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Encinitas, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Encinitas, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Rock Blues Rock




"Tate Sanderson is "Back In Encinitas""

Encinitas to the core, that’s what Tate Sanderson is. He was raised in the North County beach community and has returned to live there. He pays homage to his hometown roots with “Back In Encinitas.” The song features a cavalcade of local references that range from surf breaks, to Besta-Wan Pizza, to an old fast food hot spot.

“A&W Root Beer was there probably until I was about 18 or 19,” Sanderson explained. “We would all go hang-out there after the beach and get root beer floats. It was right there at the corner of Encinitas Boulevard and the 101 where now it’s Leucadia Pizzeria and a little shopping mall. You could pull up your car and they would roller-skate out and put the trays on your windows. It was really cool.”

After high school, Sanderson played in a local surf-punk band called the Pumps before moving up to Hollywood for a couple of years. After this stint, he returned to Encinitas where he put together a band called Saints We Ain’t — in Sanderson’s own words “a surf punky, heavy-metal grunge thing.” Soon enough, he was heading back up to Hollywood with the new band in tow.

“Hollywood was different back then,” he explained. “I go up there now and it’s nowhere near as crazy as it was when I lived there. Sometimes it would be so wild on the streets that you could barely drive your car out in front of the Roxy and Gazzarri’s. The riot squad would come down and start clearing those roads because there were so many people everywhere. It was insane. It was the height of hair metal, and grunge was coming out as well.”

Saints We Ain’t toured extensively but, like most bands, eventually called it a day. Sanderson then DJ’d in Los Angeles and did some solo touring before he returned to Encinitas once more and settled into a job teaching music to special needs children. This lasted for about 15 years, then it was another big move, that time to Hawaii.

“I had a property to stay at, and I was just playing music everywhere, writing new songs and selling my book,” he explained. The book was the autobiographic Johnny Rock Tales from the Road: A Life of Rock n Roll. He would soon adopt the Johnny Rock moniker when, you guessed it, he once again returned to Encinitas.

“My mom had a ballet school [Janice Lee’s School of Ballet] here for 50 years,” Sanderson explained. “She calls me up and says, ‘I’m going to retire and I’m going to sell the building unless you want to do something with it.’ The volcano was going off on the big island at the time, so it was getting hard to breathe over there. Timing’s everything. I decided to just go and try it out.”

These days, Sanderson utilizes the former ballet space to record music and create videos. He has experienced recent success with a song called “Hot Dog On A Stick.” It was inspired by a Hot Dog On A Stick stand that popped up in the parking lot of the American Legion post that’s across the street from his studio. It arrived in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, and Sanderson was itching to perform.

“I’m like, ‘Okay, there’s an audience out there’ so I went out and played on my porch,” he explained. “I tend to make up stuff while I’m going along just to have fun with it. So, I made up a song about Hot Dog On A Stick. Well, the commander for the American Legion just loved it. He was like ‘That is best thing ever! You’ve gotta record it!’ So, I recorded the song and made a video, and everyone seemed to love that one a lot.”

Although Sanderson is eager to get out touring again, even pre-COVID he had shifted his focus to releasing videos. He has over 50 videos on his JARPR Studios YouTube page, and the views have increased due to the pandemic.

“It’s kind of been good for me personally,” he said. “The positive note is that people are buying more music, listening to more music, and doing things online now because they’re forced to. My book sales and music sales, even though they’re not huge, have at least tripled — and they keep tripling month by month because of everything that’s going on. On top of that, I have all this time to really focus on getting new stuff out there.” - San Diego Reader







— The book “Johnny Rock-Tales From The Road” released in 2016 by Musician/Author Tate Sanderson aka. Johnny Rock is a biography of his life as a musician all about having a dream and following it through the unbelievable moments/ hardships as a musician; living, writing, recording, performing, record deals, endorsements, touring, interviews, MTV and the fans…Now in 2020 the movie has arrived and it’s FREE on YouTube #NowPlaying.  Subscribe to the channel  or the website

“The Hotdog on a Stick Song’s video is hilarious and the tune really rocks with an exceptional guitar solo,” saidMichael Hornsman (freelance journalist).

Promotions: Johnny Rock Band current singles include; “Hotdog on a stick song”, “Back in Encinitas”, and new release “I Need Another Alesmith” are receiving applaud, thousands of views on YouTube, and a growing fan base on select commercial and all internet radio, including Spotify, I-Tunes, etc… and the E-Book is available on Amazon/Kindle with a 5 star rating.






Growing up in Encinitas raised on music, art, surfing and avocados. Tate Sanderson aka.

Johnny Ale Rock “if you knew him, you never saw him without a guitar or with a haircut”. He

would attend surf P.E. in the morning then turn in a song he wrote for credit in English class

later in the day.

Graduation day he rolled out of town Hollywood bound. A dream, a guitar and a lot of

ambition tossed him onto the highway of life, touring the U.S., Mexico and over in Japan. MTV

used to play music videos back in the day and there was Tate on Head-Bangers Ball in rock group

Dirty Looks on Sony/Rockworld Records. The video “One Bad Leg” was filmed in Encinitas and

Del Mar.

Currently residing back where it all started and released new single “Back In Encinitas” @

online stores you prefer I.E. Spotify, Apple Music, I-Tunes, etc. It’s a song about his favorite place

in the world including old time memories including the A & W Drive-In, the castle up on 3rd

street, the beds at the La Paloma Theater, the Flower Festivals and so much more. A video

montage of surfing, local murals, cool eateries and the incredible beaches. Watch the video @ or

The band line up now is Daniel Salas – lead guitar, Marc Adam – flute and harmonicas,

Brian Fowler – Drums, vocals, Hernan Orozco – Saxaphone, Ryan Martinez – bass, Arman

Billimoria Sedgwick – Keyboards, Laura Freeman – tambourine, vocals, and Tate Sanderson as

Johnny Rock – lead vocals, guitars, mandolin, ukulele, song writer.

Also just released “Hotdog on a Stick Song” look for it now, a comedy tune about a deep

fried relationship with food. Coming soon new single “I Need Another Alesmith” created for long

time Bishop’s school friend Peter Zien owner and master brewer at Alesmith Brewing Co. in San

Diego. It’s been a lot of fun filming the video for this one. Watch for it while your surfing the net.

Tate wrote a book about his adventures as a musician Johnny Rock – Tales From The Road

available @ Amazon. Playing in the studio and the local venues of Hollywood, recording sessions

and interviews. The months living out of a tour-bus or motor-home with 5 stinky guys, a lot of

beer and fans tagging along for some wild times. A flight over the pond with gigs in Japan. His life

of rock and roll in a nut shell.

Johnny Rock Band has over 50 videos now playing on YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion

and a large list of songs out on the many internet radio stations and music stores with new

singles and videos being released monthly. Go discover the music you have always loved but just don’t remember where you heard it. 

        Wild Man, Lead guitarist, Tate Sanderson re-emerges from obscurity with his new electric/acoustic rock project. Tate plays solo or with friends and students. Every show is different you never know who might show up to play? Tate records and has jammed with musicians from bands including Black Flag, Dirty Looks, Tesla, Missing Persons, Iron Butterfly, Gene Loves Jezebel, Steven Piercy Band, the Motels, Medicine, and more.

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