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Valencia, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Valencia, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Music Industry Weekly"

Rising hip-hop music artist Jonni Apollo is making an explosive comeback in the music industry with his recently released single titled Chains from Apollo. The 3-minute single is a powerful expression of Apollo’s life-altering battle with lies, cheating, depression, anxiety, and anger that almost cost him his precious life. With grit and a determination to tap into the best part of himself, Jonni finds the courage and strength to bounce back and shows the world that there is a way out of the chains of mental illness.

Chains from Apollo is Jonni Apollo’s story of breaking free from his dark past. By being transparent with the people around him about his personal struggles, it opened the door for his complete freedom. In the process of opening up about his mental health issues, Apollo was able to slowly regain what he once lost. Forced to quit the industry a year ago due to his dark, depressive episodes, Jonni is fortunate to have friends who never gave up on him and continued to believe that he can still make something good out of the worst experiences of his life.

His producer friend, Dead End Beats, reached out to Jonni, and what was supposed to be just a single gave rise to a full-length album that dissects the life of the artist and what he went through. Chains from Apollo is now slowly evolving to become a five-part audiobook that intends to reach out to individuals who also struggled with depression and anxiety. For each of Jonni’s unique experiences is a story that can help another person get past his pain and suffering. Jonni Apollo may have lost many friends and fans along the way, but this new season in his life is showing him who is truly loyal to him despite what he went through.

Jonni Apollo started his own label, CFA Records (Chains from Apollo Records), and with that, he is determined to create waves in the hip-hop scene and that he is here to stay.

With the single’s official launch last August 7, 2020, also came an official music video made available on YouTube. Fans of Jonni Apollo will see him with a different aura, one that has been freed from the chains of his mental health struggles. The music video is produced by Dead End Beats and directed by Octavio Mora. Mora also directed the film Nation of the Third Eye and is widely known as a prolific producer and visual artist.

Growing up in the greater LA area, Jonni Apollo was immersed in a diverse set of music but mostly gravitated toward hip-hop as a genre. He was later to discover that he had an innate talent to create on-the-spot multi-syllabic rhymes or simply break into song with his heavy bass tone. Later in life, he developed a unique style in writing lyrics that speak of his raw emotions, fears in life, and future aspirations at the same time. His originality makes him stand out from the rest of the aspiring artists in the industry. He makes sure that his lyrical content is relatable to his followers and will leave a lasting impression of his soulful and deep music style.

Jonni Apollo may have wallowed in hopelessness and a state of uncertainty for a season of his life, but it was the same phase that brought out the best in him both as a person and as an artist. At this point, Jonni is all about giving people music that they can turn to when they need inspiration and freedom from life’s greatest pains.

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"Ny Weekly"

Hip-hop enthusiasts can tell a good rapper from a mediocre one by merely looking at three particular features: speed, lyrics, and rhythm. Amid the frenzy in the hip-hop industry, there’s an upcoming rapper that satisfies all the qualities the audiences are looking for. His name is Jonni Apollo.

Hailing from the greater LA area, the Latin-American artist delivers the perfect harmony between hard-hitting flows and deep lyrics. Growing up, Jonni Apollo was exposed to various kinds of music, but hip-hop struck him the most. Since then, he has worked hard to become a game changer in the industry, bringing his interestingly profound stories up his sleeves. Jonni tells a story through hip-hop like no other artist in the industry has done.

Jonni Apollo is best known for capturing audiences’ attention either through high-speed rapping or singing to bass-heavy tones. Although, despite how fast Jonni is landing his tracks, the message remains unmistakably deep. It carries so many emotions that the listeners will not miss even a single part of his story.

The rapper anchors his lyrics on the trials and circumstances he went through. Growing up, Jonni Apollo had to tackle troubles and depression. Today, he often contemplates whether or not he will become a successful artist in the industry or end up in a corporate job instead. But instead of allowing his past to get better, Jonni transformed how he felt into irresistible rap music.

Unlike other artists, Jonni Apollo stays on top of his game by paying attention and care to every little detail. He puts his sound and unique twists to every track, proving that Jonni profoundly cares about music in its entirety. He believes that as he produces his music, he respects the industry and the art form itself. Jonni delivers a uniqueness and still satisfies what music lovers are looking for: lyrical content and originality.

