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Jon Davidson

Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland, Oregon, United States
Solo Alternative EDM


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""Jon Davidson Has What It Takes""

"Jon knows his vocal range well and uses it to push his lyrics along without sounding strained or forced. Jon Davidson has what it takes. We're excited to hear what he does next." - Atlantis Music Festival

""Poignant, Mainstream-Capable Acoustic Rock""

Davidson's voice and musicianship resembles many other lead vox jocks who have splintered out to rock it for themselves; his style and sound reminds me of such artists as John Reznick from the Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, Aaron Lewis from Staind, Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam and both Lane Staley and Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains. He has a solid dynamic in his vocals and has offered lyrics with emotion and purpose. Fans of Silversafe, I being one of them, are interested to see what is derived from this solo project. From the sample on Davidson's MySpace Music profile, we can expect a poignant, mainstream-capable acoustic rock project. -

""Damn Good At Poking Fun At Himself""

"Davidson's album Perfect Cliche is..a highly produced assemblage of alt/rock-tinged radio-friendly pop tracks. Turns out, the dude is also quick-witted and damn good at poking fun at himself."
--Tara Morgan, Boise Weekly - Boise Weekly

""Socially Conscious""

"Davidson's well-crafted songs, active involvement in the local music scene, socially conscious way of doing business have been mainstays of his success."
--Mark Johnston, Portland Daily Vanguard - Portland Daily Vanguard

""Thoughtful And Melodic""

“Jon’s songs are thoughtful and melodic. His voice is amazing and is the draw to his music that will keep you listening.”

--Lisa Wood, KUFO 101.1 Portland - KUFO 101.1 FM

""So Much Inspiration""

Sitting in the darkness as I write this, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to be the one on the other side. What do I mean by this? I wonder what it would be like to be the singer and to have an audience in awe of me; dancing to the music and taking in the music as the melodies slowly enter the crowd.

Did Jon Davidson wonder the same things before he took his dream and made it a reality? I guess this is just something we'll have to find out. Until then, let's check out some more of his music.

Jon Davidson originates from Portland, OR. He has toured in 5 countries and almost all of the states. His singles have been released world-wide, throughout various radio stations over the US and Canadian airwaves. Jon released his debut album, "Perfect Cliche", in October 2006 and recently signed a deal to have "What Can I Say" be used as a part of an upcoming film entitled Twisted Redemption.

So many prospects for him presently and in the future. “Good enough,” you say, “but what about the music.”

As I type this, I am listening to the music. It is giving me so much inspirtation for this review, and the words flow right from my thoughts to my finger tips. Jon is definitely a rock singer. Listening to the guitar stumming in the soulful song of "What Can I Say", it shows that there has been much thought put into the lyrics. He can definitely leave an emotional audience after listening to this heartfelt song. “Your love takes my breath away. So what can I say.”

But don't think that this is all Jon as in store for his audience. After listening to "What Can I Say", I went to another song which gave me the pleasant, more upbeat sound that made me start to dance in my chair. "It Won't Be Long (The Klubjumpers Remix)" is definitely a song I can see someone listening to on a Friday night, getting ready to hit the town for a night of dancing with friends.

So Jon, it won't be long before the fans pour in.

Then we come to the songs such as "Finger in The Eye" that have a little more edge. Being one of the people who love live shows, this is definitely one that leaves me imagining myself at a show and watching them rock out on stage.

Jon Davidson has songs that will captivate many audiences from it's variation. I see this rocker having a great future ahead of him. Soon enough he'll be thinking “What did I do? (Hermit Crab)”

Well Jon, you've used your talent to captivate an audience. You've definitely turned on the light for me, I can't wait to see what's coming next.

--Melissa Wiseman, Soundline Magazine
- Soundline Magazine

""Skyrocketing Towards Success""

Alternative rock musician Jon Davidson from Portland Oregon got his start in 1998 when he joined his first band, Adam’s apple, as the drummer. Since then, Jon has gone on to play for three other bands and is currently the frontman for the rock band Silversafe.

Late last year Jon released his first full-length solo album, Perfect Cliche, and is now touring in support of the album. In addition to being a drummer, singer, and song writer, Jon also plays all the instruments on his solo album which adds another dimension to his eclectic style.

Jon’s music ranges from the sentimental love ballads of songs like “What Can I say,” to metal influenced songs like “Finger in the Eye.” The combination of his deep soothing voice and thoughtful lyrics provide the perfect background music to some of life’s most intimate moments.

Not only is Jon a wonderful musician but he also is a humanitarian “committed on using his music to make a tangible difference.” Davidson believes that “music should be used as a medium for change, and not simply for entertainment,” and has acted on his belief by performing at benefit shows for the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Association, the Special Olympics, and more.

With so much ambition and talent it is clear that Jon Davidson is sky rocketing towards success. I can’t wait to hear what great music he comes up with next.

Lauren Staff -

""Bright, Chiming Alt/Rock""

"Bright, chiming alt/rock that sounds good on a cold Oregon day."

--Michael Mannheimer, Willamette Week - Willamette Week


2007--Jon Davidson--Selftitled EP
2008--Jon Davidson--Perfect Cliché
2010--Jon Davidson--Perfect Cliché Deluxe Edition
2013--Jon Davidson--Tip Of The Iceberg

2009--Beautifully Bittersweet (Single) Spun on over 200 FM stations across the US and Canada, charting at #1 at 6 stations

2009--Going Home (Single) Spun on over 200 FM stations across six different radio formats



Jon Davidson is a guy from Portland, OR, who happens to be an alternative indie/electronic/pop artist.

In addition to his solo career, Jon is the frontman for the alt/pop band Crown Point and, formerly, the hard rock band Silversafe. In addition, he has released three solo albums in the past few years, including his latest album, Tip Of The Iceberg, which came out April 18, 2013. Jon's songs have spun on over 275 FM stations. He has been honored to share the stage with all kinds of artists, from Puddle Of Mudd to Matt White, from Mat Kearney to He Is We, from Saliva to Tyrone Wells, from Nonpoint to Brendan James, from Powerman 5000 to SafetySuit, from The Hush Sound to Andrew Belle. Jon has toured in 45 US states, six Canadian provinces, and five countries.

Davidson has produced albums worldwide for singer-songwriters, hard rock bands, and everything in between. He has cowritten songs with 604 Records' Jeff Johnson (Nickelback, Default) and former Sony Australia artist Russell Stafford. He has tried to co-write with his cat Minisaurus. It didn't work.

Jon has appeared in Entertainment Weekly and on E! Television. Jon's music has appeared in everything from MTV shows to Fendi and Burgerville compilation albums to several feature films.

Jon is the author of a book, Of Bombs And Blackberries. One critic calls it "the only guide to life you will ever need." That critic happens to be Jon himself. Jon is also the author of the blog Rhetorock.

Jon grew up in Michigan, lived in Israel, Austria, and Russia, and now calls Portland, Oregon home.

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