfectly highlights the singer’s trademark, soulfully vibrato-smitten and sometimes operatic voice. This mini album, available everywhere and also released on limited edition 10” HIFI vinyl, has garnered Garibaldi dazzling reviews from the press, including No Depression, who writes, “Katie sings with vibrancy, hitting high notes even Joni Mitchell would appreciate. Katie packs a wonderful folky extravagance. This woman doesn’t have to prove a thing to anyone – she is a powerhouse driven by an intoxicating vocal tone. It reaches heights that are so easy on the ear that it’s a treat, a pleasure to listen to. The voice – free of bombastic notes – is just pure musicality.” The Daily Country says, “Garibaldi’s light as a feather vocals exude a strength that makes you want to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams and most importantly, gives you the courage, and clarity, to be yourself, trust yourself and allow yourself to fly.” The sweet soprano weaves between airy and operatic delving into the emotional depths of the stories behind these five brand new original songs, one of which, “I Am”, premiered on The Boot, the top source for the latest in country music.  

Another standout song from Rooted Clarity, “Delightful” has become highly identifiable with Katie Garibaldi, even lending its name to describe her sound in many instances as “delightful Americana.” “Delightful” has received a plethora of positive reviews as well as a nomination in the 2016 Hollywood Music In Media Awards. And the song's official music video has taken the international independent film festival market by storm, gaining multiple awards. 

This determined and enthusiastic national touring performer has been named a Music Connection magazine Top 100 Live Unsigned Artist and has acquired a devoted fan base over the course of her career, due in large part to her engaging live shows and personal connection to her listeners through her music. An active voting member of the Recording Academy, an endorsed artist of Breedlove Guitars (who worked with her to build a custom Master Class guitar), G7th Capos, Fishman, Reunion Blues, and Pig Hog cables, and a singer/songwriter who has continued to release a consistent stream of original new music, the ever-evolving Katie Garibaldi has proven to be an artist with staying power.

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