Jonni Apollo is the first and only artist in the entire music industry to have an album named Alysídes Apó Ton Apóllona. The name translates to Chains from Apollo, which reflects the series of original tracks on his album. Also, 99% of the names of his songs in the album are original, and they have not been used elsewhere. Jonni proves not only his authenticity but also his undeniable creativity. The name of an album alone is as important as the songs it contains because it can genuinely separate an artist from the rest of the pack.

The rapper creates what he refers to as “strange music” because his songs are unparalleled to anything that’s ever been produced. His songs are distinct, which means that Jonni Apollo has single-handedly established his category in music. Recently, Jonni started his own label, CFA Records (Chains from Apollo Records).

Jonni Apollo’s music has a particular way of making people connect with him. The rapper banks on the emotions that are common to any listener such as loss, uncertainty, and hopelessness. Even when his story tells about his difficulties, Jonni still provides a light at the end of a tunnel. His music ignites a fire that Jonni believes lies within everyone. The rapper simply fuels that fire and turns it into a raging flame, ready to take on the world.

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Jonni Apollo grew up with an appreciation for music. So taking up music as a profession came as no surprise, and it’s quite impressive what he is doing now. With a focus on delivering a unique sound and making music his own way, Jonni delivers multidimensional music that cuts across different genres. Although he was heavily influenced by hip-hop, his style now borders around conscious and relatable music.

Using his bass-heavy tone of voice to deliver rapid multi-syllabic rhymes, Jonni Apollo sings about the most prevalent topics in society. Topics ranging from life’s uncertainty to depression and even his now personal battles as a musician. All his experience growing up in the Greater LA area has influenced his lyrics, and listening to his song brings a unique approach to life issues. He carries everyone along with his lyrics since everyone can relate to the feeling of being unsure, lost, or hopeless. He is the type of musician who sends listeners into the deepest state of consciousness and reflection. The truth is, he did not just come to be this kind of artist; his art is the definition of his person, and he expresses his whole entity as a brand from the heart.

More of his profound style of music can be seen from his body of work titled “Chains From Apollo.” As a follow-up to “Chains of Apollo,” his most recent single, “Afieroméni Stin (Dedicated To)” is a tribute to his daughter, Zara Jeanne. In the song, he raps about his dedication to making it and chasing his dreams despite the haters and nonbelievers, breaking free from his chains and inspiring all who listen to the track. The music video for the song was released on Monday, August 14, 2020, on YouTube.

He also believes no other artist makes music like him. Many musicians consider their art as a brand different from themselves, but Jonni Apollo believes otherwise. He believes that branding is real life, which explains why he embraces his art and merges it with his person. For him, he is one and the same with his music. This is also why he started making full-fledged music in the first place. Before music, he tried his hands at many things, but he was unable to build a brand out of them because they all seemed forced. Music was the only thing that came naturally to him, and he enjoys that more than anything else.

Everyone can enjoy his music, from sports fans to core music lovers, gamers, and a vast category of people. He hopes to win more hearts so that in five years, he can go on a world tour. He also intends to sign two or more artists to his record label, CFA Records.

Jonni Apollo’s music career has gone just the way he wanted it, and he is glad to share his gifts with the world. The key takeaway he wants everyone to adopt is to never let go of the things that you truly desire. Go the entire length plus a little bit more to get what you really want. Have no fears about sacrificing time, fun, money, or any other thing worth sacrificing. It is always worth it, and a dream worth conceiving is worth achieving. - Chains From Apollo

"Hip Hop Magz"

Thanks to his ever-evolving approach to Hip-Hop and art in general. He strongly defies all rigid and preconceived ideas about the genre, and shares his most personal truth in brutally honest yet perfectly mastered and executed ways.

Best known for hypnotizing audiences with his fast-speed flow and and bass-heavy tone singing, the Latin-American rapper is a fearless wordsmith who unveils his deepest core, talking about profound stories of depression, uncertainty, loss, and hopelessness.

He speaks the universal language of music fluently, and that can be felt to its peak on “Afieroméni Stin,” a track that marks his entry into a whole new level of artistry, thanks to his meticulous and detail-oriented approach when crafting this song.

Recently, Jonni started his own label, CFA Records (Chains from Apollo Records), and the release of “Afieroméni Stin” displays the artist’s limitless hunger and ambition, while he fuels his fire only to turn it into a raging flame, ready to take on the world. - Music Promo Today

"Nuevo Culture"

Jonni Apollo is showing what he is truly capable of doing in his newest song, “Afieroméni Stin” (Dedicated To). From his base in LA, Jonni has been an expert at incorporating biographical elements with deep and meaningful topics, such as this new song in which he pays tribute to his daughter Zara Jeanne, whole love has helped him overcome the toughest obstacles encountered in his life. Jonni Apollo creates his own lane and certainly doesn’t resemble anyone in the field. His unique sound is instantly recognizable thanks to his fast speed deliveries and bass heavy tone singing. He had previously released a full LP titled Chains From Apollo and its same titled main single that attracted the loyalty of a legion of devout fans.

With “Afieroméni Stin,” he continues showing how much he seeks and strives for innovation and unicity in his lyrics and overall music, through one of the most powerful rap tracks of the year, unveiling his emotions towards his daughter, as well as the impact she had on helping him find his truth and most essential values. - Music Promo Today

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For steel to reach its fullest potential, it must first endure the hottest flame. When a person faces multiple setbacks throughout their existence, they can either crumble under pressure or bounce back more resilient than ever. Jonni Apollo is a Latin-American artist from Santa Clarita, Los Angeles. Just like many of us today, Jonni has had his fair share of obstacles throughout his lifetime that were difficult to overcome. Everything from drugs to depression stood in the way of his one true passion, making music.

After conquering his inner-demons, he figured it was time for a little rebranding and introduced Apollo to the world. With his newfound appreciation for Greek mythology, Jonni Apollo released “Chains From Apollo” and started a label under the same name (CFA Records).

Now more focused than ever, Jonni is gearing up for his next release set to drop in September 2020. “Chapter 2: Five Oracles” is a 5-song EP, engineered by himself, with instrumentals provided by Dead End Beats. If its anything like his earlier pieces of work, it is sure to have you hanging on to every word.

For more on Jonni Apollo, you can check out his music portfolio on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube. For business inquiries and to stay up to date with all music-related news, you can hit him up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @jonniapollo. - Chains From Apollo

"Upstream Indie"

Chains From Apollo is the new album release from Jonni Apollo, and up and coming rap artist.

Jonni Apollo grew up in Los Angeles, submerged in a variety of musical styles from a very young age. Becoming more and more interested in Hip Hop lead Apollo to the musical career he is experiencing today.

Apollo’s music is what he describes as ‘deity music.’ It is Hip Hop music with his own musical flair thrown in. His sincere and emotional lyrics depict his troubled past with depression and drug abuse. The inspiration behind his writing came from a year of ‘drinking and coke abuse,’ after cheating on his ex. Apollo notes the album is a ‘roller coaster of emotions.’

Apollo wants to provide through his music for people when they feel ‘lonely, helpless, afraid, or even happy.’ If you are experiencing similar issues or have done in the past, then Apollo’s music could certainly be a respite for you. With infectious backbeats and thoughtful lyrics, Apollo’s music will appeal to anyone searching for a deep connection to new Hip Hop music.

Chapter 1. Chains From Apollo is now available on all streaming platforms: - Chains From Apollo

"Santa Clarita Valley - The Signal"

Longtime Santa Clarita resident Jonni Apollo remembers his introduction to music like it was yesterday.
“When I was 5 years old, I was put behind my Uncle Louie’s drum set, and I still distinctly have that memory,” Apollo said. “I remember sitting there beating it.”
By 12 years old, Apollo had his own drum set, and by 13, he had joined his first band.
“It was a punk rock band,” he added. “I was playing with 18- and 19-year-olds, keeping up with them. So I was feeling good about myself, and from then on, I just knew I wanted to do music. How seriously, I didn’t know. I just knew that if I could do this for the rest of my life, I would.”

From there, Apollo spent a couple of years breaking into the rap battle scene before taking his first hiatus from music.

“The first hiatus I took was unwanted,” he said. “When I was younger, I was heavily addicted to drugs, so I had to go through rehab. I was going through a lot of things, where it pulled me back from what I truly loved, and even thinking about it now I’m getting teary-eyed because leaving music killed me.”

Even so, Apollo pushed through, continuing to perform and make music following his recovery.

Santa Clarita resident and artist Jonni Apollo. Courtesy
“I would reach out to artists and would collaborate with artists all over the world,” he added. “I had my very first catalog on Bandcamp. That was before anyone could get on Spotify.”

While his music was starting to gain some traction, Apollo said the fame began getting to his head.

“I was making decent money — not a lot — but I was paying my portion of the bills off of music, and I got pigheaded,” he said. “I was really egotistical though I didn’t mean to be. I was just young making money. … Then, in the middle of me about to blow to the next level, I just kind of lost it.”

Another hiatus came more recently, when Apollo took a year and a half off of music. “I was going through a really bad breakup, I was depressed and I was falling off the bandwagon.”

It was as if the universe was setting him straight, and once again, he was able to push through.

“But during that time, I didn’t know that I was rebranding myself as an artist,” he said.

Discovering Greek mythology, it was then that the name Jonni Apollo was born.

“Apollo was a poet,” he said. “He was known for his music and just being a really outgoing gentleman, and I was like, ‘That’s me.’ So I decided to align my musical experience with Apollo.”

For a month straight, Apollo studied Greek, dedicating a few hours each day to learning the language, the culture and delving deeper into the mythology.

“I learned Greek because I wanted to really incorporate the whole Greek scene into my music,” he added.

It was that love for poetry that Apollo’s younger sister Kristal Garcia saw as the beginnings of his creative side beginning to show through as they grew up.

“He would write stuff for the family or for my mom for Mother’s Day, and from what I remember, all of it sounded pretty good,” Garcia said.

Later on, when Apollo began to pursue music, Garcia said she knew it would be a good fit for him.

“When he started getting serious about music, I thought this is probably the best path for him because he loves it so much,” she said. “I could tell he’s really serious about it, and he’s put so much of his time and effort into music and pursuing it any way that he can.”

Through it all, Garcia, who’s younger by seven years, has seen Apollo’s struggles to get to where he is.

“It’s definitely been a long journey, and especially since I’ve been back home from college, I’ve seen a little bit more firsthand … how it’s playing out for him,” she added. “Seeing him from where he started to where he is now, he’s made so much progress, and I can definitely see him doing this for the rest of his life.”

Though it was hard to regain his progress in the industry, Apollo came in with a resolve to make it work, recently releasing a single titled “Chains from Apollo” before starting his own record label. “That’s been the biggest blessing.”

Now, he’s currently working on his third album, with the hopes of inspiring others with his lyrics.

“I want people to relate to my music because it’s not just a cool beat or a cool song,” Apollo said. “If you listen to my lyrics, I’m speaking about some deep things.”

For Apollo, music is a place where he can actually communicate with his audience.

“I want people to know that they’re not alone,” he added. “I just want people to know that my music is a place that no matter where they’re at, I’m there for them" - Chains From Apollo


Jonni Apollo
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Growing up around the Greater LA area, and raised with diversity of music, Jonni Apollo was intrigued most by Hip Hop. Jonni Apollo will strike from any angle rather it be rapid multi syllabic rhymes, or come in smooth singing with his Bass Heavy Tone. Jonni covers all fields of the ball park. His lyrics are emotional and speak on a troubled past, current depression, and fear of not knowing if he will land a career as an Artist, or have to stick to a 9-5 and settle down. The way Jonni Apollo structures his lyrics, and production he uses brings out a fresh sound & style while still providing what the music lover craves; Lyrical Content & Originality. Jonni Apollo may have a very deep approach on life, but how he conveys it to the listener is very impressive. You can relate to Him even if you didn't go through the same thing, at one point in life we all felt lost, unsure, and hopeless, but it was through those moments Jonni Apollo found himself, Not only as a person, but as an artist too. 

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